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61  Economy / Lending / [50 btc] 100% secured business development loan on: March 04, 2013, 05:01:31 AM
Hello. As part of an aggressive expansion plan, TU.SILVER is looking for a 50 BTC loan to help fund a purchase order. I'm trying to buy a 100oz bar of Silver and I'm looking for a purchase partner to put up half the money.

I will accept discussion on terms here directly, although I've created a BTCjam listing as well for convenience sake:

TU.SILVER Business Development Loan

Amount @ Rate
    ฿50.00000 @ 1.0%     (64% funded)
    118% Secured

    every 5th of the month


User Loan Activity
    0 Active, 1 Repaid

    2013-03-15 00:00
    (in 13 days)

    90 days


TU.SILVER business development loan.

TU.SILVER is the largest precious metals fund in the community, with more than 20 times the liquidity of all precious metals funds combined. TU.SILVER's volume is around 60oz per month.

I usually order 20oz. of silver at a time as coins. However, I can save more than 50% on shipping if I order 50oz. of silver at a time. Additionally we can get a bulk order discount of up to .50 cents per ounce of silver this way. This is very significant when you're trying to attract customers by beating your competitors in price as well as service.

Basically the plan is to buy silver in one form or another in bulk and then sell it for a profit. I suspect my volume would be even higher than 60oz. a month if I could move silver a bitcent lower than I do now.

Please see TU.SILVER's profile page here:

Please see TU.SILVER's audited monthly financial reports here:

Most recent weekly report:

Note: This is a 100% secured loan. As it should be.
Note: Loan will be paid back ahead of schedule if we move the silver before then.
62  Economy / Speculation / mtgoxUSD bounce to $41 drop to $20 on: March 02, 2013, 11:39:30 AM

It appears as if we will bounce back to ~10% over support just like we did the last three times.

Target price in 2-3 weeks: who knows, who cares?

Target price in 2-3months: just under $20
63  Other / Off-topic / The Funniest Joke in the World -- Ruined, forever. on: March 01, 2013, 04:23:02 AM
Once a soldier asked his commanding officer for a day's leave to attend his sister's wedding.
The officer asked him to wait outside the door for a few minutes while he considered the request.
The officer then called the soldier back in and said, "You are a liar. I've just phoned your sister and she told me she's already married."
"Well, sir, you're an even bigger liar," the soldier replied, "because I don't even have a sister."

Questions for Discussion
1.   Why did the soldier tell the officer a lie?
2.   Why did the officer tell the soldier a lie?
3.   Can you remember telling such lies?
4.   How does the well known proverb "A foot cannot stand on two boats" relate to this story?
5.   Compare and contrast this joke with the scene where Piggy's glasses are smashed against the rocks in "Lord of the Flies".

1.   Re-tell the joke in your own words.

64  Other / Off-topic / Are ninjas taking over the world? on: February 28, 2013, 03:54:59 PM
Today, ninjas are everywhere; on TV, in your brekffast cereal, right behind you.

Could a secret group of super ninjas be secretly taking over the world?

We've all be assured by all ninja sources that ninjas are good.

I'm curious after reading so many times its impossible what the general belief is at this point

what do you think? Could a super ninja take over the world?

Please share your comments...

65  Economy / Securities / [TU.SILVER] Free Kookaburra Silver Coin! on: February 28, 2013, 06:54:47 AM

I was playing some Starcraft II the other day when my wife came over and asked, "Honey, what's this?" and plunked down in front of me the most dirty, smudgey, disgusting thing I had ever seen in my entire life:

"Eww," I said, "Where did you find that?

"I was cleaning the top of the wall and it was really dusty. You must have put this there a couple of years ago. Does it help?

I took a look. The coin case was all dusty and broken, but there was absolutely no damage to the coin itself whatsoever.

"It fell down and broke when I was dusting. Is it ok?" she asked.

I looked at it for a moment and then my eyes widened. I slowly reached over and opened the case. My eyes reacted with shock when I saw a visually perfect 2006 Australian Kookaburra!

