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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 0.20.0 [Torrent]
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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Why Cardano does not want security transactions ? on: May 16, 2020, 10:26:42 AM
Sybil attacks allow users to have a small amount of individual stakes to create hundreds of pools with low margin and have the ability to gain consensus control, participating in double spending. But by making the pool with a higher commitment more attractive to the staker, these types of attacks are easily prevented. However, this forced Cardano to trade, potentially detrimental, so it was necessary to increase the impact of the commitment as low as possible to keep smaller pools competitive, while ensuring user privacy.

That is why the parameter determining the impact of a commitment has not yet been set. However, it is designed to be flexible and adjust over time. This is why testley Shelley Haskell will provide the ideal opportunity to adjust parameters and check which value works best.
The computer will help pool operators to understand the level of commitment affecting the trust and the rewards currently active and will help operators navigate the network more easily.
Brünjes wrote in his blog post:
"We believe in our scientific approach and are confident that our design will provide a decentralized, stable and secure system."
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What do you know about ETC's Hard fork Phoenix on: May 16, 2020, 10:21:33 AM
Today I would like to introduce to you some information about this Hardfork
1. Hardfork Phoenix will make ETC and ETH fully compatible

The team said that the network upgrade will enhance EVM capabilities thus allowing the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic networks to be fully compatible. The hard fork will include Ethereum Instanbul upgrades on the Ethereum Classic network.
“Phoenix will include upgrading of the Ethereum Istanbul network protocol on the Ethereum Classic network. With this update, various types of code will be added to Ethereum Classic, all of which have been used on Ethereum networks since the end of 2019. Phoenix will be developed on the basis of Atlantis and Agharta hard forks. previous success ”.

ETC Labs CEO Terry Culver explained the importance of upgrading the Ethereum Classic ecosystem.
"The upgrade also marks an important turning point for Ethereum Classic, as the community is now in a position to promote innovation, cooperation and new technical contributions to the ETC and ETH communities." In addition, all Ethereum Classic tests have successfully completed the Phoenix upgrade. The team is currently on the way to release the hard fork on the Mainnet. The schedule for hard fork is as follows: Mordor Testnet has been activated at block 999,983. This was done successfully on March 9.
Kotti Testnet was successfully activated on April 15 at block 2,200,013.
ETC Phoenix Mainnet activated at block 10,500,839. This is estimated to occur around June 3 of this year.

2. The effect on the price of ETC
As with all network upgrades, traders and cryptocurrency investors are aware of the potential of digital assets related to hard forks. In the case of Ethereum Classic, the Phoenix hard fork will occur at a time when Bitcoin is experiencing a market revival following the halving event. Therefore, in order for ETC to rise in price, people must keep an eye on Bitcoin's price action to know if the environment is suitable for Ethereum Classic to show the momentum of price increase during the period leading up to the hard fork in early June. is not.
3  Economy / Speculation / Bitcoin price could reach $ 100,000 by 2025 on: May 08, 2020, 01:26:46 PM
The year is 2025. #bitcoin has been trading between 50k-100k. Hyperinflation is real. The new generation of bearish guys on twitter warn your it’s going back to 9500 every time it dump. You laugh, it dumps to 19k and everybody sells before it bounces to a new high 🔮

How do you think ? and give me comment here
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / The Kuailian ecosystem contributes to bring Blockchain technology to the world on: May 06, 2020, 03:53:21 PM
What is Kuailian?
Kuailian is a decentralized ecosystem that gives us the tools to access the cryptocurrency world in a simple way (buying and selling crypto at a cryptocurrency bank).

Registered in Estonia, one of the most advanced countries in the world related to blockchain, Kuailian brings market resources based on blockchain technology to all its users, taking over managing all systems, thus allowing access to various services without the need for knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

The main properties of Kuailian
Certainly, it is difficult to choose a single feature that can define an ecosystem like Kuailian, however, the honesty and transparency that the company operates must be outstanding and truly outstanding. Thanks to blockchain technology itself, it allows us to reference the company's activities and movements in real time. By spending as much time as you can, you can track all the movements and ensure that cryptocurrencies are working and producing results (remember that blockchain records are public and immutable. ).

