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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Block Increase Controversy - A Way Forward? on: June 02, 2015, 09:24:16 AM
Possible alternative way forward, concerning simultaneous variations in the core Bitcoin client:

- Super-Majority(90%?) to initiate forks via rolling window.
- All tested and implemented BIPs are compiled/tagged for release immediately.
- Users(Miners) select the protocol/feature set they agree with.

Poor Example for Illustration:

- All possible outcomes are fairly "allowed", given support.
- Forking(improvement) becomes a fact of life, and is thus prepared for and monitored.
- Ossification of the protocol ceases (similar to proposed "yearly" forks).

This has almost certainly been previously suggested, but thought it might be an interesting discussion considering the recent controversy concerning BitcoinXT and Gavin's possible exodus from core development.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][CLAM] CLAMs, Proof-Of-Chain, Proof-Of-Working-Stake, a.k.a. "Clamcoin" on: May 24, 2014, 04:33:19 AM

Official CLAM Website | Official CLAM Code base
Official CLAM Reddit | Official CLAM Twitter

Consumer/Investor Disclosures:

- Crypto-Currency is a new, UNTESTED, and rapidly evolving technology.
- Crypto-Currency has historically been EXTREMELY VOLATILE and may not be a stable investment.
- Disbursements and/or transfers of funds on the Clam Network, like all crypto-currencies, are NON-REVERSIBLE.
- The Software provided for the CLAM Network is provided WITHOUT GUARANTEE, WARRANTY and AS IS.

Every person who had Bitcoin at block 300,377, Litecoin at block 565,693, or Dogecoin at block 218,556 was given ~4.6 CLAM.  
Yes, it is still waiting on chain for you Smiley  

CLAMs v1.4.17 STABLE
Download and Release Notes

CLAM added to Poloniex for Margin Trading!
CLAM Margin Market

CLAM added to Exchange!
CLAM Market @ Bittrex

CLAM added to!, No Account Instant Conversion

Most Active Exchange:

Staking Exchange:
BTCPOP - new, as always trade at own risk


CLAMs v1.4.17 STABLE
Download and Release Notes
Please build v1.4.18 if you intend to use the "creditstakestoaccount" feature.

Release Repository Wallet Generator | Source Code



Just click file -> import wallet!

Crypto For Kids Donations

Want to donate to


CLAMClient Website:

CLAMs Summary:
Introduction | Getting Started | Support

CLAMS Community:
Twitter  |  /r/CLAMClient  |  !!NSFW!!/r/CLAMS4CLAMS  | Community Fan Site

Wallet Generators:
Paper Wallet Generator  |  Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet Generator

PressTab's Explorer

Distributed To Their Users:
Requires Name and Country of Origin
BTCPOP(new, as always trade at own risk)

Did Not Distribute To Their Users:

Private Charities Accepting CLAMs:
Sean's Outpost: x9RFmWHjGXDgUqpXz6jTxp6XVHFcjkfjQb
Feed Some Children by Dabs: xGyiXkSUzGLmaCYr9FtnEALGzx1RdvKTXc

Merchants and Services
CryptoChips CLAM Poker Chips Casino
New merchant, untested, if used let the community know how it went!

From the CLAM DEV TEAM Smiley

P.S. The requisite glitter to go along with a gift to the community.  We hope the irony isn't missed Smiley

Problems Getting Sync'd with the Network?

The following file may be placed in the data direcrory.  Then, simply restart the client:

dooglus' Bootstrap:
Bootstrap Post

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