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1  Other / Off-topic / Bitcoin for Air Rifles on: December 16, 2017, 07:35:56 PM
Anyone know of a air rifle distributor in the U.S. that accepts bitcoins for payment?
I haven't seen any but I'm hoping there is one that I missed.
I'm looking for a big bore air rifle. Found one site that looked like it took bitcoin but in checkout they don't accept it.
2  Other / Off-topic / Slack chat on: March 13, 2015, 08:57:22 AM
Explain why this is so great that I see these coins using it?
I see many issues with this platform. Closed Source from what I see, Amazon cloud and located in the USA.
So just another fad?
For people who don't know what privacy is?
3  Other / Off-topic / WoW private servers (World of Warcraft) do you play and which server? on: February 14, 2015, 12:12:17 AM
Do you play wow? Do you like the older expansions vs the latest official?
Do you play on private servers and if so which one(s) ?
I play on a wotlk and a cataclysm server. I like 4.3 which I know a lot of people didn't.
Most private servers seem to be a joke, some are more broken than others or they just care about giving shinies for money instead of fixing the quest lines. (molten)
Do you have a private server you play on? Which one and why? How functional is it or broke?
the 4.3 server (dethwing) is pretty broke. (don't play it much because of this)
The 3.5 server (dalaran) works well enough I guess. (leveling through it well enough)
I haven't made it into endgame raids to see how well they have those together.
But dalaran is taking great pride to make it as close to official as possible which I like.

Wish Blizzard would open up a server for those older expansions; I'd probably sign back up.
also my motive is to try and get the populations to increase on these servers. Which benefits everyone who wants to play there. Smiley
4  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / blockchain size Do we really need 20 gbs of data? on: June 18, 2014, 02:47:44 PM
How do you expect Joe Blow from kokomo to keep 20 + gbs of a blockchain on their computer for just a wallet?
This seriously needs to be addressed so a newbie can download the btc wallet and not worry about their
HDD exploding or downloading 4 years worth of data. Ok I'm exaggerating slightly and this is like beating a
dead horse. At least a 2 year old dead horse that hasn't seemed to be buried yet for whatever reason.
How many years more is it going to take to come up with a real solution?

Sure there are alternatives but that isn't acceptable when the "standard" is the client provided by the devs and it eats
a 1/3 of a hdd.
I shouldn't have to support a HDD corporation to keep a blockchain or dedicate a HDD to the blockchain
I shouldn't have to use a 3rd party "light wallet" either.
The BTC client is proven to be secure, I feel safer using it than a 3rd party wallet regardless at this time and moment.

Isn't it time that this is put to bed once and for all? 5 years to think this one over..

5  Other / Beginners & Help / Desktop tracking application on: June 14, 2014, 01:48:19 PM
What is a good program to help track exchange rates, track currency rates and be able to chart and
manipulate that data?
I'm really coming up short in attempting to find something I can use on my desktop.
I can find lots of smartphone apps and web based apps and if I wanted to use excel I could probably come up with something
I'd like to find a program that will display results in realtime.
Ideally a program that you can add currency to, add sites api calls etc.
6  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Mandatory transaction fees on: June 11, 2014, 04:48:08 PM
Last time I played with bitcoin it was possible to send btc without paying a fee.
Why does the new qt client refuse to send a transaction without tacking a fee on?
Or am I missing how I can send a buck or three to someone without using command line and spending a day on google learning how to do it and not paying fees.

7  Bitcoin / Legal / Co-Owner of Bitcoin-Linked Sites Settles SEC Case on: June 04, 2014, 11:20:34 AM
By MARCY GORDON AP Business Writer

The co-owner of two bitcoin-related Websites is paying almost $51,000 to settle federal civil charges that he sold shares in the businesses without registering them as securities offerings.

The Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday announced the settlement with Erik Voorhees in connection with soliciting investors to buy shares in the two sites, SatoshiDICE and FeedZeBirds. The SEC said investors paid for the shares they bought with bitcoin, the online currency that allows people to buy goods and services, and exchange money across borders without involving banks or other third parties.

