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1  Other / Meta / tools to download private messages on: November 14, 2018, 04:39:10 AM

so i'm wondering if there's some simple way to download all my messages, inbox and outbox?

2  Other / Meta / my profile email address has changed. but how? on: July 27, 2018, 07:51:47 AM
so my email address is,

but now ,profile now lists it only as

and i cant change it ...

i only noticed because no notification emails ..
anyone shed any light on how this may have happened?

edit, tried to change email and now i'm getting emails again (did miss some notifications though),
but email address is still not listed properly under profile details

edit pt 2.
changed password and email simultaneously and it is now showing all proper.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / discussion on Staking by Exchanges on: July 27, 2018, 06:57:00 AM

once again it's come to my notice that some exchanges do stake coins that have been deposited by users.
obviously nothing new, but i've just re-noticed this.

so this is a personal question from myself as to how the position of such exchanges might be justified to enabling staking for their own benefit?
obviously there is benefit in staking coins, then continuing to stake the coins you've just sold.

personally, i feel this should be done transparently, yet the only exchanges that i've noticed tell users, also offers their services as a staking pool.

i do recall seeing some exchange offering itself as zero fee's, with funding via initial listing and staking user deposits, but i can't recall who that was, or even if they're running.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / STRONGHANDS - Community Take Over - NEED MINERS on: January 08, 2018, 01:55:48 PM




Due to overwhelming support, this new thread represents a community take over of the StrongHands cryptocurrency.

You will find all useful informations in the first 2 posts of this thread,
Myself and bitcoinbabys are community representatives and will post necessary informations here.


The entire cryptocurrency community suffer from one ailment. The ailment of disloyalty.
It's cancer that is eating away at every community on this forum. This coin solves that problem.
If you got dem weak hands, this coin aint for you. If you can go the distance crank up dem miners and get to work.

With this coin only the strongest hands prevail.
Can you go the distance and reap the ultimate reward?

Coin Stats
name - StrongHands
PoW Algo - Sha256D

rewards start after block 5000.
PoS - min stake age - 29 days
PoW - reward 1800 coins/block
PoS - Reward 2540 coins/block
Blocktime - 2.5 mins
port - 29001
rpc - 29002


Wallets and Source

there is a mandatory update, all users must download and run new client
please use latest version available here

Social Links
Discord Invitation -
Twitter -

Stronghands original ANN
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Fixing negative rewards with high staking coins. on: October 16, 2017, 06:20:02 AM
So it seems that Hi-POS has revealed another limit to generic coin code.

When uint64 nCoinAge becomes too large, it can cause int64 nSubsidy to overflow into a negative value, then because negative rewards are generally not accepteed, this prevents that input from ever staking.
(nCoinAge being unsigned, and nSubsidy being signed)

the basic, and truncated, code in question is
bool CTransaction::GetCoinAge(CTxDB& txdb, uint64_t& nCoinAge) const
    CBigNum bnCentSecond = 0;  // coin age in the unit of cent-seconds
    nCoinAge = 0;

        int64_t nValueIn = txPrev.vout[txin.prevout.n].nValue;
        bnCentSecond += CBigNum(nValueIn) * (nTime-txPrev.nTime) / CENT;

    CBigNum bnCoinDay = bnCentSecond * CENT / COIN / (24 * 60 * 60);

    nCoinAge = bnCoinDay.getuint64();

static const int64_t COIN_YEAR_REWARD = 1000 * CENT;

int64_t GetProofOfStakeReward(int nHeight, int64_t nCoinAge, int64_t nFees)
    int64_t nSubsidy = nCoinAge * COIN_YEAR_REWARD * 33 / (365 * 33 + 8);

    return nSubsidy + nFees;

I'm pondering different options to "fix" this.

1. modify nCoinAge
- it were based on CoinYear rather than CoinDay, the possibility would be diminished but would still exist.
- if it were given an upper limit then it would be possible for nSubsidy to never exceed upper limit of being int64.

