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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Altcoin exchanges that show full, unambiguous coin information on: August 06, 2022, 06:04:21 PM
I am on the hunt for new exchanges that service altcoins with a dedicated blockchain and a dedicated client (ie: not ERC20 tokens)

One of the nice things about Novaexchange (now closed) is that for each coin it included such information:

1. The coin name and ticker
2. The coin icon/logo
3. A link to the coin's official website
4. The blockchain height
5. A page with a list of current peers
6. A link to the github source

Many exchanges only show #1 and #2, at most.

With some coins having ambiguous names and/or ticker symbols, you could be confident with this extra information that you and the exchange were both using the exact same coin, and your client was properly synced relative to the exchange's client.

Curious if any currently open altcoin exchanges provide this level of detail?
2  Economy / Service Discussion / Localbitcoins: Account has multiple failed logins from unknown IPs on: August 23, 2019, 08:38:30 PM
In recent days my LBC account has been repeatedly probed:

08/17/2019 06:32    Failed login attempt
08/16/2019 22:30    Failed login attempt
08/16/2019 20:56    Failed login attempt
08/16/2019 17:10    Failed login attempt
08/14/2019 08:08    Failed login attempt
08/11/2019 16:36    Failed login attempt
08/11/2019 14:03    Failed login attempt
08/10/2019 23:55    Failed login attempt
08/10/2019 21:52    Failed login attempt
08/10/2019 18:01    Failed login attempt
08/10/2019 00:58    Failed login attempt
08/09/2019 08:18    Failed login attempt

All the IPs are from Malaysia, which is not where I live.

I'm assuming someone has scraped feedback and is targeting accounts they think will hold funds (mine is listed as 20+ BTC traded)

I have 2FA active on the account, so cracking it would be useless anyway. (If you're not using 2FA - enable it now!)

Anyone else seeing this sort of activity in their LBC account?
3  Economy / Economics / Australian Tax Office allows you to claim for lost (incl. stolen) private keys on: August 05, 2019, 05:55:48 PM

Thought this was interesting: if you can prove loss of a private key, you can claim a capital loss on your tax return.

A capital loss is not quite the same as a tax deduction, but it does mean that you can use that loss to offset other capital gains.

Proving a complete loss of your private keys could be an interesting exercise, particularly if the situation is not a slam dunk (like a HD crash with no backup.)
4  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Is this a puzzle/canary transaction? Unusual patterns in MD160 values. on: September 29, 2018, 04:03:39 AM

All outputs except one (change?) are the same 5480 satoshi amount.

Some of the addresses have interesting looking patterns or sequences when viewed in hex format:


This is just a quick visual browse of a few hundred hex values, so there's probably several I've missed. Viewing in binary or other formats may also reveal something.

To 'solve' patterns like this - matching a specific RIPEMD-160 hash - would effectively require brute forcing the private key space, right? So then, it's more like a canary: if the funds assigned to any of these non-random patterns ever moved, it would be a very unlikely coincidence, or an indication that something is very wrong.

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] PEEPCOIN / PCN: CLASSIC COMMUNITY, SINCE 2016 on: September 26, 2016, 05:50:14 PM
WARNING: In March 2019 the original dev (account name 'peepcoin') began posting in this thread. Please see this important message about his other fake accounts and criminal history:

PEEPCOIN was announced in July 2016 with some fantastic claims. After being called out as a scammer, the original dev (account name "peepcoin") has all but abandoned this coin, and has recently asked bitcointalk to close the main thread... I think it's time we take PEEPCOIN back!

  • PoW/PoS hybrid, now in PoS only phase
  • 100% PoS interest per year
  • Current coin supply is approximately 56 billion PCN (July 2018)

Download Windows client: (no need for config - just run the client and it should connect and sync.)

Online virus check:

Github source code:


A bootstrap is a snapshot of the blockchain which helps your client complete the initial sync a lot faster.

This is not required, but it will speed things up. If you're not sure of what you're doing, you can safely ignore the bootstrap, and the client will use peers to sync.

Download either:
or (a torrent of the above ZIP)

1. Make sure client is not running.
2. Unzip and copy/move bootstrap.dat into your data directory.
- on Windows systems this is typically in C:\Users\YourWindowsUserName\Appdata\Roaming\Peepcoin
3. Start the client. It may be unresponsive for some time as it syncs. The splash screen will say "Importing bootstrap blockchain data file."