In addition, you can consult the legal documents of the company in Estonia and two licenses issued by the financial management agency of that country.
Operation of Smart Pool and Proof of Stake technology
With the emergence of Bitcoin, Proof of Work or proof of work exploitation has begun, which requires computer equipment, which will become obsolete in a short time and, at the same time, require spending. consume enormous energy by having them work tirelessly day after day. But not all cryptocurrencies use this authentication system, in other cases, an exploit called Proof of Stake is used, to authenticate activities that you must own with the number. Predefined amount of cryptocurrencies works with this system. Following this premise, Kuailian helps us by creating major cryptocurrency transactions, enabling authentication of activities and generating rewards.

But technology evolution didn't stop (nor did Kuailian's evolution). The most modern and powerful networks use new consensus protocols. Many people already know that Kuailian works on Master Nodes, in short, high-performance validators and is one of the main products they work with, but today in different consensus technologies of Kuailian is supported such as: proof of shares, proof of share authorization, proof of threshold of shares, host code, profit sharing, proof of agreement, historical evidence, proof of authority, coins. directions, highways, byzantine fault tolerance (bft), no bft, display, multi-bft, asynchronous bft - future casper and ouroboros.
This is where Kuailian's ability appears to make it possible for ordinary people to have access to things otherwise impossible. Both the amount of cryptocurrency needed and the knowledge needed to deploy it. Therefore, Kuailian uses a 1000-day long-term stake strategy and the simple way of stake (Stake / Unstake), will be combined in a short time.

Automation in Kuailian
Kuailian has grouped and divided the Master Buttons, so they are accessible to everyone, thus giving access to a reward created by their Smart Pool.

Next, we explain how the process of joining Kuailian.

1. Create a Kuailian account.
2. Complete KYC (because we're talking about a legally registered company in the European Union) and pay the registration fee ($ 50.95 paid in Ether).
3. Buy Kuais, for $ 100 per coin (paid in Ether). Kuai is not a token and it is not a cryptocurrency, it is a measure of the ability of the license to stake software to operate the software, for 1,000 days. The more licenses, the higher the profit.
4. Indicate the Ethereum wallet where we want to collect daily distribution of benefits.
Usability of Kuais should be noted. On the one hand, everyone can access it due to its low cost and on the other hand, it manages users' cryptocurrencies to Smart Pool, meaning the system that Kuailian has developed for automatic management of all types. User cryptocurrency and host button. Therefore, it is possible to achieve that every week new Master Nodes can be deployed through new licenses acquired by both new and existing users.

All contributions are managed by the Machine Learning system, which functions not only to automatically assemble Master Nodes but also to analyze the cryptocurrency market to determine that Master Nodes is most profitable and has enough liquidity. in order to be able to extract without the problem of the reward being created and at the same time, the Node node itself can be liquidated, thus transferring both the reward and the Primary Button to Bitcoin or Ethereum.
Last but not least, it should be noted that the benefits of user contributions are distributed daily and automatically directly to the user's wallet. A big advantage because we often have to handle interfaces that require minimal withdrawals, delays when making manual payments, or even depending on authorizations, ultimately, having your own money. Kuailian is clearly committed to transparency, providing an automated distributed system developed on the Ethereum network or commonly known as a distributed smart contract, with a daily distribution function and no fraudulent capabilities. fraud or errors, the benefit between users and most importantly everything displayed through the Ethereum blockchain.

Note: Both the Smart Pool and Kuailian Bank and the rest of the services have an affiliate system, whereby each referral becomes a Kuailian user, which will make a profit for its owner.

Kuailian Bank and subsequent innovations
In an effort to create a complete ecosystem, Kuailian is able to provide licensed financial services and cooperate with various partners in the field. Currently, it has a cryptocurrency exchange service with fiat currencies, but they are planning to add wallets, debit cards, digital payment devices, among other financial services.

In addition, the Smart Pool is constantly evolving and new options are being developed, such as high frequency trading (HFT) or arbitration systems; all managed by the same Machine Learning system that governs the ecosystem.
A growing ecosystem
Kuailian is not only a financial ecosystem, it goes further, like blockchain technology. Kuailian's main goal is to bring existing market resources based on blockchain technology closer together, to make them more efficient, more transparent and with a user experience never seen before, thanks to the blockchain technology. It will soon be integrated into the Kuailian Travel system, a service outside the online financial sector, but that will undoubtedly mark a front and back in the travel market, making Kuailian a benchmark in the world. blockchain world.

