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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] CommunityCoin (COMM) | Pure PoS | Original COMM MultiPools Coming Soon on: April 05, 2014, 12:32:06 PM
COMMunitycoin: Everything We Do is Driven by COMMunity.
we have 17.5 m comm untouched  in our bounty wallet will be transferred who takes over the project.
Multipool 1 Live: Let's mine! (Thanks sameev) 2.5 m comm used from bounty

Anything else need to be updated in OP pm me.

COMMunity member @sameev29 have been planning to develop a profit switching multipool for Community coin. Currently its in the final stages of planning. It will have the following features:

*NOMP based backend with customized frontend
*5 good and stables coin each from X11,SHA-256 and Scrypt algorithms
*Profitability switching will take place by checking pool's coins' exchange rate from BTER,Mintpal,Cryptsy and
*Daily payments in COMM
*Pool stats
*Top 100 miners list
*Mining Instructions & support

We need a big amount of COMM pledge for the pool.
COMM Address: CRoz4DEVhAz9yT4q1brVvgnh7ZH8y2fnRW


- New Block Explorer Thanks, candidakefyr (Feedback needed)
- COMM website updated, feedbacks welcome
- COMM is winner on voting
- COMM has been added as a payout option multipool.  Payouts in COMM happen once daily ~03:15:00 UTC. 750k comm used as bounty here Cb9x2oaDwZjyAoQp3MpeaA9vzMitaFX5hQ

COMM Mining
1.)  COMM mining by multipool.  Payouts in COMM happen once daily ~03:15:00 UTC.

CommunityCoin - COMM

Official Website:

What is CommunityCoin?

COMMunity Coin is a Proof of Stake Coin. The initial distribution was made to qualified and experienced people in the crypto currency space.  Around 800 million coins remain extant as at 21st April 2014, when the initial distribution finished.
Further distribution is made by means of gifts, bounties and trading in the usual way, and PoS (30% interest in the first year) blocks maintain the network.

WALLET Downloads: (Open SSL Heartbleed Fixed)

Windows Client 1.5

Source: (updated for 1.5 as well)

Mac OS X  1.5.0

This a Linux wallet for  x86_64 *Buntus  [Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu] and derivatives like Mint, Crunchbang Linux!RkQQgJRa!5RcwiUIzhVSH9lVOi49TbkeaD8ph_aDMwH6Z4M3YCBY

Android wallet  
Less memory using android wallet needed reach me or post your offer in the thread

Block explorers

Mining COMM (recommended)

SOCIAL COMM unofficial not accessible Forum unofficial Reddit unofficial  Bitcointalk

New dice game for Community Coin!

They mention COMM



some graphics: (feedback needed)

Exchanges updated

Price charts (comm calculator)

Paper wallet

The COMMunity works together to increase the utility, and therefore value, by different enhancement/marketing/promotions, as well as technical ideas and progress . Everyone should have a part to play, and varying skills to bring to the table. The advantage of distributing this way is that  Founder Holders are generally experienced in the way CryptoCoins work, and will consequently contribute more to the COMMunity over time.  The COMMunity understands that coins need to be given and earned in the widest possible way to improve adoption.

Proof of Stake is far less energy intensive than Proof of Work (the standard method of generating Cryptos up until now). Under the correct conditions, it creates a more secure network, less prone to attack, and as it matures, provides faster confirmations of transactions.


Pure PoS Coin
- Block time : 60 seconds
- Difficulty retarget : every block
- 3 transaction confirmations
- 50 minted block confirmations
- PoS Minimum Coin Age 1 day

Variable interest , Stake (annualized rate):
Year-1: 30%
Year-2: 20%
Year-3: 10%
Year-4: 5%
Year-5: 2%
Year-6 on-wards : 1% annual stake for maintenance.

Initial nodes:

Connection: 20801
RPC:   20802

Your coin, My coin,  the community coin


What does the unlock wallet button do ?

- This is basically for sending or PoS mining ..if your wallet is locked with a passphrase, you need to unlock in order to get Stake blocks

Is COMM vulnerable to %51 attack ?

