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1  Other / Politics & Society / E-mail spam from the Trumpsteins on: July 07, 2020, 12:00:19 PM
Just FTR, I made a financial contribution to Trump for the 2016 election because I was pissed off at the Dems for gloating over the fact that Hillary was outspending Trump 2-to-1.

Of course I used a special single-purpose e-mail address which I do for most such things so that I could detect who is responsible for further spam.

Mostly it is this clan of Frankist creeps spaming me, but they did give my addy to Gingrich by the looks of things, or they let him use their spam platform...I didn't bother to read the message.  Anyway, here is the spam I've received in just the last 2 days, and we are only half way through the 2nd day!:

Code: National Garden of American Heroes 8:31 AM
Donald Trump Jr. Why are you ignoring my father?  - He's not happy about it. 6:11 AM
Eric Trump Time-sensitive offer - My father is counting on YOU. 3:51 AM
Donald Trump Jr. Florida looks good on you - Win the trip of a lifetime. 1:31 AM
Eric Trump My dad needs you - Time-sensitive offer. Jul 6
Donald J. Trump USA USA USA - Jul 6
Meet President Trump CONFIRMATION # 20xxxx Are you ready to go? Jul 6
Eric Trump Last chance to join - President Trump is counting on you. Jul 6 HUGE Trump 4th of July sale - There's not much time left to shop. Jul 6

Google is automatically filtering these shit-head's messages to spam without my asking.  I don't agree with them for doing this, but I happen to be thankful for it so I'm not complaining.  They sent a recent domain support ticket correspondence to spam as well so we know what to expect in terms of bugs when they run the entire society and cashless monetary system on their AI.  That is, lots of errors and nobody to complain about because, you know, 'the system.'

2  Other / Politics & Society / Wanted - 'old-normal' nation on: May 30, 2020, 07:37:31 PM

Has anyone else here been thinking about and researching what countries might be worth a shit in light of the covid-19 scamdemic?  That is to say, the reaction of the peeps and of the governments to it?  I have to a degree, and it's mighty depressing.  This thread might be to 'compare notes' if anyone else is doing the same kinds of research.

Looks like the country I'm from (the U.S.) is entering the promised '2nd wave'.  Namely race wars and martial law.  I got out of there in time and set up shop in a SE Asian nation, but it's got it's own set of issues.  Seems to me that any nation which is in debt has very little say in what policies are imposed on it's population and this country (which I don't feel liberty to name) has this problem in spades.  Also, like most such countries, it has a healthy level of endemic corruption which is probably not an unrelated issue, and it may work out in my favor anyway which was part of my calculus when moving here.  On top of these problems, the population is notorious for being conformist and seem quite tolerant of abuse in addition to showing no real inclination to dig in and trying to understand the roots of their problems.  I'm trying to be polite and not use the sheeple term...

In spite of my critique I'm still not sure I didn't make the best choice, but I've been looking at other possible options.  I always planned to have a 'third option' anyway.  It does seem to me that if there were a country which had the wherewithal and ability to call bullshit on the 'new normal' they probably could entice a strong contingent of people who have both means and talent, and thereby set themselves up pretty well to be competitive going forward.  So far it seems that the two best bets might be Switzerland and Iceland.  Sweden at least did the right thing vis-a-vis lockdowns, but they are so overloaded with their own set of deficiencies predating the scamdemic that I wouldn't really consider it.

Looks like the 'new normal' will involve the belt-and-road initiative.  Any country in the line between China and Israel would be one I'd tend to want to stay away from, and most of these countries (most of SE Asian, Myanmar, etc) performed rather dismally in the scamdemic protocols anyway.

As an American (for the time being anyway) I'd want to steer clear if any of the 5-I's countries, and here again, they showed as much or more of a totalitarian and anti-scientific streak as anyone.  Seems that most of these 'developed countries' are well under the control of (((them))).  Malaysia shines above in this respect, but they were as stupid as the rest in their lockdown procedures.  South Korea has, according to the ADL, a relatively sophisticated understanding of (((that problem))) but is full of weird cults, and just flying over the place screams Agenda 21.

