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1  Economy / Marketplace / VoltageGoat Tickers (Voltage Goat) - Not working. Update information. Yada yada on: December 22, 2022, 08:30:10 AM
Hey Peepz:

All of the Live Stream tickers went down on 22/12/02 in the United States and a couple other countries.
The issue was caused when Binance changed the stream (for the first time ever (that I know of)). Their change log says they added a stream, but in fact killed the stream without notice and started a new one.

We discovered this before being contacted by any users since our tickers at home went offline.
The fix only took seconds; however, code must be recompiled for all of our devices.  The real issue is how to notify and update everyone.
We sent out emails to all the contacts that purchased directly from us; however, it appears we didn't have all emails (like those tickers given away as gifts or spam filters ate it, etc.

Please read the details and instructions at.... Update Information /   

It's a live document, so I may make changes in order to better explain instructions.

Ultimately, we put out a poll years ago requesting thoughts on if self-updating was an issue. Overwhelmingly, we were told that a call home feature was NOT wanted.  And now, everyone is for it.  So, the firmware updates listed have the update to the new stream and the ability to take on self-updates when they're available.  Please note that it doesn't matter if you bought something this year or five years ago. We still support everthing.

Also note that there is likely several items at the bottom of the above document that you may not have seen.
And, if you want the update without a call home, I can make that available as well; however, we will not longer support them since it IS a big hassle with one-on-one emails each time there is an update.

Lastly, again, this is NOT for tickers that update once every few minutes as they reach out to coinbase (if memory serves me correctly).  That said, you can use the firmware to update any device to live stream.  Not suggested since I haven't done extensive testing.

Oh, and there is going to be new updates which I am sure people will love.  Namely using a browser to go to the IP address of the ticker on the network to see live streamed prices for a select few cryptos and certain settings.

Please contact me directly with any questions or suggestions. (Not via Bitcointalk since I rarely login.)
Support .at.  Voltage Goat [dot] com   (Obviously one word).

2  Economy / Digital goods / Free Raffle - AMC Movie Theater - COKE or POPCORN on: June 06, 2022, 01:54:53 AM
Free raffle for a ticket via message for a Large Refillable Coke or Large Refillable Popcorn at AMC Movie theaters.
Quite simply, I have many but they expire on 6/30 and I don't have time to use them.

16 Spots.

Simply make a Post with the spot you want.
Once the spots fill, it is complete.   I will provide it with a message.

01 -
02 -
03 -
04 -
05 -
06 -
07 -
08 -
09 -
0A -
0B -
0C -
0D -
0E -
0F -


3  Economy / Goods / Bitcoin Crypto Coin WiFi BTC 7 Segment Mechanical Real Time Price Ticker Display on: August 08, 2021, 08:24:05 AM
This post can be considered an auction.
End of the auction: August 15, 7:00 PM PST

(Any bids in the last 10 minutes extend the auction by 10 minutes from the last bid.)
(Basically, a bid at 6:55:26 means the auction ends at 7:05:26)
(- That said, a further bid at 7:03:14 should reset that timer to then end at 7:13:14)

Starting bid: 0.007 BTC ~ $299 at time of post which includes free shipping.
Bid Increments: 0.0001 BTC
Payment Methods Accepted: BTC (Only Bitcoin) --  USD version on ebay.
- To avoid being scammed, payment is ONLY to:  18c56Cs21fdijtkLoodFdunEQ4tnZ8zuEz

Condition: Prototype  (end user updatable to new features when available).
Delivery: International Free .
Hand Made by: M1 & CQ
Customization: Currently None - Via request, we can change to a different crypto, color, text, other updates.

- handmade - This is not a mass produced item - At this time, limited to only 3 (The Prototypes).
- 100+ parts individually placed.  Parts come from around the world to complete the unit.
- This uses a standard 12Volt DC Walwart (AC/DC converter) which is provided - Positive Tip - 2.1mm barrel connector. 
(International buyers would need a converter or simply a 12Volt walwart for their country)

Size:~ height 4" x width 4" x length - 8"
Please visit our website for our other items and tickers at: Voltage Goat - Although these units not listed.

Bitcoin Price Ticker -  6 Digit / 7 Segment Mechanical Display from Voltage Goat
Best Viewed / Displayed via Youtube at the following links:
23 seconds while in the case - To see and hear the price updates.

46 seconds outside of the case - To see and hear the price updates..

Below video is initial testing of the 6 and 8 digit display versions.  (If you're only going to look at one video, this should be it.)

