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1  Bitcoin / Group buys / [BPMC] Blue Fury USB ~2.6GH/s 0.88BTC [Australia/NZ] on: September 25, 2013, 08:12:48 AM
I will be reselling  BPMC's  Blue Fury USB miners and expect to have a fairly small number of them on hand in the second week of October.

Product Description:

Rated speed 2.6Gh/s. +/- 10%
Powered by the USB port without any other power source.
Electricity consumption as low as 2.5 watts and 500mA

0.88 BTC each
10+ 0.86BTC each

plus shipping & handling costs - express post signature required.  Include your postcode & desired quantity for a quote.

Contact me here by PM - or email for a payment address.

I will be taking preorders and allocating from the first batch based on who pays first.
If I receive payments after I've allocated all units - I'll give the option to have the BTC returned or stay in the queue for the next batch.
(I'll also try to update here quickly when the batch runs out)

2  Bitcoin / Group buys / [ASICMINER] USB - 0.11BTC ea - orders of 50+ immediate shipping [Australia/NZ] on: September 19, 2013, 12:01:13 AM
I have USBs in all colours available for immediate shipping to Australia/NZ (and nearby countries not served by other ASICMINER distributors)

This thread is for orders of 50+ units only.   5.5BTC for 50,  plus Shipping & Handling (Express post unless you specifically request ordinary post)

Payment for this deal is BTC only.

Units are in boxes of 10 - so you must order at least 10 of a particular colour.

+ Black

PM - or email
3  Bitcoin / Group buys / [SOLD OUT][ASICMINER] [Block Erupter USB 0.035BTC] [Aust/NZ] on: September 12, 2013, 03:33:22 AM
Leo has passed on the handling of sales for these in Australia/NZ (and perhaps others in Oceania - ask for quote to see if shipping & handling costs are reasonable)

The old thread, where I've handled some sales already is here:

I have some USBs in stock, priced at 0.035BTC each.   Minimum order quantity is now 10.
No USBs left.

Orders of exactly 50 USBs include a 49 port USB hub
No hubs left.

Shipping & handling within Australia for 10 to 12 units - 0.08BTC
Shipping & handling within Australia for 50 units + Hub - 0.1BTC

I have less than 10 Blades in stock.
Price is 1.1 BTC each. A green phoenix power connector is supplied with each board.

No blades left.

Please include suburb/postcode in your initial enquiry so I can quote on shipping & handling.
I ship by express post or equivalent, with signature required on delivery.

I prefer to handle communications by email:  - but PM here is acceptable too.


EDIT: For the purposes of exchange rate calculation, I'll now be using the the USD 24Hr sliding average taken from - converted to AUD on    This will give a more stable and meaningful rate.

Currently available colours:  + Black

Note that if colours are particularly important to you - please ask me to open individual boxes to confirm. (For small orders only. I will only sample for larger orders)
The USBs arrive in boxes of 10 with a colour label - but I can't distinguish the 2 reds or 2 blues without opening up individual USB boxes.

The red(actually fuschia?) & blue on the right have a patterned surface of concentric circles which gives a nice effect in the light.
The red & blue on the left are a flat finish.
4  Bitcoin / Hardware / Jalapeno fan blade snapped on: June 22, 2013, 03:23:01 AM
I discovered one of my Jalapenos was running hot. Too hot to touch.

Here's what I found inside:

It looks like the fan somehow hit the heatsink, as you can see a couple of bent fins.

I have no idea how this happened. The unit used to blow air just fine, it didn't make any strange noises while I was around and I haven't dropped it or moved it about - so perhaps it happened during assembly - but the broken blade only just now moved around and jammed up the fan... or maybe the heatsink and fan just moved closer together due to thermal expansion(?)

Keep an eye on your rig temperatures people!
5  Other / Off-topic / I bought a stunning engagement ring - directly with Bitcoins! on: April 15, 2013, 08:25:13 AM
I am proposing to my darling in about a week - and I just bought a beautiful gold & sapphire engagement ring using Bitcoins.
Yes - I paid for it entirely and directly in Bitcoins!

It was bought from David Fortier of Tip Top Gem in Thailand. (He sells loose stones on bitmit but also does custom jewelry)

I highly recommend David's work. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and sourced some stunning stones for me before having them set into an 18K white gold ring.

