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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 23.0 [Torrent]
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1  Other / Meta / Cobras recent moves and possible effects on: August 25, 2018, 11:51:32 AM
To be honest I wasn't aware that Cobra has become a BCH supporter, or cared about it, until I read the "news" but looking back at all the "drama" and "censorship" accusations I was actually waiting on some topics about the events and possible effects on I am either wrong expecting this in Meta or no one cares or this will get killed faster than I typed it.

Will his actions cause another uprise from people calling him to hand over the ownership of the domain?  I was really looking forward to all the speculation about what will happen but it seems nothing is coming up.
2  Other / Meta / Account 'ajochems' hacked/stolen (DT please tag) on: August 02, 2018, 08:30:46 PM
I already sent a message to Cyrus but i doubt the account will be recovered. I also tried to PM the person who controls the acc at the moment but he/she ignored me. The acc has been hacked/stolen. I know the real owner in person, he also using his real name on it. Not BTC address was ever posted. Only a CSC address, however he signed a message from that one. If someone from DT could please tag the account that would be nice. I am doing the same but want to be sure it's worthless for sig campaigns. Below a copy of the message i sent out already:

Hello Cyrus,

I know you are pretty busy and i hope you can find a minute or two to look into this issue. I am writing you on the behalf of our lead developer ajochems. His account was hacked sometime in late 2017. He never posted a BTC address but I found a post with a CasinoCoin address in an unedited and quoted post.

We just found out about this today as he is focusing on his work. It would be very much appreciated if you could find some time to verify the message and hand back the account. I know it is a problem its not a BTC address, I hope you are still willing to help us.

My account ajochems has been hacked/lost. Please reset the email to The current date is 12-07-2018.

Link to QT:
Virus Total Link of QT:
(detects a bitcoin miner as CSC was a LTC clone back in those days)

Looking forward to hear from you! Thanks a lot

regards Daniel

I know ppl might ask why it took so long for him to figure this out and the answer is simple: BTCT isn't his job and his focus is on the work he does so it took a while till someone pointed it out to us. The compromised email address has not been used to register for anything relating to the project, so no harm caused other than losing the account.

This is for reference.
3  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / ⚡⚡⚡ Bitcoin Fullnode with Lightning (Guides and How tos) ⚡⚡⚡ on: March 23, 2018, 03:44:54 AM
I think I stumbled across guide about how to set up a BTC full node with lightning last week. Since I always wanted to run a full node on a pi, I took the chance to get both things done. I had a quick look at the search but it seems the topic isn't that big at the moment. However, I am very interested in that topic and want to look into the topic deeper the next week. Not sure if we have a good collection already but I would like to post the guides and stuff I find and maybe have some talks about it. I finished my node around 5h ago and so far it's running.

I posted the guide I used down below. If i missed we have a good topic like this let me know, if not let's start one.

Beginner’s Guide to ️⚡Lightning️⚡ on a Raspberry Pi - by Stadicus3000
4  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / [solved] bitcoind upstart problem on: March 22, 2018, 03:52:11 PM
Not 100% if this is the right section but lets see.

I am running the latest BTC daemon on a Raspberry Pi 3 with Stretch Lite and i followed this guide:

Basically, everything works except for one strange thing:

If i reboot the system, bitcoind starts up on boot, runs and is "doing" something but if i want to use bitcoin-cli i get:

bitcoin@pinode:/home/admin $ bitcoin-cli getblockchaininfo
error: couldn't connect to server: unknown (code -1)
(make sure server is running and you are connecting to the correct RPC port)

If i kill the btc daemon and wait till it gets upstarted by systemd again, everything is fine and working. i am sure the service config is good. Otherwise it shouldnt work with my hard kill.

I changed my conf to:

Cause i assumed the network stack is not ready but still the same. I have no clue why its not working from boot, well lets say why its only working half.

Any suggestions?
5  Economy / Scam Accusations / Cryptopia trading of non existing coins on: October 08, 2017, 02:38:22 PM
EDIT: My Coins were worth 100k by the time posting this Wink

My claims affect several coins that were hit by a "51% attack". I am only focusing on CasinoCoin here because that is what I traded. This is my last offer to Cryptopia to settle the issue with me before I take legal actions, which will be a pain that's why i am trying to avoid it.

It seems the events started to occur around the 07/12/2017. My deposits and trades took place later which you can see on my screenshots. Also on those screenshots, you can review my communication with their "support".
What happened::

On the 07/16/2017 I noted that the exchange rate for CSC went down on Cryptopia, as a long-term holder I wanted to use this chance to buy more CSC and deposited 1 BTC. It looked like someone prepared a pump on the market with a lot of buying/selling into themselves. I placed a buy of 1BTC which was filled over the next hours. As I was expecting more movement on the market and so I did not withdraw those coins. Over the following days, the market had some swings. I decided to buy more CSC and then, once my orders are filled to withdraw all coins. On the 07/20/2017 I deposited another BTC and placed a buy again which was filled over the next hours.

The same day, I decided to take 500.000 CSC off while waiting on my orders. The withdrawal failed. I contacted support about it. On the 07/21/2017 I got a reply from support telling me: "Your withdrawal has been canceled and returned to your wallet. It appears there may have been a 51% attack on the CSC network, so we have placed it into maintenance while we investigate this further." I noticed several other coins had been placed into maintenance for the same reason.

