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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Little story from cryptocurrency newbie and conclusions which I made on: December 02, 2020, 11:19:25 PM
Today I would like to tell you my little story. I hope it will be interesting and useful for you. Many people are new and inexperinced in cryptocurrency world and I reckon this story can help them to realize some points of cryptocurrency world.

I knew about crypto in 2016, but all I was doing is claiming useless coins on faucets and earned nothing. I gave it up and forgot about crypto for some months or even years. In 2018 I found video about airdrops. One guy earned about 4k$ from an airdrop and I thought it`s a new level of my life. I will be rich quickly completing simple tasks. Of course reality is more difficult than dreams. I worked a lot, but earned only about 200$ and forget about crypto again.

Fortunately, in the summer 2019 I faced to tg channel, where some bounties were published. Of course, I tried bounties before, but can`t earn anything. I was absolutely upset and all my dreams were broken. And one day admin of this tg channel (I can`t explain how I`m thankful for his work? it was absolutelty for free) make a post about Elrond Social Mining (I created topic here about Social Mining, if you want, I can tell better what it is and how you can earn there). I can easily declare it was absolutely new step in my life and my integration with cryptocurrency world.

It wasn`t easy, because I needed to write articles, complete different tasks, create infographics and do other activities to get reward. Once I even wanted to stop doing it, because there was an interesting task. Developers created game on Elrond blockchain. It was almost the same as agario, but they called it cryptobubbles. For top 30 players there were prizes which could be converted to ERD tokens. Yeah, I forgot to say that Elrond was already listed on Binance, one of the biggest exchnage, and it`s one of those factors which force me to continue my work. It seems easy, just to play the game. But when you`re playing for 10+ hours almost for nothing, you lose motivation. Price at that time wasn`t high and I earned about 100$ for the first month. It was not so much, but I was happy that now I can earn money and the most important thing, my work wasn`t only waste of time like it was earlier.

Months passed, when I joined campaign there was 3d round and it ended on 6th round. I earned about 93k ERD tokens and it was only about 500 dollars for about 3-4 months of work. It was not as big amount as could be, but I was quite happy.

And then the most interesting situation happened. Elrond team announced mainnet launch and price started to grow incredibly. It was first experince for me and I didn`t know what to do with it. I fordot to say that I sold all my tokens, but after some time I bought them back right before start of Elrond bullrun. It reached about x30 from ATL and one moment I had little more than 3k$. Just imagine, newbie, who never earned really good money (to be honest, I`m younger than 17). I was impressed, but then some really strange things happened. I sold only part of the tokens and other part was delegated to the smart contract. It was my first mistake, because it was locked till October, and price now is only 10$, when it was about 25$ per coin.

But the most important thing is token swap. When mainnet was launched I saw link to the token swap in tg chat and followed it, then I tried to enter my wallet and saw only error. I thought it`s just because mainnet is unstable, but then I realized I was scammed. Fortunately remaining tokens were locked and all I could do is to wait. Just imagine it. I earned more than 3$ dollars and 2 of them were potentially stolen. I was in really huge tilt and didn`t know what to do.

I don`t know how to explain this, but despite deceivers had my wallet passphrase they didn`t steal my money. I transfered it to my new wallet and delegated again. Now I have about 64 eGLD tokens which worth about 700$. I hold them, because I believe in this project and hope one day they will cost more than ever.

This is my story, story of newbie who earned big money and almost lost it. I would like to emphasize some aspects for all readers and especially for newbies, who are inexpericned in crypto.

Don`t be afraid to do new activities (recently I found Article campaigns, I used to think it`s hard to take part in , but now I write articles and earn some dollars easily)

Never give up (When it was difficult, I continued to work. When I lost a lot of money (for me), I continued to work)

Always try to find some new information and new opportunities I`m lucky that I joined that channel, without it I could be on absolutely different place without this huge experince

Learn time when you need to be slow and when you need to be fast Try to use opportunity as fast as you can, but don`t lose an attention like it was with my token swap

I understand that these thought are quite easy and somebody says they are corny, unfortunately I met many people who don`t understand it and complain about thier lives.

I know that "work, work and work" law doesn`t work in 2020, in century of technologies, when people become millionairs only for one day, but I hope some people, which are not so lucky and want to change their life will learn something from my little story and won`t make my mistakes
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Will social mining replace bounties? on: November 25, 2020, 06:24:16 PM
In this topic I would know if people believe in social mining as instrument of spreading the word about contemporary crypto projects or bounties are still actual?

Company called DaoMaker already arranged some social mining campaigns and successfully finished them. Such projects as Elrond, Avalanche, Orion and some others were on the platform and many people got opportunity to earn a lot for useful work. I earned about 3k$ on Elrond Social Mining without any really professional skills.

What do you think about it and can DAO Maker invention replace bounty campaigns in the future?

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