DOGE:  (this is currently the most active market)


Block explorers: (main) (secondary / backup)

Mini FAQ:

Q: Where are my free coins? I was promised 555555 PCN when I signed up to the website. Please send them!
A: The original dev sent out a small number of free coins in late August 2016. He hasn't sent any since. It is not worth pursuing these coins because 555555 PCN is (currently) worth less than USD $0.01

Q: Why are people selling PCN for less than the $1 guaranteed value?
A: The 1 PCN = 1 USD claim by the original dev was wildly fantastic. It is not possible to create 39 billion dollars worth of value out of thin air. PCN is worth what someone will pay for it, and currently that is much, much less than the promised $1 value.

Q: Where is the Android wallet?
A: This was promised more than once by the original dev, but has never been seen.

Original thread: (142 rivetting pages of drama and entertainment Smiley )
Original website: (currently showing as suspended - this is controlled by the original dev, so be wary if this comes back to life)

Welcome to the network, PEEPs!  Grin
6  Economy / Exchanges / Warning: Cryptsy public API returning stale data. Don't rely on it! on: December 07, 2015, 12:08:18 AM
Just a warning that the Cryptsy public API is completely broken; it is returning the exact same stale data each time. If you're using software which fetches order book and market data using this API, you're gonna have a bad time. It was because of a loss that I incurred that I noticed the problem.

I have personally observed the same data returned from (MD5 ea6f1a947a1bb124e11044198c809447) for about 36 hours, but I expect that the data is from at least a few days ago, possibly even more than a week (this is meant to be a live API!)

From a Linux/BSD commandline the following will fetch the data and report the MD5. Try it yourself:

wget -O - "" | md5sum

My ticket reporting this issue was open for a couple of days, then it was quietly closed without any response. You can draw your own conclusions from that.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][CAGE] CAGECOIN REVIVAL: New difficulty algorithm, network moving again! on: August 11, 2014, 08:59:08 AM

Hi, I'm almightyruler, and I've just revived CAGE. The network died about 2 months ago because of a flawed difficulty retargeting algorithm, and has been stuck at a high and very unprofitable difficulty since then. I've updated the client to use a more reliable per-block retargeting algorithm, so we can finally get back to mining!


Windows QT client:

Source code:

Simply copy (or compile) this version over the old one. It is compatible with the existing wallet and blockchain database.

If you're a first time user, then on Windows all you need to do is run cagecoin-qt.exe. The client will set up the necessary databases.

Important: If you have had your old CAGE client running any time in the past 24 hours, you should delete peers.dat before starting the new client.

Features of the new version:

- Blockchain preserved. All previously mined blocks and transactions remain valid.
- Difficulty algorithm changed to per-block retargeting past block 156042, to avoid network getting stuck again
- Two seed nodes brought online, so clients can sync without needing any configuration (no need to mess with addnode)
- Peer finding via IRC improved
- Checkpoints added
- Fair relaunch (no instamine)

This is a HARD FORK, so you will not be able to mine, transact, or do anything useful unless you use this version.

Note about fair relaunch: the first 2880 blocks (approximately 48 hours) after the fork each have a reward of exactly 1 CAGE. This is to allow the network to reach equilibrium without people instamining and benefiting from the very low difficulty on the way up. After 2880 blocks, the rewards will return to normal amounts (currently random 0 to 500000 CAGE)

Since this is a relaunch I don't have any premine or instamine funds. Please consider donating for my time: DkCQGZ2qaDbxGSj18BkKrkfcFs1McicH1h


Algorithm: scrypt
Block time: 60 seconds
Difficulty retarget: every block
(original retarget was every 4 hours, which is what stalled the network)
Maximum supply: 100 billion CAGE
Reward block 1-100000: random 0 to 1000000 CAGE
Reward block 100001-200000: random 0 to 500000 CAGE
Reward block 200001-300000: random 0 to 250000 CAGE
Reward block 300001-400000: random 0 to 125000 CAGE
Reward block 400001-500000: random 0 to 62500 CAGE
Reward block 500001-600000: random 0 to 31250 CAGE
Reward block 600001 and on: fixed 10000 CAGE




Block explorer:

Let's get the word out that CAGE is back!

Original thread (most of the old links and services are dead) :
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / BEWARE forked or half dead altcoins that will eat up your download limit on: May 11, 2014, 02:12:56 PM
A week ago something on my home office network started using a heap of bandwidth. My average daily download went from 4GB/day to 28GB/day. By the time I noticed a few days later my monthly download was about 120GB higher than it usually is at this point of the billing cycle.

