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1  Economy / Computer hardware / SOLDOUT DualMiner USB2 - Scrypt Miners - Custom LASER Engraving - Ready to Ship on: March 26, 2014, 04:03:39 AM

I have about 150 of the new "DualMiner USB 2" miners.
All brand new and untouched
They are located in USA and In Hand right now.

0.075 BTC each for 1
0.070 BTC each for 10 or more
0.068 BTC each for 30 or more

or make me an offer!

USA shipping is Free
International shipping @ exact rates

And as before, I can laser engrave the miners for you anyway you like, by request, for free.

UPDATE: Photo as requested

UPDATE 4/1/14 - SOLD OUT THanks everyone
2  Economy / Goods / GORGEOUS RIM for Audi, BMW,Porsche - Vorsteiner VS-350 - Perfect Condition on: February 16, 2014, 12:04:24 AM
Trying to sell these absolutely stunning rims for a friend. They are really gorgeous rims. They were placed on a demo Audi at a dealership and have about 100 miles on them. They rims were removed when the car was sold and have layed in a box ever since. They are in perfect condition. No dents or anything. Below is the stock info on them and size:

Vorsteiner VS-350 wheels for sale.  Vorsteiner manufactures high quality aluminum forged wheels.  These are three piece forged. 
- Twin 7 Spoke Race Inspired Design
- Bolted 3-piece assembly for elegant & sporty final appearance
- Factory Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) compatible
- Aftermarket big brake clearances ready
- Utilizes the highest quality forged T6-6061 aircraft aluminum materials
- Rigorously tested to exceed safety standards
- Designed & engineered to minimize unsprung weight for improved vehicle performance

Condition: New
Size: 20x9 et40. 
Finish: Brushed shadow for both lip and center
Center Caps: Carbon fiber

MSRP on these wheels is $1845 each!

Asking about $4600 or 7 BTC for all 4. This included USA shipping. International shipping will have to be worked out.

Let me know!

3  Economy / Computer hardware / BITMAIN ANTMINER U1 -SOLD OUT - 0.059 BTC - Free USAShip, Global Shipping also! on: February 12, 2014, 03:21:31 AM
2/20/14 - SOLD OUT - Thanks everyone. I have more on the way.

Just received a lovely shipment from Bitmain and shall place for sale these amazing little miners

Bitmain AntMiner U1 - Brand New
Color - Black
Condition - New in Box, never used

I shall spare you the technical details as I am sure if you are viewing this then you already know them Smiley

Price 0.059 BTC Each - Very large quantities can get discount, PM me regarding how many you want
USA Shipping - Free (USPS First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation)
Overnight Shipping Available
International Shipping - .05 flat rate per order

Checkout is available through my website via BitPay for payment in Bitcoin

These are also for sale on eBay if you prefer to pay cash. My eBay selling credentials are impeccable.

If you prefer to order directly without the shopping cart and just want a payment address, PM me and we can do that as well.

Thanks and please PM any questions you may have!

P.S. Yes I will engrave your AntMiner with my fancy laser if you really want Wink

4  Economy / Collectibles / NOLACOIN.COM Is Back! 0.5,1, 3BTC Physical Coin LASER ENGRAVED - GLOBAL SHIPPING on: January 05, 2014, 06:40:41 PM
UPDATE 6/4/14 - The website is CLOSED for new orders as I prepare to leave New Orleans for sunny California. Rest assured my coins and business shall remain spirited by New Orleans and legally the business shall remain incorporated in Louisiana. Once I am settled, I will offer the same great coins and service, in addition to many new coins that are on the way! If you still want to place an order for a some coins (either funded or unfunded) you may do so via PM and until I actually pack up my laser, which wont be for another few weeks, I may be able to take your order. Thanks for everyones support for my coins and I look forward to getting started again from my new home.

UPDATE 2/6/14 - New lower denomination coins coming soon! Until further notice, anyone who purchases any of my existing coins can receive one of my new coins at face value. This applies to all previous purchases as well! This promotion will last until further notice. No need to do anything special, just remind me when the new coins are available of your purchase and I will have a BitPay link for you to pay face value for the coin. USA Shipping will be free, International at standard rates
UPDATE 1/23/14 - International Shipping now LIVE on the website
Per many of your requests, I will start shipping coins funded with only 0.01 BTC value to ensure the key pair is valid and works. Once the coins are DELIVERED to you (which is why all shipping services have delivery confirmation), the coins will be fully funded. This eliminates worries about lost packages or customs issues.