I quickly put the cover back on without touching the coin and flipped it over.

This was an amazing find! With a quick kiss to the wife I began typing up this message. I had an idea.

I was going to give this silver coin away -- FOR FREE.

But I wasn't going to just let this find go to waste. I was going to use it to promote my new silver coin shop, TU.SILVER. So the plan is simple. On March 7th, 7pm and seven minutes, JST (Japan Standard Time), I will pick a number* between one and the number of issued shares of TU.SILVER. I will then run down the list to see who is holding that particular share. I will then announce the winner here, in this very thread. The lucky winner can then send me an anonymous e-mail where to ship the coin! Or, should he/she wish, I will simply place this coin into safekeeping and transfer that account 10 shares of TU.SILVER.

So there you have it. Someone is going to get a FREE SILVER COIN on March 7th next week, and it COULD be YOU!

Happy stacking!

Note: No purchase is required to enter. You can enter this contest by answering a skill testing question: Why do you love TU.SILVER (500 words). Please PM answers to me and I will consider each entry as worth one share of Tu.SILVER for the purpose of this draw.

*Edit: I will place a 1 bitcoin bid from the TU.SILVER kitty (1Kitty8g4AMrU8QaLCntESmrvJNmz1QUGk) to Satoshidice. The number I roll will be divided by the number of shares of TU.SILVER, and the remainder will be used to choose the winner.
66  Economy / Securities / Silver/BTC Price Alert -- Why every investor needs TU.SILVER now! on: February 12, 2013, 03:51:46 AM
Hello, I'd like to issue an emergency price alert. Based on my analysis I've detected a top/reversal in progress.

I also believe an excellent way to play this trade is to buy SILVER -- either physical silver, or a fund like SaltySpitoon's LTC-SILVER, or my own TU.SILVER on BitFunder.

Please read this report.

Please let me know what you think of this analysis. I've been watching this situation for a while and it has begin to concern me greatly. This can't go on forever. I believe when the reversal hits it will be violent and without mercy.
67  Economy / Goods / [TU.SILVER] --> Silver for Sale <-- on: February 06, 2013, 02:37:30 PM

Note: Any dust is from the coin sheets. Coins are near-mint condition and have never been touched.

Welcome to the TU.SILVER silver store. We are currently selling unsold inventory sliver as 1/2 oz rounds for 2.0 BTC/oz. (1.0 BTC per round).

This price is subject to change without notice, but I'll guarantee we're cheaper than just about anyone else. Let me know if you see a list price somewhere you'd like us to beat!

There are three ways to buy:

1. (preferred)


3. Send me a PM with your custom order and I will give you a quote for the silver & shipping. --> We have other forms of silver available but can not guarantee delivery within 7 days on anything other than 1/2 oz rounds. For other forms of silver (1oz, 5oz, 10oz, 50oz and silver shot) please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance! I will be there for you.
68  Other / Politics & Society / Gang rape shatters family's dreams on: February 04, 2013, 01:27:03 AM
AP, NEW DELHI -- Her parents called her "bitiya," or little daughter. She was her family's biggest hope. In a country where women are routinely pushed into subservience, this 23-year-old who dreamed of becoming a doctor was going to lift them out of poverty.

"Without her we are lost," said her father, rocking on the edge of a bed in the family's tiny basement apartment, hugging himself as if to hold in the grief. The sadness enveloped him as he talked of his daughter, who died after she was gang-raped in a moving bus in New Delhi in December, a case that galvanized public anger in India over sexual attacks and the inability of authorities to stop them.

Indian culture has a deeply rooted preference for sons, and many daughters are expected to spend their lives caring for first their brothers and later their husbands. Yet these parents encouraged their bright, hardworking daughter to shine. The time for the two younger boys would come later, when their sister had a toehold in life.

"I never discriminated between my sons and daughter. I could see nothing else in this world but my children. They had to study at any cost," the father said, gracious even in his loss, handing steel cups of tea to a reporter.