Probably my biggest issue would be that I don't want to take Bill Gate's new and necessarily poorly tested mRNA vaccine and ID2020 'mark'.  And I want to use cash when I want to use cash and want to be able to buy and sell even without said 'mark'.  Any country where the populous feels that these are 'fighting issues' would be great to know about.

Anyway, if someone lives in a place where the leadership to a relatively high level is calling bullshit on the globalist billionaire's plans, I'd love to hear it.  I thought it was great that the Tanzanian president instructed his people to use the W.H.O. covid test kits on a goat and on a papaya...and unsurprising that both ended up having the disease.  That is the kind of healthy skepticism I'd be looking for in both the people and the leadership.

3  Other / Politics & Society / what have we earned from handling epidemics on: April 08, 2020, 12:42:44 PM
Just an experiment to see if it (same thread title) might be effective to deal with loser who do self-moderated threads to pump their propaganda without challenge.  These people are leeching off Theymos's 10 years of work on the forum itself, and in some cases trying to game the credit system he's been working on besides.

Wanky1 did a post of the same name.  He and I seem to be the only two people who read it, and nobody has even commented on it yet.  Probably because everyone is sick of his 'white noise' contribution to just about anything he comments on.

Credit to BADecker for the idea used on one of fake-doctor e_l_e_o's self-moderated threads.  I just want to see if an exact title match will work.

Speaking of 'earned', check out Jeff Censored's "Snitches Get Riches!" vid:

4  Other / Politics & Society / Self-mod Censorship wall of shame (e_o_l_e_o) on: March 17, 2020, 02:01:19 PM

Some dick-heads would rather leach off of another person's work and use another person's forum as opposed to creating their own.  They do this with 'self-moderated' threads.

This guy 'e_o_l_e_o' claims to be a doctor and posts here occasionally.  He is pretty hard-core 'take all your meds and especially your vaccines' like most mainstream doctors...or at least most doctors who are still allowed to practice medicine.  I rib him about whether he actually holds a medical degree, but probably he does.  As the WHO admitted in their recent meeting, most doctors are lucky to have had half a day of vaccine instruction in 8 years of med school so it is natural that they don't know shit about the subject.  I was convince that cypherdoc was to stupid to hold a medical degree, but it turned out that indeed he did.  Haven't seen him for a long time.  Maybe he's cooling his heels in prison?

Anyway Dr? Oileo has a new self-moderated coronavirus thread where he's copy/pasted some official looking stuff to make himself look like a professional.  Hardly anyone reads it.  When he does post it's the standard 'take all the drugs your doctor tells you to' type of tripe which one would expect.

So, when Dr? Oilio censors any of my posts on 'his' thread, I'll just re-post them here.

Here in 2020 it is kind of a blessing to note censorship by the mainstream because it often means that the information is actually worth reading or looking into.  I invite anyone else to re-post any other censored posts to this thread.  In fact, since I don't 'self-moderate', I have no say in the matter.  Probably it would be good to make a 'was censored' thread kind of topic specific.  This one can be medical science, and can include censored material from outside of the forum.

5  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Venezuela Trump re-elect split on: May 08, 2019, 03:09:26 PM
Florida in 2020. without Florida Trump has ZERO percent chance of being re-elected!

If the 'Democrats' run another unelectable (e.g., a geriatric Zionist kiddie-groper with lots of open-source footage showing him going to town) then Trump (Donald or Ivanka) cannot lose.

I predict that the 'Democrats' will do exactly that;  run another unelectable.  There is no difference in the 'wants' of the so-called Democrats and so-called Republicans, and they want a Talmudic puppet for the next act.  It's a stage show people.

6  Economy / Exchanges / Bitstamp :( warnings and rejoinders. on: November 06, 2018, 09:03:30 AM
In times past Bitcointalk used to be the go-to for finding the skivvy on scammy, flaky, or otherwise unusual behavior of established services.  Now I find a fair number of references to the below described issues on Reddit (which I won't patronize) and other places, but nothing here.  Oh well.

I suggested to a friend to give Bitstamp a try about a month ago.  Friend has been trying unsuccessfully to get a test wire and a 5-fig USD wire to a SE Asian country for nearly a month now.  I know the situation well.  The friend is 100% clean as are the BTC.  The initial KYC stuff went well and quickly.