Voorhees, a prominent bitcoin proponent who co-founded a separate bitcoin company, made $15,843.98 in profit from the unregistered offerings, according to the SEC.

He neither acknowledged nor denied wrongdoing but agreed to refrain from future violations of securities laws.

Under the settlement, Voorhees is repaying the $15,843.98 in profits and paying a $35,000 penalty.

In a message to "fellow Bitcoiners" posted on the website Reddit, Voorhees said "With this matter resolved, I look forward to helping to build the bitcoin industry and the future of finance."

SatoshiDICE is a gambling site that takes bets and pays out winnings in bitcoins. The Satoshi name comes from Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious figure or group that created bitcoin in 2009. Voorhees and the other co-owners sold the site in July 2013, according to the SEC. FeedZeBirds pays Twitter users a fee in bitcoins in exchange for forwarding sponsored text messages.

Separately, the SEC issued an "investor alert" last month warning of the potential risks of investing in bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Investments involving bitcoin may have an increased risk of fraud, and the people behind fraudulent schemes may lure investors by touting bitcoin investment "opportunities" promising unrealistically high returns, the SEC said.

The agency said consumers should be wary of potential warning signs, such as guaranteed high returns, unsolicited offers and pressure to buy immediately.
8  Other / Off-topic / Murphy's law { Who else gets owned by Murphy daily?} on: June 03, 2014, 09:55:47 PM
Long rant
I'm one of those guys that seem to have their very own Murphy's law agent with them all the time.
If it can go wrong it will.
Anyone else out there that has their own agent as well? I just need to find comfort in knowing
it doesn't happen to me all the dang time!
2 examples that happened in less than a week.
1) I need a large diameter fuel line hose. Only 1 place carries it in stock and they are about 13 miles away.
Ok good deal! I get there right after they open in the morning. Tell the guy this is what I need..
He than spends the next 20 minutes looking for this hose and coming back to me to show me what they have in stock even though
it isn't what I asked for. He tells me they don't have it and I tell him that I verified the night before, it was there in stock.
It's on the website inventory
So 5 minutes later he find the hose.. Imagine that..
Great I think.. He hands the hose off to another lackey to cut it the length I need. I noticed it wasn't an even cut.
I don't pay much mind to it since I assumed the guy started at the length I needed and cut a little longer (angle side)
I get home get to work and BAM.. the dumarse cut the hose 3/4" too short and the angled side was the actual measurement I needed.
Fortunately I was able to make it somehow work but seriously a 35$ hose needs to be cut right the first time..

2) I'm working on modifying a PSU and I go to the hardware store to pick up supplies.
They have only 2 10 gauge connectors that I need and no more in stock.. WTF kind of store is this..
Next I tell the girl working I need some 12 awg cable and how many feet of it.
I pay for my items go home and guess what? I get (1) 12 awg wire and (1) 14 awg wire..

Seriously this crap happens on almost a weekly basis.
I know shit happens right?
Every dam day here..
9  Bitcoin / Hardware / S1 antminer and wifi on: May 28, 2014, 01:07:16 PM
Do you use it, are you overclocked? Does it work as intended or mess with your hashrate?
I tried it, it seemed to put my load in the 4's and than locked up the machine. At that point I quit
messing with it but I do want use wifi vs having wires hanging.
It isn't even natural for the way the cat 5 hangs off that controller.

Anyone roll their own openwrt image for this? I love how bitmain put their
credentials into the miner so they can reap more rewards off their customers..
Pretty shady really..
10  Other / Beginners & Help / hardware mining question ATI on: June 22, 2011, 06:15:33 AM

I understand the 3800 ATI series can not mine. I read it was a hardware issue about a cache missing or such.
I kind of understand that but .... I came across a client that supports the 3800's and it appears to work.
So my question is, if can create a client that can access the ATI GPU on the 3800's (using stream)
Why couldn't someone savvy create a mining client that will put the 3800's to work?
It just seems to me if DNET can get the GPU to crunch, than it should be able to mine right?

My apologies if this is beating a dead horse. I realize the consensus is the 3800's can't mine and that is all there is to it.
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