Because of a legal gag order, the victim and her family cannot be identified until the end of the trial of alleged rapists.

The family reflects a small but growing part of Indian society that is changing. When their daughter said she wanted to go away to study physiotherapy in a hill town far from New Delhi, her father didn't think of holding her back. He asked the older son, who is in his late teens, to delay enrollment at an engineering college until his sister finished her studies. Money was scarce, and she was first in line.

"She was the hero of the film in our family. Always happy. Always laughing," the father said.

For most women in this country of 1.2 billion, there are few real choices. Tradition says they will get married and become mothers, preferably of boys. If they work, the money will go to their fathers or their husbands.

The mistreatment starts early with sex-selective abortions and even female infanticides that have skewed India's gender ratio to 914 girls under age 6 for every 1,000 boys. Girls get less medical care and less education than their brothers.

Twenty-five years ago, the victim's father got through high school, left his north Indian farming village and moved to New Delhi to escape poverty. He is still poor, he admits freely, gesturing around the tiny bedroom that passes for a living room when guests arrive.

But he was able to give his children something else.

"My own father could not educate me very much. He had no means. I wanted different things for my children."

He struggled for years, working as a security guard and making parts for washing machines. Three years ago, he got a job as a baggage handler at the New Delhi airport. Since then he has worked 16 hours a day, six days a week for about 12,000 rupees ($220) a month.

"We were struggling, but life was good," said the father, a heavyset man with graying hair in his mid-50s.

The poor in India often don't have family photographs, and there are no pictures of the young woman in the damp two-room basement the family calls home.
There are also no closets. Almost all their belongings clothes, blankets, towels, sheets hang on nails hammered into the thin brick walls. A naked bulb is the room's only light, except for a tiny window that opens at street level.

The kids fought, as siblings do, but also loved spending time together. After dinner they would crowd into the room where they slept or watched "Bigg Boss," a reality show, and laugh at the contestants locked inside a house for several months.

In the father's absence, it was the daughter whom both parents trusted most.

"She was the head of the family in the real sense," he said. "Now that she is gone I can't even see tomorrow clearly. I have no idea about the future."
It was a responsibility she took seriously. By the time she was in the ninth grade she was already working tutoring younger children in her neighborhood to help pay her school fees.

She also watched over her brothers to make sure they weren't falling behind in class.

"She gave us direction. She would ask us about our studies. We would ask her for help," said the brother who gave up his place in an engineering college.
The father had big dreams for her. But her dreams were bigger.

"She wanted to become a doctor. A really good doctor," he said.

Maybe that dream would have come true eventually. But she chose a less expensive route. Four years ago, she enrolled in a physiotherapy course at a school in Dehradun, a tiny town in the Himalayan foothills. She got an overnight job working at a call center to help pay for rent and school fees.
On most days she slept only a few hours in her rented room.

"We would have to call her every morning to make sure she got to class," said the brother.

Relatives in their home village, not used to a family giving a girl so much freedom, pestered the father to get her married. Such things are wrong, they told him. She was not behaving as a woman, as a daughter, is expected to behave.

He ignored them.

"College cannot be in your home. If you have to go out then you do," he said.

With a job as a hospital physiotherapist, her salary would have started at 12,000-15,000 rupees ($220-270) a month, already more than her father's pay.
By December, she was nearly finished. She was back in New Delhi, living at home and awaiting the results of her final exams.
On Dec. 16, everything changed. As they did every Sunday, the parents washed everyone's clothes. The daughter cooked a family meal of kidney bean curry and lentil fritters soaked in spicy yogurt.

"Everything was so normal," her brother said.

Later, she went to a mall to see a movie with a male friend.

Ordinarily she rarely came home after 8 p.m., and always called if she was late. But that night the family heard nothing. When they called, her cellphone was switched off. By 8:30 p.m. her brother had called all her friends.

At 11:10 p.m. the police called. They were told their daughter had been in an accident.

The truth was much worse.

