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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [b][ANN][ICO] 30 blockchain Raffle Technology ETHWSS-BCHWSS on: January 11, 2021, 12:47:53 PM
**note - I do not know why we have been chosen to be harassed its possible people feel threatened by our new technology as its amazing.

we are here to promote our technology and make connections on this forum. We paid to have an account all of our team are respected members of the business community. Feel Free to contact us with questions.

BTC - screen shot - First Decentralized Raffle Technology using Blockchain Infrastructure peer to peer gambling.
MoneyPools Technology, Raffle Technology for the 21st Century Blockchain Technology.
Compare Odds and See:
PowerBall  - USA  State Lottery                                           MPT - MoneyPools Technology
Ticket price $2                           Ticket price $2.00
Prize $1,000,000                                                                    Prize $1,000,000
Odd - 1:12,688,054                                                                Odd 1/500,000

 MPT Winners Guaranteed Twenty-Five (25X) New Millionaire USD.  
25X More, Efficient Compared to one (1) winner PowerBall*.

PowerBall  US State Lottery            MPT - MoneyPools Technology  (MPT)
Ticket price $2                   Ticket price $2.00    
Prize $50,000                   Prize $50,000
Odd - 1:913,130                  Odd - 1:25,000

MPT -  Thirty-Six (36) Guaranteed Winners, versus one (1) with PowerBall.

Peer to peer pooling each pool has a different odd, ticket price and monetary value. As soon as game pool is full, (all tickets sold) a provably fair random number generator will select a ticket in pool and pay out total value of pool to winner, no sharing of wins, transparency.
MoneyPools Technology (MPT) Raffle allows participants using Small Sums of Crypto to enter into the Lower Middle, Upper-Middle, Millionaire Wins of crypto.

Raffle technology; Thirty Blockchain, fractional ticket pools system, competitive ticket prices. Wealth Sharing Systems value is its capacity to produce new wealth every minute, every hour, every day, and year by year.

Wealth Sharing Systems, SA Costa Rica, game system fully functions currently on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Blockchain. BCHWSS our Bitcoin Cash Blockchain and ETHWSS Blockchain added within next 10 days. We plan to continue to add games in top 30 Token Currencies, we use as our custodian, so the best security. Whats fun about the technology is if you dont have any tokens, its a way to win more and increase your holdings. Games are as small as 0.05 euro cents, so its easy and fun to play.  

About Us:
This project and concept was initially started in late 2014, our Founders had acquired a gaming permit in Cameroon for the National Lottery of Cameroon. Problem was that Cameroons population was small under 30 million and poor making it impossible to run a successful lottery. Traditional lotteries are inefficient, expensive to run & maintain, in general lose money and don’t pay out. In the case of United States less than 1% of Mega Millions is paid out annually to players out of one hundred billion dollars, US States keep most of it.  Lottery technology companies were ignorant to change or refused to give up lucrative monopolies. Our Founders were forced to develop a new technology they deemed revolutionary in both lottery technology.

Late 2016 the team started the development for MoneyPools Technology.  Self funded, no VC, no Angels, Founders staked this technology.
With Blockchain becoming the future of economic monetary system the MoneyPools technology was developed to work on Blockchain.
Our team is proud to announce the release of our fully functional; Raffle Technology available to the masses and when accepted globally will change online lottery industry.

Now is the time to buy our tokens, we need your support to grow our network.  Sign up and share the affiliate links, be part of our bounty programs, join our community.

We plan to List a IEO in Korea, as we have been endorsed by a large Korean Token promotion group.
We are well managed and professional, feel free to contact us, we can do video chats as well.

•   Affiliates and Bounty Hunters Start Earning Crypto Today, 25% of all revenue shares on sign ups win and ticket sales for LIFE of player! Very few affiliate programs, if any can retire you on just one win.
•   Quick Games for fun and entertainment and coin collecting - Double, Triple, Quadruple, Coin Multiplier, take other players coins! Enter as little as 0.05 euro cents – Bitcoin, ETH, BCH, Many Many More can start doubling your money by winning it from other players.  
Watch live as winners are selected; celebrate your wins on our forum and social media. WSS IPTV will be 24 hour stream of data and entertainment in multiple languages*
•   LIFETIME Affiliates earn in Bitcoin, ETHWSS, Ethereum, BCH, BCHWSS + 30 TOP Cryptos Tokens, Huge Commissions in Crypto winners and affiliates, Instant Payouts, win crypto, larger pools.
•             Crypto is the future, if you can’t figure it out, just go with the flow, crypto is here to stay. Earn a stable passive income or more promoting, it’s easy token and these tokens going to the top one day.  