The following days I opened several tickets asking about the status and when I would get my coins. I had been told the "maintenance" or "investigation" would be still on. At this point in time, Cryptopia must have already known that their wallets are empty and they have suffered an attack on their exchange.

Have a look on my filed tickets and Cryptopias response on them before I sum up what happened.

An attacker prepared this for several days by causing double spends to deposit coins to Cryptopia. Some succeeded, some not. All fraudulent transactions were rolled back by the chain (see the excerpt of the transactions). Cryptopias system didn't detect it for some reasons:

1) They were fine with 6 confirmations on a high-speed coin
2) Getting a huge % of the total coin supply deposited from a newbie account did not cause a red flag
3) Huge volume (in relation) on a market that has been slow for months, did not cause a red flag
4) Failed deposits did not cause a red flag

and the worst:

5) Once a deposit confirms, it will be credited to your account in their database. AT NO POINT IN TIME does their system validate if the balances for each user and their total amount of holdings stored in the database match the amount of coins in their wallets. Therefore, Cryptopia allowed trading on a market with coins they didn't even have.

This was detected when I tried my first withdrawals. As you can see from Cryptopias responses to me, they don't see any wrongdoings on their site, telling me to claim my losses to the devs. So if you trade on Cryptopia and everything works fine, they make money off it. If something fails, they will blame the devs.

I am aware that there have been double spend attempts. But as you can clearly see, they have been corrected. Those things could have been detected if Cryptopia would do its homework and just validate balances or several checks that highlight strange movements on markets.

Cryptopia is not only not willing to reimburse my lost which is their fault, they clearly state that basically every loss of fund because of whatever issues is not their responsibility.

Even today, their wallet distribution suggest they would hold coins, which they don’t.
As we all know now, DOT was affected of this too. If there are people who had the same issue or coin devs that had the same, please contact me or post here.
I either want my 1.2 million CasinoCoin or my initially deposited BTC.

Scammers Profile Link:
Not sure if they have their own official account here but that's their ANN

Reference Link:

Amount Scammed:
2 BTC or 1227102.29552167 CSC (Valued 24BTC by the time writing this)

Payment Method:
BTC deposit, see tx down below and screenshots

Proof of Payment: 3ec083a954f10239d3eb1cabdd874ccfba32e4b8b41df95442e98f18529af664 & 02b084ad697c4380bce266740857c8ed51508054a717b17f8b4d31851989822d
PM/Chat Logs:

Additional Notes:
My account has been reviewed by Lutpin and he can confirm all screens are legit.

I doubt the currently shown wallet spread is real, the still have balances and sells from the attacker listed.

The CSC Team can back up my claims as well.

Information regarding the Cryptopia issues.
On 12-06-2017 a 51% attack on Cryptopia started. The attackers targeted various coins, including CSC. By now, after thorough analysis, we can conclude that the attackers were able to deposit some 9.7 million CSC to Cryptopia without actually having those coins in their possession. While Cryptopia tells its users that the coin developers are responsible for the loss, analysis shows a different story.

- more than 200 double spent deposits took place
- 41 of those deposits succeeded
- all double spent transactions have been rolled back by the CSC blockchain and there is NO fork
- most transactions rolled back within 1-2 blocks, the double spends that succeeded had rollbacks between 10-60 blocks
- the attack continued for 8 days
- Cryptopia claims block rollbacks of 300 blocks took place, this is not true
- Cryptopia claims there was 1.2Thash involved, this is not true, there was a max of about 800 MHash during the attack
- Cryptopia had set block confirmations to only 6 blocks for deposits
- Cryptopia had no checks of their wallet against the blockchain at any time
- Cryptopia only depends on its own DB instead of the coins blockchain after the 6 confirmations
- Cryptopia allowed for 25% of total market capitalization to be deposited by a single user
- Only when a large withdraw was no longer possible they detected something was wrong
- We tried to work out a solution with Cryptopia but they demanded we deposited the missing 9.7 million coins or altered the blockchain. It seems obvious that both are not viable options for the casinocoin team.
- As an alternative, we asked for a detailed list of BTC that would be required to rollback the malicious transactions and return the original BTC to the users but Cryptopia refused to supply that.
- Cryptopia decided to walk away, delist CSC and leave users with their losses.

Anybody that wants the detailed information of the log analysis can get it on request. We know there has been discussion of the network hashrate in the past but we want to remind everybody that network hashing power can be acquired at about 0.003 BTC per hour for 1 GHash at this moment. That makes almost all Scrypt based coins vulnerable for a 51% attack at this moment. Problems for exchanges however can be prevented by running decent block confirmation amounts and running regularly checks on wallets and transactions, .... either one would have raised red flags at Cryptopia a lot sooner. We have advised AlcurEX and NovaExchange about the attack and they both verified that they have block confirmations at 100 or more. Although we are sad for the users that have losses because of Cryptopia we would not know how to supply a solution as Cryptopia refuses to further collaborate and walks away.

We would like all Cryptopia users to gather as much information as possible on all their BTC and CSC deposits and withdraws (addresses and transaction id's) and sent them to Casinocoin, GoldSeal or myself. Also information about balances and filled orders should be saved e.g. by making screenshots of everything. The CSC team might find a way in the near future to reimburse some of the losses of Cryptopia users and in that case you would need to show some proof. As Cryptopia now shows they do not care about their users and they were running an insecure exchange we suggest everybody to get their balances of Cryptopia as soon as possible and advise other users to do the same!!  

