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1  Economy / Games and rounds / WIN88.ME CONTEST - WIN 0.25 BTC - Be the Referral Leader on: August 21, 2014, 02:18:49 AM
We are currently building out our full affiliate program, but in the meantime we would like to announce our referral contents.

The person who performs the best on referrals the next 7 days will win 0.25 BTC.
If the race is close and performance is high, we will also award secondary prizes.

Best referral is based on total BTC wagers by the people that sign up through your referral link.
For example, if you invite Bob and Alice who bet 0.5 and 1.2 BTC respectively, the total BTC wagered for you will be 0.5 + 1.2 = 1.7

The winner will be selected as the leader as of 12am EST on Thursday, August 28th [00:00  EST on 08.28.2014]  
This means time in East Coast USA time at midnight in 7 days.  This is the same as 12 noon in Hong Kong.

How to join and participate?

1. Sign up for an account on

2. Make a post here on this thread with your username to express interest and enroll

3. Click on Leaderboard->Referrals

4. Scroll down and find your Referral Link.  It will be of the form where 12345 is a unique number assigned to you

5. Spread your link through e-mail campaigns, Facebook, social media, blogs, your own websites, etc.
We recommend using a URL shortener like if you want a shorter URL

6. We will be updating this post with banners that you can feel free to use as well

7. By setting up in this fashion, you will already be enrolled in our affiliate program and all set for when we roll that out in September

There are images for 234x60, 250x250, 300x250, 315x300, 400x400, 468x60, 728x90, 950x250
Click below and then select which image size you want to see the collection for.

Click Here for Display Banners

2  Economy / Services / - affiliate program - earn up to 0.5BTC per week on: August 18, 2014, 12:42:09 AM
The Affiliate Program for   is now live.

Announcing the Win88 Affiliate Program.
Effective immediately (September 1st), the Affiliate Program will replace our former signature campaign.
The affiliate program allows you to earn based on referrals and encourages you to make more posts on this forum using your signature, post on social media, share via email, and promote your personal referral link however you

During the month of August, we paid more than 100 people in advance for their signature campaign.
Unfortunately many people abused this in various ways:
a) Never changed their signature (despite receiving and cashing out funds)
b) Did not post or rarely posted.  i.e. Took the money but did nothing or very little to showcase their signature with new posts
c) Showed their signature but linked to another website in the reference URL

As a result, we are launching our affiliate program which will pay out weekly (and sometimes more often during special promos).
Here's how it works:
1) Find referral link from which can be found under Leaderboard->Referrals
2) Use this link in your signature, on blogs, e-mails, social media (Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc). to gain more referrals
3) Anyone you refer now will count as your referral for all time.  As long as they keep betting or when they come back and bet again, their BTC wagered will always count as your referrals and toward your affiliate payouts
4) We provide a prize pool which is shared based on BTC wagered by your referrals.  This prize pool will increase as referral milestones are reached.
5) When the clock countdown finishes, payments will be automatically distributed to your account
6) BTC Wagered by a referral is the Minimum(BTC Wagered, Absolute Value(Winnings)).  For example:
a) If your referral bets 1 BTC at 2.0X payout, their referral will count as 1.0 BTC regardless of win or loss
b) If your referral bets 1 BTC at 3.0X payout, their referral will count as 1.0 BTC regardless of win or loss
c) If your referral bets 1 BTC at 1.5X payout, their referral will count as 1.0 BTC if they lose and 0.5 BTC if they win

Affiliate payments will automatically be credited to your account when the countdown timer hits 0
Note that 1st cashout from payments to your account does not require a deposit

As a security measure, the 2nd cashout requires a deposit of at least 0.0005 which you can immediately withdraw.
You only need to make 1 deposit and all future cashouts will be processed without a deposit requirement.

Any links to the site should be of the form
You can find your link on website under the section Leaderboard->Referrals

If you want to link directly to a specific game, you can do so as follows:

Obviously use your own link and numeric id.

Note that you can find your numeric-id by going to Leaderboard->Referrals on the website.
So for example, if my id is 12345, my link would be

Win88 Links
Official Win88 Thread
Win88 DICE (with investment option)
Win88 LOTTO (instant win lottery game)
Win88 RPSLS (Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock)

There are images for 234x60, 250x250, 300x250, 315x300, 400x400, 468x60, 728x90, 950x250
Click below and then select which image size you want to see the collection for.