2. modify nSubsidy
- ignoring the -ve and getting absolute value as is , not sure of correct usage but something along lines of
   int64_t nSubsidy = abs(nCoinAge * COIN_YEAR_REWARD * 33 / (365 * 33 + 8));
- i cant think of any reason why it needs to be signed ? so converting to uint64, would never have a -ve return, and overflows would just be ignored
- does it even need to be uint64? give it more bits? eg converting to CBigNum which is 256 bit?


another variable of interest in this is MAX_MONEY, as it defines maximum possible size of input, it then sets some idea where nCoinAge becomes an issue
maximum value of int64 / MAX_MONEY = age at which larges possible input will cause problems

static const int64_t MAX_MONEY = 700000000 * COIN;


other possibilities include auto splitting the input if it is obviously an issue.
when nCoinAge of the input exceeds some value, then split it.

this would be interesting because it's only a client update, where the others seem to requiring forks.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / strange metadata in wallet-qt on: September 23, 2017, 04:00:24 AM
i just pulled apart a windows wallet.exe and am very surprised to find a large bunch of random metadata inside.
i'm wondering why such metadata might be in there ??

the file is
i've uploaded to

original version here


using 7zip option to extract data from bitcoinplanet-qt.exe
i then opened the file .rdata in wordpad.

for large extract see

and here's a sample of text/metadata (the pastebin is much larger)

  Cannot remove source file  QFile::copy: Empty or null file name Cannot open %1 for input %1/qt_temp.XXXXXX Cannot open for output Failure to write block Cannot create %1 for output   .. . *  default QDir::mkdir: Empty or null file name    QDir::rmdir: Empty or null file name    QDir::mkpath: Empty or null file name   QDir::rmpath: Empty or null file name   QDir::remove: Empty or null file name   QDir::exists: Empty or null file name // ../ . * NoFilter Dirs AllDirs Files Drives NoSymLinks NoDot NoDotDot AllEntries Readable Writable Executable Modified Hidden System CaseSensitive QDir::Filters( QDir( , nameFilters = { },  QDir::SortFlags(NoSort) Name Time Size Unsorted DirsFirst DirsLast IgnoreCase LocaleAware Type QDir::SortFlags( .. :/..   QDir::setSearchPaths: Prefix must be longer than 1 character    QDir::setSearchPaths: Prefix can only contain letters or numbers    QDir::rename: Empty or null file name(s)    \x \u \U 0123456789ABCDEF :: QFlags< >( QFlags( jeep landrover foodnetwork bananarepublic krø swiftcover wtc wtf الاردن help 埼玉.jp trust 箇人.hk xbox newholland dø å ø 手表 微博 mtpc alipay 東京.jp softbank nowtv xin here scjohnson spiegel homegoods guru lego florø.no 長野.jp clubmed star mormon andø chrysler herøy.mø praxi domains travel 愛知.jp salon * 닷컴 brother click 餐厅 كوم datsun football ladbrokes foundation style family godaddy read გე creditunion community bálá brussels å credit امارات 石川.jp accountants extraspace xxx بيتك tiffany 佛山 تونس xyz banamex orientexpress team inderø 天主教 
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / how to rpc call a qt using a command line. on: June 20, 2017, 04:16:09 AM
when running a qt under Windows,

how to actually communicate with it using command line ??

to further clarify this is particularly regarding non cli available clients, ie not bitcoin.

so lacking any obvious command line interface how does one interact with a qt in a similar manner to a daemon ?

coind.exe getinfo
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [PUPA] Pupa Coin - free chat thread - no shonky here on: May 19, 2017, 11:06:55 AM
Pupa Coin, recently released, seems to have various levels of shonk involved.

Coin has nothing to do with me, but has cool name Cheesy

original  thread

"1.2 million coin premine"
if(pindexBest->nHeight == 5)
        nSubsidy = 350000000 * COIN;

see original thread for more shonk            



9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / sending combined inputs exceeding MAX_MONEY in PPC breaks wallet on: February 15, 2017, 02:03:03 AM

I've become aware of a bug which breaks the wallet.dat on PPC (and clones).
It's more likely to effect clones as it involves having a balance exceeding MAX_MONEY.

