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1  Economy / Goods / WTB : Tractor on: September 25, 2013, 06:50:30 PM
Yep a tractor. Really.

Paying up to 300BTC

Needs Minimum

Front End Loader ( FEL )
Hydrostatic transmission
25+ HP

box blade
60"+ mower, mid mount or rear finish mower/Bush hog.

Delivery/pickup near/to Treasure Coast area of FL.

I am open to someone who wants to buy into a large amount of bitcoins to buy new for me at a dealer.
There are several dealers who will ship tractors. I would require that you pay the dealer in a non reversible means, wire transfer or certified funds and that all paperwork etc be in my name.
2  Economy / Currency exchange / FS: IXCoins, lots of ixcoins. on: April 30, 2013, 07:30:57 PM
I have > 103,872 ixcoins totally virgin mined ixcoins.

you can buy the whole wallet or I can sell them in blocks. whatever.

going rate on vircurex is .0002-.0003 BTC/IXC

I'm taking offers, highest bid(s) on 5/5 EST, my time, gets them.

3  Bitcoin / Hardware / Mini Thermal Analysis of Avalon on: March 29, 2013, 02:15:43 AM
I said I would do this when my units came in.

Here they are. This is what they look like sitting on my lab bench.
The fans are running. When everything is ok, it's blue. When something is wrong, its red.

You can notice that they are notched to allow stacking with each other. A very nice touch. Everyone should have more than one!

Thermal Imaging. All temperatures are Celsius.
It should be noted that I put the top back on after each image for a while to let the units try to be operated as briefly as possible with the cover removed so as not to skew the results.

Here's the same view in IR

Here's the top unit with the cover removed

The next two images are of the card next to the powersupply. The other two cards are hard to images because of how close they are.

Another view from the front with the top removed.

A closeup on the "Hot" part of the 3rd module

A view from the back side of the case looking in.

Here's the money shot. You can see the temperature gradient along the heatsink The front is cool, the back is warmer. The further from the intake the warmer the cards.
It's also worth noting that all 3 cards have similar temperatures. Even the 3rd card that's exposed it only slightly hotter in the bottom corner.
The 1st card wedged up by the powersupply is also cooled very well.

and lastly, just for fun

This is just a quick review. I'll go much more in depth later. I'm getting ready for some heavy travel shortly. At some point I'd like to do a full tear down and take some xray of the boards, when scheduling and equipment permits.

Thanks to team Avalon for the new toys!
4  Bitcoin / Hardware / Who else from Avalon batch 1 hasn't received a unit or shipping information? on: March 25, 2013, 01:28:14 AM
Please limit this thread only to people who ordered and haven't received a unit or tracking/shipment information about their order. Only information pertinent should be posted, the rest will be pruned if deemed irrelevant.

Please post your order number and your order date. Please note if you do not wish for Avalon to publicly confirm your order status. Otherwise this is a request for Avalon team to do so.

If you receive your units, or get information please update OP.

Please post if you have had any communication, or posted a support ticket or called DHL or EMS about your order.

It's sad it has to come to this but it's necessary since avalon is pumping batch 3 buyers, while the "+trust" batch one buyers are still in the dark and batch 2 is taking a "break".

Bitsyncom, Dr Zhang : please respond and let everyone know what's going on and confirm orders have been shipped or not if the user requested. We don't want to shame you, we only want a little information and some answers. A simple response such as "shipped date,DHL"or "shipped date,EMS" is sufficient.

OP will be updated as much as possible.

Delivered! Aseras    Order 20000300      Oct 2nd     ( created ticket in January after DHL switch since my address is not reachable by DHL, only EMS/mail. No response. Emailed Yifu, received response march 19th that shipping soon, unable to confirm with shipper )
Delivered! Tripper22 Order 200000152 Sep 23rd
Delivered! Vicus     Order 200000618 Oct 12 Stuck in customs
Delivered xempew    Order 200000864 Nov 26
Delivered spiccioli  Order 200000381 Oct 3
sgravina Delivered    Order 200000501  Oct 4
Delivered! Uncle Scrooge Order 200000819 Nov 20
Delivered! needbmw   Order 20000855,200000858  Nov
myrond       order 200000345, Payment made October 3rd 2012
Mikej0h  Delivered   Order 20000079x  Date of confirmed payment (wired): 22 november 2012
JerimiahJohnson      Order # 200000393  Slightly more Partially delivered
Delivered! OTtAn     order 200000176/200000870 payment complete 27.09.2012
Delivered! plastyc    order 200000741  Date of confirmed wire payment: 19.11.2012
Fullsurface order #200000852 not received
libertybuck   Order # 200000255  Partially delivered
caoxg  Delivered
melmo Order #200000573 Oct 6th
jerseyjon Order #200000789 Nov 18
delivered server Order #200000414 Oct 3rd
Begru Order 200000453,Order 200000456,Order 200000465,Order 200000540 Partially delivered
5  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB broken 5870 $5-$15 on: July 19, 2012, 12:09:24 AM
Don't need fan or heatsink just the pcb. Even if it's cracked in half. As long as the end toward the video connectors is ok.

Tell me what ya got and what ya want.
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