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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / WARNING: SmokeAndMirrors Is a SCAMMER! on: August 08, 2011, 03:39:27 AM
SMokeandMirrors is a thief/scammer.

As we all know through Bitcoin trades, especially when made through PayPal. As, BTC are irreversible it's most secure for both parties if the buyer sends the money first.

SmokeandMirrors is a thief!


Skype: jay.schr

2  Other / Beginners & Help / Got Scammed Twice in 3 Days on: August 06, 2011, 11:29:07 PM
Tried Buying Bitcoins and Got Scammed TWICE..

Middleman and by someone else that got banned and deleted.

Just a warning to some of you noobs.. Be careful ffs..
3  Other / Politics & Society / What We Are Capable Of on: July 18, 2011, 04:30:19 AM

Interesting video, I thought I'd share it

Enjoy, Cheers!
4  Other / Beginners & Help / Delete on: July 16, 2011, 05:03:31 PM
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / New Bitcoin MarketPlace - Reliable, Instant, Cash to BTC Options on: July 16, 2011, 05:02:46 PM
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Do You Have A Bitcoin Website? Do You Want to Be On The First Page Of Google? on: July 08, 2011, 02:51:12 AM
Do You Want Your Site On The First Page Of Google When You Type In "Bitcoin"?

In the world of always-changing algorithm we have to stop and ask ourselves - how are the big players doing their SEO?
How  ones like TechCrunch, Amazon and The New York Times are using "Black  Hole" SEO technique to rank fast and high - 100% white hat.

I am welcoming you in first publicly available private News network!
Become #1 page for hundreds of keywords and get amazing authority by receiving juice from 8.000.000 backlinks every month!

What is Black Hole SEO?

Black Hole SEO - implemented by the largest sites on the web, it is the way to break down or bend Google physics.
Invented 6 years ago, it was the biggest secret that huge corporations were defending in all possible ways.
Black  Hole website will be the very end product of a huge network of real  websites, that will channel SEO authority and link juice.
The money  site on the end of the process will use only no-follow outbound links,  so the juice will never escape, and will be caught in a trap - Black  Hole.

How does Black Hole network look like?

The whole construction of a Black Hole network is the best kept secret.
It consists 3 tiers of properties including real websites build just for this purpose.
The  problem of many small providers creating such networks is that they are  using free platforms and low quality .info or domains to build  the network that gives only short term results.
Imagine now that you have a huge network where top tier properties are real websites build just to channel SEO to your website and creating constantly new backlinks!

"4 Level" explanation:

1: Money site - your main site where you will set all outbound links to no-follow in order to catch SEO juice in a trap.
2:  1st tier of 200 unique .com/org/net websites (added over 2 months for natural effect),  each creating tens of highest quality pages of content. Each website  has only 50 outbound urls.
3: 2nd tier that links to Black  Hole channels - build over a time. Consisting of around 2.000 quality  article and web 2.0 backlinks created every month for every tier one  website (total of 400.000 backlinks a month).
4: 3rd tier - 20  backlinks linking to each backlink in 2nd tier to capture even more SEO  juice (total of 8.000.000 backlinks a month).

To explain even further let's see how many backlinks will be channeled to your website:

Tier 1: 200 websites channeling juice of tier 2 and 3 backlinks and giving minimum of 2.000 backlinks
Tier 2: 400.000 backlinks created for tier 1.
Tier 3: 8 million backlinks created for tier 2.
Together 8.402.000 quality backlinks will be sucked out of their authority and channeled to your money site each month!

How is it possible to grab so much juice?

It is called SEO Drainage process that Black Hole uses:

1. Link juice follows network path and flows into the money site, but it can never escape.
2. External Sites lose link juice at the expense of the black hole.
3. The relative link juice mass of the black hole expands exponentially.

Can Google find out and penalize such a network?

No,  the Black Hole SEO will pass all Google checks, including Manual ones.  Network is build in a way to pass Manual Review by Google.
All sites in 1 Tier are real websites.
We removed any kind of footprint that is checkable by Google.

How Tier 1 websites are created?

Tier  1 websites are genuine properties, that are using common love of Google  to news websites, to get as much authority as possible.
They are  real .com .org and .net tlds (no subdomains), that fetch quality and  related to money site news, and put your anchor in the content.
All sites in tier 1 rank for real keywords.
All  of them are EMDs as well, so they will receive great organic traffic  that will be passed on to money sites. This will help us to look natural  when manually reviewed by Google. They will give us more authority too  from organic searches.
Also each website has different c-class IP, and different nameservers.
We  have 2 dedicated servers with specifications: 25 Ghz CPU, 24 GB Ram on  100 Mb unlimited backbone to guarantee uninterrupted work and constant  backlinks flow.

When can I see results?

This  method is created to get long term results, and as it is White Hat, you  need to wait 2 months to see first good results, and 3-4 months to get  Black Hole website status (no overnight results, and worrying about  Google algorithm changes - we provide long term safe rankings).
Be aware that 1st month you will receive only 50% of the networks power to avoid un-natural rise in authority!

What is a timeframe of this service?

1st month - Construction - adding money site to first 100 websites, backlinking tier one websites.
2nd month - Growth - adding money site to second group of 100 websites hosted in different A class data center. Backlinking both groups.
3rd month and so on - Authority  - 75% tier 1 websites are in top3 spot receiving great traffic and  authority. All money sites are gaining first page positions for tens of  terms they didn't even think of. Network has a full ranking power.

What do I need to do after ordering?

After the setup the whole process is fully automated.
You need to provide us with target url, 3 main keywords, and up to 20 secondary keywords.
You will also need to change all external links from targeted url to no-follow.
You  do not need to change whole website to no-follow (this is advisable for  best results), just target url is fine, and it will bring good results  too.
The whole process is fully automatic and do not require any action on your side.

What I can expect from this service?

-Steady and White Hat growth in rankings
-Minimum of 2.000 backlinks from tier 1 sites every month (maximum of only $0,05 per quality backlink!)
-Average of 8.000.000 backlinks in the network created each month - thats only $0,00001 per backlink!
-"Google Manual Review" bulletproof system
-Organic traffic coming from Google search through tier 1 sites!
-Power of 8 Million fresh Backlinks a month injected in to your site without leaving any footprint
-No more than 50 outbound urls per tier 1 site!
-40 Homepage Anchor Backlinks on Tier 1 sites providing extra authority and click-through traffic
-Full monthly report with all your backlinks created
-Set and forget system
-Just one outgoing backlink per inner page, and maximum of 10 per home page!

Can I use this on my corporate website?

Yes, you can!
Any  footprint, bad links and track to you will be removed once they  bounce off 2nd and 1st tier. You will get only genuine and 100% White  Hat backlinks from tier 1!

How to order?

Simply follow link below to subscribe.
You will be asked for all the details there, so we can start the work straight away!
This service is limited to only 50 spots at an amazing introductory price of $97 per month!

1) Bitcoin
2) Bitcoins
3) How To Make Bitcoins

Post A Reply Here to Order!

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