I suspect there have been other engagement rings bought with Bitcoins by now -  I remember this thread from Roger Ver, where he was attempting to buy a diamond engagement ring with Bitcoins - but I don't know what the outcome was:;all

I only paid a bit less than 20 BTC - I'm not a Bitcoin mogul like Roger Ver!
At the time(s) of payment those Bitcoins were at a few different rates above $100USD/BTC - as I paid David as he sourced the stones and then again later for the final ring work.

The whole process really brought home to me how convenient Bitcoin is as a payment mechanism for projects.
The merchant can get fast payment so they're not out of pocket whilst sourcing materials.

I had the ring independently valued here in the Sydney CBD by a registered member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (Anania Jewellers) and they confirmed that the sapphires were genuine and as described and the gold tested as 18K.   They gave me a replacement value a fair bit higher than what I paid - so I believe David gives very good value for gems and jewellery.

My darling hasn't yet seen the ring - but once I've given it to her, I may post a photo here.

Edit: ok, I think my girlfriend is pretty unlikely to come into these forums unaccompanied by me.. so I'll put up the photos.
I'm no photographer - but I think these capture some of its beauty.

The 2 side stones are white sapphires. I like the idea of it being an all-sapphire ring.

6  Economy / Trading Discussion / jewelry - not much available for Bitcoin? on: March 30, 2013, 01:57:19 AM
I'm a bit surprised there don't seem to be more options to buy fine jewelry for Bitcoins by now.

There is :  some quite nice stuff - but a fairly narrow selection that have genuine gemstones or at the finer end of the spectrum. in Thailand looks great for quality gemstones, and they also do custom work - but they don't really have a catalog of existing jewelry.

Dress jewelry in the sub $100 range seems to me to be the sort of thing a girl will pick up on a whim when looking at it in person.

A guy buying a gift...  well if they're anything like me, they are not interested in buying something cheap with glass.
I expected to be able to find more pieces in the USD $300+  range.

Anyone know of any other jewellery stores accepting Bitcoin?

edit: I mean come on - Bitcoin is not all just geeks who want computer gear right!??   Some of us have spouses/girlfriends/boyfriends to appease about the whole 'obsession' Wink

7  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-02-28 - Analysis: Banks find NFC a buyer's market on: February 28, 2013, 05:33:39 AM
Analysis: Banks find NFC a buyer's market
Would you like anonymity with that?

Charis Palmer

Meanwhile, those that are keen to bypass banks and card schemes and their pesky thirst for data have been busy building mobile apps for decentralised digital currency Bitcoin.

Bitcoin may not deliver as much anonymity as cash, but in a world where banks, card schemes, social networks and retailers are increasingly finding ways to connect data on consumers, it’s likely to keep chipping away at traditional banking.
8  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-02-27 - Can an online market for meth, smack and pot win? on: February 28, 2013, 05:31:53 AM
Can an online market for meth, smack and pot win?
An Internet marketplace for drugs called Silk Road is continuing to profit despite legal attempts to shut it down

Jeb Boone

Rather than getting busted, Silk Road appears to be getting more robust.
To avoid the easily-tracked trail left by credit cards, customers must make purchases usingbitcoin — a digital currency championed as a way of maintaining online privacy. Bitcoin is not completely anonymous on its own, but it can be customized to obscure a user’s identity.
Still, law enforcement agencies are thought to be devising strategies to take down online offenders using vulnerabilities posed by bitcoin.

And banning the service would come with its own collateral impact. For example, bloggers in places like Saudi Arabia and Vietnam can use bitcoin to pay for hosting services on WordPress, reducing the likelihood that local authorities could discover their identities.
To stem the flow of drugs into the online market, law enforcement may need to rely on the skills acquired in policing hacker collectives rather than regulating a burgeoning market for online currency. In spite of bitcoin’s use for illegal online purchases, the transaction is not dissimilar from a typical cash purchase of drugs in the real world illicit marketplace.
Matonis said. “We already use paper cash anonymously and untraceably in our lives today. The only thing bitcoin does is retain that same privacy in the digital environment.”
9  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-02-27 - Will The Commonwealth Bank Support Bitcoin? on: February 28, 2013, 03:57:31 AM
Will The Commonwealth Bank Support Bitcoin?