1/12/14 - Some updates and questions to answer after the first week. I appreciate everyone's PMs and helpful comments. I have dropped the price of each coin by an additional 0.01
1) YES I WILL SHIP INTERNATIONALLY. It is enabled on the website or you can order from me directly. Just PM me and I will take care of you Smiley
2) UPS ground shipping option has been corrected on the website for USA shipping
3) If there is a specific serial number you want, you can have it if it is available. All you have to do is ask
4) Many of you have asked for some more pictures to better see the shine of the hologram stickers, so I have posted some photos below of the coins with various light/flash to show that for you
4) Many of you have also asked about these coins actually being laser ENGRAVED. The answer to that is indeed YES! These coins are not marked with laser that removes an anodized finish or applies a lettering with marking solutions. My laser actually cuts into the metal & removes atoms of metal. This is a true engraving. The markings will not scratch or fade away. I may make a video and upload it.
6) Some of you want to buy my older coins as well, I do have a small amount of 10BTC novelty coins left from my old collection.
7 ) For security some of you want me to ship you coins unfunded and then fund them when delivery has been confirmed. I am happy to do that.
Cool Lots of request for discounts or deal with larger orders have been made. Just PM me, I am happy to try and work with you.
9) Yes, I am the process of making a 0.25 coin
10) And to the surprise of many who want to sell me cool coin/bar designs, YES, I am actually interested. If you have designed a nice physical coin/bar, I am always looking for the next idea so I am interested is buying your artwork for use in coin/bar making. Next on the horizon is a silver bullion coin/bar without a denomination. It will be fully customized to your order with the amount of BTC you want on the coin/bar along with a few lines of text for whatever you want on the coin/bar.

I wanted to first thank the forum members here who have supported my desire to offer new physical coins by purchasing all of my old coins. The proceeds from those sales help fund the equipment necessary to make these new products a reality so I want to express my gratitude towards you.

After what seems like forever in development, if am ready to offer for sale three new physical coins. They are offered in three denominations: HALF, ONE, and THREE Bitcoin. My goal is offer elegant and beautiful coins and I think I was able to succeed with this goal. They feature the simple dual ring design, much like my old coins, but are much larger with a diameter of 4.3 cm. They are thick and are made a strong alloys depending on the coin. When you drop them, they have a nice sharp ring to them.

The HALF coin is made of brass and plated in a copper/gold alloy for a lovely rose gold color. The ONE coin is made of brass and plated with a nickel finish. The THREE coin is brass for the inner ring and zinc for the outer ring with nickel and gold platting respectively. Each coin is shipped within an individual clear plastic case.

Unlike my previous business model, these are traditional physical Bitcoins. On the front side of the coin features my NOLACOIN logo with public key laser engraved. Each coin is also individually numerated with a serial number. The HALF and ONE Bitcoin will be limited to 999 pieces and the THREE Bitcoin will be limited to 500 pieces. The back of each coins features a laser engraved QR code of the private key, with a private key also spelled out circumferentially around the QR code. The code is readable by all apps and phone types with QR code reading apps and scanners. The coins have a mirror finish, so the QR code is engraved using the inverse of the code.

My security sticker to protect the QR code features a central hologram sticker that is a scratch off. Much like a lottery ticket, it opaque material covers the code until it is scratched off. A second sticker (the gold one) is placed around the perimeter of the first scratch sticker. This sticker will leave residue behind on the surface of the coin and the edge of scratch sticker if tampered with. The intention of this sticker is to protect against tampering/lifting of the scratch sticker.

The laser marking/engraving of the coins is done by myself with a simply amazing machine that has be purchased and modified for this exact purpose by me. I am the only person with access to this machine and the accompanying control computer. The controlling computer requires my input of the private and public keys, which are done by onboard software in the most controlled manner. The computer has all the obvious and necessary security features to provide complete protection of the private keys. It is offline, never has been online, password protected, and is booted for each use from read only CDROM. The onboard memory of the laser itself has been modified by the manufacture at my request to allow additional cache wipes to ensure there is zero record of the private keys that it engraved on the coins.