We have one of the 3x 6-Digit Prototypes listed currently on ebay...
Bitcoin Price Ticker -  6 Digit / 7 Segment Mechanical Display

This post was really intended to show what Voltage Goat has planned for a release. These will be available on the site in about 4-5 months.  Quite simply, parts are difficult to obtain with very long lead times.

Happy to answer any questions. Simply message or email us.

4  Economy / Goods / Bitcoin Art Contest Submission - Nixie Tube Display - Price Ticker on: November 27, 2019, 06:03:58 AM
I submitted for the Bitcointalk Art Contest an idea that would be a type of Shoutbox; however, the idea was not completed in time.

My submission is:  Bitcointalk 10th Anniversary Art Contest
Youtube video of the submission:
Serveral pictures on imgur:

The Poll for voting is currently at: Art Contest Voting Poll (Feel free to vote for me or any other member.)
Also take a look at: Bitcoin Numitron Rocket - Price Ticker

The goal of the submission ideally was to allow people to post a name/sentences to a web UI and have it reply with a snapshot (img) to either imgur or twitter feed.
Although this still is the goal, I thought because of some requests, that I would post here that I am willing to take requests from anyone that would like their name in alphanumeric Nixies.
And reach out for ideas of what else I should do with the display (background, etc).

The top part:
The Bitcoin ticker portion is a custom designed circuit board to socket modules available in the open market.  The 8x Nixie Tubes are IN-14 and require 180volts which are obtained from ebay and a nixie forum.  The custom board sockets a very efficient nixie power supply to boost from USB 5v to 180v.  Also there is a socket for a WeMos Mini D1 to control everything.  The WeMos is Wifi enabled, so it pulls the price every minute to update the price indicated on the tubes.  These are for sale at:

The bottom part:
This section is made up of 11x B-5971 Alphanumeric Nixie Tubes.  These are very rare and only 1 seller on ebay has them.  Currently he lists them for $85 each or a batch of 6 for $370.  Smartsockets is a project that sees very little traffic, because the tubes it's meant to drive are costly.  The B-5971, being so rare, means that NO ONE has pre-made or even kit version of the smartsocket available.  We had to have the boards manufactured and parts acquired from eBay, Mouser, and Digi-Key.  Each 'smartsocket' is about $20 each in parts.  These are capable of so much more than displayed here, or even in the video, but we ran out of time posting this on the last day where few people will get to see it anyway.  Finally, the power source is another very efficient nixie power supply, but this time boosting from 12volt to 180v in order to have enough ummpfff (amps) to drive 11 tubes.  The controller again is a WeMos mini D1.  This time though only acting as communication to talk to the smartsockets via serial.

The concept on smartsockets is that during power up, they negotiate their order in the chain.  Each smartsocket having it's own identity and microcontroller means they can handle the tasks of dealing with the respective tube individually.  The main controller (WeMos) simply passes a command string to a socket to complete and moves on to the next.  So, tube 1 could be told to display a letter A crossfading from a different character at a certain speed and font, while the next socket could be told to something completely different and so on.  The word  BITCOINTALK could be set to display with each character showing up at different speeds, fonts, and even effects (like spinning (different directions), brightness or order).  Serial speed at 115200.  So, it's quite fast enough for any task especially since it offloads commands to each socket.  

WeMos Mini D1 - This microcontroller is an ESP-8266.  Programmed with Arduino IDE.

The 'intent' here was to have a WEB based device which can accept messages and/or feeds (news/twitter/etc) to have it either take pictures or video to be live streamed.  Ran out of time to complete this for the Art Contest.  We may continue the project.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer.

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / SEMUX Pool (Rent key) Delegate/Validator - Looking for someone that burned. on: August 02, 2018, 05:23:27 PM
There are currently 146 deligates.  So, 46 which are not validators.

I am looking to get a key to start a validator.

So, if someone has burned the sem and not using the deligate, I would be willing to 'rent' it (pay from pool profits).

Contact me to see if it's a solution to get something from your defunct deligate.

6  Economy / Scam Accusations / SCAM Websites (Fork chains) Fake Electrum - Reddit Users / bitcointalk users on: March 10, 2018, 05:20:27 AM
(Edit:  Scammer now using SSL as well.)