Friend has gotten various indications via ticket responses of when the wires would come through, and they have not.  When the dates came and passed there were no follow-ups on the tickets.

As some other users have experienced, when a wire is expected there is instead a request for yet more information like birthdays and tax numbers and such.  But still no money.

It looks like what Bitstamp does when they get a withdraw request is to sit on it for a while then hand it off to an unnamed processor.  When they hand it off they indicate that the request 'finished' via e-mail and on their UI, but that doesn't mean that a wire has even been attempted.  At that point the customer (and Bitstamp themselves?) have lost reference to the money.  Requests for tracking information go unanswered and/or unfulfilled, but that could mean that there has been no wire attempt and thus there is no tracing information exists.

In my own experience I got the same kinds of behavior from Mt. Gox before they went tits-up.  I made one small-ish wire request (which is to this day not complete) and took the rest of my money out via BTC before they collapsed.  My friend has done this today upon my suggestion.  Friend left the 5-fig wire transfer in place since it seems doubtful that Bitstamp could cancel it even if they wanted to.  The single redeeming feature of government sponsored fiat money is that it is subject to claims via a government operated court system should push come to shove.

Seems that Bitstamp has recently sold to some Korean gaming/investment firm.  The excuse that Bitstamp gives to some is that they are having troubles with their new payment processor which I don't particularly doubt, but the boilerplate 'can you PM me your ticket number so I can look into it' thing which the reps use on Reddit seems phony and suspect to me.  I mean why not just be responsive and honest on the ticket itself?  Looks to me like it's 'for show' to indicate to the world that they care.

If anyone has been getting wires, it would be interesting to try to reverse-engineer who the payment processor might be.  Especially if Bitstamp themselves goes dark a-la Mt Gox.

A suggestion I have for Bitstamp would be clear about how their hand-off process for withdraw requests works and name-names about who has the money at the present time when a query has been made.  Many people cannot afford to have tens of thousands of USD in limbo for weeks and months since a lot of them (such as my friend) have obligations for the money and were basing their operations around information about timings as presented by Bitstamp.  Few people expect a wire transfer to take anywhere near a month.

7  Other / Politics & Society / Bannon on: January 05, 2018, 07:30:07 PM

Pay attention to it boys.  Take notes.

Opportunities to understand the mainstream and pseudo-alt media, and pick up the input necessary to ferret out the posers, only come along occasionally.

If this whole thing is kabuki, which is entirely possible, it's every bit as much of an opportunity to gain input.

8  Other / Politics & Society / (US) Divest Fed land holdings to Veterans on: January 25, 2017, 06:16:48 PM

We in the U.S. have two problems:

1)  The Federal govt never got around to divesting their real estate holdings in the later added states of the West.  They, in coordination with the states, started out well with homesteading, but never finished the job.  This leaves the problem in the Western states and causes a lot of friction to this day.

2)  The veterans of our stupid wars have gotten royally fucked.  This especially under the Obama administration where they are considered a threat.  I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that the 'progressive' policies and mis-management of veterans affairs are designed to produce a high suicide rate.

My suggesting to the Trump-affiliated planners and the Veterans groups would be to lobby for a 'new homestead act' which would strongly favor veterans.

It is a fact of life that the economics and social structures of today are different from the 1800's and it is not realistic to 'carve out a living' on the lands that remain in Fed ownership.  In part this is because the lands suitable for agriculture were long ago claimed.  There are mineral resources and a small number of other opportunities such as recreation however.  Most of them could only be realized by combining lands or rights on them.  There are some complexities in how to make things work out fairly and avoid exploitation by TPTB, but I believe that they could be achieved.

Politically it is a relatively easier problem because there is some justice here.  Of course there would be howls of rage from the 'progressive' side.  That would be fun to watch at least.

9  Other / Politics & Society / 2016 MVPs - David Seaman (others?) on: November 10, 2016, 09:48:07 PM
In my analysis we are, with the election of Trump, nearer the start than the finish line with more serious challenges yet to come.  It is a milestone, however, and I would like to call out David Seaman as an MVP here because, he being a crypto-currency enthusiast and one with a broad range of interests, I expect that he might see this.