Corrected double spends on the network: (Not corrected by Cryptopias System)

CSC 400000.00000000 807723365f7a410b7ca67c1d7cf9abca4c1af248a0b71bdb725b20a2558dcd93 2017-06-16 20:05:58.0000000 -> Block c0fd5937e445d2dbf94150f2fc4f3601ab0a69e894aaaaccecc49d007e1e300e
height -> 2031736
2017-06-16 20:09:19 received block c0fd5937e445d2dbf94150f2fc4f3601ab0a69e894aaaaccecc49d007e1e300e
2017-06-16 21:03:18 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 65 blocks; edd1c7cac77a5cee78294446938f6d3714207d92dc0df4c03406f2ec1eb015cf..
2017-06-16 21:03:18 REORGANIZE: Connect 17 blocks; ..b1bae61557ba1d9adb9e0a3837e938a03d2a8cbf859da77568deaacaad4fab55

CSC 400000.00000000 381faf0ebcf7e16ca2c18b82c51e8851e3d08b8c9ffab94dc62b7364e3e5d1f2 2017-06-16 21:07:49.0000000 -> Block 407fbc1b09f52df2a01d400fa0ba0dfa312368c8e9b3db4f6bed24758973f8c5
height -> 2031788
2017-06-16 21:08:53 received block 407fbc1b09f52df2a01d400fa0ba0dfa312368c8e9b3db4f6bed24758973f8c5
2017-06-16 21:46:52 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 34 blocks; e3d4829859dd6601bd3773d92ef95c2d0760fa09acb649f0119729f4dd494b5a..
2017-06-16 21:46:52 REORGANIZE: Connect 16 blocks; ..d9402d7e4c456aff7f8c104d80db054c5f799fcb8dbd3cfc7f365211247fc6bd

CSC 400000.00000000 55361dee7277e0341968a4eefcf40f668fc5e0edcfbab09113eb983d7c8bcadb 2017-06-16 21:48:54.0000000 -> Block ca2429d56c40b85fd8679340e10e84c2e38335b43a5ce55e3ff4c051129df729
height -> 2031827
2017-06-16 21:52:39 received block ca2429d56c40b85fd8679340e10e84c2e38335b43a5ce55e3ff4c051129df729
2017-06-16 22:32:16 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 29 blocks; 928ee46d1506cf7fd6e1f09ee57bed6d633e61ee6670f9a40ee2e4672181590d..
2017-06-16 22:32:16 REORGANIZE: Connect 21 blocks; ..70971b3ea24465c4160bd40bfe34ed2256978b9f49fe2dab68d11cc26827a22d

CSC 400000.00000000 e87014dc9fc3fedcb25a07c0cfdab1da1ee180e62bac5c94dac5303732aafefa 2017-06-16 22:36:02.0000000 -> Block bbb52f7d47b422fdb0529c1cfa217d100071721b421d15c9b4d2da8814d987b1
height -> 2031891
2017-06-16 22:41:34 received block bbb52f7d47b422fdb0529c1cfa217d100071721b421d15c9b4d2da8814d987b1
2017-06-16 23:12:39 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 40 blocks; ad9b80025dbd2ca27262769a8272588cec092155da433bba06f810dda0d89d7c..
2017-06-16 23:12:39 REORGANIZE: Connect 33 blocks; ..8ed38ca4bf218073da7e43755171e2d8babcd5bdd68b648381c3f1f5d333e332

CSC 400000.00000000 b3f5139a27e888056d7d61ac2478788ca57e699405748e162e673a9def5105a8 2017-06-16 23:14:47.0000000 -> Block feaf6739256550922ed490dc9760c2d5020b0239a4aedde4a178ae9314350366
height -> 2031939
2017-06-16 23:17:30 received block feaf6739256550922ed490dc9760c2d5020b0239a4aedde4a178ae9314350366
2017-06-16 23:51:37 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 55 blocks; 5d0d63667a40172f94327c4ff7d505f19e21c5d0d4e61ebaf379245fca3ab368..
2017-06-16 23:51:37 REORGANIZE: Connect 17 blocks; ..6a3e799c28c3930aadf4286003d55bab0498c1de53ad37baa7b368b03bcf7cd5

CSC 400000.00000000 b2e4390d91701bfbf4498bd612ba7ef6bdafd69d5df4cf2b4e8a51a5f79147b1 2017-06-17 09:09:07.0000000 -> Block 61dcf1a6ee3bcd262fc828d2faf2efd501a7fa1698742348f7a0e32e824056b6
height -> 2032834
2017-06-17 09:09:29 received block 61dcf1a6ee3bcd262fc828d2faf2efd501a7fa1698742348f7a0e32e824056b6
2017-06-17 09:37:38 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 57 blocks; 1b3486ea5edfbab640b4a0e81ee852db8424bbe34c15bb0bcf11ec465d9a7d10..
2017-06-17 09:37:38 REORGANIZE: Connect 22 blocks; ..96ab5bd0178beb78c8ceb312cc4fa0656480a3c64a8e04ddbcc9ccee48b93183

CSC 400000.00000000 2a56334a520da44473a94bc061f08b8ece28be781dceac92bd2c503a94d58378 2017-06-17 09:38:46.0000000 -> Block 657ff4b684c6dbd5c19ec953b3778aa76921b1d23cb7c6ec8cf3d1ee16c8171b
height -> 2032866
2017-06-17 09:40:37 received block 657ff4b684c6dbd5c19ec953b3778aa76921b1d23cb7c6ec8cf3d1ee16c8171b
2017-06-17 10:08:38 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 41 blocks; 2f4128e0c9d6823aaba5508500bdb67804762630953d87bbac3904bec7e8c6f4..
2017-06-17 10:08:38 REORGANIZE: Connect 19 blocks; ..6f5e190d6d2225c27b6beef2b0150bf5bfd7dc5f85ee00bc8cf57f2d83e38d17