-PoS coins are very stable, and more resistant to this sort of attack.

My wallet hasn't minted any PoS blocks. What is wrong ?

-  The coins will need to have been in the wallet for at least 1 day, with no outgoing payments. After that, PoS minting is just a matter of:  Time with open wallet x Coin Age x CPU power. Larger blocks mint more quickly, older blocks mint more quickly, but all will mint stake in due course.

Community Targets:

Target: Bring your community target here. (PM me)

Target: Android wallet.

Target: Two Multipools (see plan

Target: Cold-Wallet-Minting

Target: Ask & to ADD COMM.

Target: Get Comm a Plastic card, similar to the

-COMM Wallet 1.5 ready

(1) Coin Control features
(2) Fixes by Adriano for blocking transactions from lost wallet
(3) Latest checkpoints

-Coin Control features allows you to control sending the coins with minimum coin-age, so to preserve maximum PoS generation.

This is how to use it: first you need to enable it, by going to Settings->Options click on "display" tab, then select "Display coin control features"  
Now under "Send coins" you see coin control features : click "inputs..." and 'list mode'' you can select what coins you want to send. You can select based on addresses, age, confirms, size etc.

To send the minimum coin-age coins, sort on "confirmations", and select those with low confirmations, these are the coins with less coin-age. Then you can send based on what you selected.

- Lost wallet issue, fixed at 1.5 wallet update. As a community, we are going strong, and with about 800 mil coins in circulation, we will have a better value of our coin! So delivery is basically completed, those who accepted & followed rules got their Comms. I apologise if people feel unfairly left out. This was an experimental delivery method, and was not perfect.


A wide distribution to experienced CryptoCurrency professionals and enthusiasts. There is a reserve remaining for bounties and payments for completion of specific projects.

1st thread locked:

2nd thread locked & opened:
- (Decision to 500) (application form coded)
- (Decision on bounty)

3rd thread: (wallet crash & decision to final round) (Adriano fix after crash)
Details of the Patch
Adriano's answer about patch

A real project is a new exchange for COMM, new shopping site, new media or social media share, anything can be agreed to benefit COMMunity. Not a real project is the one brings new question marks or confusion or insecurity in people mind. For example worrying about this and that and promoting it and so others can not offer & share with COMMunity real products.

Everyone is a part of COMMunity so this your coin, my coin, our coin let's work for it.

They like COMM's original idea
InformationCoin April 21, 2014, 10:57:23 AM
FreebiesCoin April 22, 2014, 02:33:08 AM
ShareCoin April 27, 2014, 07:50:30 PM
EnergyCoin April 29, 2014, 12:49:11 PM
SunflowerCoin May 03, 2014, 11:29:26 PM
CoffeeCoin May 05, 2014, 01:03:58 PM
... more & more.. +20 crypto copied our codes and idea... COMM owners know they are part of a big phenomena created in all bitcointalk history. We believed you!
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [RE-ANN] CommunityCoin (COMM) Fair & FREE Distribution | Pure PoS | on: April 05, 2014, 07:36:38 AM
This thread moved here:

Do not post here anything,

This thread moved here:

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] CommunityCoin (COMM) Fair & FREE Distribution | Pure PoS | Wallet Updated! on: March 25, 2014, 02:01:13 AM
COMM Wallet Update 1.2

COMM Wallet Update 1.2

it is a mandatory upgrade, and must be upgraded within 3 days
the switch will happen at block 20000
we are at block 13280 now
this version
(1) with new checkpoints
(2) will block pow generation after block 20000

Block explorer needed
We are the community betrayals will be punished.

New Application Form

You need to
1st (post under this thread reason to apply)
2nd (post one of the three or Cryptocointlak or FB page)
3th (fill this application form)

If you get your comm before DO NOT apply. We check only application now and then. Those who did not received crytos.
Must use the application form! Also those last minute posters, i reject those who posted 50 in last 2 days or one line answers... Also anything missing in the form or false data rejected. Don't steal my time.