The woman and her friend had gotten on a bus after the movie, looking for a way back to her home. But the bus turned out to be driven by six men out for a joy ride, according to police documents. For nearly an hour, they were driven through the city. He was beaten. She was gang-raped, and penetrated with metal rods, causing such severe internal injuries that doctors found parts of her intestines floating inside her abdomen.

Eventually, the two were dumped, naked and bleeding, by a busy road on the cold December night.

"Imagine how much she must have suffered," her brother said. "We would fight, you know. Brothers and sisters fight too. And if I pushed her too hard she felt pain."

But still, she fought to live.

"For almost 10 days her brain was alert," said her mother, a slim woman wrapped in a sari, her eyes red from weeks of weeping.

Police and a magistrate took statements from her in a New Delhi hospital. She remembered the names of her attackers. She recognized the faces in the photographs police showed her.

She broke down only once.

"She told me, 'Mummy, they beat me a lot.' That was the only time she showed her pain," the mother said.
When infection began to ravage her body, she was flown with her family to a Singapore hospital. But on Christmas she slipped into a coma. Her family never got to speak to her again. The girl they called little daughter died on Dec. 29.

Now, they feel varying degrees of rage and helplessness.

"Sometimes I want to kill them myself," the brother says, "but I know that would be wrong."

If convicted, five of the attackers could face death sentences. A sixth, declared a juvenile, would likely serve three years in a reform home if convicted.
"I want them to hang. They should not come out alive after what they did to my child," said the father. "This is not just about my daughter. If there is no justice in this case it will hurt the progress of girls in the whole country. Every parent will be afraid for their daughters."

"I always told my children, if you study hard you can escape this poverty. All my life I believed that," said her mother. "Now that dream has ended. My faith has left me."

Three weeks after her daughter died, her final exam results were announced. She had passed.
69  Other / Beginners & Help / Bitcoins for signatures (free bitcoins paid daily!) on: February 01, 2013, 07:11:47 AM
Here's a great way for new members to get bitcoins.

I will pay any newbie bitcoins for selling me their signature space. That's right, you can have free bitcoins, just for posting on bitcointalk! And if you're new (less than 1 day spent online) I will pay you on a daily basis!

Come join our community and have fun!

You can post your offer here:

If you can't post your offer because you're a newbie, no problem. Just get whitelisted or wait the normal 5 posts and 4 hours and make your offer then.

Thanks for coming to!
70  Economy / Auctions / Sell your Signature! on: February 01, 2013, 05:36:20 AM
I'm pleased to offer TU.SILVER's very first "sell your signature" campaign.

How it works is simple. You bid a price for changing your signature to some positive message regarding TU.SILVER (described below) and leaving it like that for the rest of February. I then pay you the amount of money you asked for.

I am going to spend an amazing TEN SHINEY BITCOINS on this. Whether or not you win any bitcoins depends on how low you bid for your signature, and to a certain extent what your proposed signature will be.

The following rules apply:

1. You must post at least 30 times in the month of February (approx. once per day) in order to get paid.
2. Your total posts, divided by the number of days you've spent online (see user stats) must be at least 10.
3. Your proposed signature must be a positive message regarding silver, gold, and/or TU.SILVER on BitFunder
4. ... and contain a link to the TU.SILVER page on BitFunder, or the TU.SILVER thread in the securities forum.
5. I reserve the right to reject any bid's proposed signature and rewrite it for you to conform to #3 or #4.
6. Should I choose to rewrite your proposed signature you have the right to opt-out of your bid.
7. All bids not struck by rule 6 or recanted within 10 minutes will be considered binding.

There are currently ten bitcoins available for YOU! Bid now! The auction will end in precisely 48 hours from the timestamp on this post.

Good luck!
71  Other / Meta / Fee Rule Proposal on: January 27, 2013, 02:43:53 PM
Proposal. Please implement a new rule:

For any scam accusation to be considered, a 1 BTC deposit must be paid. This deposit will not be refunded if, for any reason, the person who is being accused does not receive a scammer tag as a result of the thread against him.
72  Economy / Securities / [LTC-GLOBAL] Devil's Advocate presents: The Moderator's Union on: January 21, 2013, 05:07:51 PM
The recent thread on what criteria a LTC-GLOBAL moderator should use got me thinking.

