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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / (SOLVED) SCAM me 20Mbtc on: September 12, 2021, 10:57:21 AM
Before you make any comment pls read this pls.

Scammers Profile Link:;u=3369866

Reference Link:

Amount Scammed: 20 mBTC

Payment Method: Bitcoins

Pls support flag I opend :;flag=2835

*I see that one more user have the same problem with them!

What happened:

I opened an account on 20.8.21. The number of bets I  placed won and I asked to withdraw money and the site made the withdrawal. I then placrd number of additional bets and noticed that the maximum bet in all games changed to a maximum of 0-1 Mbtc.
I went up in front of the chat in order to understand why my maximum bet had changed (it should be noted that before the maximum amount was around 20mbtc) in the chat I was asked to wait for an answer by email from more senior representatives and offered me to continue betting under another category of sports in site.

An hour later I received the following email:

I tried to login to my account and it was blocked. I went up again in front of the chat in order to understand why they decided to close the account and how I get the balance of money I have left in the account (20mtc)
The response I received from the chat was that the site decided to close my account permanently due to " abnormal activites " and the rest balance of the money could not be withdrawn. I asked to understand what the reason was and to get some evidence of the things I am accused of but the response continued to be that the account was closed permanently and I cant get the rest of my money.

this is some of email + chat :

I warn you against using the site because such a thing can only happen to you because your account has wining!

Please you all who can help me with the problem I will be very grateful to him.
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / scam 0.555 BTC! help! on: January 11, 2021, 09:53:10 PM
Before you make any comment pls read this pls.

Scammers Profile Link:;u=2882335

Reference Link:

Amount Scammed: 0.555 BTC/$20,976.

Payment Method: Bitcoins

Proof of Payment:

What happened:
This is a long story that start 1 month ago and around 160 email between me and support of the site, unfortunately I didnít find a way to end this case with them.

I will start and say that I have evidence to each thing that I will wrote in this story.

I opened an account in the site around 20.11.20, before I register to site, I sent an email to support to ask some question. The most important from me was : "Any roll over needed after deposit in order to make withdrawal?"
the replay was : "You are free to withdraw the money on your account, there are no roll over requirements."

I made some deposits to site, some bets one some lose all was ok in the beginning.

At the 11.12.20 I placed 4 bets in my account, the total money after placing bets 55 mBtc that in the 12.12.20 I made withdrawal request for them.  Those bets I placed I won by the result 7-0 . After few hours I sent an email to support and ask them to know about my withdrawal. I get a replay that their traders need to check my bets because they think there was a problem In the odd of the match. I wait painterly as they told me that they are checking + I sent them photo from site compare of odds that show that odds were the pretty the same as in other bets sites. Meanwhile I asked why my withdrawal not process I got replay: " If it turns out that the bets are not valid, they will be voided. This would mean that there were no bets placed after your last deposit. We can only process withdrawals when the deposited amount is wagered at our site."

I sent them then when I joined the site I ask for roll over and got replay that its not needed.

There replay " Hello,
We understand what you mean. But that information about the roll over requirements are related to the odds that you will use. You can even place a bet at odds from 1.10, you do not have to place bets with odds for 1.85 for example. When somebody makes a deposit, he can not withdraw the funds without wagering.
There is no logical explanation for this process, and that is why this will never be allowed at any bookmaker.
On the moment somebody makes a deposit, he has to place a bet with the amount."

This is total not true. My question was about roll over and they just try to turn the question.

In the 14.12.20 I finally get an official message from site. they said " We have received official confirmation that the odds from the game Ahi Acre - Ihud Bnei Shefaram were not corrected on the moment the game started.
I am pretty sure you have followed the game and the odds, and there you could see that Ihud Bnei Shefaram was a big favourite. After 0:2 score after 10 minutes, the odds for the team Ihud Bnei Shefaram to score the next goal were just 1.25
We understand you are disappointed with our decision, but we have to take action if situations like this arrise.
After you place bets, you are free to withdraw funds of course."

They voided my bets because they didnít like the final result of the bet, and told me that I need to roll over all the amount that I deposited. I explain that I already made some bets in site and try to save my money from this bet, but it didnít help me.

I never heard of bookmarks that cancel bets after games ended because he think the result wasnít reasonable :  that is just a decision for bookmark that donít want to pay.

I keep use the site and make some bets to be able to withdraw after trying to explain them that this is not what they told me when I joined to site but they told me that I must roll over my deposits( around 10 different emails).
After I did roll over again the amount and earn some money, I placed again withdrawal request, got in the 18.12.20 message that they want me to enter personal information I did that at the same moment.