Basically sending any transaction with combined inputs exceeding MAX_MONEY results in failing various error checks.
and client will refuse to load the wallet.dat

brief list of experiments so far with MAX_MONEY=1000
- sending 10000 breaks wallet
- Setting the txfee to 100, then sending 9900, breaks wallet.
- setting up two inputs of 5001, then sending 5002, breaks wallet.

notes: to be an issue
- it must be possible for one wallet to hold balance > max_money.
- Qt GUI limitation may help prevent issue (eg, send field limitations), but assumedly command line send may exceed the GUI limitation


issue revealed itself in Stronghands.
a fix to limit max spend to (MAX_MONEY / 2) is a quick answer to the problem
needs to include fees into the initial check,

if MAX_MONEY is 2 billion,
adding 1 to either MAX_MONEY, or to error checks will allow neat send values of 1 billion.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / theoretical code limit on handling values on: February 13, 2017, 02:58:26 AM
ignoring the obvious 21mill projected coin supply,

what is the theoretical max value that the code base can handle ?

is it int64 ?

divided by satoshi ofc, so just over 92 billion coins ?

i see dogecoin has over 100 billion coins :p

i've just been looking further and i see int64 max is 2^63, as 1 bit is used for +/-
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ✪ Virtual Coin. an ongoing/repeating scam since 2014? what's going on with the pre-mine?? on: January 14, 2017, 07:55:29 AM

virtual coin has a "hidden" premine of 387420489 coins at block 11
it is hidden by deliberate confusing weird arse use of code, lack of block explorer, silence from Dev, and deletion of posts.

temporary blockexplorer with premine adress

2014 thread with unanswered questions on pre-mine

I initially looked at VC a few weeks ago and noticed that there was an inordinate amount of coins at the time vs what was obvious in the code.
seemingly their idea to hide the pre-mine was to make the code very confusing.

at the time, VC had re-released (v13.0.Cool, seemingly just starting again from scratch (using old gensis etc) with no mention of the previous coin supply.
just wipe the chain and start again from zero.

this thread was initially my curiousity at understanding the code, the text below and next few entries discuss that initial purpose.

now i'm thinking there is a dedicated effort to make VC an ongoing scam coin so i thought i may as well post in this thread about it.

not that i have any problem with pre-mines when handled correctly, but over 387 million coins, seems a tad excessive, especially coupled with no transparency and deleting of posts.

current main official VC thread

and twitter sig campaign thread

==== timeline as i've seen it.

. Virtual Coin 9.2.0 was released, a simple reboot of the coin, delete the chain and start from 0 again.
. i built a mac qt and received 500(?) for my efforts
. for some reason the dev sent me 100k and it made me wonder what was going on
i noticed there was something like 137 million coins in existence with zero mention of premine, and a confusing code source (see below for actual code)
. after i pointed all this out in thread, the coin was killed
. re-released again, code was changed making the source even more confusing, the premine was modified, but had problems with connection and killed again
. yet more new threads, re-release and dev deleted my post,
this time there is no source released yet, only a windows qt. assumed so no-one will look at the reward schedule.

below is my original post

can anyone explain how these coins were generated by the source?

seems at least a few of the first hundred blocks were 1.77 million coins.
but i canna see how those coins were generated ?*?*?*?*

here's the src, has been updated a little since then
and here's a fork i made just in case Wink

   int64 nSubsidy = 50;
    if(nHeight >= 100 && nHeight < 3000) {
        if((nHeight >= 101 && dDiff > 75) || nHeight >= 1000) {
            // 222000/(((x+2600)/9)^2)
            nSubsidy = (222000.0 / (pow((dDiff+2600.0)/9.0,2.0)));
            if (nSubsidy > 25) nSubsidy = 5;
            if (nSubsidy < 5) nSubsidy = 1;
        } else {
            nSubsidy = (1112.0 / (pow((dDiff+51.0)/6.0,2.0)));
            if (nSubsidy > 500) nSubsidy = 5;
            if (nSubsidy < 25) nSubsidy = 1;
    } else {
        nSubsidy = (1111.0 / (pow((dDiff+1.0),2.0)));
        if (nSubsidy > 500) nSubsidy = 5;
        if (nSubsidy < 1) nSubsidy = 1;
            nSubsidy = pow (11.0, 6.0);

here's the blocks for 99 (reward 1771561.00000000) and 101 (reward 1.00000000).

