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1  Other / Meta / Is the proper abbreviation for the forum 'BTT' or 'BCT'? [UPDATED With POLL!!] on: June 30, 2015, 02:06:23 AM
I hoped there would be a voting option in this section, but apparently not to us mere mortal.

During my time in crypto, here and other places, I've seen refered to as both BTT and BCT. A tendency I think I noticed is that veterans use BTT more often than newbie.

What is the proper abbreviation for bitcointalk?

Please motivate and, if possible offer data to support your claim.

Thank you!

Edit: found that damn poll-button after two weeks... Wink
2  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] Hero/Legendary account on: June 24, 2015, 02:44:02 AM
I want to buy a Hero or Legendary account.

The account should not been spamming nor have negative trust. You should be able to prove ownership by a sig. or letting a trusted escrow in. I do not need to know which account it is.

Escrow: Yes.
Price: 0.4 BTC
Negotiable price: no.

PM me or an escrow to verify the account (preferably master-P). I will try to monitor the thread too.


3  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] [TEMP-CLOSED AGAIN] Get PAID by Twitter retweets/CLICKs on: June 24, 2015, 02:28:08 AM
Due to an overwhelming interest in this, I will temporary lock the thread until things cool down..

Thank you!

I think we are ready to open up this thread again. We are interested in 3-5 Twitter accounts, expanding slowly to keep good track on everything.

Therefore read this thread and then PM me the account you would like to participate with. After a review, we will either say "Thanks for your interest, but at this time we have to say no" or inform you of how we work with this and make you an offer.

I'd like to state that participants are extremely free on when and how much they retweet. We pay for the work you chose to do.. To keep things simple, we often pay first. Not a single deal has so far gone bad Smiley

Given that we gets some candidates to review, the thread will be open until I wake up, which can be everything from four hours to 18h (been up for a long time).

Only PMs with the subject-line "Twitter campaign" and with the relevant information will be considered.

Thank you![


((Due to an overwhelming interest in this, I will temporary lock the thread until things cool down..))

Thank you!

I just created a thread (see for buying Twitter account with followers in the areas:

- Cryptocurrency/BTC
- Venture Capitalist/Angels
- Crowdfunding

I understand that many are unwilling to sell their accounts. Therefore I have the following suggesting:

If you have a Twitter account with at least 500 followers with the maojority in the above areas, I will pay you for retweeting certain tweets. In this idea there is similarities with the signature campaigns: You get paid for giving someone social attention.

You have to be able to prove ownership of the account.

Payment will be depending on the number of your followers. I will pay you per retweet. As these may vary greatly, we have to negotiate a price.

As I will do this manually, at least in the beginning, I am looking for a relative small number of accounts to be able to keep track and pay as I should.

Payment will be done after a retweet, where you DM the owner of the account with your Bitcointalk nick and the address you want me the payment to. You can also do several retweets and DM of that.

Payments will be in BTC. In rare cases, I can accept other currencies (with lower tx fees).

If I turnout to be a scumbag who doesn't pay you, simply stop retweeting.

Please PM your Twitter accounts to me, so I can evaluate them and hopefully agree on a price per retweet (or several, if you wish). I will also try to monitor this thread.


4  Economy / Invites & Accounts / [WTB] Twitter account with crypto/VC/Crowdfunding followers (update) on: June 24, 2015, 02:03:28 AM

I'm interested in buying one or several Twitter accounts. The requirement is that the account should have real followers in the following areas:

- Cryptocurrency/BTC
- Venture Capitalist/Angels
- Crowdfunding

You should be able to prove in some way that you have followers in at least one of these areas. Showing me or a trusted escrow the account is considered proof.

I can not name a price I'll pay for the account(s); many factors influence that, as the number of followers, the activity of the account, the follower's followers, etcetera.

If you have an account I'm interested in, we simply have to negotiate a price but I will not be cheap if you have something of quality.

A requirement is at least 1,000 followers, where the majority of the followers are in one or several of the above areas.

Also: escrow is accepted.

PM me if you think you have something I consider interesting. I'll be trying to following the thread too.

NB: If you are not willing to sell your account, I have a thread for paying for retweets in the same areas as here. I will simply pay you for each time you retweet a certain Twitter account. More simple than signature campaigns. See

5  Economy / Goods / [WTB] Watch Royal steel clasicc by Sjöö-Sandström [loooongshot] on: June 24, 2015, 01:44:09 AM
This might be the longest of long-shot in this forum's history, but I saw an add by a guy selling watches. So why not ask if someone has the one I want among the 500K members?

I have this watch in the 41mm variant by Sjöö-Sandström in mind:

If you have one, how much do you want to sell for?

Lives in EU, pays in BTC, escrow requirement, pictures as proof of ownership.

6  Economy / Games and rounds / Which BTC Poker site should I chose? on: June 23, 2015, 10:21:20 AM
During the former decade, I was a winning poker player for every year I played; not playing too high though but still had five figure winning. Since then, and in particular the last two years, mining has taken over my interest, but two things have happened that I consider take up poker again.

1) Profitability has gone down considerably for mining, and
2) The products for mining are more or less in need of little attention.

So totally new to the BTC poker scene, which site should I trust my bitcoins with? Please, also factor in their part of the market (active players) and the general service from the company.

7  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] established website small on: June 08, 2015, 03:39:30 PM
As title states I am looking for already running website.
one that is unique and not so much maintenance.

my budget for something small and simple is.

up to 1 BTC
 if you have something in mind or are looking to sale your website post here or send me a PM. I will respond when I can.

escrow is a must or you go first.
8  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / Chinese exchanges? and some help? on: April 12, 2015, 05:40:42 PM

it feel like stupid tourist here as I don't understand anything (sorry if I misplaced topic too).

I'm working with a coin called BURST which is quite unique (see OP and homepage We are very interested in the Chinese market and will translate our homepage into your language, as we imagine not all speak English too well Smiley

When doing this, we would of course also want be listed on a Chinese exchange. The problem is we are quite ignorant concerning this. I only now of BTC China and BTER... But saw a long list on but have no idea who to trust. Can anyone give some guidens?

Talking of help, I imagine it would be great to work with some native who knows culture and language. Anyone interested in such a role?

I can say we will pay for help, preferably in our in currency, but we have no funds from premine or IPO. We have to ask the community for economic support, which means our budget is a bit restricted. However, you will get economic compensation in relation to the work you do Smiley

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