In the 20.12.20 I got a replay after I sent some emails: "Hello Oz,
The person who was working on your case is not at the office today. He will be here tuesday again. I will ask if a colleague can look into this, to avoid further delays.
There were also many games this weekend, But I see you take a rest with betting : ) . "

I replay that this is not possible to check first that they process my withdrawal and its take too much time.
In the 21.12.20 they decide to start KYC process. I sent immediately all documents needed.
In the 23.12.20 they decided that they didnít get copy of my passport. although its sent in 23.12.20 I resend that agian .
In the 24.12.20 I got a replay that they finish KYC successfully and will transfer the amount in the next day:

The next day I sent anther email after the withdrawal didnít process and got a reply that due to Christmas it will delay one more day:
In the 29.12.20 after I didnít get the money and after several email, I got this replay:
" Hello,
Our traders are working on your case at this moment. Therefore we have temporarily closed your account, to make sure there are no interruptions in the transaction and bet history.
Once they have completed the review, your account will be reopened and then you can make a new withdrawal request."

All the red alerts in my mind start to blink.
I attached copy of email:

In the 30.12.20 I got the question: "Can you give us an explanation why you are choosing only games in Israel?"
My answer is very simple:" No special explanation.
Iím leaving in Israel and i like to bet on Israeli games.
Is that not ok to place bet on Israeli games?"

There respond:" It is not a problem to place bets on games in Israel.
There is however a problem with the match you choose, that was explained to you.
We have to follow the rules of our Igaming provider, and investigate this in which way you are involved in the bets.
We had more users who place suddenly all their liquidity on this match, as you did the same. That indicated that you already knew what was going to happen, or that you had certain knowledge that our displayed odds were not correct at our site. That is why we told you it may take some time before our team has finished this investigation."

My respond :
There respond :
My respond :

The next to come itís the most ridiculous thing that I ever heard of!
" Hello Oz,
Our risk management had reasons to believe that you were able to place bets on selecte(d) events from football matches in Europe.
We have decided to void all your bets (lost and won bets) and your balance will be the sum of deposits you made in total.
You are not allowed to place bets anymore for football matches in Israel. That will be the only exception.
For the rest, you are free to place bets on any sport or country, except football matches in Israel.
Your balance will be 231. 89 mBTC now (this is the amount that was deposited by you in total) "

They just cancel all my bets. All! They told me that I can't place bets any more in Israel games

They even cancel to me games in other games not in Israel that won, when I asked about that the explained that they didnít want to give me disadvantages! That is ridiculous too because I earn money on those bets.

It's important to explain total bets made in the account: 13 won 12 lose 4 voided (won too)

I did not know what to do at same moment I feel like the sky falling on me. After I understand that I can't do nothing against them, I decided at least to get my money back but the roll over requirement pop up again.

They explained how I need to roll over my money:

I didnít understand exactly what they mean so I asked again and got this replay :
 " Hello,
Minimum odds to bet on for withdrawal are 1.10
After that, you can make a withdrawal."
Now there is something new. Minimum. Of course, this never mentioned before and this proof 100 % that when I joined they didnít explain about that, and they lied when gave me the explanation that the respond to my question was related to odd. The answer was: "You are free to withdraw the money on your account, there are no roll over requirements."

After I understand that nothing will happened and only after rolling over the amount, I will be able to withdrawal I took a chance and place bet with all amount with 1.1 odd.
The game won, finally I thought that this nightmare will over. I made withdrawal request in the 2.1.2021.

In the 3.1.2021 I got this replay:

Again, all red alerts start to blink in my head.
I sent several emails and got this replay:

I donít have any bets on the account after they voided all of them. I explained that and got replay that " its not connect to bets" . the support can't even give explanation  to the thing that they write.

In the 5.1.2021 I got an replay after I told site that I will open scam accusations ; I attached replay to there warning .

Open scam accusation in site and describing facts itís the customer right!

In the 6.1.2021 I got a message that my account Is active again. When I logged In, I saw that they declined my withdrawal again. I made a new one and send a message, finally I though this over  
In the 7.1.2021 after didnít get the money and send some emails I got the next question:

This time I already understand that the site just donít want to pay. This is really cross any red line. I respond

In the 9.1.2021 they respond

Till now I didnít understand why. I sent several email and informed the site that I'm open the scam but they didnít reply and ignoring my messages . They took my money after I did e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that they asked. They lie to me so many times. I feel really desperate and donít know what I can do.

Pls guys,
I saw that you helped people with them in past. Help me.  

Some updates:
On the 14.01.21 adkinsbets approve they will let me withdraw my money.

In the same day something very interesting happened. My account was close I note that on forum. After this replay I reconnect to site and its was open with 2 bets under odds 16.3.
Of course, those bets wasnít placed by me as they only thing I want to do is withdraw my money.

On the 15.1.21 adkinsbet said that " out of goodwill" they decided to void those bets that placed in my account.
For 2 days I didnít get any replay in forum or in email, I got an email from support that they see that I placed bets again on a game in the 20.1.2021
Of course, I didnít place those bets! Again, my only request is to withdraw my funds.

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