Luke Hopewell

So why aren’t big banks supporting Bitcoin yet? Well according to a tweet from the Commonwealth Bank, we just might see it in the future.
This might just be the Commonwealth Bank’s social media team being nice and doing its job, but it’s not absurd to think that a big bank could get involved in the Bitcoin game in future, is it?

Even conversations I have had with senior Commonwealth Bank executives demonstrate that the bank is certainly aware of Bitcoin at a decision-making level, so what’s stopping it from being here tomorrow?
Either way, we have asked the Commonwealth Bank about their position on Bitcoin and will update you when we hear back.

With over 700Billion in assets - this is a pretty big bank. I think this is just a polite tweet - nothing more... so yes, for now I'm pegging this as absurd!

10  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-02-28 - Bitcoin virtual currency stages epic comeback, hits on: February 28, 2013, 02:50:29 AM
Bitcoin virtual currency stages epic comeback, hits new all-time high of $32

Josh Ong

Mainstream support for the currency is growing.
We took a long look at Bitcoin’s prospects last September and concluded that it wasn’t going anywhere, despite fluctuations in price.
11  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-02-27 - Tabletop Bitcoin ATM Is Huge for Payment Privacy on: February 27, 2013, 11:19:19 PM
Tabletop Bitcoin ATM Is Huge for Payment Privacy

Jon Matonis

It looks like a high school science project, but this countertop machine may be a bulwark of financial privacy in the age of digital money.
Now, with a device that directly converts paper cash to bitcoin anonymously, the interaction is between human and machine. The value of that subtle difference should not be underestimated.
12  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-02-27 - In bid for credibility, largest Bitcoin exchange mo on: February 27, 2013, 11:17:14 PM
In bid for credibility, largest Bitcoin exchange moves to Silicon Valley
Move is designed to make Bitcoin more accessible to American consumers.

Timothy B. Lee

The world's leading Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, has announced a partnership with the Silicon Valley startup Coinlab. Under the agreement, Coinlab will handle Mt. Gox's American operations, which account for a large majority of the exchange's business.
As a Japanese firm, Mt. Gox struggled to develop the partnerships it needed. But according to Vessenes, CoinLab's location and conventional investor backing allowed the firm to score a partnership with Silicon Valley Bank.
13  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-02-27 - Bitcoin: Get Rich or Die Mining on: February 27, 2013, 06:23:20 AM
Bitcoin: Get Rich or Die Mining

Joel Bowman

Hardcore proponents of the cyber currency don't pay much attention to the day-to-day noise. It's largely irrelevant, they reckon.

In the war of currency attrition, they're prepared to wait it watch as the government-issued paper around them begins to burn...leaving their cyber currency to stand tall...divisible down to (for now) eight decimal places.

 But one must admire the conviction of these fringy individuals. They are embroiled in an age old battle of man vs. state, liberty vs. control, freedom vs. slavery. Bitcoin just happens to be their weapon of choice.

The cyber subject actually came up a few weeks ago. Your editor was hosting an asado here in Buenos Aires...

'You gold bugs,' we heard a friend exclaim, 'you're sooo pre- bitcoin!'

I'd intended to ease off on posting media hits here - as this subforum seems to be keeping up nicely - but I couldn't resist posting this punchy little piece as soon as I saw it!

14  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-02-14 - Reddit says Bitcoins are as good as gold (and credi on: February 15, 2013, 11:39:48 PM
Reddit says Bitcoins are as good as gold (and credit cards)

Tom Cheredar

The move should give the news sharing site a boost in revenue, especially from international users that are unable to pay via credit card or PayPal for one reason or another.
Reddit joins a handful of organizations now accepting Bitcoin payments: Dewlance, Diaspora, 4chan, Wiki Leaks,, The Internet Archive, and, more recently, WordPress operator Automattic.

Yet the vast majority of businesses are not on board, which could have something to do with Bitcoin’s perception of being an unsecure method of payment as well as the currency of choice for criminals. But that may change over time since Bitcoin doesn’t have the same limitations as a currency that’s tied to a government.

