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1  Other / Meta / Ban Appeal - WSBC WallStreetBetsCoin - wallstreetbetscoin account on: February 17, 2021, 07:30:56 PM
So I just received a 30 day BAN on the forum.  I was absolutely shocked that his happened.

I was told that it was because of "Incentivizing POSTS" and would last 30 days.

I will start by stating that people were in fact posting their wallet addresses on the forum.  After I was told by someone in my community that we cant incentivize I actually posted that WE DO NOT ask or request that anyone post their addresses on the forum and that there would be NO BONUS or reason to do so.

You can check for yourself on the ANN on around page 3 or 4....  I literally told people that there is no reason to do so.  I have not plagiarized anyone or done anything out of normal.  As a matter of fact, I love this community and paid BTC to become a copper member.

I ask sincerely, taking into consideration what I am saying, ask that you restore my ANN and account to use please.  I was told by lost accounts support to post on here to ask for an Appeal.  No one emailed or contacted me prior to the ban or warned me.  It was just gone yesterday.

 I was also warned by lost accounts not to post another ANN using another account or do anything besides this one post to APPEAL.

Please restore my account wallstreetbetscoin and my ANN.  I will make sure to update the ANN Explicitly telling users not to post their wallet addresses and that there is no reward for doing so.  (I already did that once)

We are already on an Exchange, Blockfolio and about to get on other websites and Apps, we need the BitcoinTalk ANN for our applications.  Our Discord is already at 400 peeps.  We all ask that you restore us.  

Thank you for you time, I hope you reconsider the 30 day ban.

~WallStreetBetsCoin - WSBC
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