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21  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Is there an ACTUAL working bitcoin app? on: September 23, 2014, 05:59:42 PM
Ffs, can ya just not leave it alone?

Who the feck gives anyone permission to mess with the actual bitcoin application? -No-one.

Where did half the bugs come from that were at one point non-existant? -Updates.

Since the latest release, I have never been able to sync, never mind spend my so called INSTANT crypto currency, why? Cause a bunch of idiots think lets change the blockchain, lets do this, lets do that, but do they EVER fix anything? -NO.

So why trust these so called 'volunteers' who mess with everyones crypto currencies? - We dont.

Since the latest version, it is now 8 weeks I have been unable to sync. I am in fact unable to do anything, for the application keeps crashing. So I try -r or -reindex, nope, FUCK ALL, always the same, go to check on it, and voila, no app running, despite making sure I started it.. now it just refuses to start.

So come on volunteer idiots, who says your updates are what we want?

We want the app to work, get it? We dont want numptie script kiddies adding their version of salt and pepper, only for the rest of us to find out the actually added FUCK ALL that benefit's ANYONE since version 1.

Fuckin idiots.

What, 10 years of updates, and no fuckin cancel payment button? But you did everything else no-one actually knows you did, you know, whatever it is that makes bitcoin work on your pc, and fuck everyone else?

I'm gettin really sick of bitcoin simply no longer working, period, I should have, if I did'nt already, point out that the death of bitcoin is already on the cards.. I mean if no-one can sync, HOW can they spend their money? They cant.

To the FUCKIN IDIOTS who cant stop messing with the application, get it fixed, or watch the blockchain suffer permanent damage.. Wink
22  Other / Off-topic / Describe N.A.T.O in these 4 letters on: September 04, 2014, 01:08:52 PM
Nuclear Armed Terrorist Organisation
23  Other / Off-topic / What do you care? on: September 02, 2014, 04:47:59 PM
What do you care?

You sit at home on your computer.. you read this n that, form opinion's, and sometimes 'feel' either good or bad 'vibes' about whatever subject get's ya going.. so let's try this.

They say 'we' voted in those people in power. NO we did not, and I challenge all to prove this through 100% peaceful protest, but not the kind of protest that takes place in the street. The kind of protest that last's as long as you care. The kind where military tactics are useless.. where you cant be threatened with a stun gun, or pistol, sniper rifle, cause your away from the daftfies throwing rocks against tanks.. most folks do not realise the poorer you are, the more they profit from your misery.

If you disagree with your government, do not vote.

If you hate the police, dont go near them.

Dont go to work.

Close your bank account.

Do not pay tax's, or rent.

Start sharing/giving.

Do this on the 1st of January 2015.

Do not stop.

Do not give in.

Just dont play their game anymore.

You think your connected? Share your version of this.

Make sure it starts worldwide at the same time, and keep it goin.

The longer you do it, the more power you will notice you gain, as more join you.

Let's see who ACTUALLY care's.

24  Other / Off-topic / The hidden pathway.. on: August 19, 2014, 02:27:11 PM
I alway's wonder.. and still do.. the how, the why of it all.. and why..

My curiosity regarding those things we know but cannot prove.. like dreaming, de-ja-vue, knowing thing's before they happen etc.. the things there is no scientific proof of..

But there IS proof.. although this proof is not scientific, it produces result's like any decent experiment. If it did'nt, millions of people throughout history are wrong.

The thread 'Scientific proof for the existance of God' triggered in me whatever evidence I have hidden within me. I have in my own way studied this for years. I have read thousands of books, yet none of them come close to my understanding of what was what, so I guess it's only fair that I write of that proof.

For me it all started with sound. At 3 years old, I ripped a radio apart to find out where the sound was coming from. When I had destroyed any chance of finding where the sound came from, my dad told me to try and put it back together, working.. I did. But I never saw where that sound came from. NO explanation that exists to this day can SHOW me that what they say is true, despite it being so. Hence my search, for that they have yet to explain, even though to the mass's they have. Still dont make sense to me. I am one of the very few people who still does'nt know ohm's law, for the same reason. Yeah, I understand ohms law, but it does nothing to explain the how, the why, or WHERE it came from.

Lets get started. Take a normal every day battery. Dont connect it to anything. We know this battery has two terminals, + = the positive dynamic, the other - = the negative receptive. This item is an inanimate object, containing no life.. until both terminals are connected to something that conducts electricity.

