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1  Other / Off-topic / What's your Christmas gift on: December 23, 2021, 10:12:31 PM
Wishing everyone merry Christmas in advance. this season is period of loving one and another, caring and showing gratitude to beloved once.

Christmas of 2021 is remaining few days to commence, if I'm not mistaken, i believe is not every nation that welcome Christmas celebration, for those nations that celebrates Christmas i hope you guys experience expenses from your Bitcoin, the adoption of cryptocurrencies across the nation is taking another space and expenses of Fiat, many of my friends i brought into bitcoin to know what bitcoin is about, is now rejecting gifts from elders once and demanding for bitcoin in place of Christmas gifts.

That's is to show that bitcoin is now important than some gifts, from my perspective.

From your prospective what's your suggestion for someone you introduce into cryptocurrency demanding bitcoin for Christmas gift instead of normal gift that have been given to people from age's,

As an experience cryptoprenuer what's your opinion? given someone Bitcoin in the place of celebration gift is more better and preferable than physical material that will not yield anything positive in future of the person, but from my perception bitcoin can be use for investment... And is more preferable to me, but i don't know for others.

                 Once again happy Christmas in advance to newbies and reputable members of bitcointalk forum
2  Economy / Economics / eNaira launched in Nigeria as a digital currency on: October 25, 2021, 10:13:16 PM
The development of cryptocurrency especially bitcoin keep on circulating as a moving train, some countries are using methods to initiate their personal coin, because i could remember vividly that some countries restricted the adoption of cryptocurrency especially bitcoin in her country, which Nigeria was one of it, but currently the above mentioned country have directly develop her own coin named eNaira digital currency with the collaboration of their central bank governor and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) this eNaira has be launched and the reason will be view here through the source link. president receiving eNaira digital currency



Having a country digital currency is absolutely good, but the challenge is that can the country regulates her currency well, and what's the objectives of developing a country digital currency.
3  Other / Meta / Disadvantages of non detectable early Plagiarism on: September 17, 2021, 04:51:41 PM
We all know that Plagiarism is a big offensive crime according to the rules and regulations of the forum, and as a new forum user we are permitted to undergo the process of observing the rules at first, it's quite understandable the numbers of accumulated users that enhance to the commitment of Plagiarism or violates the protocols of the forum, eighty eight percent (%88) are (NEWBIES) while the remaining twelve percent (%12) are old members who plagarised article at early stages of joining the community.

So it's very obvious that some a plagarised work can't be detected at the initial point or stage due to know one is after the account then, and immediately the account joined a potential signature campaign a proper Plagiarism test will be carried and if eventually detected a plagarised article or work that  has be done for years the user will face panel of judges, so it's educative to isolate a copy and paste articles for reference purposes, and not to be ban, take precautions newbies especially.

 No Excuses For Plagiarism

From my  perspective, it's very clear that law can only be amended generally when the it's needful not because of one individual mistake of plagiarising article, so violating the rules and regulations if the organization or forum can't make people innate the law to reverse the already existing law that was implemented officially for the benefit of every user,

so i noticed that no Plagiarism that is unintentional, from my angle of understanding of mistake via Plagiarism, after two (2) or three (3) days interval of writing or posting a an article without corrections, from my perspective any post that's made after this period i mentioned above without corrections, is not longer Unintentional  Plagiarism, i may say that what really contribute to this effect of violating or committing Plagiarism is Laziness and over inquisitive to earn a Merit.

Disadvantages of purchasing an account.

Purchasing an already made grow account is not really ideal from my observations, i have come across in bitcoin where a user is emphasising that  or stipulates categorically  that purchasing  of an account is not against the terms and conditions of of the forum, yeah i accepted the concept, but it's very dangerous to purchase another person's already used account, because the. Account can as well commit plagiarism without the knowledge of the buyer, so therefore it's of higher risk to acknowledge someone's account, because the user might commit early Plagiarism with the account before selling it out which might being detect when the account join a higher paying campaign,

Five Elements for avoiding or eradicating of Plagiarism
1) Removal of laziness when making a post,
2) Add a source if copied an articles online and paste,
3) Think before creating a topic
4) study and research for post
5) Read carefully before making a post.

