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1  Bitcoin / Project Development / physical coin for bitcoin on: July 06, 2017, 02:38:51 PM
I know there was physical coin for bitcoin.
But here i am thinking other more secure and safe physical coin.
A small device driven by a MCU, which was coded to generated one private key and send only its public address out. So the private key was blind from anyone, even it's builder.
Second, it can only sig one transaction out only (after input of an withdraw address), after this single transaction out, the private key was wiped out. 
So people can trust that the coin stored in this physical coin was secure and this coin may be used like real physical coin.

It is just some rough thought, I am wondering is anyone interested in this kind of physical coin?
I may find out a way to make it
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / ANN: NFD_Asset on: September 23, 2014, 01:24:12 PM
Asset Information:
Name: TMCasset
Quantity: 100000
Asset Decimals: 0
Asset ID: 2715225107522293218
Description: This is NOT btc38 official asset! it is a personal redistribution to NFD:
Each 1 TMCasset represents 1TMC on btc38.
The btc38 will deliver 50% of its CNY and BTC trading fee as bonus to TMC holder every Friday.The bonus will been exchanged to NFD and delivered every Monday to asset holders.
I think the major problem for the low price of NFD is due to lack of buying. Here I will issue an asset which when properly functioned will generate a direct buying every week.
The NFDasset will be used to buy TMC on btc38. The btc38 will distribute 50% of its CNY and BTC trading fee to TMC holder.
And the earning will been used to buy NFD back and distributed to asset holder every Monday.
For last week 1TMC is 10800-14000satosi and the bonus is about 166satosi(61%~79% yearly return).
When all asset are sought out, there will be 8'300'000 NFD buying need every week.(estimate on current return and price)
You can provide a buying need for the NFD coin, which will benefit the NFD price, and also the community. Meanwhile, you can earn some profits every week.

Risks: The major risk might be the price rise of NFD coin, which will reduce you profits calculated by NFD, however, you profit calculated by BTC will not been hurt in this situation.
The other risk is the drown of TMC price, this risk should been considered before you investment.
1st part of asset will be provided at 6500NFD/TMCasset.
The next 90000 asset will be sold this process:
1, The asset will be sold at a price of 13000NFD/asset, this price is not the final price.
2, During the next week, I will exchange the NFD to TMC, according to the TMCs I have exchanged, I will deliver the remaining TMCasset to the buying accounts.
I will keep 5% of total earned NFD as management fees

I have already purchased 6000TMC on BTC38, The first part of TMCasset sells represent this part of TMC.
I will buy more TMC after the 1st part of TMCasset all sold out, the price will adjust at that time
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