If you are looking for a company to help you join the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies more accessible and closer ... Kuailian is your best ally.

Official link

Instagram Official:
Formal member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance:
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Was the sudden increase in Bitcoin price due to Pololiex Exchange? on: April 25, 2020, 11:41:15 AM
Poloniex exchange was shut down for unexpected maintenance early yesterday morning. While the problem was largely seemingly resolved shortly thereafter, some argue that the action was shady because the downtime coincided with significant Bitcoin price movements.

The exchange said it was the first time they were offline right before 00:00 GMT. Almost all systems are now back to normal, but the GRIN / BTC market is not working yet.
The shutdowns are nothing new and the similarities are that they appear during volatile market times. This led some observers to think there was an intention behind it, such as closing to try and stop the famous violent moves of Bitcoin.

However, an equally plausible explanation is that strong market dynamics create a great demand for exchanges, which in turn leads to a spike in overcrowding of critical services. It could be that the exchange has not yet prepared for high traffic, not necessarily bad play.

The sudden blackout at Poloniex coincided with the time of market fluctuations. Bitcoin has increased by nearly 1.22% in the past 24 hours - currently trading above $ 7,550 again. According to some observers, this could also be evidence of bad play.

Therefore, it seems that this current outage is the result of being played badly behind the scenes at Poloniex.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Cuba opens its own exchange on: April 25, 2020, 11:11:39 AM
Mario Mazzola, creator of the lightweight BTC wallet Qbita, launched Qbita Exchange, a peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin exchange built in Cuba and Cuba alone., the first decentralized Bitcoin exchange in Cuba.

He said: I created Qbita Exchange because I always believe that here, in Cuba, BTC is a real need. Mazzola said that Qbita's development was entirely due to word of mouth: "We did not invest in advertising."
And in order for Cuba to keep pace with other regions of the world, the country needs many tools to buy, sell, use and store BTC easily and securely. “Qbita solves all these problems

Qbita developer is currently building a payment gateway for businesses that want to start accepting crypto. This initiative has not been implemented yet because e-commerce is still in its infancy in Cuba. However, money transferred from abroad is a different story. Mazzola said: “Qbita is the perfect platform to handle money transfer and I'm not saying that mathematics does it. If we compare Qbita with Western Union, a Cuban-American who sent US $ 100 from the United States to his wife in Holguin, she would receive about 95 CUC [Cuban peso conversion]. ”

Mazzola explained that if the transfer is made in BTC and the recipient sells it on arrival, he or she will see the net profit from the transaction, since BTC is sold at a high price in Cuba.
And while the whole world is going through tough times, Mazzola remains optimistic about the future of both Cuba and the cryptocurrency.

This is good news for Cuban traders.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Good News: Website helps track the wallets of XRP giveway scammers on: April 24, 2020, 12:21:27 PM
A community website set up against XRP scam owners has been taking over 8.5 million tokens on YouTube since 2019. A fake YouTube channel that uses the image of Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, in the video mentions a fake airdrop that provides viewers with up to 50 million XRP giveaway, urged viewers to send 5,000 XRP - 1,000,000 XRP to an address listed on the video with the promise of a 5x return.

The Ripple community, also known as the Ripple Army, has sent over 8.5 million XRP for fake airdrops and "XRP giveaway" scams on YouTube in the past year, according to the website

The XRP data aggregator "xrplorer", which is still in beta, reported on Twitter on April 23, saying that these scamers withdrew 6 million tokens in 2019 and sent them to related addresses. other officials. They also reported nearly three million victims of scammers by 2020
This is a good website and Bounty hunters beware of fake websites
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Huobi Token (HT) is approved by the Japanese FSA for the transaction on: April 24, 2020, 10:58:24 AM
Huobi Token (HT), the original Houbi exchange token, has become the first international token approved by Japanese regulators.
This is very good news for this currency and investors can fully trust when investing in HT.
Hopefully the price of HT will increase sharply in the near future.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin spread rapidly on ‘China Twitter’ the price will rise before halving on: April 24, 2020, 10:47:47 AM
According to Molly, former executive director of Bitcoin Magazine's China operations, the term "halving Bitcoin" in Chinese has recently spread on Weibo, also known as ‘China Twitter.’

