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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [Ann] Spondoolies SPx36 - 540 GH/s, 8.1 J/GHs X11 miner on: September 04, 2018, 06:42:04 PM
And we're back Smiley

Spondoolies-Tech people reunited and formed Spondoolies Ltd.
We developed the most efficient X11 miner in the world, by a considerable factor.

The machine is real, the spec is verified. Delivery in October.

2  Other / Meta / Mods killing an hardware manufacturers poll on: January 28, 2015, 05:02:57 AM
The poll thread:

Snapshot of the manufacturers poll Philipma1957 ran before the mods killed it off

I find the mods action unbelievable.


Simple question: Why ?
Second question: Was Dogie behind it ?
3  Bitcoin / Hardware / [Closed] Legendaries review party of Spondoolies-Tech's SP20 on: December 09, 2014, 08:21:00 PM
The first 10 Legendary rank forum members that will PM me with their address and contact details will receive each a SP20 for review, free of charge.
The only condition is to post the review, including pictures, under a new thread under Mining -> Hardware, within 3 days of receiving the hardware.

The offer is open for Lengedaries only.


Edit: Details to PM: Contact name, address, contact phone and email.

Edit: Offer ended.

Thank for all participants.

1)  spiccioli
2)   Xian01  
3)   johnyj
4)   Mushroomized
5)  John (John K.)
6)  SaltySpitoon
7)   notlist3d  
9)  Dabs
10) Syke
11) goxed
12) blazedout419
13) jjiimm_64
14) OgNasty
15)  Jimmothy
16)  Epoch
17)  MrTeal
18)  2Good
4  Bitcoin / Hardware / [ANN] Spondoolies-Tech - carrier grade, data center ready mining rigs on: March 18, 2014, 11:45:23 PM
We are back with X11 miner:

SCAM ALERT - There is no such product as SP40 or SP45!
Pay extra caution and look out for incorrect URLs
We released the following miners only when we were operational: SP10, SP20, SP30, SP31 and SP35.
If you see anything else offered online, it's a scam.
We designed but never completed the SP50.

Mini blog / announcement ahead.
Company blog:
Technical blog:

Updates to prices below

New and amazing prices on all units, as low as 0.21$/GH Shipping included!.

SP20 Section

  • The SP20 Mini Farm is now only $5,495 or 0.21$/GH with free shipping[/b]
  • Want more than a single SP20 but 15 are too many for you? No problem, we've got a brand new "Nano Farm" special with 3 units for only $1,195, free shipping included[/b]
  • A single SP20 is now only $479

Both SP20 bundles include free shipping. The SP20 are sold out

SP3X Section

  • The SP31, the most efficient miner, can now be yours for only $2,075 - Only $150 shipping to the US!
  • The SP35 with 5.5 TH/s goes for $2,235 Sold Out

Shipping cost for the SP3X to the US has also been updated. It starts with $220 per unit and drops with quantities.

All the units ship from stock!

Happy mining,


Dogie's comprehensives guides

philipma1957's Unofficial Spondoolies SP20 thread

SP30's ASICs (RockerBox):

For bulk quantities and ASICs, please contact or PM us

For bulk customers interested in deployment of our 1st, 2nd gen and beyond ASICs and bare boards, please contact us at

We'll support and help in the customization efforts.

We're happy to announce that we've secured a deal with a high quality data center in Central WA for ultra cheap long term hosting. US bundles customers (50 units or more, SP10 or SP30) are invited to contact us at for details

Customers and reviewers feedbacks, from this thread:

Thank you!

Spondoolies-Tech is an Israel ASIC miner producer. We gathered a team of leading industry experts, including several ex Intel, Google, and Motorola employees.

Leveraging our years of experience in both design and execution, we’re here to bring you the most professional mining equipment.
Take a look at this video and see what Guy Corem and Kobi Levin, two of the company’s founders have to say:

What have we got in store for you?

Introducing the Hammer ASIC
The Hammer ASIC was designed for high performance and power efficiency.