# vc getblockhash 99

# vc getblock 00000ddad8db4b6092456cc37cecae44ecb726172590022b592a680a473302c8
    "hash" : "00000ddad8db4b6092456cc37cecae44ecb726172590022b592a680a473302c8",
    "confirmations" : 1990,
    "size" : 187,
    "height" : 99,
    "version" : 2,
    "merkleroot" : "340d2ced8790b696e53353732f23bd5f255b9802f2d4e276c56a4c08cea78757",
    "tx" : [
    "time" : 1483987796,
    "nonce" : 40541,
    "bits" : "1e0ffff0",
    "difficulty" : 0.00024414,
    "previousblockhash" : "00000d341a554a2730dcac08ba58b3794c10202aec1a58f88c5fc233574726e0",
    "nextblockhash" : "00000035f3a8e1647c49937f6ad2d61bc0ffa95c894238d808023289d521a48d"

# vc getrawtransaction 340d2ced8790b696e53353732f23bd5f255b9802f2d4e276c56a4c08cea78757
01000000010000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000fffff fff0b01630102062f503253482fffffffff010009695e1fa10000232102738260e5f73e252efc54 af9688b56660e84834d3b1754d773d9d2196506117acac00000000

# vc decoderawtransaction 01000000010000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000fffff fff0b01630102062f503253482fffffffff010009695e1fa10000232102738260e5f73e252efc54 af9688b56660e84834d3b1754d773d9d2196506117acac00000000
    "txid" : "340d2ced8790b696e53353732f23bd5f255b9802f2d4e276c56a4c08cea78757",
    "version" : 1,
    "locktime" : 0,
    "vin" : [
            "coinbase" : "01630102062f503253482f",
            "sequence" : 4294967295
    "vout" : [
           "value" : 1771561.00000000,
           "n" : 0,
            "scriptPubKey" : {
                "asm" : "02738260e5f73e252efc54af9688b56660e84834d3b1754d773d9d2196506117ac OP_CHECKSIG",
                "hex" : "2102738260e5f73e252efc54af9688b56660e84834d3b1754d773d9d2196506117acac",
                "reqSigs" : 1,
                "type" : "pubkey",
                "addresses" : [

similarly block 100 has a reward of 1771561.00000000 coins. but luckily, the madness stops there and block 101 goes to a 1 coin reward.

# vc getblockhash 101

# vc getblock 0000066a8f4c086e7e7f9c50e971629ecdab93612ba2fb1a27dae419ebbd5a3b
    "hash" : "0000066a8f4c086e7e7f9c50e971629ecdab93612ba2fb1a27dae419ebbd5a3b",
    "confirmations" : 1989,
    "size" : 187,
    "height" : 101,
    "version" : 2,
    "merkleroot" : "c72271ad042f7b89d69cbc44aba3a8bc1dcd9d2c8a410fb4d06a244f5eaa7124",
    "tx" : [
    "time" : 1483987960,
    "nonce" : 131745,
    "bits" : "1e0685ec",
    "difficulty" : 0.00059882,
    "previousblockhash" : "00000035f3a8e1647c49937f6ad2d61bc0ffa95c894238d808023289d521a48d",
    "nextblockhash" : "0000008d17d6a4d2f3305f435130d1c3b8e92273a7638d00ea93bd5c52c50e76"