What happened? There is a bug/oversight in *coin code that causes a client to misbehave when a fork occurs; the client repeatedly asks for the same blocks from peers on another fork, but of course rejects them because they don't match the local copy of the chain. Client A doesn't slow down its rate of requests to Client B, even though it is getting back exactly the same data each time and will never resolve the fork, plus Client B does not ban Client A for abuse either. It's just two stupid computers stuck in an endless loop.

I think in this case it was either grain or mintcoin that caused the extra 120GB of download, but it can happen to pretty much any coin when it forks. I'm running over 60 altcoin clients so I guess I need to keep a better eye on things. Shocked

tl;dr if you have a download limit and leave old clients running you may end up in some trouble.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][CDC] CLOUDCOIN REVIVAL. PoW/PoS. ** LATEST MARCH 2015 OPENSSL FIX ** on: April 03, 2014, 01:07:29 PM
Update to v1.2 or later is recommended as a precaution, as this is compiled using OpenSSL 1.0.1g. Earlier versions of OpenSSL are vulnerable to the "Heartbleed" exploit. See below for download link.


First launched in July 2013, became sick due to a bug in January 2014, now revived in April 2014! The original dev has abandoned this coin so I have taken over to give it a new lease on life.

Original Specs:

- PoW+PoS hybrid
- 60 seconds per block
- Difficulty retargets every block
- PoW blocks:
  + 50 coins standard reward (1426 blocks/day)
  + bonus blocks of 4400 (1 block/day), 900 (3 blocks/day), 400 (10 blocks/day)
  + 1440 total PoW & PoS blocks per day

But things aren't so easy in the real world:

This coin is hard to mine. From the above specs, it sounds like there will be an average of (4400 x 1) + (900 x 3) + (400 x 10) + (50 x 1426) = 82400 CDC per day. But because this coin is so PoS heavy, it is actually a lot harder to mine. As well as PoS eating into the 1440 blocks per day allocation (a PoS block may only mint 0.01 or even 0.00) it also causes a lot of orphans. In one horrible day late last year almost every PoW block was orphaned; a total of about 250 CDC was minted over the entire 24 hours - less than 1% of the expected total!

So give this slightly unusual coin a try. Mining can be frustrating, but if you stick with it, you never know what could happen. Remember that big 4400 block is worth a whopping 88 standard blocks. Smiley

Please see below to ensure you are on the correct chain.

Where to download:

Download Cloudcoin v1.3.2 from Dropbox:

Windows GUI client:

Windows commandline daemon:

Source code:

Cloudcoin v1.1, v1.2 and v1.3.x are fully compatible with the files generated by the original v1.0/0.7.2 client. Just copy cloudcoin-qt.exe and/or cloudcoind.exe over the existing file.

How to ensure you are on the correct chain:

1. If you have never used CDC, installing and starting the new client will get you onto the correct chain.

2. If you have used CDC previously, but have not started the client since before January 2014, installing and starting the new client will get you onto the correct chain.

3. If you have used CDC more recently, and your block count is around 228xxx you will need to start over with the database. Install the new client, delete the following Cloudcoin files (blk0001.dat, blkindex.dat, and all of the database/ folder), then start the new client to sync onto the correct chain.

Warning: do not solo mine while your client is syncing! If your miner happens to find a block in the middle of a sync, you may start your own fork away from the main chain.

You should not need to use addnode= in cloudcoin.conf, but if you do run into syncing issues, the following peers are currently on the correct chain:

# List updated 10th June 2015
# coin: cloudcoin

Block explorers:


Exchanges:  (other currencies such as LTC, DOGE, DOT etc also available)

Happy mining!
10  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / gitian build (Windows client): vm asks for root password when compiling protobuf on: March 24, 2014, 12:47:38 PM
I've been running the several steps leading up to the point of being able to compile the Windows Bitcoin client with Gitian, but there's one final stumbling block: the vm (KVM) is asking for a root password when trying to compile protobuf. This is the only step so far where it has done this; I presume escalated privileges are needed to update the apt-get repository.

miner@miner-G31M-ES2L:~/gitian/gitian-builder$ ./bin/gbuild ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/protobuf-win.yml
--- Building for precise amd64 ---
Stopping target if it is up
Making a new image copy
Formatting 'target-precise-amd64.qcow2', fmt=qcow2 size=11811160064 backing_file='base-precise-amd64.qcow2' encryption=off cluster_size=65536 lazy_refcounts=off
Starting target
Checking if target is up
Preparing build environment
protobuf-2.5.0.tar.bz2                                                                                                                                                       100% 1823KB   1.8MB/s   00:00
Updating apt-get repository (log in var/install.log)
root@localhost's password:

I was hoping it may have just cloned the root or user password from the parent system, but no go. Default guesses like "root" or "ubuntu" also fail. I also tried on-target -u root passwd but this prompts for the root password.