So I'm using this medium to recapitulate that purchasing an account is at higher risk due the account commitment of plagiarism and spamming before selling
4  Other / Beginners & Help / What we think is a quality post on: September 16, 2021, 12:16:15 PM
A quality post is a post that is answerable to a question, and also a post that brings a solution to a question even though it's a two lines stanza of an article that's well arranged, coordinated, constructed, understandable and also meaningful, but from my perspective some user's misunderstood what we meant by a quality post or a quality article, i have come across of some varieties of post's in the community and it trigger's me to put it in writing, i seen some user's making an ambiguous articles And taught that a large numbers of articles is granted or guarantee making of a tangible or nice post, [No]

I also catch up that some people don't like to award Merit to a post that is shorter with cogent reasons and meaningful rather prefer a post that is large and contains a large numbers of articles, while those posts that is very ambiguous can as well contain More less vital informations that is valueless than the shorter Post, i have seen that newbies is adopting the system of long article with valueless point, so it's encouraging and admirable to make post that is lesser and have meaning, it's not that I'm condemning a long article writers post but we should understand the concept that your content  of post  at first also understand the summary of your point.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The life span of bitcoin is till infinity on: August 30, 2021, 02:41:34 PM
When i flashbacks far 2013 and 2014, within that range far back i remember how people were castigating bitcoin as a means of extortion of money, and also a means of scamming peoples money, but today everyone is interested to invest in cryptocurrency and more especially in bitcoin, because from what i observed from little bitcoin seminar program i hosted in my geographical domain even a nursing mother that is approximately forty to forty eight (40-48) years is interested to invest with bitcoin and children in school is already knows what is bitcoin, so with this length of bitcoin awareness in my society i think BTC can stay till infinity.
6  Other / Beginners & Help / [ General guidelines to new users] on: March 27, 2021, 06:50:17 AM
From the beginning of the community, this platform is basically meant to be discussed everything related to cryptocurrency and the possible ways of elevating it to high standard, where the experimental research was carried out by satoshi Nakamoto, which no one really know if the idea of introducing cryptocurrency to worldwide is planned with other set of people that made digital currency to be more influential, currently these digital currencies has gotten to the grass root because of strategic awareness of social media that spread the information all over the world.

* Aims and objectives of bitcointalk forum.

* Can forum leave without signature campaign.

* Different boards are created for what purpose.

* Conclusion.


At first, the primary objectives I found out since the day I was registered in bitcointalk community is that, this community is created because of possible solution of how to solve crytocurrency related problems through wallet and crypto investment and also the benefit and lost of digital currency.

Secondly, the community educates in different field of protecting and handling your cryptocurrencies irrespective of the kind of coin involves, it is an easy access to learn rapidly about cryptocurrency, the expansion of knowledge here is not correlated to YouTube knowledge of Bitcoin, the activities here wlll directly activates the passion of discussing about Bitcoin, and it's not stipulated or states categorically about payment of any user in the community.


Bitcointalk hangout can stay exist without signature campaign because from my discovery 2009/2010 when this community was created, there was no place enshrined that signature campaign is a must to be in existence before the community will stand  as a standard platform, now it's noticeable that many people registered in the community because of signature campaign even for those who don't have forum passion in cryptocurrency is here today, now looking out newbies today while so many commit plagiarism and paraphrasing is because of rank, they only inquisitive of accelerating without making a proper research or investigation or bring new innovation to the community,
From and other perspective of colleagues joining signature campaign, many users now feel relaxed in the campaign they are, also moving from one signature campaign to another because of little difference of payment, that really shows that users involving in such behavior are inquisitive for the payment not really for the forum, irrespective that signature campaigns triggers the ambition, ability of people to keep the forum active.


From my view, boards are created for discussion which everyone knows, but it is based on your choice or area of specialization in discussing most especially beginners and also including existing active users who are meant according to the instructions to read and understand posts before posting, because it's obvious that after posting the information or knowledge shared is no longer in secret its now open to the active members and even passive members of the bitcointalk community, I think corrections or editing of work via cross checks is allowed.