What if a group of LTC-GLOBAL moderators self-organized and formed a company that provided contractual advice services to people trying to get listed on BTC-TC and/or LTC-GLOBAL? It would, essentially, be a small group of LTC-GLOBAL moderators who, for a small fee, would analyze a contract and come up with a list of (standard) criteria that they would want to see before they would approve the security. Of course, such a group of people would not be the only moderators capable of clearing a security. Any asset issuer would be free to try to list without the services of said fictional group.

But for those interested in paying a brireasonable fee, it would provide a one-stop-shop for not only getting approved, but also making sure your contract fixed up and beautified, and made acceptable to the community.

And possibly providing other services such as big bro ongoing oversight or accounting and financial reports.

Of course, buying such a service would not guarantee that you would get cleared for listing. Members would be free to vote as they see fit. I'm sure their paycheque from the company wouldn't influence their decision at all.

I have no intention or desire to set something like this up, but I have set up something similar for GLBSE actually. I'm just wondering what burnside (and other LTC-GLOBAL) moderators think of the idea.
73  Economy / Securities / [BitFunder] TU.SILVER -- Interim Report April 12th, 2013 on: January 20, 2013, 03:41:44 AM
OP/Thread moved to:
74  Economy / Securities / BMF auction of Bitfunder Securities - ENDS JAN 28, 2013 on: January 20, 2013, 01:42:57 AM
In order to expedite the process of closing down my companies I am prepared to offer the following deal:

Please only post bids in the auction forum. All questions or discussion on that thread can be posted here instead.
75  Economy / Auctions / BMF auction of Bitfunder Securities - ENDS JAN 28, 2013 on: January 20, 2013, 01:41:38 AM
Using the same auction rules outlined in

I have need to sell the following securities. There is no reasonable bid. Each of these securities has value, please investigate them:
1. ABM is run by PsychoticBoy, a staff member, and pays regular dividends.
2. JAH is an extremely old and reliable security which has never failed to pay near-daily dividends (and fat dividends, too).
3. DMC owns over 1,000 shares of ASICMINER, and 1,000 shares of BITBOND iirc. And some other stuff. There's value there too. Diablo is also a mod here.

ABM    209    169    40    ฿25.08000000
JAH    731    661    70    ฿58.48000000
DMC    1,303    1,303    0    ฿64.88940000
Total Estimated Value*:    ฿148.44940000
*: Estimated value based off of last trade price.

Opening bid is 0.001 per share. Please see rules before bidding. Auction closes January 28th, 2013.
76  Other / Off-topic / The Holographic Principle on: January 16, 2013, 01:10:01 AM
The most stunning advancement in Physics since Quantum Mechanics is the Holographic Principle.

The Holographic Principle states that no three-dimensional space can contain more information than that which can be expressed on it's boundary. Similar to a hologram. Imagine it thus; when looking out your window, everything you see is filtered through your window. This window is like an imaginary outer boundary to everything in the universe visible from your window. But the Holographic Principle operates like x-ray vision. Every bit of information possible is expressible on the boundary.

My question to you then is, what you think the implications of the Holographic Principle are. To me they are both strange and confusing. I'm particularly interested in gravity and the curvature of space. Since energy itself warps space, it would seem that the energy exists locally to that space. On the other hand, it has interesting implications regarding quantum entanglement which I have only glossed over so far.