There is NO relationship between the serial number of the coin and the private keys generated. If the coin is lost, the keys can’t be recovered and the value of that coin will be lost forever.

The laser itself is made in the USA, 10 watt Fiber laser specifically designed for engraving metals. This coins are not “marked”, which is to say a substance has been placed between the metal and the coin to leave black text which could be potentially rub off. These coins are truly engraved by the laser. The portion of the plating of the coin is removed, thus making the text/code. Nothing short of abrasive sand paper or other excessively destructive means would make the coin unreadable.

The coins are available for sale on my website now,
All USA shipping will be UPS Ground service.
International Shipping with be with Priority Mail International Service with Delivery Confirmation
The information on the website has been kept intentional brief, since the quantity of these coins is so low, I would prefer to keep most of the information here on this this forum. So please forgive my amateur website. The shopping cart and shipping modules all work great, so its really just a vessel to keep the orders straight.

I will be happy to entrain the any larger or international orders privately via PM through the forum.

I can begin shipping right away, but will reserve a 1 week processing time before shipping for some of the later orders. Each coin is MADE TO ORDER. I do not have hundreds of these pre-engraved or funded for security reasons. Once your order is made, I will engrave the coin, fund it, and ship it.

I will try to keep these prices are reasonable as possible and as the exchange rate of Bitcoin to fiat changes, I will adjust as needed.

As of today the price for each coin are BTC0.53 , BTC1.04, and BTC3.05 . Shipping is BTC0.02 per order for USA and BTC0.05 for International.

Just a little bit about myself, my name is Arash Dini and I live in New Orleans, LA. I love this city and the spirit of New Orleans will be reflected in all my coins. The official business corporation of this endeavor is NOLACOIN LLC, registered in the state of Louisiana in 2011. The name of the LCC has been changed from The Bitcoin Exchange of New Orleans LLC to NOLACOIN LLC to reflect the change in business model that many of you know about from my previous coin offerings.
I enjoy the creation of the coins and design process and if these coins are all sold, I hope to design newer and different coins to suit the physical coin demand. I am an orthopaedic surgeon by day, and this endeavor serves as my hobby and thus my production will always be quite limited and I have no desire to expand. I do it because I love the idea of making these beautiful coins and rather than making thousands of the same coin, my business model will feature short runs of unique coins with new designs as my spare time permits.

Please send me any questions or comments you may have.

5  Economy / Goods / Physical Bitcoin (Novelty) NOLACOIN.COM - SOLD OUT! AMAZING THINGS TO COME! on: March 05, 2013, 07:13:36 AM
I want to thank everyone who purchased one of my coins for their kind review of the quality and thought behind them. I hope you enjoy the coins. These coins are now sold out. Rest assured, I have some new coins that I have been developing for months and are now in production. They are going to be an amazing addition to the community and I appreciate all the purchasers of these current coins, as they have helped me fund this new endeavor. I find myself so excited about them, I have trouble calming down. They are gorgeous and will be a bit more functional than the my previous offering Wink Stay Tuned! Hope to launch by the end of June. And as we say in New Orleans, Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Coins from - which never got off the ground!

For Sale in this post are a selection of physical coins that were once intended to be the main product of a company I incorporated, called the Bitcoin Exchange of New Orleans. The original purpose of our product was to provide a physical coin that would carry the weight of Bitcoin that would be guaranteed by our corporation. We were going to create a central authority and regulator to guarantee the value of the coin (totally contrary to the purpose of a true Bitcoin). Why were going to do this, and who was our target audience for sale? We were going to target the average person who may have heard of Bitcoin on the news or on the internet, but were unwilling to manage and online wallet, fund an exchange to purchase Bitcoin, or otherwise were just curious. The coins were to be purchased from our website, in USD, and they value of the coin would rise or fall with market value of Bitcoin. The customer (or anyone in possession of the coin) could then return to the coin to us, and receive the current market value of he Bitcoin.

What resulted was indeed total failure.

In our attempts to make everything described above legal, our state of incorporation was Louisiana. The regulatory laws with regards to investment banking are more lax, but ultimately still too complex and costly to make our business model worthwhile.