Everyone's motive to be here can never be the same and it's very important to be concentrated than moving around, some people are here to acquire the basics knowledge of trading and also know the possible inhibitors behind cryptocurrency trading, whose objective is to master cryptocurrency, while some are here to impact or share their knowledge with people in order to inform them for positive innovation of cryptocurrency.
7  Other / Politics & Society / Politics in a country is setback on: March 25, 2021, 05:18:16 AM
A political party is something that comes up with bond and if your among of the existing group the person antagonising the Superior systems will get eliminated, so what are the right impacts politicians is showing people today, I tried to understand the reason while politics is in existence, looking for 1980, 1987 1990, system of leadership then is totally difference compare to the present leadership now.
Before all leaders who is representing a particular region in govenment ensure they protect the interest of their people and knowing that those people in urban and rural area are the one that pushed or voted he/ her into such position for good governance and protection of their people with their last  blood, for better development,
But currently the system of government has changed totally to the extent that a seating president or senator representing a constituency in national house both upper Chambers and lower chambers don't consider the factor that they representing people who are in need and also less privilege to eat at least three square meal a day.

A) from your objectives what's the functions of a political leaders?
B) is it good to have a political group in a country?
C) why is that government has turn everything into politic?
D) military regime and Democratic regime in your country via leadership which one do you prefer?
E) is leadership meant for a particular political group.

Our problems today is bad leaders, how can people choose the right leader.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Rich people causes cryptocurrency ban on: February 17, 2021, 06:08:00 AM
I seen that cryptocurrency want to be highjacked by rich people, looking around  countries currently, its noticeable that bitcoin increase everyday, every week and every months, the more rich people are investing with cryptocurrency the more government attacks cryptocurrency, most countries that values crypto today is having challenges with government, since bitcoin is important to the extent that top people invest on bitcoin why can't government alone adoption of bitcoin.The Rich's are causing eradication of cryptocurrency
Across the world.

* If I many ask what is the major reason while some countries ruling class ban bitcoin transaction?
* What is the negative effects using crypto as currency?
* what harm does bitcoin contributes a country that can lead to ban?
9  Economy / Service Discussion / Better App or website for multiple transaction with lower fee on: February 04, 2021, 08:10:33 AM
I want to know if there is a better applications or website that sends transaction to multiple addresses in one transaction that is not based on ethereum network, because I understand that ethereum fee is very expensive even to send to at least ten or twenty people at once is causing hundred of dollars or more than hundred dollars. However, I grabbed the concept that using Binance smart chain and Tron network is more superior than ETH in case of transactions fee.

So please, I need guidelines or steps to send multiple transaction with lower fees on Tron or Binance Smart Chain, i will be glad for your suggestions and opinions.

Thanks in advance.
10  Other / Politics & Society / Covid19 Restructured individuals plans on: February 01, 2021, 09:35:04 AM
Covid19 has restructured all the activities of man kinds in different dimension, so people are starting new life and new plans in order to earn a living because the huge harm that's brought with corona virus, so considering the factors that all objectives made in 2019 to actualised in 2020 are not achieved, these year also covid19 is still disturbing some countries, I think the best option for government is to provide a lottery loan to people to state up new life in order to meet up previous year target, because life is very difficult to coup without finance.... At least people in society need's support from government via finance and palliative.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Cryptocurrency fees are different on: February 01, 2021, 07:34:03 AM
I always astonished while cryptocurrencies transaction fees are different from each other, while is that bitcoin charges and ethereum charges are not the same, irrespective the values of the two coins we want to transact, bitcoin fees must be higher than the other alternative coin,  using ethereum as a case study and as a altcoins representative, if transacting with ETH 0.1 and BTC 0.1 irrespective how ambiguous is bitcoin the charge's will be more expensive, while?