Another proposal; the Schwartzchild radius is directly proportional to the amount of information contained in a black hole. This seems obvious at first, since it's proportional to the mass of the black hole. What I am proposing though is that the Schwartzchild radius is in fact physical proof of the Holographic Principle.
77  Other / Politics & Society / Thirty seconds to live on: January 12, 2013, 05:20:04 AM
Stop me if you've heard this one. There are a bunch of bacteria in a bottle and they double in number every minute. The bacteria are really small of course, but the bottle is expected to fill up after just 24 hours of growth. So one bacteria says to the other, "ahh, there's so much room in this bottle. Why, I look around me and I see that there is so much free and open space! Why, for every manbacteria womanbacteria and childbacteria in our bottle, there is enough land for ten!" and the other bacteria says "yes, that's true. What a wonderful place to live. Oh, I'm late for work, what time is it?" and the first bacteria says, "it's 11:56 pm.. four minutes before midnight".

Now, it should be mentioned, each bacteria only lives for one minute. After their minute is up, they shuffle off their mortal coil.

Three minutes and thirty seconds later, the current crop of bacteria are having a meeting. They look around. The bottle is about 75% full. However all the bacteria have started to become nervous because they can see and recognize they are running out of space. A giant effort is launched and the bacteria send out scout ships in the lab and luckily find an entire whole new bottle to populate. Celebrations are made, parties are thrown, and the new bottle is annexed in the name of bacteria-dom. All is good.

Then strangely, in the same generation, the bacteria which were teenagers during the first crisis, now old, see the same crisis repeating only this time it is approaching twice as quickly, and they are at a loss for a solution. It becomes apparent to them that their children will no longer be able to reproduce or the bottles will break and everyone will die. In a panic, having babies is made a crime.

Over the next several minutes, 90% of the population in both bottles dies. Many call the problem resolved, and the ban on babies is removed. But just a few generations later, the grandchildren of all children at the time of the ban being lifted find themselves facing the same problem. This time no one is able to react and there comes a food shortage; and as food is only added to the bottle each minute 99.99% of all the bacteria starve to death. Only a very small fraction is left in the bottle to start civilization anew.

Stop me if you've heard this before. The world population growth rate is just over 1%. Which means that it doubles in the span of one human lifetime. It's been stated that the upper limit on sustainable human population is between 10 and 12 billion. In fact, "According to UN's 2010 revision to its population projections, world population will peak at 10.1bn in 2100 compared to 7bn in 2011." (-wikipedia 'population growth').

So here we are at 7.5 billion people. The bottle is 75% full. But in stark contrast to the bacteria of the bottle most people I talk to have absolutely no idea of the need to find an entirely new planet to inhabit within our generation just so that our children can gnash their teeth at the hell they will have to go through of being forbidden to reproduce. It's either that or we need to put a worldwide ban on population growth now. Failing to do so will cause it to happen naturally (or worse, break the bottle).

I wonder what the UN is planning. A population growth rate of 1% implies a population of 17 or 18 billion in 2100 -- not 10 billion. Their figures do not make sense. The crisis will not come in 2100. It will come in our lifetimes.
78  Economy / Securities / [BMF/CPA/NYAN] Liquidation Auction on: January 09, 2013, 03:21:16 PM
Effective immediately, in order to win down as quickly, cleanly and fairly as possible, I post this:

Please discuss it here, and only post bids in the above thread. Thank you for keeping the forums clean and tidy.
79  Economy / Auctions / BMF / CPA / NYAN LIQUIDATION AUCTION on: January 09, 2013, 03:20:05 PM
BMF / CPA / NYAN Liquidation and close-down AUCTION


This is an auction for any amount of shares. Similar to bidding for advertisement slots.

a) Post your bids in this thread.
b) Prices must be stated in BTC per share.
c) You must state the max number of shares you want.
d) When the auction ends, the highest bidders will have their bids filled until all shares are filled.

So if someone bids for 200 of 200 shares @ 5 BTC and this is the highest bid per-share, then he'll get all 200 shares.
If the two highest bids are 200 shares at 1btc/share and 50 shares at 1.1btc/share, then the person who bid 1.1btc/share will get 50 shares and the person who bid 1btc will get 150 shares.

The notation "2 @ 5" means 2 shares for 5 BTC EACH. Not 2 shares for 5 BTC total.

