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1  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / What kinds of encoding/decoding for scriptSig of p2pkh? on: March 30, 2021, 08:44:01 PM

When the coin is spent of P2PKH, signature and public key is stored in scriptSig...if I am not mistaken. I looked at this field of payload...there r asm and hex ... It looks like signature and public key r encoded to store here...

Once u have signature and public key, then what kinds of encoding is used to get that hex one?

2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / public address in my wallet? on: March 05, 2021, 03:59:46 PM

I am currently testing with Bitcoin  Core Qt v.0.21.0

1. Is there any way I can see all my public addresses associated with my wallet? I quickly google...something came up..someone mentioned there is a command getaddress something with empty parameter that responds the list of public addresses that associated with my wallet..but it looks like this is no longer true in the latest version. Is there any command for that I can try to use the list of all my public addresses of my wallet?

2. I see there is a receiving addresses window showing all public addresses have been generated. However, I believe there could be more than what these are showing.
    Here is some interesting thing I noticed.....

    I tested to send my bitcoin to myself....

    Say here is my public bitcoin address generated, which is "abc"...
    I sent 0.001 bitcoin to "abc".....
    What I noticed is that bitcoin detects the "abc" belongs to my it generated new public address automatically(which I noticed in the payload, ..let's say ..this new public address "def")... .... the thing is that the "def" public address generated I wasn't able to find in the receiving addresses window...

   So I guess the list of public addresses showing in the Receiving Addresses are something that you generated explicitly by yourself.

3  Other / Beginners & Help / P2P Network discovery question. on: March 04, 2021, 10:15:49 PM

I've read couple of articles and books about P2P Network discovery...

Here is my question about addr and getaddr protocol.

Let's say there are two nodes. ( and )...Say knows the peer ip address.

1. Since knows as a peer, so registers as a peer.
2. sends "addr" to ..then registers the as peer. At this point, so has only one peer, which is
3. sends "getaddr" to then receives the peers of At this point, only sends, which has been registered in #2.
4. When received the list of peer, which is it is the same node of current host, so it doesn't register as a peer, then skipped.
5. So at this point, has one peer of and has one peer of

Is my understanding pretty much correct?


4  Other / Beginners & Help / Couple of questions of mining in testnet. on: February 23, 2021, 10:39:00 PM

I am just a beginner I just wanted to see some actual happening in test environment.
Installed Bitcoin-qt 0.21.0 latest version in my mac OS. I run with testnet to test some mining functionality.

1. Console window : I issued like "generatetoaddress 200 "myaddresss" returns empty array, which seems not working. I read somewhere on the internet saying this command only working for regtest, NOT for testnet. Well, actually I switched to regtest network, and now I see this command working fine. What I am curious here is that the reason why it is not working under testnet is because of high difficulty? Actually, I am testing my normal MAC that means due to high difficulty, it can't find the right hash that why I see it is not working in testnet?.OR simply just testnet network doesn't provide mining functionality at all basically, I don't think so though?

2. I wanted to play around with cgminer against my bitcoin-qt(just FYI, I obviously enabled server=1)... It asked me one pool address...
    is it asking me to enter JSONRPC server address or something else? ...I entered my JSONRPC server address, which is (this port has setup in the bitcoin.conf)...and provide username and password...but the cgminer returns 500 internal server error? I tested against testnet and regtest both network..but cgminer I can't get it working....What I am missing here? BTW, my JSONRPC server is working fine..I can do curl and got response back. If I would need to provide some other address, what address I would need to provide to cgminer? Any help appreciated.


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