This topic, which has been the 6th most searched item in the past 24 hours, shows genuine interest in the event, although China prohibits the purchase of Bitcoin by the yuan
And the same thing is happening all over the world.

Google Trends data shows that last month, global Google users searched for more halving of Bitcoin than any other month. In April, the world's largest search engine also predicted halving Bitcoin would be searched more than twice as much as last month, which was a new all-time high.

This is a bullish signal for Bitcoin because the important reason explaining the increased cryptocurrency market so far is hype around halving. Indeed, according to Google data, the search terms "buy Bitcoin" and "halving Bitcoin" have been in a parallel pattern since the beginning of the year, including growth and contraction. This correlation is not perfect, but they clearly affect each other.

How do you think about this
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / The XRP price is headed for $ 0.24 on: April 22, 2020, 08:42:59 AM
Nearly 60 million XRP have moved. As reported by XRPL Monitor, 58.2 million XRP have been traded by anonymous wallets, as well as exchanges. This amount is equivalent to 11,584.26 dollars.

In it, 43.2 million XRP transferred between the wallets of the Korean exchange Bithumb - equivalent to $ 8,340,667.2. The rest is traded between anonymous wallets.

Meanwhile, the XRP / MXN XRP liquidity index on the Bitso exchange in Mexico was unable to reach a new all-time high. The gap between the current ATH and yesterday's trading volume was about 11 million, unlike previous times shown on the chart. This could indicate a downward trend in XRP transaction volume in this ODL corridor.

How do you think?
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Chainlink and Tezos have increased by more than 150% - Will the uptrend continue on: April 22, 2020, 06:14:03 AM
Both show some of the biggest and most volatile flows in the past twelve months. Since the March 12 crash, Chainlink has seen a 156% increase and Tezos has surged 152%.
Is Chainlink moving to a new all-time high? Looking back, the March 12 incident started at $ 3.80 for Chainlink. But, in just over a month, prices rebounded back to levels before the incident. Such a move often shows strength and interest from the buyer.

Tezos price is based on its last support at $ 2.08 and if this level is lost then a sharp decline to $ 1.78 or lower will be expected, and this is also confirmed. Get clear about the change of trend.

On the other hand, the nearest resistance area to watch out for is the zone from $ 2.24- $ 2.25. A clear rejection in this area also suggests that the current bull run has weakened, and the bears will return to control the market.

However, if the zone of $ 2.24- $ 2.25 can be conquered as a support zone, then the upside can extend to the zone of $ 2.50- $ 2.60. Such a move would be similar to Bitcoin moving to the $ 7,600- $ 8,000 zone.

Is this a good time to buy both coins?
12  Other / Beginners & Help / How to earn money for Newbie on Bitcointalk? on: April 21, 2020, 03:29:06 PM
It was glad and interesting to know about Bitcointalk. I am a new member of the forum and I came to this forum when I started wanting to learn so I could make money from Bounty projects.
However, like many others, when I first joined I needed the help of everyone.
1. How can I get Merit to participate in the Signature campaign?
2. How to know which project is good? Is there any admin of the good project management and classification forum or Scam?
I will work hard on the forum and listen to feedback from everyone
Sincere thanks
13  Economy / Speculation / Is Covid-19 a cause for BTC price drops? on: April 21, 2020, 01:56:57 PM
Although Halving has come close, it seems that there is no optimistic signal that BTC will rise. Currently Corona Virus is making it difficult for the leading economies in the world. And is that the main cause of Bitcoin price drops? Let me give you some possibilities
1. Unemployed people do not have income so they do not dare to invest in Cryptocurrency.
2. The psychology of fear that if we die by Virus and die, investing in Cryptocurrency will not bring anything when we die
3. In a difficult economy, investors need to withdraw assets and sell cash to maintain businesses such as payroll, purchase and sale of goods instead of investing in cryptocurrencies.
4. The disease has not yet been controlled, the economy has not shown signs of recovery, so investors are afraid of not participating in the Cryptocurrency market.
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