I've found the guy to be either one of the best actors on the planet, or a straight shooter with good ethics who does unusually clear and watchable reporting and analysis.

I hope and expect that this Seaman guy will become a major player in the fourth estate going forward.  It should be clear to all after the 2016 election that there is a huge vacuum in the media which will be filled, and this guy has developed a well earned running start.

Anyone else with MVP candidates on any front is welcome to use this thread to nominate them.  It would be fun and enlightening to hear other people's ideas.  

(BTW, no, I am not DS and I have no idea who he might be on this board if he even posts at all.  Or if he even reads it for that matter.  In fact I have seen some of my ideas pop up in other venues suspiciously near when I posted them in one form or another, but I don't remember it happening in DS's case.)

10  Other / Politics & Society / Hillary's last wishes - Democracy rocks! on: November 04, 2016, 09:21:25 PM

Last I recall Oregon has a death penalty and allows the convict to choose the method of death from a list.  One guy within the last few decades, IIRC, choose death by hanging which was unusual but worked well by all accounts.  Edit:  Looks like I remembered wrong.  It was one Westley Allan Dodd in Washington state.

I always thought that it was kind of cool to give people a few choices in their final day.  I suppose as an honor to any potential spark of humanity which might (or might not) be hiding out in their souls.

It seems quite possible that Hillary would choose to be burnt at the stake, but I doubt that this is on anyone's list of perscribed execution methods.  Because she was such an important figure in history, I wonder if we cannot choose, democratically, to honor her in a manner befitting her possition?

Or maybe we should forget about Hillary's witchcraft shit, focus on her penchant for working with wahabists, and look to Saudi Arabia for assistance here.

11  Other / Politics & Society / Who replaces Hillary? on: September 12, 2016, 05:26:08 AM

I've been saying for half a year that Hillary will drop out if she has to face Trump.  With her 'health episode' today it looks like we won't have much longer to wait.

Of course the DNC says that it's ridiculous alt-right stuff and that they are not having emergency meetings.  I take this as meaning that that is exactly what is going on.  In fact I'll bet that such meetings have been going on for a while.

So, what do they do?

Sanders?  LOL!  That's a good one.  Watch his sorry old ass decline in a mock offering (and some more bruises on his face if necessary.)

Warren?  I don't think so.  She was being courted earlier but mysteriously 'buried the hatchet' and got off the 'war path.'  Probably the stench of Clinton corruption got to great even for her...after she nicely destroyed herself.  Besides, the banks would never allow it.

Kaine?  The 'vibe' says nope.  He remains VP.

Biden?  I thought so for a long time, but after I saw him trying to feel up every little girl that gets within grabbing distance, I don't think so.  We don't need a Creeper-in-Chief?  It's bad enough that he possesses a penis in the first place after all, and he doesn't have time to have it surgically removed which would qualify him in the eyes of the modern regressive Left.

Pelosi?  That would be my guess.  Half of Hillary's current support are women who admit to voting Hillary on the sole basis that she is also XX chromosome-wise.  Pelosi seems like the most logical choice in my off-hand brain-storming mostly because she can make some claim to having experience.  The people voting for Trump generally detest Pelosi, but they are not going to vote for any Dem anyway.


Another possibility I just thought of would be for the DNC to run Hillary's corpse with the promise that Bill Clinton would step in.  That would send the party faithful into multiple orgasms of pure ecstasy.  I guess there is some precedent for installing a candidate's spouse here in lower offices.  I guess it is fair to say that one of my Left-tard informants mentioned it a few days ago but I shrugged it off until just now.  Thinking back, I often understand the Left's projects through finding out what sort of programming has been mysteriously (to them) downloaded into their noodle.  So, maybe this is the way the DNC are going to try to play things.

12  Other / Politics & Society / Let's talk/vote about Donald Trump's MEAT! on: March 11, 2016, 06:24:24 AM

I propose that Donald Trump has 'trolled his way to the top' (borrowed from tomonews) and has relatively carefully planned certain actions a couple of moves out.  One of these was the 'fascist salute' thing.  One night he did it one way which was harmless and funny.  The next night he did it a different way which was even more in harmless and fun.  Fairly quickly a bunch of left-leaning imbeciles jumped on it and tried to make it into a Hitler thing.  Trump then proceeded to make these people look petty and stupid and he continues to do it to this day.  That's how I see it at least.

