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1  Other / Obsolete (selling) / [CLOSED] Selling 2 *BRAND NEW* 5830s for Your BTC ($255 Free Shipping) on: June 22, 2011, 09:37:11 PM
About Me:
I have been trading BTC for a month now and just recently decided to immerse myself in the community.  Last week, when I saw newegg get a new shipment of 5830s, I was lucky enough to nab 2 of them.  Now, I'm a trader only -- I don't mine.  I bought these specifically for re-sell.  I realize that I'm new to the community, and therefore, an unknown quantity, but I expect to be around for a while.  Therefore, I'm offering these 5830s at low price so I can build up my reputation and (hopefully) build up some goodwill around these parts.  If all goes well, I will continue to sell more items.

What You Are Getting:
I am offering 2 brand new 5830s.  I am selling them as a lot, so I won't split them out individually (this helps me with shipping costs). I received them last week from newegg.  Like I said, I'm not a miner, so these are completely brand new -- they have never been installed.  I opened the boxes to take pictures with my user name for verification purposes only.  

What I Am Asking:
I want to sell these cards for bitcoins.  I will sell at the BTC market equivalent of $255 ($14/BTC, so 18.2142857 BTC) which includes free shipping.  

Why So Low?  
Like I said, I am new here, and I want to be a part of this community.  I plan to be around here for a long time.  I realize that I am newer and have not yet built up a reputation, so this is my chance to do so.

Here are the pictures:

First come, first serve.
2  Other / Off-topic / Off-Topic: Beezid on: June 22, 2011, 06:47:43 PM
So, have any of you heard of the website  It's an incredibly intelligent business scam site where people pay for bid tokens for auctions.  You can bid on any auction you want, but you lose a token each time you bid, so you must continually buy more tokens if you wish to bid more.  Bid tokens normally cost about $1 each, but there are auctions in which you can use your tokens to bid on a package of bid tokens in hopes of getting them at a discounted rate.

Furthermore, auctions start out around $0.01, and most auctions only increase $0.01 per bid.  Every time a new bid comes in, the auction countdown clock increases, to give other bidders an opportunity to win.  When the timer runs out, the winner pays the final auction price.  So, typically you see ending bid values like this:

iPhone 4 sold for $57.40
$300 gift card sold for $22.13

and so on....

But if you really think about it, beezid is making crazy money on each auction.  If the bids start at $0.01, and only raise $0.01 per bid, and the bids cost about $1 per, beezid made the following:

iphone4:  $57.40 = $5,739 (in bid tokens) + 57.40 = $5,796 (gross)
gift card:  $2,212 (in bid tokens) + 22.13 = $2,234.13 - $300 (purchase cost) = $1,934.13 net

Am I understanding this correctly?  This is basically like glorified gambling, right?  If the business model works how I think it does, it is absolutely brilliant.  They must be making a ton of money.

Any thoughts?
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