CSC 400000.00000000 54f496ada83fa08f765e5d08c518c52319f8f546b3d6a08656be14011b87a578 2017-06-17 10:12:34.0000000 -> Block f3a29257327f6441308ac85603e6669909222f065971a571edf07e35432c8730
height -> 2032900
2017-06-17 10:15:20 received block f3a29257327f6441308ac85603e6669909222f065971a571edf07e35432c8730
2017-06-17 11:17:17 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 98 blocks; 7235a637c3913a39035814818cf8670b9c4c1a57bffdd54180b9eee54a66d933..
2017-06-17 11:17:17 REORGANIZE: Connect 36 blocks; ..d0ed7def0d6686d5edbe2924813f8cb4fdf04ac739ac9c1b77d880b61b10b45f

CSC 400000.00000000 8ce954b43bdb369cd2d1e5849941a279691c7647a3af23ef191555ac6d79a05b 2017-06-17 11:19:30.0000000 -> Block b435b80f7c27a743576b172f80bbf55bd8d81c78e5d43c8d34ff83add9a6f504
height -> 2032993
2017-06-17 11:20:37 received block b435b80f7c27a743576b172f80bbf55bd8d81c78e5d43c8d34ff83add9a6f504
2017-06-17 12:00:48 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 40 blocks; 50f60d706b62c7224d2a86583e14728bc31b56ff123e3a03fc5a8eb0d23a165e..
2017-06-17 12:00:48 REORGANIZE: Connect 17 blocks; ..41e3735a612eb22499292e2717c80f3dab9603ed66fd69d03fbca989f20f8dd6

CSC 400000.00000000 0fb78c9ac533c064943cd90ed807a759c88ffcca18783f920185b57986bab1c5 2017-06-17 12:01:38.0000000 -> Block 08b2cb6e452ce926a16c16e7ae4812a1fcf3dae7c819d1eb4caea2ffe1de7d15
height -> 2033036
2017-06-17 12:02:07 received block 08b2cb6e452ce926a16c16e7ae4812a1fcf3dae7c819d1eb4caea2ffe1de7d15
2017-06-17 12:37:21 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 40 blocks; 1e8a19dfa29f183d4133ced8858ec26cd6792bada4d59339a3e56fbad5395650..
2017-06-17 12:37:21 REORGANIZE: Connect 16 blocks; ..063ca3ec55ea56a9ddf41cdc02ecffbae7c504ac1298d7255bf833d01a6639a8

CSC 400000.00000000 b065895f157fc6d237ae4bd8b8b5ad3dca934510b9f70e7bb7450dff31f37cc0 2017-06-17 12:40:31.0000000 -> Block 9aa33fae6382027cf26eb5abeba3cc96cab693817ce481bdd527944c7c51dd6b
height -> 2033085
2017-06-17 12:43:44 received block 9aa33fae6382027cf26eb5abeba3cc96cab693817ce481bdd527944c7c51dd6b
2017-06-17 13:20:59 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 56 blocks; 11b14f94f0e9cc0f2108e68cde3729113e2046988a9170be3db52558fa32a54b..
2017-06-17 13:20:59 REORGANIZE: Connect 14 blocks; ..b227ffb3fc8e3d32c6a7d15845b4c8e49bbd4c84d1508edce584aeebc5c176ff

CSC 400000.00000000 2b4f8a511437fcb1582c3dc89434cd5624bf4e2c8a0a629e261853ea0d7a2d1e 2017-06-17 13:22:09.0000000 -> Block e7e4db2d4af06c78b9108c38b0c383fc8ede61e89395f78085affe39eade4e70
height -> 2033120
2017-06-17 13:23:25 received block e7e4db2d4af06c78b9108c38b0c383fc8ede61e89395f78085affe39eade4e70
2017-06-17 14:24:17 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 43 blocks; e93b3bbcb874a53308f8151b10ce814551242727726e599ea40d6c92cf40f809..
2017-06-17 14:24:17 REORGANIZE: Connect 14 blocks; ..bb3ab00d217fe73b7cd0aa856c69ff9d7f0a2326916daf176d3fb0b096322090

CSC 400000.00000000 074cfdac8066841a91a0dd335d4b4f5f4c4b437b3f78e7b6172c8546ff51cdf9 2017-06-18 19:49:40.0000000 -> Block 1efe8b7160396e01d20b64bf3ceb8e2465ea3e2d49fe60f22d6a4605eb95e341
height -> 2035735
2017-06-18 19:50:27 received block 1efe8b7160396e01d20b64bf3ceb8e2465ea3e2d49fe60f22d6a4605eb95e341
2017-06-18 20:07:13 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 28 blocks; 5e2bf3c531084cd931c00c6947b749b5ce35724a178c6248c1c2867b3542bb08..
2017-06-18 20:07:13 REORGANIZE: Connect 26 blocks; ..ecd3575e09827bed1442daf747525a548947c9277bfe61a25150932ea548130d