# vc getrawtransaction c72271ad042f7b89d69cbc44aba3a8bc1dcd9d2c8a410fb4d06a244f5eaa7124
01000000010000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000fffff fff0b01650102062f503253482fffffffff0100e1f5050000000023210318a65ca888eacfa2ab76 fad7e0509ebac6adb085f2ecc2dfb41c31cd108e8607ac00000000

root@eight:~/.virtualcoin# vc decoderawtransaction 01000000010000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000fffff fff0b01650102062f503253482fffffffff0100e1f5050000000023210318a65ca888eacfa2ab76 fad7e0509ebac6adb085f2ecc2dfb41c31cd108e8607ac00000000
    "txid" : "c72271ad042f7b89d69cbc44aba3a8bc1dcd9d2c8a410fb4d06a244f5eaa7124",
    "version" : 1,
    "locktime" : 0,
    "vin" : [
            "coinbase" : "01650102062f503253482f",
            "sequence" : 4294967295
    "vout" : [
           "value" : 1.00000000,
           "n" : 0,
            "scriptPubKey" : {
                "asm" : "0318a65ca888eacfa2ab76fad7e0509ebac6adb085f2ecc2dfb41c31cd108e8607 OP_CHECKSIG",
                "hex" : "210318a65ca888eacfa2ab76fad7e0509ebac6adb085f2ecc2dfb41c31cd108e8607ac",
                "reqSigs" : 1,
                "type" : "pubkey",
                "addresses" : [

here's my post on the Virtual Coin thread.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / how to limit wallet from only staking certain age coins on: October 09, 2016, 05:38:56 AM
this is specifically related to CUBE but I can see uses beyond this particular coin, i wasnt sure where to put such a question (oops i meant to put this in development and technical discussion ).

currently CUBE can return negative stakes if coinage of staked coins is less than a certain value, just wondering how to build a client that would only try to stake inputs of a certain age.

it occurs to me that the simplest way would be modify the minimum stake age, the question is what format should the code be in to make this happen.

here is the code giving the negative stake
if (nHeight > 1020000) {
nSubsidy = nVariableStakeRate * nCoinAge * 33 / (365 * 33 + 8);
nSquish = nSubsidy / 1000000;
if (nSquish > nMaxReward) {
nSubsidy = nMaxReward * COIN;
if (nCoinAge < nHeight * 2) {
nSubsidy = (nCoinAge - (nCoinAge * 1.25)) * COIN;

and STAKE_MIN_AGE is declared
static const int STAKE_MIN_AGE = 60 * 60 * 24;

seemingly then if you were to set the min age as, (60*60*24)+(nHeight*2) this would prevent the wallet from attempting to stake coins less than required age for positive stakes??

seems this is the line to change
unsigned int nStakeMinAge = STAKE_MIN_AGE;


int nStakeMinAge(int nStakeMinAge, int64 nCoinAge)
     nPositiveStakeAge = nStakeMinAge + (nHeight * 2);
     return nPositiveStakeAge;


note, by changing this particular variable seems the least intrusive way to do it.
also reducing the load of staking inputs.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / 3000 GoldBlocks for Auction. - cancelled - on: June 17, 2016, 05:58:17 AM

cancelled due to the amusement of me deleting the wallet with no back up :p

i have just over 3000 GoldBlocks received for building mac wallet, these are now up for auction Smiley

they're currently staking, winner will receive all coins.

total coin supply 6762240

bids are to be in BUMBA COIN.


GB thread :
GB is currently listed on Bleutrade, CoinExchange and Yobit


auction will last for 3 days (ish) ending June 20 at 12:00 pm.

bid by adding a post in this thread with your bid value in BUMBA.

last post before ending time with highest bid will win.

winning user should deposit Bumba to addresss BLGjydyoukriUjhnNEtzRtfJaXq35uRDs3
post details in thread,
and PM me with GB address Smiley


get BUMBA here
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / 200 HVCO Bounty for auction. starting at 0 BUMBA. ends 12 pm june 18. on: June 15, 2016, 11:20:29 AM

i have 200 HVCO received for building mac wallet, these are now up for auction Smiley

they're sitting on empo-ex which charges a 0.1 tx fee leaving 199.9 HVCO
(unless they have user codes which i can't see so probably not)

total coin supply 823225.0005

bids are to be in BUMBA COIN.