Wait a minute, a battery has life? When it runs out of power, it is dead? but it is an inanimate object no? What we actually have is a box of stuff, that can generate life. Does your radio thank this battery for the fact it can tune in and produce sound? No, because it is not conscious, is it? But it has the life energy pumping through it's circuit no? It is capable of producing the WORD. Then I hear the pyramid of gizeh is some form of generator.. so I look into that as the biggest challenge of my life, to solve it's secrets, without ever seeing it. The problem here, is that the people writing of it all use different measurements, and use maths that are mostly beyond the laymans understanding. I believe this is to hide whatever truths some would not want others to know for whatever selfish reasons.. So I decide to try something different. I take an example of the best way to teach a child the alphabet. We can teach the child using the correct pronounciation which the child is yet to learn, or we can speak phonetically, in the language we know the child will recognise easier than using the correct pronounciation. Try doing this with maths. And hence, we begin.

Take 48 sticks. Place 24 of them in the ground in a straight line approx 31.5 units of measurment apart. You will end up with a straight line 756 units long. Chop the string you used to keep them in a straight line, at 756 units. Now keeping the string attached to the first stick, move 90 degrees left or right of the first stick and place the first of the last 24 and do same.

Now join the dots, every stick to every stick. This was how the ground plan of gizeh was drawn.

The Scottish Flag was drawn before the pyramid existed., beat that!!

Contained in the above description is also the height of this pyramid, @ 480 units high. Just keep in mind, the number 0 cannot exist in this great scheme of things. It's simply a matter of time lol. Space is where time becomes a loop. Here it will be shown, over and over and over.

The height of the pyramid is 480 and a half feet, or 440 cubits
The perimeter is 3.020 feet, or 1.760 cubits.
A tetrahedron withn a base angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes.

This is the result of two circles intersecting midway through each other. where they intersect is the height, base, and width.

A circle with the diameter of 555 and a half feet has a circumference of 1.746 feet.

The basic spiritual equation is 1.080 + 666 = 1.746

All life is the fusion of two principles, the + dynamic and the - receptive represented symbolically by Sulphur(1.080) and Mercury(666) - 666 is also the number of the sun (see my gematria post)

The gold pyramid that used to be on top of gizeh was the same measurement, 1.746, which is also the number of the mystical grain of mustard seed.

For all those naysayers.. The origional twin towers represented this FACT in their height, 2 x 1.746 feet high.

The NEW tower, is 1.746 units high with that additional 1.746 of another unit (inches?) added on top.

Co-incidence? I think not..

The pyramid of gizeh (and thus the new 'twin' tower) acheives the marriage of Heaven and Earth, a union between the earth spirit, the magnetic current within the pyramid, and the devine spark of solar force, derived from the ether of the gold tip, creating a giant generator of cosmic force.

This is only part one, just to get folks started.  
25  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / How easy it is to KILL bitcoin. on: August 16, 2014, 10:32:53 AM
My interest in the internet is nothing more than testing my abilities as a penetration tester, with little or no knowledge of the victim. If you think you have thought of everything, I will create that which you never thought of.. just to prove it can be done.

I read how bitcoin is unstoppable.. wrong.

Everything required to intercept bitcoin payments is in place today, and almost worldwide. You can laugh now, but by the time this short post is finished you will realise the truth.. that bitcoin WILL fail, and not of it's own accord, but due to the fact that it is indeed a threat to any and all established currencies of the world, and hence a threat to those countries security.

Why better testers cant see this is beyond me.

First, create laws requiring interception of all traffic at the ISP level.

Second, lets give it a fictional name, like 'No Shitty Attacks' or NSA for short.

Place 'NSA Killbox' between ISP and the world. Switch to record mode.

This means A box between YOUR isp, and the rest of the world. Nothing you can do about this.

Linux users probably think they are cool and can bypass this.. no they cant. They think they can use TOR or some other ip spoofing method.. THIS is an illusion. Yeah it hides your ip from other end users, but YOUR isp has YOUR ip, period. Notice we are all given static ip's now? These are postcoded. Geo tagging is applied to ALL packets leaving YOUR pc at the ISP level, they can now decide where to send ALL packets using strict filtering rules.

When it's decided bitcoin is a threat to the security of any MAJOR country, they can force the isp to re-route p2p traffic to a dns dead end. At this point they can be clear and say, you want passed here, your paying for it.. This is how to tax bitcoin.

Or I could just look at the block chain for address's, write any address found there into my fresh wallet, and take all, using that dns redirect..

To all dodjy faucet owners.. lets see what your worth now that this is in print, it was implemented 4 years ago here where I live.. notice your new security? Made in Scotland.. go on, ask Richard.. B
26  Other / Politics & Society / My turn. on: August 13, 2014, 10:54:37 PM
I said I would reprduce a certain pattern of events in the form of a maths equation. Some have commented and no doubt tested the field.. Believe it or not, I have witness's and evidence of the followqing events..