Click Here for Display Banners

Announcing the winners of the 1st Signature Design Contest.  We will certainly run this again in the future.

1st Place: 0.1 BTC: RocketSingh.  Nice set of designs and really appreciate his interaction with other members and helping them to set up their signatures.
2nd Place: 0.05 BTC: DeboraMeeks. Very simple yet elegant.  Inspired us for some of our display advertising graphics.
3rd Place: 0.03 BTC: MRKLYE.  Another clean design.  2nd color fades a bit but we like it and also love his positive member contributions.

Already sent credits to your accounts.

SIGNATURES (courtesy of our Design Contest Winner RocketSingh).
Please replace user-id 12345 with our own userid which you can find on the website under leaderboard->referrals

❖ ❖ Fair, Trusted Online BTC Gambling ❖

[url=]❖ ❖ Fair, Trusted Online BTC Gambling ❖[/url]


\   \  \ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\◥◣◢◤//////////////// /  /   / ❖ Fair, Trusted Online BTC Gambling ❖
/   /  / ////////////////◢◤◥◣\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \  \   \

[center][b][color=#000000]\   \  \ \\[color=#027CC2]\\\\\[color=#01A2FF]\\\\\[color=#37B6FF]\\\\[color=#027CC2]◥◣◢◤[/color]////[/color]/////[/color]/////[/color]// /  /   /[/color]
[url=][color=#0BA6FF]❖ [color=#000000][/color] ❖ Fair, Trusted Online BTC Gambling ❖ [/url]
[color=#000000]/   /  / //[color=#027CC2]/////[color=#01A2FF]/////[color=#37B6FF]////[color=#027CC2]◢◤◥◣[/color]\\\\[/color]\\\\\[/color]\\\\\[/color]\\ \  \   \[/color][/b][/center]

/  / //////////////////////////////////////
////////////////////////////////////// / / /  /  /
Fair, Trusted Gambling

[url=][size=13pt][color=black][i][b]DICE, LOTTO, RPSLS[/b][/i][/color][/size][/url][/right]
[size=7pt][color=#005D92]/  / /////[/color][color=#008DDE]////////[/color][color=#2BB2FF]////////[/color][b][color=#6DCAFF]///////////////[/color][/b][/size][/td]
[size=7pt][b][color=#6DCAFF]///////////////[/color][/b][color=#2BB2FF]////////[/color][color=#008DDE]////////[/color][color=#005D92]/////// /[/color] / /  /  /[/size]
[url=][size=13pt][color=black][i][b]Fair, Trusted Gambling[/b][/i][/color][/size][/url]

3  Economy / Gambling / WIN88.ME - BITCOIN DICE | LOTTO | RPSLS on: May 31, 2014, 04:15:55 AM
32 Million games played and 1,825 BTC wagered since our launch.

We currently offer 3 probably fair games:
1. BITCOIN DICE (with investment option)
2. BITCOIN LOTTO (instant win lottery game)
3. RPSLS (Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock)

** Currently we are offering 2,000 Satoshi Faucet **
** All Games Probably Fair **
** Jackpots across all games **
** 16 languages **
** Investment Option - be the house! **

We are the first Bitcoin Casino to allow investments at multiple edges!
** Minimum Investment 10.0 BTC **
** Cashout Investments any time **
** Investment Protections + Dynamic Maximum Bets to Protect Upside **
** Users automatically play the best edge available **
** Move investments between edges with 0% fee **

** World's First Truly Transparent Lottery **
** Provably Fair **
** All Results Shown **
** Lowest Edges for Instant Win Game **


** Single and Multi-Player Games **
** Only 0.5% Edge in Peer-to-Peer **


We look forward to feedback from the Bitcoin Talk community as we continue to improve and also launch new games.

Site should be very fast and we have tested extensively with low bandwidth, high latency connections.
We provide "ping" speed in upper-right corner so you can see how your own connection fares. Play is best when ping is under 800ms.

For help and faq, you can visit support by clicking on the "Help" button or "FAQ" link at bottom of the screen.


New investors keep 90% of house profits on Win88 Dice.  Fee is only taken on closing your position, so your investment money compounds faster (i.e. no weekly fees like the others!)

We pay high amounts for forum signatures and pay up front for certain people.
Affiliate Program - Earn Up Tp 0.5BTC per week
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