CommunityCoin - COMM
(Community owned coin)

Official Website:

What is CommunityCoin?

CommunityCoin is a pure PoS coin. In the block 1 of the coin, 1 billion CommunityCoins are created. There will be no more PoW blocks that generate coins. The 1 billion coins will be distributed to 1000 individuals, each got 1 million coins, according to the following rules, completely free.

Anyone in the dev team will only get 1 part (1 million coins), like anyone else in the community. The dev team will get absolutely no more than a normal member. It is a truely zero-premined coin.

The coins will then grow through the generation of PoS blocks. The PoS blocks will be generated after minimum 1 day of holding of the coins.

How this works?

We establish a community and each of the community members has equal number of coins initially (1 million coins each)
We then work together and increase crypto values, by different enhancement/marketing/promotions.
Remember, it is your coin, it is my coin, it is the community coin. So if you want the coin to have a bright future, think of something creative and good for the coin!

Who is eligible to get free coins?

In order to ensure the quality of people in the community, we set the following minimum rules:

Rule 1: Only Bitcointalk account created before March 20, 2014 will be qualified
Rule 2: Only accounts with enough contribution (min. 50+ quality posts)
Rule 3: A promise to deserve groups actions and take active role in targets given such as voting, posting, pushing it hard survival of crypto.
Rule 4: Any post of wallet address in the thread will result in disqualifications (Bitcointalk rules does not allow it)

How/where do I apply for free coins?

You can apply on any of the 3 social places but has to have your usernames. Please apply only in one place, any duplicate application will result in immediate disqualification. any post of wallet address in the thread will result in disqualifications.

You can apply on any of the 3 social places but has to have your usernames. Please apply only in one place, any duplicate application will result in immediate disqualification. any post of wallet address in the thread will result in disqualifications.

You will need to post the wallet in fb or ecoiner or cryptocointalk otherwise we can't send it to you.



3) Facebook group (

To apply,
a. Go to any of the above 3 places, post your bitcointalk id and your CommunityCoin wallet address.
b. Post in this thread with the bitcointalk id you applied, state briefly why you want to join the community.
c. Please make sure you meet the rules above, otherwise your application will be ignored.

Once the CommunmityCoin dev team checked that you meet the rules, and believe that you will contribute to the community, then the 1 million coins will be sent to your wallet.

Please stay active in the thread after you joined the community.


Now! live

Coin Spec:

Pure PoS Coin
- 60 sec block time
- diff retarget each block
- 3 transaction confirmations
- 50 minted block confirmations
- PoS block generation after 1 day of holding

Variable interests (annual rate):
Year-1: 30%
Year-2: 20%
Year-3: 10%
Year-4: 5%
Year-5: 2%
Starting from Year-6: 1% annual interest for maintenance.

Connection: 20801
RPC:   20802


Windows Client V1.1 (2 April):

Source (2 April):

Initial nodes:


hey what does that unlock wallet button do  Roll Eyes

- this is for pos mining if your wallet is locked with a passphrase, you need to unlock in order to get pos block

Hello, excuse me why I haven't received the coin?
Is it because I did not meet the qualifications?

Community Contiributions
Mac Wallet (thank you w8)!yIZEGZgL!Xpn0b9oZJ-9R1mutQM4gvQof-BzcRVNOlpPmItUt0aI


Wallet Address


thank you instacash
correct icon

link =

zip md5 = 78ed7d7b309727d0e858e268403aec8f

COMM: CS2q6KwuvqJf7t64TH6qYWcv2ctuz3ksdw

Social forum reddit

Community Corner

thank you. At this step for me better to list first

Listed Main Items



Block explorer-

Logo and marketing graphics-


IRC chat

Android wallet-



Pool (mine other coin to rebuy comm)-

Thunderclap organizer-

after we list items then we can discuss the balance between each items

Translations each 1x
Games 10x
Merhant 20x

And after that we decide how much should be 1 x...
 X = 100k or 200k comm etc.

advice me more items to add this list i'll update or remove some items then we will agree on X balances. (not now first we stabilize items)
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