Also, credit card merchant accounts were unwilling to allow us to accept regularly currency for our products, due to the fact the coins could be return at a higher or lower value. In the end, we were never able to launch this product, and not a single coin was actually sold. (Although we did give away some to forum members this past summer)

So what do we have left? Lots of absolutely gorgeous and well-constructed coins! We had a medium sized sample made of the 1, 5, and 10.
These coins are truly wonderful. They carry a strong weight, a beautiful shine, and I am very proud of the design. Each coin has a serial number, which was vital for the proposed purpose of the coins.

Our website, while still on the internet, is less than functional, but you can go to it and see some more photos.

I will be selling off the remaining coins on this forum until all gone. Again the coins hold no value at all. But I think they are really nice and would be worthwhile for a Bitcoin enthusiast and they would make great poker chips!

1 Bitcoin Token
26mm Diameter x 2.15 mm thick
Single Ring Construction with in Zinc and plated in Nickel

5 Bitcoin Token
31 mm Diameter x 2.15 mm thick
Center Ring – Zinc with Nickel Plating
Outer Ring – Brass with Gold Plating

10 Bitcoin Token
39 mm Diameter x 2.15 mm thick
All brass with Gold Plating

Every coin for sale is brand new, and never removed for its clear protective hard plastic casing, which is included as well.

I’ve had these coins in my possession for over a year, and they have received plenty of pocket time with other coins and keys and travels. They construction is solid, they don’t chip or crack. They have a great ring to them when you drop them.

I am looking to sell off most of these coins in order to raise funds future endeavors by our still functioning corporation.

Below are some bi pay link to buy some coins. if you want to buy a different quantity, or work out shipping internationally, or make bulk offer, send me a message. I can work out deals for you. USA shipping is built into the below links.  International shipping is also included with a minimum purchase of 5 coins. All shipping will be via First Class Mail, or Parcel Post. If you order over 20 coins, Ill ship via Priority method for domestic
Prices are set in USD, but payment is with Bitcoin by BitPay
If you want to pay paypal, message me!

I have about 200 total of each coin

1 Bitcoin Token - Quantity 1 - SOLD OUT

5 Bitcoin Token - SOLD OUT

10 Bitcoin Token - SOLD OUT

6  Economy / Computer hardware / SOLD 3x Powercolor 6990 with OEM Water Block +KoolanceWater Cooling External Kit on: February 12, 2013, 03:06:45 AM
I have THREE PowerColor LCS AX6990s with OEM pre-installed water block for sale. The exact product link with all the details that I won't repeat can be seen here :

These cards were used on and off for mining, and were sent back to Powercolor for refurbishment, they never had any damage or problems, but before I sold them, I sent them back so they could get an official once over and they have been returned to be nice and clean and well packaged. The 2 year warranty is still in effect for another 8 months.

Asking $350 for each card, $1000 for all three, will ship anywhere in USA for free, International please tell me what country and I will give shipping rates. Paypal is only method of payment other than bitcoin, I am several thousand transaction verified on Paypal. Please PM with any questions.

Also for sale the water cooler I used for the setup -
The cooler is a Koolance ERM-2K3U - in great working condition - more info here
I'd let the cooler go for $300 + exact shipping cost

EDIT: More current photos uploaded below

7  Economy / Computer hardware / cancelled on: December 12, 2012, 02:29:44 AM
I have THREE PowerColor LCS AX6990s with OEM pre-installed water block for sale. The exact product link with all the details that I won't repeat can be seen here :

These cards were used on and off for mining, and were sent back to Powercolor for refurbishment, they never had any damage or problems, but before I sold them, I sent them back so they could get an official once over and they have been returned to be nice and clean and well packaged. The 2 year warranty is still in effect for another 8 months.

Asking $350 for each card, $1000 for all three, will ship anywhere in USA for free, International please tell me what country and I will give shipping rates. Paypal is only method of payment other than bitcoin, I am several thousand transaction verified on Paypal. Please PM with any questions.
8  Economy / Goods / be back soon... on: May 13, 2012, 02:05:12 AM
well what luck! our payment gateway crashed and doesn't seem to want to come back up. hard to get ahold of merchant account customer service on a saturday night. We will repost when all its fixed. To everyone who won our free token promotion, you are still winner and shall receive your tokens!
Thanks for great comments so far!
9  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Replica Breitling Super Avenger Watch Chronograph - a perfect replica on: October 11, 2011, 02:20:47 AM
This is a sale for a Replica Breitling Super Avenger Chronograph. It has been gently used for about 2 weeks, but now is for sale. This breed of replica is a true super replica. It would take an authorized dealer to disassemble the watch before they could tell it is not the real thing. It is a fully functional with automatic movement and is fashioned in every way to match the real article.