HVCO thread :

it also just won the latest Cryptopia crowd vote so should be listed there soon enough ..


auction will last for 3 days (ish) ending June 18 at 12:00 pm.

bid by adding a post in this thread with your bid value in BUMBA.

last post before ending time with highest bid will win.

winning user should PM me with address Cheesy


15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / c-cex now has vote bans. on: April 03, 2016, 03:07:25 AM

this is a heart based appeal,
log onto c-cex and vote to ban PepeTeam,

thank you
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / I will add or modify the coin logo of your choice to incorporate swastika's on: March 29, 2016, 02:41:58 AM
service charge of 20,000 BUMBA
no necessary relationship with nazism nor facism etc....

The swastika (also known as the gammadion cross, cross cramponne, or wanzi) (as a character: 卐 or 卍) is an ancient religious symbol that generally takes the form of an equilateral cross, with its four legs bent at 90 degrees.[1][2] It is considered to be a sacred and auspicious symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism and dates back to before 2nd century B.C.[3]




17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / which versioning of secp256k1 ? on: March 22, 2016, 01:40:11 AM
Is there a simple way to determine what version a particular folder of secp256k1 is?

18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / new auction style game site needs testers. on: February 23, 2016, 08:12:15 AM
I've been fiddling with a different sort of auction site that lets you win crypto coins for below market value.  To get some simple usage the site is giving away 50 BUMBA to everyone who registers and creates a bumba deposit address. Simple process :

1) Register a new user at

2) In the Accounts / Deposit click 'Get BUMBA address'

3) You now have 50 BUMBA. You can then try to win some other coins at below market value. It's simple to use

It's a new service so if you find any bugs there's a contact email listed on the site

see for description on how to play Smiley

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / BARR dev does not appreciate humour. brief analysis of BARR process. on: February 04, 2016, 04:44:24 PM
i've moved posts around, to keep information in the OP. this thread started with amusement at Barr_Official/runpaints awesome troll level, but has evolved also into pointing out seeming "questionable or suspicious" behaviours around BARR.

the 2nd post contains my original post, followed by copy/paste chat from Barr thread. mainly for lols Cheesy

my personal opinion is that runpaint is not a scam dev.
he seems to be operating from naive principles. and is quite respectable at trolling which unfortunately relies too heavily on personal abuse which quickly alienates other parties resulting in fairly one sided conversations as others leave and he remains ...


this contains information obtained prior to the Feb Bowscoin swap.

BARR is a Next Asset shitcoin, it has a distribution model based on burning shitcoins for BARR, also incorporating a burning BARR for OFFS. Seems a good idea.
ANN date October 25, 2015. Launch date November 1, 2015

It seems from a brief analysis, the swaps that have occurred, have been inadvertently heavily skewed in favour of the dev team,
with a vote process seemingly controlled entirely by runpaint, and early coins were publically claimed to be bagheld by runpaint.
Runpaint seems to currently hold at least ~61% of all distributed BARR, and ~60% of OFFS , (this figure prior to BSC swap in February)
1. which NXT accounts holding Barr/Offs do you or other team members own?
Most of them.  What is the point of that question?  

There's no way to hide BARR, because one click shows every account that holds it.

There's no way to hide how it was distributed, because another click shows every transaction that's ever been sent from the burn fund, and every transaction has a message attached showing which altcoins were burned to earn that BARR, as well as the altcoin txid going to the burn address.

many of the addresses are not labelled, the 61% figure above was determined by some digging around and is not publicly accessible knowledge that the addresses necessarily belong to run paint. it is based on three labelled addresses.

There will be no IPO, no ICO, no Pre-Sale, and no funds set aside for the devs.  BARR is only distributed to people who burn their altcoins - We distribute it for free, but no one can get it for free.

coins burned

November 1 - 30 2015 : Fractalcoin (FRAC), Keycoin (KEY), Sapience (XAI), BARR
December 1 - 30 2015 : Anarchists Prime (ACP), Lyrabar (LYB), BARR
January 1 - 30 2016    : Bunnycoin (BUN), Unitus (UIS)
February 1-29 2016 : Bowscoin (BSC)

Barr seems openly an opportunity for those involved to divest their shitcoins while attempting to pump a new shitcoin.
Not necessarily a bad thing of course.