CSC 400000.00000000 b3ab695db31388ce96f0bba4f151b0f25d6787aea097145950901f069a03dc71 2017-06-18 20:08:37.0000000 -> Block 72204fa23d40ff407783aee8ecb9282b751dd3b91c557d2e40c81dd82755020f
height -> 2035772
2017-06-18 20:09:43 received block 72204fa23d40ff407783aee8ecb9282b751dd3b91c557d2e40c81dd82755020f
2017-06-18 20:43:39 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 36 blocks; 43c67d5996fc753d53d317149b64f56ef2ae9def1c68d1654da5521917e80abf..
2017-06-18 20:43:39 REORGANIZE: Connect 19 blocks; ..64c06cfc8adbd14c60cd8a5e3df8bc39503e503fd363218791ca4308ed39e8c1

CSC 400000.00000000 bd61179254d51ab1b8940d36c82498510c996df202b8450a47f02af937288b55 2017-06-18 20:45:35.0000000 -> Block 12ffc169597782b6aebb6c174e1cad7b83c4db82e1efd985c9280e6fdeedab1f
height -> 2035820
2017-06-18 20:46:45 received block 12ffc169597782b6aebb6c174e1cad7b83c4db82e1efd985c9280e6fdeedab1f
2017-06-18 21:15:33 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 51 blocks; b80aaefea8bd90f4df80b3f590b86b4174aa4a9ac66775c304fed79c00ec90f9..
2017-06-18 21:15:33 REORGANIZE: Connect 14 blocks; ..e54539386d071d7b5bf8b9a31dac05b340822fc7edfb76bdf19de3aaa332d9c4

CSC 400000.00000000 cf37242d44d6180c7898b04eb8251c1b66ab834cf594c428867c2f8962af4b27 2017-06-18 21:17:20.0000000 -> Block 9d355a08059b0ec23194a36ad620d7b52ad5f361dc4e999b6005745734f00380
height -> 2035857
2017-06-18 21:19:16 received block 9d355a08059b0ec23194a36ad620d7b52ad5f361dc4e999b6005745734f00380
2017-06-18 21:48:32 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 48 blocks; 3119b3e1ad5c37379d99894ed4be1d3ec488ad6ef279531ea2f81d0bdf46d732..
2017-06-18 21:48:32 REORGANIZE: Connect 27 blocks; ..9d35e447fc5c9a32a4315407f89af4c71e71a04654b0b69066c633a538f96f34

CSC 400000.00000000 d753e7e1aa4806f289613e667637f7258e293c484d35ae4bd2577a94d66dc0c5 2017-06-19 21:54:56.0000000 -> Block 3f5928ba7b2691c60b2b234f1ce8898822e9cec8880917687e5d0ab72ab9a2be
height -> 2037979
2017-06-19 21:55:43 received block 3f5928ba7b2691c60b2b234f1ce8898822e9cec8880917687e5d0ab72ab9a2be
2017-06-19 22:24:19 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 42 blocks; cacd3425fd309cf339229ac96415ccf0b03426d4bc5a523cf19867c04b0d4a7f..
2017-06-19 22:24:19 REORGANIZE: Connect 19 blocks; ..22d7b2fe6d44dc108cf79d47fec64d3e0ba631d3c7e2bd8e741a82222db588cc

CSC 400000.00000000 b502469d3014ec5ea4f71f53fd21b1a2b51382057401bae7a204380ffbdcc389 2017-06-20 19:29:04.0000000 -> Block 4912d5e77b9cb337dcd078b7129e3d2dfd04b371971c9cc1a7b33095aaad70a3
height -> 2039957
2017-06-20 19:32:27 received block 4912d5e77b9cb337dcd078b7129e3d2dfd04b371971c9cc1a7b33095aaad70a3
2017-06-20 20:04:51 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 48 blocks; 00a160af0aa6945a35441a6c1d32d9b9c81a0327b6679e77655de5879b32070e..
2017-06-20 20:04:51 REORGANIZE: Connect 22 blocks; ..8260d2b210663ec0d010210b34ff117032164900e6e074199baf5d8e5a05a4f0

CSC 400000.00000000 586abaa47ad566c53f62906605f7a7b426db1adcba7d6f9674117072b6153592 2017-06-20 20:07:13.0000000 -> Block 5ba858753b123365736e04673222499c0dfe5117d1a9102ec9c303fc1b304963
height -> 2040011
2017-06-20 20:08:58 received block 5ba858753b123365736e04673222499c0dfe5117d1a9102ec9c303fc1b304963
2017-06-20 21:07:59 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 56 blocks; 75717553a04f5e08cd7c630897bd6d1c515a4f94b302f74c8d3b4749819da909..
2017-06-20 21:07:59 REORGANIZE: Connect 15 blocks; ..3920bbeb86a9b358f1d9222d32ce58b6579bb42297c4ae640d2d6b0790f31b30

CSC 400000.00000000 0bb3f971f28abe5ba49939e0c6ce8be88e832d9b740cf190d79bd6d43fb0417e 2017-06-20 21:10:17.0000000 -> Block 88e317066c938eb3510493b4c198d473d843a2300c26b90214d0ad47aee059c2
height -> 2040042
2017-06-20 21:12:24 received block 88e317066c938eb3510493b4c198d473d843a2300c26b90214d0ad47aee059c2
2017-06-20 21:56:00 REORGANIZE: Disconnect 45 blocks; 93788937f6bec41daf203405b72830e87920276ea2d7b575dc2acbc4faa3ddc4..
2017-06-20 21:56:00 REORGANIZE: Connect 8 blocks; ..0ab3ea1b09c1093a4ffa3ca629d5d4ed7b376b1861677669bddbc67e6989f51


6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Shared Masternode Hosting (VIVO only atm) on: August 30, 2017, 02:08:19 PM
I didn't really know where to put it, so I just post here and use this from now on. Let me copy my old post from here

I am willing to put up the following offer:

Shared Masternode Hosting (wwf's SMH) for VIVO

If we get 10 people together, each having 100 VIVO, I will set up an MN with those 1000 VIVO.
Means at the current reward of 10 VIVO per block, everyone gets 0.5 VIVO rewarded per payout that hits that MN.