- When you post a bid, the bids in your previous posts are considered to be automatically canceled. You can put multiple bids in one post, however.
- Bids must be at least 1% higher than the previous bid on a per-share or total value basis in order to cancel, replace or outbid an existing bid.
- I will end the auction on a per-share basis at an arbitrary time after January 20th but before January 30th, 2013.
- I will probably end the auction as a whole on January 26th, 2013.
- If two people bid at the same price (or within 1% as mentioned above), the person who bid first will have his shares filled first.
- Bids are considered invalid and will be ignored if they do not specify both a price and a max quantity, or if they could not possibly win any shares.
- If you have less than 500 forum posts you must pay a 10% deposit or your bid will be invalid. I will PM you with details, just bid and I'll give you the info you need for the deposit.
- If you make a typo don't worry, just re-post your bid within TEN MINUTES. Otherwise your bid is considered final and binding. This is the auction forum; you cannot edit your posts.
- Transfer of ownership will be done by actual transfer of shares online (i.e. on BTC-TC) where possible, or by signed GPG or Bitcoin Address where not possible.
- I reserve the right to bid on any shares here with my personal money.
- I reserve the right to update the rules of this auction for 72 hours after posting, should any special cases or other issues arise. I will post the updates in the thread.

If these rules are confusing, look at some of the past forum ad auctions to see how it's done. I may post periodic status updates which should help make things clear.

You must pay for your shares within 48 hours of receiving your winner's notification and payment address. Otherwise your shares may be sold to someone else.


007 (11 shares)
GIGAMINING (10 shares)
YABMC (30 shares)
BTC-MINING (300 shares)
BTCMC (165 shares)
BFLS.RIG (124 shares)
UDN (1000 shares)
FPGAMINING (635 shares)
OBSI.HRPT (10,089 shares)
JTME (170 shares)
ASICMINER (10 shares)
BIF.5-10.MININGBOND (120 shares)
TEEK.A (196 shares)
MU (150 shares)
MINING (121 shares)
TYGRR.BOND-A (200 shares)
M.ETF 80 (shares)
BDK.BND (100 shares)
BIF.1YR.LOAN (220 shares)
FPGA.ICORE.DEV (100 shares)
BIT.INC (438 shares)
BIB.BVPS (33,848 shares)
FZB.A (1,802 shares)
REBATE (500 shares)
ZIP.A (100 shares)
BIF-AG-INDEX (104 shares)
BITCOINMINV (200 shares)
BIF.P2P. LOANS (383 shares)
V.HRL (160 shares)
TEEK.B (50 shares)
Matthew N. Wright debt (750 btc)
Hashking Debt (550 btc)
Imsaguy debt (approx. 300 BTC)
PPT debt (everything from goat to brendio direct -- if you really want this just PM me)

Assets we are not sure we have rightful claim to as of yet (also for auction, but the only transfer of right we may give you is theoretical)
BAKEWELL (432 shares, asset issuer stated we are not on the list they got from Nefario)
BITCOINRS (2000 shares, asset issuer stated we are not on the list they got from Nefario)
80  Economy / Service Announcements / [] -- password fix & update on: January 09, 2013, 07:19:51 AM
Dear hotwallet users:

I've decided to continue running hotwallet for a little while longer. So I've been spending a couple hours here and there fixing it up and answering user's questions.

Bug Fixes:
 o We have identified and fixed a bug regarding passwords, which bricked some user's accounts. If your account is affected just send us a mail (anonymously if you prefer) and we can fix the problem.

Coming Soon (Hopefully in/before March 2013):
 o Litecoin/Bitcoin exchange
 o Interactive fiction game. I've been thinking about how to bets code something like this for a while. It will be a fun game.
 o Cold storage and/or a 'reserve' system: Manual or automatic offline storage so that if the server gets hacked your coins are safe.
 o Reserve system & insured deposits (even if we get hacked, your deposit is guaranteed by

As always, there are absolutely no fees for the basic service. Why should there be?

Good luck in 2013.
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