Now the meat thing.  Romney started out by dis'n Trump steaks as a failed business venture.  Now the fun begins.  Trump responds with his press conference which resembled Home Shopping Network where he displayed all of the wares that Romney had hit on.  Including streaks.

Of course it is true that 'Trump Steaks' sold at the Sharper Image was a failure and defunct.  Trump seems to have purchased the steaks at a grocery, though one that one of his hotels or whatever uses for their kitchen from time to time.  Tactical error?  I argue not.  It was certain that reporters would figure out the 'scam' right away.  They even left the vendor's wrapper on the steaks just to help out.

I suggest that Trump (or someone in his campaign) realised that they could get the entire left-leaning media hyperventilating about his meat and looking like the poster child of desperate losers grasping at trivialities to smear him.  This will pay dividends as more important things come up later and people have become accustom to the idiocy of his detractors in the press.  He also may have calculated (correctly) that the Left has been completely conditioned for the war-on-cows by the agenda-21 nonsense and the sight of red cow flesh would drive them into a blind rage.

The poll is to see who agrees with me that Trump and/or his strategists are this smart.


As I was developing this theory, it occurred to me that a great punch-line would be something like "{Hillary|Biden|whoever} just doesn't seem to be able to keep their mind off my meat."  Sure enough, at the start of the debate tonight, Anderson Cooper just had to interject something about Trump's meat, and it wasn't even that graceful.  When I saw that, I went looking for an image of Cooper looking gay.  In doing so I ran across the fact that the guy really is gay!  I had not realized this.  My 'gaydar' never did work very well.

13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Evil Blockstream to rule the world? on: August 29, 2015, 06:48:15 PM

I've heard this 1000 times.  I've never heard quite how they are supposed to do this?  At some point those making this proposition are going to have to piss or get off the pot and provide a plausible mechanism by which these nefarious punks (several of them current and very productive Bitcoin core devs) are going to pull this off.

For my part I put some effort into figuring out how they were supposed to make money, or even if they intend that as a primary goal.  Given that they seem pretty dedicated to open source and seem pretty transparent about what they are working on (e.g., Maxwell's presentation on 'elements') there are some questions about this.  It is just plain due-diligence to evaluate such questions.

Seems to me that if Blockstream is to open-source their stuff, pretty much anyone could take it and run.  Normally people open-source stuff because that is exactly what they hope will happen.  It seems in character with the work that many of those associated with Blockstream have previously demonstrated.

My first thought on how Blockstream was going to 'make money' was that they would act as consultants to provide advice and customization to clients who wished to run sidechains or whatever other core technology they had developed.  Also that if they remain a trusted group, their involvement with an organization running a sidechain would impart some credibility.  This is not an uncommon model in our tech sector today.  I think that Maxwell had mentioned basically the same strategy some time after I anticipated it.

Anyway, I hope some of the army of people asserting that Blockstream is going to exploit us all and somehow dominate the world will produce some plausible explanations about the mechanisms they are going to use.  Really!  For my own purposes I am going to have to decide how much to trust them going forward.

14  Economy / Speculation / Gold collapsing. Bitcoin UP. [NooNooPol] on: June 16, 2015, 07:29:57 PM
Cypherdoc added a new poll concerning the upcoming XT fork to his epic gold thread some time ago.  Since then a lot of information has come out and it seems that some people are getting cold feet about certain things and certain parties.

Unfortunately cypherdoc didn't see fit to make allow people to change their vote it seems.  I'm just curious to see how things look now.  Fire up them sock-puppets boys!


Update:  Cypherdoc changed his poll so I'll do likewise.  Standing as of Sat Jun 20 17:09:53 PDT 2015:

Question:    Will you support Gavin's recent block size hard fork proposal of 20MB by March 1, 2016?
yes    31 (66%)
no    16 (34%)

Total Voters: 47

Cypherdoc, true to totalitarian propagandist form, neglected again to make his poll updatable for those who finally wade through the deceit.

15  Other / Politics & Society / Greenwald 'imminent' NSA release (Jun 23 2014) Vote predictions! on: June 24, 2014, 02:13:42 AM

Supposedly Greenwald has an imminent release of documents detailing the high priority targets of NSA surveillance.