One evening, ex comes home, shouting n cursing and doing everything to get me to take the bait.. I thought to myself, here's an accountant of the highest degree acting like a fuckin loony.. 6 oclock news.. she's still at it.. I grin and bear it.. It takes me to the point where I need to say something.. 'Fuck you bitch, you think you have problems, imagine them when they hit the deck..'

Quite fuckin hardcore? Yeah, typical man/DAD.. under pressure..

To whom was I refering?

The day BEFORE the FIRST and LAST concorde crash, 6pm.. (she was just home from work lol..) the BBC broadcast an article on the cracks that appeared in the wing's of.. yup, you never guessed it.. concorde..

What do you think her face was like 12 hours later?

She is my witness..

The BBC knew the plane was fucked before it flew..

They broadcast it on tv the night before, 6pm-ish east central scotland... the broadcast was worldwide..

Capital City (of course)..

So what?

Years later..

After learning to remote control apache helicopters by spawn rapin on bad company 1 + 2, I sold the ps3.. around 6 months later.. restless night, ends up in this conscious dream, but with 0 = ZERO images.. ie, no pictures or images of any kind.. but there was a kind of hill.. the first shot I took in a tank that shot that apache, clean out the sky was the IMAGE.  not of the game, but the dream.. kinda like a flashback.. with no pictures.. but.. the angle.. see, this happened when the 2nd last malaysian flight disappeared.. at 9am i told my dad.. for weeks, others searched.. That plane was blown out of the sky, using the same methods as the one that followed. Coincidence or conspiracy is not my point here..

MOst people think aquarians symbolise water..I am an air sign.

And this is the seer's burden.
27  Economy / Scam Accusations / STEALTHEPIXELS on: August 11, 2014, 04:46:08 AM
Wow.. How about the faucet owners who are allowed to post their links here? You know, the ones you wish you never went to? The ones who give less than nothing as long as you open their page? STealthepixels not only block payments through messing with copchas, (Notice the different copcha for contacting them?), They stole my stake for the f1 on 25th aug, and I cant get to the btc I have their now cause they claim I use an adblocker, haha, yeah.. and how many people here pay them to advertise? As I see it, any person advertising on stealthepixels are party to not just ripping me off, but yourselfs, cause if i see your ad on that site, you WILL be tarred with same brush.. see, all thats happening with crypto is you either have enough for it to be worthwhile, or you dont. If you dont, no-one cares, cause you'll pay them just by opening the faucet page whilst receiving nothing. More and more people HAVE woke up to this scam of paid to click that never pays and if it does the time frame makes it pointless..

It does take a fresh set of eyes sometimes for those clique people to realise that whilst they think and earn by splitting the currencies up into so small a 'bit' that nothing you offer anyone is actually worth receiving, never mind growing old for.. take for example qoinpro.. looks good till you do the maths.. solo mining btc on a quad core cpu makes more money quicker than qoinpro.. it would take a minimum of 10 years just to get to half a bitcoin, if your lucky, based on their payout structure.. I thought of transfering my btc there, until I realised there is nothing on that site that makes it any different than qoinpro is just another scammer who has people thinking they will get paid.. they may do so.. eventually.. but dya really wanna wait 10 years to get to that magical payout moment? What was that? I'm supposed to add funds? Sed who? All you Faucet/Cloud miners.. wake up.. people need paid today, and should be able to withdraw whatever they have at any moment in time, as long as they have the funds. The fact you deny this simple fact, that you deny instant payment to peoples wallets, reduces the chances of any that currency ever having the power to BUY.. the people. Keep it. Cause as long as you lot have it, it's useless to everyone else..
28  Economy / Service Discussion / Steal the pixels stealing your btc on: August 10, 2014, 10:48:41 PM
I first thought Steal the pixels was a not bad site.. Their rewards aparently went up 20% just for the faucet.. but they gave a certain game away.. see, when we visit a faucet, fill in the copcha, we get paid, or at least thats the theory.. stealthepixels made one booboo..they proved to me that faucets are intercepting the reply to the copcha which results in the correctly written copcha being claimed as incorrect.. how was it figured out? They made the mistake of applying a popup that claims visit the next site to get paid instantly, whilst beneath this claim is a triangle warning saying to disable your ad blocker.. well, I dont use ad blockers, and guess what.. and this is key.. after filling in the question correctly, hit return, up comes this window just mentioned.. which would NOT happen if the question was wrong? So I visit the site for 10 seconds only to be returned to stealthepixels, and THEN be told the security question is wrong. Clearly they are intercepting the answer and delaying it somehow in order to steal your btc.. no? Try getting past this. Try getting paid.. YOU CANT. Another arse..
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