While is that the higher the charge of bitcoin the faster the transactions process
And the lower the fees the lower the transactions process,

Does it means Binance in particular is after their percentage or not?
12  Economy / Economics / Fiat and cryptocurrency on: January 30, 2021, 05:13:36 AM
Fiat and cryptocurrency are the same but people in society differentiate them and value fiat because its adopted by the government far back, and since the existence of the world and also a specific country, so from my research I find out that government just disliked cryptocurrency for nothing,
So differentiating fiat from bitcoin is valueless because irrespective the importance and massive adoption of fiat currency from  its existence before cryptocurrency, it's obvious that fiat is money and bitcoin is money, their functions and contribution in society never depart from each other, so bitcoin now is the shortest way of transactions across the world without much process or procedures, using bitcoin everything buyable is easier to purchase without stress, so from my perspective I prefer bitcoin than fiat currency due to fast transactions process across another country, and nothing fiat can purchase bitcoin can't purchase, so no difference between both because all are currency.

13  Other / Politics & Society / People in government is against bitcoin on: January 30, 2021, 04:40:28 AM
From the beginning and grassroots of cryptocurrency in 2009 till 2014 government always antagonist cryptocurrency and also capitalised that bitcoin is methodology or avenue to frauds people in different countries, that made bitcoin not to be really known that period, so it's very clear that the same government that was against cryptocurrency is adventuring into bitcoin with their companies with trust and buoyancy, so government of a countries are behind of inability of some country development.

If government will accept payment with cryptocurrency especially bitcoin it will be massively adopted by civil service commission because I could remember the day I went to saloon to cut my hairs I have no fiat but I decides to pay with bitcoin to saloon management and he accepted payment with cryptocurrency, so if private business owners will  embrace payment via bitcoin while can't government of different countries officially make payment of workers to come in two categories fiat and Bitcoin because since the adoption of bitcoin people value bitcoin and also transact seriously with bitcoin instead of fiat currency, so I think is more preferable using bitcoin as payment system to whom that will accept bitcoin.

Many political empires are into bitcoin today and tomorrow because bitcoin has been helping politicians in different ramifications of  political life, now it's very difficult before a politician is been probes via government projects funds, wise once purchase BTC and hold with project funds till further notice, so going to bank account details to verify or investigate of project funds it will be empty, but government of countries that adopt bitcoin still don't want to implement payment of salary with btc after they have find out the important of bitcoin.
14  Other / Off-topic / What are your plans in the year 2021 on: January 01, 2021, 12:10:51 AM
Thousand of people are found in bitcointalk community and from observation that's the major reason while bitcointalk group is more interactive, and some users joined since existence of the community and some joined the forum six-years, five-years and four-years back, but due to the information in the community that has passed to us as educational institute, many people are enable to use the education acquired from bitcointailk community to exploit in life.

From my experience and observation since June 9th 2020 I joined bitcointalk, I comprehended that, here is a place that everyone can add knowledge of cryptocurrency in order to excel in cryptocurrency channels and other educational knowledge that will create a positive impact to humans, if really adopt or accept corrections when things we feel that are correct go wrong without agitation, and it's obvious that the only way to get acclimatized to unknown environment is through observation and proper research.

Newbies and Jr members are entitled to have focus and attention in order to enable them to build up their status because it seems that this community is made up with high intellectual people who has determination and positive plans towards the growth of the community and cryptocurrency especially bitcoin in general.

I should be convinced very well that many people have a positive agenda this year 2021.
These are my goals or plans hoping to be achieved in 2021.
  •  My objective is to rank up from full member rank to hero member rank.
  •  To be a discovered user in the bitcointailk community.
  •  To ensure that I have earned at least 0.5 btc before the end of 2021.
  •  To create a positive impact that will be recognized by bitcointailk community.
  •  To make people around my domain to adopt cryptocurrency especially bitcoin.
So what are your objectives in 2021?

Thanks everyone, I wish everyone happy new year and better living
15  Economy / Economics / Second lockdown due to covid19 is painful on: December 29, 2020, 06:53:31 AM
Covid19 is really disturbing worldwide, the information passing across because of covid19 second lockdown is very strong, the previous lockdown really affects people especially trader's, entrepreneurs and many people lost their life's and siblings, so since the vaccine for treatment of the virus is out I think government don't have to lockdown countries again for the sake of less privileges in society, life is very difficult for people in rural areas and our leaders are not care to look towards the development or needs of poor's, I think government of some certain countries should remember that all hands are not equal, by following cases of covid19 with precautions instead of shutting down everywhere or making the prevent measures of corona virus to be necessary to people living in such domain, I think it should be more preferable than closing source of less privileges daily breads.