It has a stainless steal case, with White dial.
A Valjoux 7750 Working chronograph that beat at 28,000 beats per hour, per the genuine. The movement is decorated ti match a true breitling movement
The seconds had runs at 9.00
Sold 316 stainless steel
Sapphire crystal with double sided AR coating, per the Swiss Standard

This watch is for sale for $475 paypal or 120 bitcoin. I will ship globally, with free shipping in the USA. Globally will be for exact shipping rates listed on, shipping from New Orleans, LA.
I have access to virtually any replica watch on earth, so please let me know if you want something else!

10  Economy / Goods / ZALMAN RESERATOR1 V2 WATER COOLING SYSTEM FOR INTEL AMD on: July 21, 2011, 01:34:25 AM
This is brand new, still in the sealed box from the factory. Its the full package with all the blocks, connectors, tubing, coolant.

Here is a link to all the info

I bought two with the intention of cooling  two 3x 6990 rigs, but I ultimately stuck with just one rig, so now I have no use for the second cooler. I am currently using it to run 3x 6990s, granted it runs a little hot and has a few fans pointing at it, but if your water cooling needs are a little more reasonable than 3x 6990s, this is a great setup. It runs totally silent - zero sound. Very easy to setup and a very nice to look at if you ask me Smiley

Ill let it go for $199 + shipping cost. Paypal please
11  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / The "best" 6970? There are like 20 on newegg! on: July 20, 2011, 12:22:32 AM
Tried to do a search on which one of these cards runs the coolest (excluding water cooled and the ones that take up three slots) but I can't find any reliable info. I know all these cards are the same, but anyone have any idea on if the more expensive ones with more fancy shmancy looking fans are actually worth the extra money? I plan on running 4 in one rig so I would be willing to pay a bit more for colder card, but I would rather not waste money if the more expensive cards are just a sham.
12  Economy / Goods / Radeon HD 6990 PowerColor for sale. At cost. 3 available on: July 18, 2011, 12:08:12 AM
These are straight from Newegg. Powercolor Radeon HD 6990 cards. Brand new, in wrapping, untouched. Full warranty and Newegg receipt will be included. I bought 6 and made myself a 3x6990 rig. Runs great, water blocks flow well, I get about 405 mhash per core (so over 800 for each card) with no modifications and running a straight Phoenix miner with GUIminer. My plan was to make two of these rigs, but I just don't have the space so I am going to sell the three untouched cards. You can buy one, two or all three.

Here is the product page:

MSRP and price I paid was $899. I will ask for that same back, not looking to profit of these 6990s

Insured shipping within USA is included for free.

I accept paypal only, I have several thousand verified paypal transactions for your security.

Please feel free to PM any questions or inquiries
13  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / freakin newegg...just when I thought I got them! on: July 07, 2011, 11:03:56 PM
So i wait for weeks, i finally am at the right place at the right time for the nowinstock notification where I get my order in for 2 6990's seconds from getting the notification. Credit card charged, packaged sent. I open the box and BOOM: 2 6970s in the box. Called newegg. Nothing they can do but say sorry and give me a refund. Sucks!
14  Other / Beginners & Help / 3x 6990 Rigs on: June 23, 2011, 01:46:57 AM
Hello all , I am certainly a noob. I have been reading a lot of this forum for the past several weeks so I think I have learned a thing or two. I currently just am mining with a few simple computers churning out a whopping 100 Mhash/sec. I have no confusion about hitting a jackpot here and building a mining rig to retire on, but I do appreciate the entire concept of bitcoin and I want to participate while at the same time find an excuse to buy a bunch of video cards and build computers and participate in this community - we all need hobbies!

I figure if I am going to get in, get in right! I intend to get 3 6990 when they come in stock (i know, super hard to find) and build a decent rig out of those hoping to get to 2 Ghash as an output. I do not pay electric costs. Anyone recommend a good motherboard/PSU/case for this purpose?

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