I will chip in the first 100 VIVO. I will pay for the MN hosting and get the exact same reward as anyone else.
Payouts of rewards will be sent WEEKLY on Sundays to each of the holders. Rewards can be tracked via the explorer so everyone can exactly see what the node made.

Coins will be held in a separate secured VM. If I lose the amount of VIVO I hold for other people, I will be responsible for paying them back

- I will call amounts of hundreds a "seat"
- Rounds will be called "runs" and last for one week
- The first run for a new MN might start mid-week, however first payouts happen on THE NEXT SUNDAY
- Seats will be offered for the duration of a full run
- If you want to free up your seat you have to tell me 3 days in advance before the current run ends
- If you don't tell me about getting rid of your seat, you will be automatically included in the next run
- If a seat is freed up and can't be filled with someone else, all seats will be paid out on the next Sunday. This includes rewards for the run and seat coins
- There will be NO PAYOUTS during a run under no circumstances unless all holders of seats agree and can sign a request.
- I will be responsible for the collateral amount I hold for an MN
- You will have to sign a message with the address that will receive payouts and the initial seat collateral in case you get out and also to get in in the first place

The message has to be exactly as follows:

I am YOURFORUMNAME, today is CURRENTDATE. I want to receive my reward payments and seat collateral to YOURVIVO address. I am aware of the fact, that if I am unable to sign my requests for changing the payout or collateral address or quitting my seat with YOURBTCADDRESS, I won't receive any coins. I am fully aware of what it means. I am accepting the terms of the offer.

- I suggest using a Bitcoin address that has been staked here. Only quoted addresses of unedited posts will be accepted.

The downside of this idea:

- You will have to trust me as I will hold 1k vivo in a separate wallet
- If you want to get out, you won't be able to get your 100 VIVO back before Sunday's final payout because you would simply kill the MN for everyone else
- If you want to get your initial stake out you have to inform me 3 days in advance (via PM on BTCT), so I can find someone else willing to participate


I can not do estimations of what an MN will earn as this depends on the total number of nodes. However, if you do trust me this is a chance to get a node up without having 1000k on hand.

I would like to start with 1 MN to see how it goes. However, the offer is not limited to 1 node. If you are interested feel free to reply in here or hit me up on VIVO's slack.

Signed message from me quoting the terms so they cant be changed with out destroying the message. If terms change it will be announced and everyone holding a seat has to agree:

I am whywefight, today is 08/28/2015 I hereby declare my account is not hacked, stolen or sold and I am serious about offering wwf's SMH. This message is signed with the address 18fZyjcEiP856yYHb1K3r2uKVe3t4ysSdJ which has been staked here I do not communicate via Skype. Before sending me any coins, always request a signed message. The current address for collecting MN coins will be: VUrk4REy7NP5GvwYyph34RZCGk8mQxqSU1. DO NOT SEND ANY COINS WITHOUT BEING ASKED TO DO SO NOR SEND COINS ANYWHERE ELSE WITHOUT A PROPER SIGNED MESSAGE!
- I will call amounts of hundreds a "seat"
- Rounds will be called "runs" and last for one week
- The first run for a new MN might start mid-week, however first payouts happen on THE NEXT SUNDAY
- Seats will be offered for the duration of a full run
- If you want to free up your seat you have to tell me 3 [u]days in advance before the current run ends[/u]
- If you don't tell me about getting rid of your seat, you will be automatically included in the next run
- If a seat is freed up and can't be filled with someone else, [u]all seats will be paid out on the next Sunday[/u]. This includes rewards for the run and seat coins
- [b]There will be NO PAYOUTS during a run under no circumstances[/b] unless all holders of seats agree and can sign a request.
- I will be responsible for the collateral amount I hold for an MN
- You will have to sign a message with the address that will receive payouts and the initial seat collateral in case you get out and also to get in in the first place
Signed with: 18fZyjcEiP856yYHb1K3r2uKVe3t4ysSdJ
Signature: Hwh5YUYWl8Ib0VKprDk5N+Z5+UfQVhigL6pux94GxrFyagJYGA8sApOU78NwTa+omL7x+Xps2NB5F3qsqKtoxI8=

Addition to terms for all nodes that will be setup after the post here:


Overview of all running or to be launched MNs
Download Electrum
How to sign a message
Stake your BTC address here Slack, join #sharedmns

- If you want to get a seat or if you have questions in general feel free to post here. This way we won't clutter up the VIVO thread. Only participate if you fully understand the risks.
- Follow the steps above to get a signed message done. No signed message, no seat.
- Only send VIVO to collecting addresses that are announced in a signed message
- I will never ask you to send me any VIVO via Slack, Skype, Discord, Telegram, Email, PM or whatever
- If you are in doubt if you are talking to me, ALWAYS request a signed message
- Reservations are only valid for 24h max! If you don't make it in, apply for the next host.
- Check the spreadsheet to see what seat are available

All holders should join my slack so they stay up to date! All updates will be posted here as well. Again, if you have any doubts I strongly recommend NOT TO JOIN!