It's very obvious that not all countries at these point will experience second corona virus but due to what is involve in government every country with bad eggs of leaders will use such avenue to bring economy of her country down by embezzling their funds, when looking at the ratio of affected covid19 patients of different countries is not like the way it's in 2019 when corona virus started, even in 2020 so while would government lockdown again to suffer people, my major concerns is for those living in rural area that have no furtherance. Happy New Year In advance, Keep Safe
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin increase in price other coins also increase while? on: November 24, 2020, 09:15:06 PM
I notice that all cryptocurrencies increase these period, but since bitcoin has not rise other alternative coins have not accelerate the way its currently, looking at Ethereum and Ripple keep on rising since bitcoin increase in values, so I want to know while alternative coins go up when ever bitcoin is going up, does it mean that those coins can't get accelerated without the help of bitcoin rising, today it has confirmed that bitcoin price is $19,010.40 USD and so others is increasing.

Based on the increments in btc recently I have to comprehend that in cryptocurrency word, bitcoin give birth to other coin's and without bitcoin others coins can't operate effectively in term's of accelerating in Price
So what is your suggestion concerning cryptocurrency without bitcoin.
17  Economy / Economics / Hoping that its the end of corona virus on: November 10, 2020, 02:37:19 AM
Corona virus really made people cry and lost potentialities of life living, because during it's season in my country so many people passed through hardship Even up-to-date the mess of corona virus over turned the situations of life, but in my country I noticed that the virus came because of politicians in the country and was eliminated just without drugs, so if I may ask is it possible corona virus to be eliminated without drugs?

Many people are jubilating and celebrating due to end's or eradication of so called disease corona virus but not knowing that it was avenue bad leaders used to embezzle funds from her countries during the existence of the virus, but many people was against the people that portrays such in society that their is no corona virus in some countries, so the evidence is clear that some African countries don't have corona virus vaccines till date but the disease was treated perfectly.

Everyone should know that bad leaders corrupt country, such as president, Governors, senators and ministers of the country because based on their positive management their economy keep on accelerating and its negative management brings economy down which is caused funds embezzlement by politicians.
18  Other / Meta / How does signature campaigns generates revenues through bitcointalk on: October 21, 2020, 12:02:06 PM
Before I joined bitcointalk. org, I don't really know that there is existence of signature campaign, which in another hands that help people to sustain the life of humans, until I get up to membership rank and I joined campaign, so I really wants to know how bitcointalk user who have some of the signature campaign we are into, how them make profit from users who wear their avatar in bitcointalk community signature campaign?

because from my perspective I suggested that our payments is from individuals pocket in order to help people and also drag attention of people in cryptocurrency especially bitcoin, so I really need clarification based on numerous campaigns in platform management how ttem get their own revenue since users are been paid due to signature campaign we are into?
19  Other / Meta / The implications of using another user system to login account. on: October 02, 2020, 01:33:04 PM
From my view bitcoin is taking cover all over the countries, so therefore I come up on a personal question for users of these forum to look towards, especially people we respect most in forum such as, @Royse777@loyceV@CryptoPrenuerBrainboss @DdmrDdmr

1) I really want to know the implications if someone uses another persons system (laptop) to login he/her bitcointalk account and knowing that the owner of the system is bitcointalk member.

2) And if someone research work online and read it to his level of understanding, after comprehending the text very well, he reframed it as topic and also drop the source, Can it call plagiarism?

Because I noticed that while some persons fall into victim in the forum, most especially beginner's is because they totally deformed of information.
20  Economy / Speculation / The reason bitcoin price is not stable. on: September 26, 2020, 01:56:54 PM
Can someone explain categorically while the price of cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin is not constant, because I begin to wonder the reasons behind the secret of bitcoin falling and raising.

How can someone study bitcoin to the extent to know when bitcoin is about to fall and when is about to raise so that the level of lost can reduce.

Looking at the current price of BTC is it advisable to purchase bitcoin when the price is higher or when is lower as investor.
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