ELECTRUMSBTC.ORG - IP - 928KB -   950,272 bytes - Electrum-SBTC-2.9.3.exe
ELECTROCASH.ORG   - IP - 945KB -   968,192 bytes - Electron-Cash-3.0.exe
ELECTRONBCH.ORG   - IP - 954KB -   978,194 bytes - Electron-BCH-3.1.5.exe
ELECTRUMGOLD.ORG - IP 1.3MB - 1,380,864 bytes - Electrum-Gold-2.9.3.exe
ELECTRUMB2X.ORG   - IP 1.2MB - 1,273,856 bytes - Electrum-B2X-2.9.3.exe
ELECTRUM-LLC.ORG - IP 1.2MB - 1,211,904 bytes - electrum-lcc-
- Most funny is that the File Hash doesn't even match their scam software or the signature.

They are all copies by design of:

All websites that are broken and not linked to original project or supported by the projects.
Also with fake links / unclickable.  But, all have fake clients at only 1MB executable files.

Note:  The image shows the same text for each wallet info.  Sites are IDENTICAL except for the coin name.

All registered to various name/addresses via; however, all using China DNS
Name Server: NS1.IPCHINA163.COM
Name Server: NS2.IPCHINA163.COM

reddit users shilling the scam (malware - website)    - 404  -- Posts deleted.  - 404   - Self deleted.  - 404  - 404

Added (3/9/2018)     - 404      -- Posts deleted.
7  Economy / Collectibles / BTCC 1BTC Titanium Coin Redeeming and Info on: June 16, 2016, 05:57:19 AM
Redeeming a BTCC Coin.

As a test, I wanted to know about redeeming a coin.
(A video will later come.)

The coin is a 1BTC BTCC Titanium Coin with public address:

The Mini Private key is:

I redeemed this coin after experiments to:


After pulling the label, we now have a private key. This is not the standard private key one might expect as exports, Bitcoin core exports, or that a key generator makes (like vanitygen or piper printer).  It is a mini private key which is 22,26, or 30 characters and always starting with the letter 'S'. (Same format used on Casascius coins.)

In order to redeem (sweep) or import, there are several ways.

Using mycelium (which I highly recommend), you can easily import the key or sweep it (probably the method to be used by most).
To sweep it, simply go to settings, then Cold Storage, then either scan a QR Code (you created) or Clipboard (assuming you copied the key to the clipboard).  It really is that simple.

Another method is
Log into your 'legacy' account
Go to import / Export -- click that you understand
Then simply type in / paste the Mini Private Key

Yeah! Simple... So, from this coin redeem, we know BTCC Coins can easily be redeemed and a couple of methods to use.

My next post in this thread will be details on my tests and issues along with the details of the problems I had.  Oh, and some suggestions of tools that can be used.
8  Bitcoin / Mycelium / MyCelium -Keys issue with regards to BIP39/44 and differences of iOS and Android on: February 23, 2015, 10:26:57 PM
Mycelium on Android differs from iOS / Master keys / Generating addresses

*Why does Mycelium display different master keys on the Android than the iOS version*
(And how to generate the same addresses from both.)

Mycelium 2.2.0 - Android
Mycelium 1.0.1 - iOS  (I will not go into the issues/bugs with the iOS version as it deeply needs to be updated - I have done a lot of testing.)
Using a random master seed generated and on each device works and the associated balances match (unlike breadwallet (another topic)).

Export a master public key for use in ecommerce or simply knowing the future addresses. 
To generate the addresses from the master key, you can:

Go to:   or    or download and run offline (recommended).
The file/website keys shown matches iOS version of MyCelium, but not the Android version of the software.

iOS.  Install, make a new wallet.  You then have your master seed.  Since this is just for testing, I got:   
orange hurt leisure rely name multiply pond crawl canoe story only bird

Plug that into the bip39 converter (site or offline).
Click on 'Mycelium wallet' (or BIP44 - same thing) which simply sets to:  m/44'/0'/0'/0
bip 44 and 0's for point/wallet, etc
(I go to BIP32 and input m/44'/0'/0'/0  as this allows for testing/changing the numbers (not greyed out))

Great, this produces a mpubkey for the first wallet of: 
xpub6FJdwT45KSFs3fAhDGwzY6jrMqP5FETMkR3r9wikit2UoYLRUb625rcGUJzgQtKpNrhhi3tpRaC Ubab9tXqK9KqwnTesGQs4UTKHzcXkP4x
It matches the iPhone, and the 1st receiving address of: 14Brr4TQpx4a7WvpN52a7S3mZs9nNfCrLs  all good.

