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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / Scammed by Sr. Member: anonimus for $220 on: January 21, 2015, 08:39:31 PM
Scammed by Sr. Member anonimus for $220 who was suppose to give me 0.8671 in BTC. I'll remove this if he comes through. He says he is now waiting for a withdrawal request from an exchange before he sends me BTC. Before it was immediately after payment. Wanted to get this up right away just in case. PM's and confirmations below and asked him to send me a PM with all the info for proof sake.

User profile:;u=183243

And wallet is empty that we agreed upon right now:

Payment cofirmations here:

2  Economy / Currency exchange / Selling EgoPay for STP, BTC or PM on: January 21, 2015, 07:12:20 PM
Looking to sell EgoPay funds for either Solidtrustpay, Perfectmoney, or BTC. Open to any offers.

3  Bitcoin / Mining support / Unconfirmed transaction help on: May 27, 2014, 02:34:03 AM
Ugh, don't know why a TX fee wasn't added. Don't really know how I can speed things up
Don't know what can be done to speed it up as its been quite a few hours or if anyone can assist, it would be much appreciated!
4  Economy / Investor-based games / Playing HYIP's and Who to Avoid - AVOID Bitcoin-Trader & on: April 29, 2014, 05:29:06 PM
UPDATE: JANUARY 15TH, 2015: back on the forum, thread is outdated when it comes to individual HYIP's - advice still stands!

Asked a moderator about creating this thread since the HYIP community has made a huge presence into the Bitcoin community, but mostly in a negative way.

I've been playing HYIP's long before Bitcoin, but for the majority of Bitcoin's history they have been two completely separate communities. The HYIP industry is controlled by a few successful admins at any given time, but a scummy one or two have found a golden goose in the Bitcoin community by paying the right promoters, playing the right story, to push fancy ponzi games (a HYIP) that can't go the distance. There are admins that run great successful programs that pay for as long as possible like many do over the years and that's why there's lots of us that still play them even after all these years. I base my investments into HYIP's solely on the promoters I am friends with on Skype and the HYIP exchangers on Skype that exchange STP funds for admins to cash them out of STP.

HYIP's to avoid immediately for masquerading as legitimate companies, some completely disassociating themselves from the HYIP industry in the intent to scam even bigger than previous attempts. Bitcoin-Trader is at the top of the list

1. Bitcoin-Trader ( This one is at the top of my list for avoiding now. They are trying EXTRA hard to distance themselves from the HYIP community, but that admin sure knows a lot about HYIP's to "not be one" haha. TOP notch HYIP script - shadowscripts (backend) that actually is also used by one of my favorite HYIP's that doesn't pretend to not be a HYIP. Uses all the usual popular HYIP accepting processors as well. You've been warned! This program has probably so far taken the least of all the programs on my list, but it has the potential to become the biggest and richest scam.

2. Btc-arbs TOTAL SCAM NO MORE PAYOUTS: I called this one out first on this forum after I saw Leancy rape this community as expected. Now of course it is scam, but I still mention it since there's lunacy of having hope in the btc-arbs thread.

3. Rockwell-partners ( Sister site to Btc-arbs, exchanging massive amounts of STP for several weeks now. Making deals with STP exchangers to cash out larger amounts quicker. Downhill from here folks and so quickly. You've been warned!

4. Bitcofinancial TOTAL SCAM NO MORE PAYOUTS: Cheap imitation, likely a newbie admin trying to cash in on the BTC story like Btc-arbs and Bitcoin-trader.

5. mydailybitcoin: a lot like bitcofinancial - cheap imitation - stay far away - not being promoted by any power promoters

I think its great for Bitcoiners to join the HYIP community, but 1 or 2 of the admins are sure leaving a sour taste in people's mouths. I'll gladly discuss current ones I am in in private, and I only give out a referral link if you request it from me. I'll gladly discuss strategies and any new updates to this thread. I got a lot of hate when I posted the one pick I was in when I first joined, so I deleted that ref link and will no longer be promoting and linking. If you really want to know my picks and play HYIP's I can discuss them in private and if you want to use a ref link, I will only give it out if asked. I've already had people PM me and sign up not using my ref link and that is also perfectly fine as I use my own money to invest and choose HYIP's to play.

I have set this thread to self-moderated because there are some promoters obviously on this forum with the only goal of quieting those who speak against their programs and pumping the story and legitimacy of their shady programs. The bitcoin community is suppose to be of the most savvy tech people and being robbed of millions by the worst HYIP admins is not the way to go

I have a near flawless record in HYIP investing over the past year and over a 1000% return last year. Those who play the HYIP's above won't ever have similar results

Another great thread with some pretty good info on this forum by another user who has analyzed HYIP's:
5  Bitcoin / Project Development / Bitcoin Gambling / Dice Site - looking for full stack developer on: April 27, 2014, 08:13:50 PM
Are there any reputable talented web developers/studios out there accepting Bitcoin?

Would like to start the process on developing a bitcoin exclusive gambling property.
6  Economy / Gambling / DAILY ROI: 1.8 - 2.6% Daily on: April 04, 2014, 05:57:10 PM
Last Edit:    Today, April 30th at 06:22:10 AM

I no longer share my HYIP investment choices unless asked to by PM. I also do not give out referral links unless explicitly asked for one. Some extremely spiteful people on this board, more than likely paid ponzi pumpers of the scummy HYIP sites trying to scam Bitcoiners in particular with their false stories of "Bitcoin arbitrage trading" and the likes.

Updating this post again one more time since some fucktards like to link to it constantly to detract from real conversations going on about btc-arbs, a program I called out for the scummy scam it was. I had a referral link in this thread which was removed almost immediately when people posted below. I then on April 30th removed all the content of the post. None the less I have never bumped this thread since originally posting it and I can't delete threads.
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