•   MoneyPools will produce winners fast and efficiently 24 hours a day seven days a week. Using advanced and patent pending technology the highest payouts based on fixed odds. MoneyPools system is design to pool money and select winners in an extremely efficient manner.
•   No skills required to play, no numbers to pick or horses to select, as simple as pushing a button.  Fixed and fast money payouts using provably fair technology. Create account; load your account with mobile money ETHWSS, Bitcoin, and play instantly buy MoneyPool tickets.
•    ETHWSS, Bitcoin, BCH, ETH – Global player base – 90% of Africa owns a smartphone.
•   Do you own a smart phone?  You may change your life with just a push of a button!
•   Wealth Sharing Systems runs currently on the 28 of the most popular spoken languages at least 5+ Billion globally. [/i]

Token Sales – Support our development – Pre-Sale
Enjoy discounts on Pre- IEO sale of token visit our tokens site to read WSS whitepaper:
Telegram: @ethwss
Tokens (at)
IEO: Korea – ChainX – ETHWSS IEO is backed by large Korean IEO Promotions team.
We are in negotiations with European exchanges to add ETHWSS & BCHWSS
Tokens  @
Support @


2  Local / Skandinavisk / Seed Investors Wanted: on: December 13, 2020, 11:45:46 AM
Seed Investors Wanted:

Fonderna kommer att fördelas till noteringsbytesavgift för IEO i Korea och notering på några andra stora börser för våra spelpengar tillsammans med kapital för marknadsföring.

MoneyPools RaffleTechnology Incorporating Thirty Blockchains. Peer to Peer-pooling, de bästa oddsen, 100% genomskinlig, förmodligen rättvis tombola.

MoneyPools Raffle Technology 25X -36X Effektivare än PowerBall State Lottery när det gäller att producera RIKDOM och VINNARE.

3  Local / עברית (Hebrew) / משקיעי זרעים מבוקשים: on: December 13, 2020, 11:36:09 AM
משקיעי זרעים מבוקשים:

הכספים יוקצו לדמי החלפת רישום עבור IEO בקוריאה ולרישום במספר מרכזיות מרכזיות אחרות עבור אסימוני המשחק שלנו יחד עם הון לשיווק.

MoneyPools RaffleTechnology המשלבת שלושים רשתות בלוק. איגום עמית לעמית, הסיכויים הטובים ביותר, הגרלה שקופה, הוגנת בהחלט.

MoneyPools הגרלת טכנולוגיה 25X -36X יעיל יותר מפיס הפיס של מדינת PowerBall בייצור עושר וזוכים.

4  Local / 日本語 (Japanese) / シード投資家募集: on: December 13, 2020, 11:11:37 AM


MoneyPools RaffleTechnology Incorporating 30Blockchains。 ピアツーピアプーリング、最高のオッズ、100%透明、おそらく公正なラッフル。

5  Local / 한국어 (Korean) / 원한 종자 투자자 : on: December 13, 2020, 11:09:52 AM
원한 종자 투자자 :

이 자금은 한국에서 IEO의 상장 수수료와 마케팅을위한 자본과 함께 게임 토큰에 대한 몇 가지 다른 주요 거래소에 상장하는 데 할당됩니다.

30 개의 블록 체인을 통합 한 MoneyPools RaffleTechnology. P2P 풀링, 최고의 배당률, 100 % 투명, Provably Fair Raffle.

MoneyPools Raffle Technology 부와 우승자를 생산하는 데있어 PowerBall 주립 복권보다 25 배 -36 배 더 효율적입니다.
6  Bitcoin / Project Development / SEED Investors wanted - MoneyPools RaffleTechnology Incorporating Blockchain on: December 13, 2020, 10:33:48 AM
Seed Investors Wanted:

The funds will be allocated to listing exchange fee for IEO in Korea and listing on a few other major exchanges for our game tokens along with capital for marketing.

MoneyPools RaffleTechnology Incorporating Thirty Blockchains. Peer to Peer pooling, the best odds,100% Transparent, Provably Fair Raffle.

MoneyPools Raffle Technology 25X -36X More Efficient than PowerBall State Lottery in Producing WEALTH and WINNERS.


7  Other / Beginners & Help / Questions for Community on: November 17, 2020, 11:52:50 AM
Hi I am Adriaan,

Hope you dont mind me asking a few questions.

first how do we add a signature and avatar in our profile?

whats the easiest exchange to list a BCH SLP Token?


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