With legitimized exchanges like Coinbase offering bank-level encryption (and processing over $1 million worth of Bitcoin transactions per month), it may just be a matter of time before it starts appearing next to PayPal, Visa, Master Card, and Google Wallet — especially with support from Reddit’s highly effective active user base.
15  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-01-15 networkworld/IDG - Reddit to accept bitcoin for premium service on: February 15, 2013, 11:36:28 PM
The IDG news service is syndicated - so this (short) article will probably appear on a few sites
Reddit to accept bitcoin for premium service
The site follows WordPress in accepting the virtual currency for payments

Jeremy Kirk

The popular social-news site Reddit said it will now accept bitcoins, following blogging platform WordPress in embracing the four-year-old virtual currency.
The virtual currency is looking increasingly attractive to online merchants, who run the risk of incurring a "chargeback" by banks if someone fraudulently makes a purchase with someone else's credit card details. Due to its cryptographic verification system, bitcoins cannot be fraudulently spent, which relieves merchants of chargeback worries.
WordPress announced in November that it would accept bitcoins, opening up some of the blogging platform's paid-for features to people in countries not supported by credit card companies and PayPal.
16  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-02-15 - Reddit News Site Now Accepts Bitcoin on: February 15, 2013, 10:42:19 PM
Reddit News Site Now Accepts Bitcoin

The anonymous digital currency Bitcoin, which is already accepted on the Wordpress blogging site, has another mainstream partner. Reddit, the social news and entertainment site, now accepts bitcoins as payment for Reddit Gold, a subscription service.

Bailey Reutzel

Even though the cryptocurrency has a less than pristine reputation, prominent companies have begun accepting it.
"Despite its considerable potential, Bitcoin is still very new, experimental, and no one really knows what will happen with it and what people will do with it," says Reddit CEO Yishan Wong in a post on reddit. "This means that there is the possibility that unexpected or bad things happen, and we may have to modify or suspend our implementation of Bitcoin support if that happens."
17  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-02-14 - Police hold 11 over ransomware scam 'affecting thousands' on: February 14, 2013, 10:07:21 PM
Single mention.

Police hold 11 over ransomware scam 'affecting thousands'


Spanish authorities, working with the European Union's law enforcement agency, Europol, arrested 11 people, from Russia, Georgia and Ukraine.
The gang had been receiving the money in a variety of ways - including using virtual currency such as Bitcoin, Europol said.
18  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-02-15 - Reddit Starts Accepting Bitcoin for Reddit Gold Purc on: February 14, 2013, 10:04:01 PM
Reddit Starts Accepting Bitcoin for Reddit Gold Purchases Thanks To Partnership With Coinbase

Drew Olanoff

Bitcoin is the “underground” digital money system that’s fueling growth and disruption in the online payment space.
While Reddit isn’t exactly a “mainstream” site yet, it is definitely the most widely used site to start accepting bitcoin that I can think of.
Will Reddit push bitcoin into the mainstream? We will see, but as usual, the Redditors have gotten what they’ve wanted.
19  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-02-15 - Why I'm Not Ready To Sell My Bitcoins on: February 14, 2013, 09:49:29 PM
Why I'm Not Ready To Sell My Bitcoins

Timothy B. Lee

So is the new Bitcoin price rise a bubble? I don’t think so. Nothing like Bitcoin has ever existed before, so it’s not clear how to compute a “fundamental” value for it.

But Bitcoin is a sufficiently novel technology, with security and privacy features traditional financial networks can’t match, that it seems likely that people will find something cool to do with it. And when they do, they’ll need to get their hands on a lot of Bitcoins. So I’m not ready to sell mine yet.
20  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-02-10 - Bitcoin Beatdown on: February 10, 2013, 11:35:49 PM
An old time Bitcoin critic ... at it again.   He still doesn't seem to understand the real value of Bitcoin - but sees it as something he can profit from.

Bitcoin Beatdown


I don't see in any way that Bitcoin is a replacement for the dollar. It is a ponzi scheme.
It's not at all any better than the federal reserve system. It's in fact much worse than the federal reserve system in so many ways

In fact Ironically.. I could now be scandalously wealthy if I had bought Bitcoins back when I was doing videos when they were like at 1 and 2.
So it is a bitcoin beatdown. Absolutely.
Bitcoins have been the investment of the last 3 years. In ways that we might not see ever again.
These sort of percents are astounding. They're incredible.
I'm gonna start doing regular Bitcoin commentary. Absolutely. Bitcoins are forreal.
They're not a replacement for the dollar. No No. They don't replace the federal reserve system.
They're not the panacea they're not the magic elixir. But they're the real deal as far as a trading vehicle is concerned.
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