As you noticed, I have been involved in our 3 launch coins for a while, but not as a developer.  I started out as an altcoin daytrader, and I ended up holding some coins that not many other people wanted to buy.  That includes Fractalcoin, Keycoin, and Sapience, although "coins that not many people want to buy" describes over a thousand altcoins.  Probably 99% of all altcoins.

I think he's saying that we're only pretending to have a big list of coins, but we "secretly" chose the ones we already hold.

Not so secretly. Quite openly and deliberately.
As seems reasonably fair, it can be appropriate to give the dev team a house edge. A reason to invest time and money as it were. Some coins might issues a premine for this reason.

fair enough- however I might add another angle, and that is that of course people taking the initiative have got the edge.
idea, initiative, risk- get rewarded.

I don't even see it as an edge or advantage for us.  I hold these coins, but so do a lot of other people, and we're just exchanging them for another coin.  

runpaint seems to make some economically naive claims.
no advantage in pre-holding the shitcoins chosen? no advantage in choosing the list? no advantage in setting the swap price after a period of private trading?

it certainly seems that the process so far has been heavily weighted,
that has so far resulted in ~61% ownership of all distributed coin supply?

coin voting
The voting system has shown no outside influence, resulting in total coin choice by runpaint.

To vote for an altcoin to be accepted during the next burn period, send BARR to the Market Fund and include a message with the transaction naming the coin or coins you are voting for (don't encrypt the message).  1 BARR equals 1 vote.

here's the market fund address showing the full apparently voting history

november 15. vote by runpaint. 1 vote for ACP, and 1 vote for LYB as Wild Card
december 6.   vote by runpaint. 50 votes for Bunnycoin, 50 votes for Unitus as Wild Card
december 13. vote by runpaint. 1950 votes for Bunnycoin 1950 votes for Unitus 50 votes for Cetuscoin 50 votes for Chaincoin
jan 14.           vote by runpaint. 10000 Votes for Bowscoin

future votes maybe interesting as anyone owning 61% of a coin certainly seems to have an advantage .

how much of total distribution of Barr does runpaint or Barr team own

0 that we didn't pay for.  
We buy altcoins from other people, with real money, and we burn those altcoins.

cutting to the chase. runpaints personal address

420,324.5787 BARR
138,205.0000 OFFS

then from ANN OP (which seems updated since my last perusal?)

BARR 230,356 coins burned out of 993,343 in circulation  = 23% (self-burned BARR, sent back to the burnfund)
OFFS - 15,000 coins burned out of 230,305 in circulation = 6.5% (permanently destroyed)

~42% of BARR   and  ~60% of OFFS has 105,000 barr

runpaint is the controller of
The new website is up!
share the same ip as reported. shares the same ip
holding 81,198.2408 BARR   

lifting runpaints seeming ownership of barr to ~61% of total coins distributed.
so far ..


points to ponder,
100% of the coin swap list has been chosen by runpaint.
that person seemingly owns ~61% of BARR   and  ~60% of OFFS

that person,as well as admitting bagholding various coins also registered this address suggesting he bagheld lyrabar as well.
List of domain names registred by   2015-08-28

that same person has been in communication with Bowscoin dev for several months
We've been talking to BowsCoin Dev about burning BowsCoin since last October.  He has never objected in the past 4 months.

the swap ratio's are set by Barr, earlier coin ratio attempted to mirror a real world swap value, but those values were heavily skewed through a pump process.
Bun was declared at a higher value, attempting to encourage pump behaviour.
The resulting higher price creates a more favourable ratio for swappers, another crafted advantage.

a stated attention is to lift the "difficulty" and aim for higher value coins, this will have the advantage of reducing the amount of Barr needed for each swap.
similar to a POS halving regime, the early swappers get higher rewards and the later swappers get lower. this will help maintain the serious imbalance in coin distribution.

will Barr's future voting list closely mirror runpaints prior activities on coin threads?

how much BTC have they invested in pumping these coins, not just to enhance their swap ratio's but also to enhance Barr's "real" value.

when they account for their burns, they also seem to use naive market value approximations.