Is there a default root password or do I need to do something silly like hax0r the VM to be able to change it? I've been using *nix for nearly 20 years but I've had very little experience with Linux, so I'm still pretty awkward when it comes to the lower level stuff.

Thanks in advance.
11  Economy / Reputation / almightyruler's reputation thread on: January 28, 2014, 12:31:48 AM
Hey all. New rep thread, but I've been around the forum for a couple of years. Smiley

Looking to offer one or more of my rigs for lease, which are dedicated, fully automated headless Linux boxes running new R9 cards.

If there's downtime due to equipment/power failure, or I make a silly mistake that affects your mining, I am happy to compensate you with extra time.

Remember to immediately configure your pool upon hire, and preferably add one or more additional pools as backup. If you only configure a single pool and it fails there's nothing I can do!

Feedback is welcome.
12  Economy / Trading Discussion / losing deposits - anyone else experiencing this? on: December 13, 2013, 02:33:00 AM
I have a problem with bter losing my deposits. So far 5 out of 15 have not been credited to my account, although they appear on the network with multiple confirmations.

I thought that this was an issue specific to my account or perhaps the coin, but it seems someone else is having the same problem:

I'm posting here as it will probably be more visible, and I'm not accusing them of scamming, so... is anyone else experiencing this issue too?

I've had to resort to splitting my deposits to minimise loss, because I know that sooner or later one is going to go missing. Sure enough, for the amount I split into two deposits about an hour ago, only one deposit was credited; the other showed briefly as "Processing" then just dropped off as if it had never been seen.

Support has not replied to my multiple emails about this. I'm assuming they've been deluged with requests from n00bs like every other exchange recently. I would, however, like this problem fixed.
13  Economy / Marketplace / Idea for exchange to implement: pawn your altcoins on: December 03, 2013, 01:39:40 PM
If you have balances on a bunch of different coins, how about a function to pawn them so you can get some quick money in a specific currency?

1. You ask to borrow an amount of currency 1 for period X. As collateral, you offer an amount of currency 2, multiplied by a risk factor determined by the exchange (eg how volatile the pair is, how long you want to borrow for) plus a penalty amount.

2. The exchange places a hold on your currency 2 collateral so that it cannot be used while currency 1 is on loan.

3. If you repay the amount of currency 1 (plus loan fee) within the specified period, the hold on currency 2 is removed. If you do not, you lose your currency 2 collateral, but get to keep the currency 1 amount. (If the market changes it may actually be advantageous for the customer to do this)

This could be a standalone service, but I think it would work better on an exchange, where you may only need a (very) short term loan in order to execute some trades. Because accounts are internal the exchange can instantly grant your loan and hold the collateral without needing to wait for blockchain deposits and confirms.

Thoughts? Has this been done already?
14  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Why does Bitcoin-qt under Windows XP periodically access my floppy drive? on: November 15, 2013, 01:09:13 AM
As per topic. Bitcoin-qt (and the 5+ altcoin clients derived from it that I have installed) will periodically try to access my floppy drive. The light goes on and I can hear the heads chatter momentarily. This happens maybe every 30 minutes, but if I'm running more than one client simultaneously they all do it at different times.

Why is the -qt client trying to access my floppy drive? (and presumably... other drives too, although these would be less obvious)
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / WARNING: don't set maxconnections to 8 or lower in your config on: September 23, 2013, 12:32:29 PM
I changed maxconnections to 8 for all 24 of my altcoin daemons, restarted them, then suddenly inbound connections no longer worked.

Lots of head scratching but I finally found the reason in the source: the client reserves 8 connections for outbound peers, even if they're not all actually connected. This value is hard coded. So if you specify maxconnections as 8 or lower, that leaves zero slots remaing for inbound connections. Any connect attempt by a peer is immediately closed.

I was trying to save a bit of bandwidth but ended up half killing off peering. Fixed now.
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