I suppose that most people are like me and think that the NSA is out to get me mostly and less important people later.

If one feels inclined to vote, do it soon...or don't brag about being right after the fact.

16  Other / Politics & Society / Russian CPU on: June 23, 2014, 08:10:25 PM

This is awesome news to me for a variety of reasons.  My interest is mostly associated with security, but some of them simply technical in terms of architecture.

I'll certainly try to be one of the first customers and an active tester of secure OS's that might run under the architecture.  Russia is not saying specifically that they don't trust American made chips to be free of back-doors.  Nor have I heard any official statements that the effort is to be sufficiently open-source.  It could be that Russia simply wants their own back-doors.  Even in this case, as an American a Russian exploit is less threatening to me than an NSA one.

I hope that the Russians follow up with (supposedly) secure chipsets and other necessary developments.  Ideally we'll see a complete suite of hardware components that can be audited.  As a consumer I would pay at least double for a device which I could realistically and comprehensively verified to be secure, and probably more.

It is interesting to me that the Chinese have not made more of an issue of this.  A logical hypothesis is that they are at least as interested in and proficient at implementing backdoors as the Americans are.

17  Other / Politics & Society / pentagon-mass-civil-breakdown on: June 14, 2014, 09:11:38 PM

Good one via The Guardian.  Brushes on some of the topics discussed on this board, and provides one of the most plausible explanations for the scope of intelligence agency internal population surveillance, 'fusion center' construction, etc:

18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin on-the-street today on: May 28, 2014, 06:40:47 AM

So, I'm in some supply store buying some culvert today.  One of the workers is kind of joking with another customer about all the ways a guy can pay for supplies and ticking off methods.  I interjected 'bitcoin?'  This got a laugh out of the other three who all seemed to have heard of it.

The worker who was helping me said that it is easily counterfeited now and the price has fallen through the floor.  He was clearly very disdainful of Bitcoin and 100% sure of his assertion.  I literally LOL'd and say 'No it's not!'  and proceeded to inform him that I know a lot about it and have made a ton of money screwing with it and he was badly misinformed.

Then I drove out to the yard to pick up the stuff I bought and he eventually wandered out to help me load it.  I asked him where he got his info.  He said that his brother is a banker and would not touch Bitcoin.  'Ah, a banker', I say.  'That explains it.'

The guy had already annoyed me by making me wait for to long (in addition to spouting nonsense about Bitcoin.)  Businesses which don't provide prompt and pleasant service would be advised to not have popcorn machines least irritated customers gobble it down by the handful while they wait and don't worry to much if a bunch of it gets all over the floor.  They had a good price on culvert at least.

19  Other / Politics & Society / Operation American Spring - days away! on: May 15, 2014, 06:07:08 AM

What is it?  A (supposedly) giant march like thing on Washington DC which will result in the ouster of Obama (among other miscreants.)  And it comes fresh on the heals of the rout of the evil BLM at Bundy's ranch in Nevada so 'We The People' clearly have the enemy on the run.  Weapons are only to be used in self defense of course.

I know you must be asking, is this from The Onion?  Believe it or not, it does not seem so:

Col. Sanders or whatever his name is expects 10M - 30M God-fearing patriots to show.  The 'M' stands for 'million'.  I'm thinking that might be somewhat optimistic, but who knows?  After all, the event is 'Ordained by God', so it could be a biggie!

Of course the Devil is snooping around so that could detract somewhat from the turn-out.  Time will tell, and we won't have to long to wait.  My popcorn is ready!

20  Other / Politics & Society / Dream ticket+ 2016 (U.S.) on: May 12, 2014, 08:58:11 PM

Pres:  Warren or Ventura
VP:   Ventura or Warren
Attney gen:  Greenwald
Homeland sec (until dismantled): Snowden
Sec Def: Rand Paul
Fed chair:  Ron Paul
Interior: Babbitt

Seriously, I would like to see Warren and Ventura travel together and debate.  I'm sure they have massive differences, but probably also respect for one another (or would.)  If they strongly hinted that they'll probably choose the other as a running-mate, that would be neat.

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