Q: How to get in?
A: First you need to have a staked address, check the resources for the correct thread and stake an address/signed message there. If you don't know how to do that, check the link for the how to.
    Once you have a staked address, you need to sign the above-posted message containing the terms and conditions with that staked address and post it in this thread so I can verify it.
    As soon as I verified your message I will ask you to send the collateral to the latest collection address. Collection addresses are always announced in a signed message and change for every node.

7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / [ANN] - cheap and reliable block explorer, with masternode info on: July 03, 2017, 08:53:37 PM

Hey all,

We are offering to host block explorers. You can have a look at those we currently host at
The annual fee is 0.05BTC. For new promising projects, we might accept an amount of the coin itself but will depend on what my research brings up.

If you have any questions feel free to post here or should me a PM.

Unique Features:

Masternode List (real-time)
CoinmarketCap integration

8  Other / Meta / reserved for translation on: June 22, 2017, 08:34:55 PM
I am reading the alt section a lot more in the last days. On every new ann the first 2 pages are only one line posts:

"reserved for xyz translation"

am i the only one who is quite annoyed by this (assuming someone else reads new threads there)?
9  Other / Off-topic / Cat messed up everything on: August 24, 2016, 09:05:28 PM
hey all,

recently my cat tapped over my keyborad and hit some freaking combo that made everything look like this:

The whole system looks like this and it doesnt switch back to what i am used to....

i dont know what kind of keyboard combo i have to hit to fix this, if somebooooooodie can tell me it would be very nice....
10  Other / Off-topic / If you go for cats or have some med background, check this please on: April 03, 2016, 05:54:37 AM
Well, this post is just a shot in the dark. This forum might not be the best place to ask, I am aware of this, but we have all kinds of people in here, so I might get some useful information or help. Of course I am looking at other places too. The reason i decided to post here is: most "nerds" love cats.

We have a 11yr old Maine Coon (well we just got it) that has a 3cm (1,1811 inch) squamous sitting in her face. At this size and because of the place where it is you cannot cut it out. It seems the tumor already attacked the maxilla bone. Because of that it would need to be removed too, if it still would be possible. As a surgery is not an option anymore, I am googling my ass off to find a solution to fight the cancer in the most effective way. At the moment she can live with it, even it is pretty huge. But we would need to keep it at this size. If it grows it will be a very painful thing which would lead to the cats death (or euthanasia).

Currently we switching the cats food to something grain free (It is called Natural Cat). She gets something against pain (she doesn’t seem to have any but just in case). She gets tarantula cubensis (poison of the spider) injected once a week. In addition Metacam and Curcuma. The previous owner also gave her Masivet (Masitinib), I googled it and actually that’s more common for dogs.

Medical options so far: chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Chemo doesn’t seem very promising and for the radiotherapy I am waiting on some feedback of a specialist I found in Munich.

As the previous owner didn’t care too much, we are dealing with the situation as it is. If this would have been treated earlier the chances would be better. I uploaded some pics, it is hard to see on that pics, in addition I uploaded the x-ray view.

Maybe someone had to deal with this before or knows someone who knows someone who knows something. I am open to suggestions and questions.

pics of "Cloud" including x-ray:

Thanks in advance

11  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Some DVDs - Welcome to the past, retro alert! on: March 27, 2016, 04:23:47 PM
I found some DVDs in my basement. Would like to get rid of them. I would like to get BTC but i would also accept some alts (depending)

All covers in german, languages at least German + English, if german only its stated. I dont have an ask price, just post an offer, shipment on you. escrow welcome!

DVD Code 2 PAL Versions

Start Trek - The Next Generation Season 3, 4 HARDCOVERS!!
King of Queens Season 1 - 6
Matrix Reloaded 2 DVDs including Specials, EAN 7321921286438
Rush Hour 2, NO Booklet, EAN 7321923054028
Trainspotting, NO Booklet, EAN 4012019977385
Kiss of the Dragon, NO Booklet, EAN 4013575466290
Exit Wounds, Soft Cover, EAN 7321921210693
Training Day, NO Booklet, EAN 7321923219625
Shaft, EAN 4010884523317
Behind Enemy Lines (Im Fadenkreuz), EAN 4010232010728
Bad Boys, EAN 4030521214354
Two and a half Men Season 1, EAN 7321921710810
Hide and Seek, EAN 4010232030993
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, No Booklet, EAN 4012019971710
Gib dem Affen Zucker, NO Booklet, German Language only, EAN 4250124310233
Mädchen Mädchen, NO Booklet, German Language only, EAN 4013575465194

12  Economy / Goods / Lets trade! [Current Items: Peter Griffin & Cars XXL pen] on: March 23, 2016, 04:17:34 PM
hey guys,

i ordered something and the seller put in two extra items i dont have any use for. Instead of selling them i want to trade them! So check out what i have to offer and let me know if you have something you would like to exchange for it. You can pick both items or just one. I will pay shipping stuff to you regardless of where you are located.

13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Looking to rent 1gh/s scrypt power for 12 month (x days test phase) on: March 21, 2016, 03:21:32 PM
I am looking for a long term agreement to rent 1gh/s scrypt power ( ~ 12 months). I don’t care how many systems you put in, as long as we have a stable rate around 1gh/s.