We have burned 2,000,000 BSC, which is over 37% of the supply, with a current value of approximately $3200.

the then current price on c-cex was 400 sats or so.
the buy book had a 0.0001 btc buy order at 400 sats, with the next order at 200,
and a total buy support of 0.31 btc down to 1 sat.

using a market valuation based on current price is easily manipulatable, and does not seem highly useful for a coin with no support.


amusing quotes -

One BARR appears to be worth 0.00002834BTC at this point in time and there are 10,000,000 BARRs out there
Incorrect.  Where did you get that figure?  BARR is at 3.3 NXT, so it's more like .00009000 BTC.

And there are 0 BARRs currently out there in circulation, with a maximum of 1,500,000 issued by the end of the first exchange period, if we burn 100% of the supplies of KEY, FRAC, and XAI.

yep, 0 Barrs in circulation trading for 3.3 NXT


Fractalcoin wallet now rescanning.  I sent 2 smaller transactions, but then I broke it by sending one too big.  

The fact that these things barely work is an excellent example of why we're doing this project.

on his thread, vs trolling DGCS dev

If you plan to transfer more the 100,000 coins I suggest you break it up into smaller amounts and do it in several transactions. Now sure how much the block chain can handle

Yeah those block chains can only handle so many bytes, keeping it under 100,000 will save 1 byte so that's good advice


I was looking at data of XAI, KEY, FRAC markets and it appears that on Nov. 1st all of these markets experienced price increases due to people buying these coins for redeeming for BARR.

That is part of our stated purpose.  The only way to earn new BARR is to burn the accepted altcoins during each burn period, so we have to support the price of these altcoins in order to support the price of BARR.  

when you want to buy shitcoins to burn you want to pump them first.
with the stated intention of making it more attractive for bagholders to burn,
whilst also enhancing swap ratios for everyone. especially bagholders


other accusations of foul play
You bought them outside of the exchange period and outside the exchange price, which is trade as usual. How do we not know you are collecting them at the current exchange price and using the pre pumped coins to profit off barr invesotrs/ almost buying 3:1 barr with your pre purchased ACP

There is no "buy period".  We exchanged them within the exchange period.

and outside the exchange price

There is no "exchange price", other than 1 BARR for 20 ACP.  That is our rate, and it doesn't matter if you mined your ACP, bought it low, bought it high, or got it for free.  None of that is any of our business.  We exchange ACP.

They started buying. Then set a coin swap ratio after some privately transacted purchasing had been going on - obviously if there stated intentions is to raise the price, there is a certain amount of coins bought below the set ratio.
Just another bit of "how to get moar coinz for free"? or  "none of our business, none of your business"?

and using the pre pumped coins to profit off barr invesotrs/ almost buying 3:1 barr with your pre purchased ACP

That's not how it works, and you don't seem to know what you're talking about.  

buying under 600 sats gives them a higher swap ratio.
any pump action inadvertently gives them a chance to pick up cheap coins and swap for a better ratio.
possibly they are changing the process? assumedly to positively enhance Barr.


But they are wrong;  it's not a zero-sum game.  Capital can be destroyed.  People are pumping money into cryptocurrency, and that money isn't guaranteed to continue existing in any form.  Altcoins die, and there is less money available in the world.  More specifically, there is less money available in the crypto world.  

but strangely owning 61% of an alt makes it worth as much as it's latest trade. market capitalizations based on latest trade info doesn't' seem particularly useful in the case of 99% of all crypto shitcoins where a minor dump can diminish their price considerably.


The voting is over for January, and the winners are Bunnycoin and Unitus as a Wild Card.

well done runpaint, the single vote cast by you was a decisive blow.


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is there a simple way to design/test signature code ?

or is there a 3rd party platform for doing so?
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