Its specifications are highly competitive:

Process Node             40 nm
Package Type            QFN64 8 mm x 8 mm
I/O                           Serial protocol with clk, datain and dataout
Rated Hash Rate        7.5 GHash/s per chip, with a wide range of overclock/downclock options. Up to 10 GHash/s in a typical corner.
Rated Voltage            0.63 V, recommended voltage range is 0.6 V – 0.8 V
Power Consumption   0.58 W/GHs

SP10 – Dawson 1.4 TH/s for delivery in March
The Hammer was specifically designed for the new SP10 – Dawson mining rig. The Dawson houses 192 and works at 1.4 TH/s with power consumption between 1.2 KW and 1.35 KW.

Up to spec, every time
You can see the results from real machines running in our labs. Actual results range between 1.4-1.6 TH/s

Easy to use UI
We embedded a customized version of MinePeon, the great community ASIC/GPU/CPU mining control package, providing you with an easy and intuitive UI.

Plug&Mine for a fast start
Get your miner up and running within a minute! Our cloud Plug&Mine system will help you discover your miner DHCP LAN address, and will allow you to quickly access and configure it. The Plug&Mine system can be easily enabled or disabled as needed.

One-click firmware upgrades
Say goodbye to dangerous and tedious firmware upgrades! We worked very hard to create a single-click firmware upgrade. The single click upgrade will allow you to:
•   Easily get all new developments and improvements
•   Keep pushing the boundaries of the machine with continuous software optimizations.
•   Reduce the risk and headache involved in firmware upgrades

Full access to miner software internals tuning and easy recovery boot
The miners will shipped with a full SSH access, allowing you to easily customize and tune the machine to your needs.
The entire miner software will be open-source and available for you under our public GitHub:
Even if you happen to encounter any issues, you can easily recover the machine thanks to our easy recovery boot and settings backup.

Reviews by Bitcoin industry leaders and Bitcointalk community respected members
The SP10 samples are being shipped these days to following partial list of respected community members for the reviews:
•   Jeff Garzik
•   Gregory Maxwell
•   Ron Gross
•   dogie
•   ShadesOfMarble
•   MineForeman
•   Israeli Bitcoin Embassy

The SP10 starts shipping on March 25th! Actual orders (and not “pre-orders”) are available right now!

Get more details about the machine in this video:
More specs and info can be found on our website:

What else have you got?
In addition to the SP10 – Dawson, our team is hard at work taping out our 2nd gen ASIC and designing our 2nd gen mining rig - taking a huge leap forward.

Introducing the RockerBox ASIC
RockerBox ASIC, is designed to change the ASIC miners market with power and efficiency never seen before.

RockerBox has the following super - competitive specs:
Process Node           28 nm
Package Type           23 mm x 23 mm HFCBGA with stiffener
I/O                          Serial protocol with clk, datain and dataout
Rated Hash Rate       187 GH/s per chip, with a wide range of overclock/downclock options
Rated Voltage           0.7 V, recommended voltage range is 0.63 V - 0.8 V
Power Consumption   0.38 W/GH/s

SP30 – Yukon 5.4 TH/s

The Yukon will deliver an amazing 5.4 TH/s, nearly X4 the hash rate of SP10 - Dawson. The hash rate will not come at the price of size or power consumption and the unit measures only 2U allowing for efficient stacking. The unit’s power consumption is estimated to be around 2.4 KW

More specs and info can be found on our website:

But wait, there is more! Smiley
Brand new 3 X SP30 bundle. Though the units will be shipped in August this bundle will only be available for sale in April!

What's included?

* 3 Machines or 16.2 TH/s
* Free shipping or 2 months hosting

For only $20,995.

Is your money tied somewhere else? No problem, just write to us and we will do our best to find a solution that works.

Hold on, that's not all!

We also have a new power bundle for those who want to start mining in May already.

The new power bundle includes:
* SP10 unit for delivery in May
* SP30 unit for delivery in August
* Free shipping or 2 months hosting

For only $12,995

Got questions? We would love to hear from you.

Come visit us on our website or contact us here.
5  Bitcoin / Hardware / Official ANN post is coming soon! on: March 18, 2014, 10:45:00 PM
Official ANN post
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