It will be pointed to a specific pool, we will share the login and I will get some advanced logging.

Payments can be done either every 24h or weekly, but won't be done upfront. I am willing to use a trusted escrow from here or put the funds in a multisig wallet (2 of 3) with a trusted escrow holding the third key.
I reserve the right to refuse certain escrows and would suggest using SebastianJu.

As 12 month is a pretty long timeframe, I would agree on an initial test phase to see if we can work together. My goal however is to reach a long term agreement for 12 months.

If you are interested in taking this offer, feel free to ask further questions or suggest me your price in USD. Payments will be done in BTC equivalent, but I want both parties to be secured against ups and downs of the exchange rate.

Of course I have a maximum budget, but rather than putting it up I want to see a few offers first.
14  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] 5 Euro Paysafecard on: March 14, 2016, 07:48:03 PM
Like the topics says: looking for a 5 Euro paysafecard. pm or post me offers Smiley
15  Local / Off-Topic (Deutsch) / Ein großes Paket in die USA verschicken.... on: February 23, 2016, 06:26:34 PM

ich bin ein wenig ratlos, ich möchte ein Paket (170x120x40 unter 20kg) in die Staaten verschicken. Das günstigste was ich online finde wären um die 600 Euro mit TNT. Ich bin davon ausgegangen das es teuer wird aber nicht so teuer... hat jemand einen guten Rat für mich, ausser zu schreiben ich soll es sein lassen Tongue
16  Economy / Reputation / Yes, I have changed my password on: February 11, 2016, 09:42:01 PM
Because of a lot of account hacks happening lately i decided to change my password more often. This will ofc displayed in the Security Log. As I have trades ongoing it will be annoying to send everyone a signed message. So I decided to create this thread. Maybe this becomes something like Stake your bitcoin address here. Shouldn’t be to bad to change your password once in a while.  Also I can use this as proof of me changing it right away and in addition point people to this thread. And yes, please use a secure password. As you can see by date and time of my post, I posting this AFTER I changed my password.

Proof of ownership:
I am whywefight and today on 11/02/2015 i changed my password. Proof of me using the address of signing this can be found here:

If you guys think it’s a useless idea, just let the thread die.
17  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] Bitcoin - Abstract art and others on: February 07, 2016, 08:35:07 PM
Bitcoin - Abstract art and others

Well, like most of us I am all about Bitcoin. I speak about it all day long and annoy all the people around me. Sometimes it is hard to get people into Bitcoin. Even at home, my family knows pretty well what I do but smiles at me all the time.

Here comes the funny part: my wife demands a new washing machine and a dryer. Don't ask me why but it seems necessary to have one that is able to handle 12kg of clothes. So I said to her: “Honey, we will buy one using Bitcoin”. Of course she doesn’t believe it is possible. I went on explaining the following: “It is possible to trade goods with BTC like it is with FIAT. People sell and buy goods and services for Bitcoin all the time. And we will do it too”.

As some of you might know, I bought a lot of pictures by “Start the Art” and I am kind of addicted of his paintings. My wife is into painting lately and she always says she could do something similar. (If you ask me I don’t think so. Wink) I told her to do some Bitcoin related art. We will try to sell her paintings and use the Bitcoins to buy her both machines. Long story short: this is me trying to proof my wife that it is possible to sell goods for Bitcoin.

All paintings are made with acryl colors on quality frames. They are handmade and unique and will be signed. All paintings are sealed with acrylic lacquer (glossy, weather resistant) so if they get covered by dust you can easily clean them. Shipping costs are not included in the following prices. We will ship them worldwide. Please tell me where you are from and I can calculate the price inclusive transportation costs. Escrow is accepted. I would suggest SebastianJu.

Candle Sticks

100x50cm, already sold to a good friend
click for xxl view

Cloud Lights

click for xxl view

Dust Amounts

click for xxl view


100x50cm, sold
click for xxl view


50x40cm, sold to a good friend
click for xxl view


80x60cm, sold
klick for xxl view


click for xxl view


150x50cm,  you can get a logo added if you like
click for xxl view


click for xxl view

Just in case you wonder how we calculated the price, even those are priceless Wink
Costs for material + time it took to made them = Our ask.

I will add more pictures once in a while. Feel free to tell others about it. Thanks

Shipping info:
(tracked and secured)
Rest of the world:

Feedback welcome!
18  Other / Archival / delete on: February 07, 2016, 06:52:45 PM
sorry my mistake!
19  Other / Meta / Banning my sockpuppet for cleaning the digital goods section on: February 04, 2016, 10:08:53 AM
Okay guys now you are really kidding me... i used a sockpuppet "letmesee" to ask sellers in the digital goods section if the accounts they sell are cracked. after they confirmed it i reported the threads. this morning i got a ton of messages about deleted threads and my sock is banned while all threads selling cracked accounts are still there.

are you serious staff???
20  Local / Altcoins (Deutsch) / Scrypt Miner on: February 03, 2016, 12:12:33 AM

ich träume gerade so vor mich hin und da kommt mir die frage: wenn mir roi und stromkosten egal wären, welcher wäre derzeit der leistungsstärkste und und großer stückzahl verfügbare scrypt miner? Große Stückzahl heißt mehr als 10 und verfügbar bedeutet ich kann ihn wirklich heute bestellen.

Ich sehe auf MRR rigs mit 2ghs die 6 worker mit mehr als 300mhs pro worker haben und ich frage mich was das für teile sind.
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