Now, as for Android, although my 1st receiving address is: 14Brr4TQpx4a7WvpN52a7S3mZs9nNfCrLs, the mpubkey
is different
xpub6DW3ui9w59vVVLtdCtNTrxdLNp9WVCppDhKdnyWDpkUC5ZtfMm1evZKyJte7GuSj9AncPh5kmgi 5wCk1s3yAGjQ1vNi1QyxaevXiULhX11a

When getting a mpubkey, you get a different one from iOS than Android for the same master seed; however,
both devices generate the same receiving addresses - The first being: 14Brr4TQpx4a7WvpN52a7S3mZs9nNfCrLs.   
I wanted to know why....

So, I went to any of the bip39 websites to see (after putting in the master seed and selecting Mycelium wallet....

The Derivation path on Android (to see current and future HD wallet addresses) is:

Side Note:
(if you select bip32 (or custom and put in m/44'/0'/0'/0 )  it is the same thing.  Do this to see future receiving addresses)
and when creating another HD Account, the next is:
m/44'/0'/1'/0    and so on.

Everything the site shows matches the iOS version of Mycelium.  This does NOT work for the Android version since the
mpubkey is diff on the site than what Android shows you. 
So, why does the generated bitcoin addresses match if using different pub keys?

I decided to test with pycoin....

Using iOS mpubkey, for pycoin, you can generate the first 5 addresses using:
ku mpubkey -a -s0-4

0   14Brr4TQpx4a7WvpN52a7S3mZs9nNfCrLs   
1   1f26ma1LitK2Cv1aWRcdPQC7zBeyp5WWh   
2   1F5K9q3JnxZnRbSqoabU6P427rnbDTTyTG   
3   1CaBPyF78q17yo7ZjzJDY7kJfgEaEzaTpS   
4   1HqSjEyLj8LgEL7p3sisTvfvAXpfmnzUqf

Great, so everything matches and works on the iPhone

On Android, you get a different mpubkey; however, the address generation is the same IF you change the Deprivation path.
So, for pycoin, you can generate the first 5 addresses using
ku mpubkey -a -s0/0-4
0   14Brr4TQpx4a7WvpN52a7S3mZs9nNfCrLs   
1   1f26ma1LitK2Cv1aWRcdPQC7zBeyp5WWh   
2   1F5K9q3JnxZnRbSqoabU6P427rnbDTTyTG   
3   1CaBPyF78q17yo7ZjzJDY7kJfgEaEzaTpS   
4   1HqSjEyLj8LgEL7p3sisTvfvAXpfmnzUqf

Why a diff pubkey and why using -s0-4 vs -s0/0-4 to get the same matching receiving addresses?

Why is it that the website matches everything from iOS version of Mycelium, but not Android,
and why can't I duplicate keys list on the Android with the site?

9  Economy / Goods / [WTB] Casascius 25 BTC on: February 19, 2014, 05:55:18 AM
I am interested in buying a 25BTC coin.

Obviously real at a reasonable price (BTC or USD).

Prefer local (Seattle, WA); however, probably and understandably not feasible with the limited supply of these coins.

Willing to use escrow with anyone more rated than me (#bitcoin-otc ) although might not be possible, so I will consider options.

Also, I have possible trades (Titan One, Titan One Silver) coins.

10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / - Bitcoin (Watch Address) - Sign Bug? on: April 14, 2013, 04:51:11 PM
I have a "Watch" set for multiple addresses.  (So, no private key installed)
Website shows it as a watch address as well.  Normal

However, the option is still there to "Sign Message" (even though the private key is not available).

The "Sign Message" should not be available on the site.

This causes a confusion for people that want to use an address for signing messages (for #Bitcoin-OTC as an example) as they believe they are doing it correctly (and they are), but the response given is invalid without the site saying as much.

I suggest that remove the ability to "Sign Message" when the private key isn't available.

It still brought up the question.... What is it using to sign if the key isn't available to sign with?
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / - Bitcoin (Change Address) Sending to (Watch Address) on: April 14, 2013, 04:44:42 PM
Where does your "change" go to?

Yes, I could test myself; however, I would like to find out without playing around.

When you have a wallet with, for example, 5 addresses...  And, you send coin from one of them (except the default), the "change" will go to the default.

When you send from the website, you have the ability to specifiy the "Change address" which is by default set to "Any Address"

This is strange in that I might be "Watching" other addresses.  Will send change to one of that "Watch" addresses since it is listed as Any Address?
I understand that is should NOT; however, I can't find where it specifically states this on any searches and/or the website.
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