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1  Other / Politics & Society / Couple arrested in the United Arab Emirates for 'having sex outside marriage' on: March 10, 2017, 04:03:18 AM
A couple have been detained in the United Arab Emirates for having sex outside of marriage.

The South African man and his Ukranian fiancee were reportedly arrested after a doctor in Abu Dhabi who treated Ms Nohai for stomach cramps discovered she was pregnant.

Formal charges have not yet been brought because Ms Nohai is apparently undergoing "further tests" to determine how long she has been sexually active.

In the UAE, all sex outside marriage is illegal, although in Dubai, a blind eye is usually turned to unmarried western couples who co-habit.

2  Other / Politics & Society / UNESCO declares Islam as the most peaceful religion of the world on: February 10, 2017, 06:27:36 PM
"UNESCO has declared that Islam is the most peaceful religion of the world.

The United Nations body released a statement that revealed that UNESCO had partnered with International Peace Foundation six months back
to study all religions of the world and find out which was most peaceful amongst all.

When asked about the terror attacks being carried out in the name of Islam, the UNESCO official denied that it had anything to do with Islam.

Terror has no religion, Islam means peace."


It is an old news, but I happened to find it just now. So I want to ask, what is your opinion on that?

It reminds me of time when Barack Obama won the Nobel Prize...

DISCLAIMER! It seems that this whole - ISLAM RELIGION OF PEACE CERTIFICATE - is a big hoax!
UNESCO already denounces this fake statement:

We wish to refer to the recent allegations posted on the website juntakareporter, citing an alleged statement and certificate from UNESCO declaring "Islam as the most peaceful religion of the world". Such statement was never made by the Organization and that the certificate reproduced on this website is a fake one. The website that published this information is a satirical media.

Here's is another fake news saying UNESCO giving Islam a certificate of peace

So it looks like the media is trying to paint Islam as "religion of peace" Cheesy

Thanks for finding this info, Kemarit
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Myths and facts about gambling addiction on: May 17, 2016, 05:41:22 AM
I noticed that threads about gambling addiction, moral repercussion of excessive gambling and  psychology of addiction are quite popular on bitcointalk.
I would like to present some more insight on this problem.

What is gambling addiction?

In short: Gambling addiction, also known as compulsive gambling or gambling disorder, is an impulse-control disorder.
Addicted gamblers can't control the impulse to gamble, even when it is hurting themselves or their loved ones in the process.

I would like to debunk some myths about gambling addiction:

Myth: It is OK if I am rich and can afford to gamble, so I can do it anytime as long as I have the money.

Reality: It is not entirely about money. Excessive gambling is bad as any other addiction because it cause problems of not just financial nature.
Too much time spent on gambling can lead to relationship and life problems, job loss, psychological problems including depression and anxiety, and, in the worst case - suicide.

Myth: It is OK. I don't gamble everyday, so I am not addicted gambler.

: It doesn't matter how frequently you gamble. You can gamble once per month but always lose all your money in one session. Gambling is a problem if it causes more problems.

Myth: If someone has a gambling problem and he builds up a debt - you should help him. But he must promise that he would stop.

: No. Never lend money to a gambler. It is the worse thing you can actually do. He will just continue to gamble and it only make him believe that even if he lose  someone will fix his debt.

Myth: It is not possible to be truly addicted to gambling. It is not physical addiction like drugs or alcohol!

: Gambling will cause your brain to produce 'euphoria' hormones similar to these that are created after drugs usage. It may encourages the gambler to keep repeating the behavior to feel the pleasure again.

Myth: Gambling addiction is purely financial problem.

Reality: No. Excessive gambling is psychological problem which happen to has financial consequences. It is problem of urges, impulses of person that has an uncontrollable obsession with gambling.

Myth: I am responsible, strong willed individual. I never will get addicted! Only weak people are addicts.

: Common misconception. Anyone can be an addict. No matter how strong their will is. Once they obsessed with gambling, gamblers may engage in irresponsible behaviors to maintain their addiction.

Myth: It is easy to tell if someone is addicted gambler.

Reality: Actually no. Gambling addiction is one of the hardest obsessions to notice with lack of physical symptoms. The behavior is easy for people to hide. Especially now - with the era of online gambling.

4  Economy / Service Discussion / Is realiable service? on: December 05, 2015, 04:00:47 PM
I tried to found a way to add Paypal balance to my account directly with bitcoin and I found this service:

In theory it allows you to do Bitcoin to Paypal Conversion. But I never tried this service.

And my questions are:

Anyone tried it? There are similar services like this out here? Is is worth it?
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