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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Spacelens - Thank you for your participation on: June 24, 2021, 01:02:18 PM
Thanks to all of you who have participated. We will make sure to frequently update our project on the main Topic board for it as we continue our development.
2  Bitcoin / Project Development / Spacelens Ė Decentralized eCommerce platform on: June 15, 2021, 06:23:13 PM
Short product url:


Spacelens is a marketplace and semi-decentralized eCommerce platform. Users can use Spacelens to buy and sell physical products, digital goods, and services. The Spacelens platform also offers a digital and crypto wallet which is directly integrated in the marketplace. Users can access Spacelens through their computer or on a dedicated and native mobile app. The objective of Spacelens is to allow anyone to transact goods and service directly between each other, without the control or supervision of a centralized infrastructure for their commercial transactions. This allows for exchanges to happen more freely, provides an even playing field for all, and lets financial settlements happen directly between parties. 

If you are interested in trying Spacelens, you are welcome to sign up on your computer or mobile. We will constantly update this thread to add information on our latest releases, which we do usually every week.

----------------------------------------------Additional details-------------------------------------------

The Spacelens team has a long history of developing products and services and leveraging different marketplaces to distribute and sell brands and products. In the last few years, we have been increasingly frustrated with the control and power that centralized marketplaces had and the impact it could have on our livelihood. We spoke with many buyers and large vendors in various communities over the years who share the same concerns an experience the same pains.

Centralized marketplaces can today unilaterally make decisions which can rapidly break a company. Sometimes these decisions are justified while at other times, they are not. Itís all pretty subjective (and thatís the problem). They will often remove listings for the wrong reasons and vendors will have to spend an inconsiderable amount of resources and money to restore their listings. Funds would get blocked for one day to another. Fund reserves get set without prior explanations. Some vendors have preferred access making it hard for competition to truly exist as it should. Commissions are high and often difficult to understand. Ratings can be inflated and itís hard to know the history of a vendor or the veracity of an offering in an accurate manner. The list of woes a centralized infrastructure creates goes on and on. Itís an imperfect system.

For individuals, employees, families, and organizations that rely on these marketplaces for their life subsistence, those issues are real, stressful, and borderline unfair.

The development of the blockchain allows today for the next evolution of eCommerce and provides a framework for a better solution. The decentralization of the information, the capability to provide real transactions transparency, the ability for individuals to really own their work and businesses, and the capacity to own your own funds, opens the door to new features and benefits for all parties involved in commercial activities.

Spacelens is currently developing a semi-decentralized infrastructure, trying to bring as many technical pieces of a full marketplace experience on the blockchain. We do it by stages and take into account the cost for users, performance, speed, and ease of use when choosing what system to use. With the rapid development and improvement of blockchain technologies, we believe that our entire infrastructure will be decentralized down the line. We develop our own blockchain technologies and prioritize our development based on the additional privacy and freedom those features can provide to our community. When we have no choice but to rely on a centralized infrastructure to provide specific aspects of our service on our technological stacks, we do so in a manner which minimize its implications in the overall platform. 

The capacity for an individual or an organization to have full control of their funds is also critical to us. No one should control someone elseís funds, dictate the amount of reserves required, or decide when one should get paid. This is one of the reasons why we are developing a unique crypto wallet which not only allows for users to hold their own private keys and have full control, but also allow for commercial transactions to happen directly between parties, and that can leverage the Spacelens ecosystem to offer unique functionalities that are useful on a daily basis.

Commercial activity is a key aspect of our daily life. This impacts what we consume, what we buy, what assets we hold, and how we work, and relate to others. Whether we talk about products or services, a decentralized eCommerce platform should allow users to freely create, buy, sell or exchange these goods or experiences. A decentralized platform should also provide granular transparency, and let people be accountable to others directly rather than have an authoritative organization trying to constantly monitor and control what is happening.

We also believe that the next generation of products that consumers want to use will be increasingly digital. The digitalization of the economy will impact much more categories than just the services, as it mostly did in the past decades with the development of the Internet. We see a future where digital goods will be more than a store of value, even for remote categories such as luxury or fashion where physical products have still a predominance. The shift to a decentralized economy as well as the development of technologies which will allow for this rapid digitalization of goods to happen is an important aspect of our vision. We aim to develop the new technologies which will make that shift as seamless and simple as possible.

As with every project, our focus will continue to evolve with our new developments and the guidance of our users. The support and feedback we have been receiving has been precious and we are truly thankful.

We love engaging with our community on what matters to them as we gradually pass to a fully decentralized infrastructure where those decisions will be fully directed and relied upon by our community.
To be continued  Smiley

Find more at

3  Other / Off-topic / The risk of cybersecurity on the adoption of blockchain technologies on: June 11, 2021, 03:33:21 AM
In the past few days, we have seen the number of cybersecurity attacks rise relatively rapidly. Not only these attacks seem to be more and more prevalent, their scale and impact has also unfortunately grown rapidly. Going one step further, we can also see that these attacks create a bad press for the blockchain and cryptocurrencies even if the way these attacks happen technically have nothing to do with the blockchain in general. Only the exchange of payments, when it happens, is often done in cryptocurrencies.

What is even more interesting is that in reality, it is because of the centralization of different infrastructures that many of these attacks can take place. Having a decentralized infrastructure would most likely reduce the type of attacks that are possible or the way some of these people take control of entire system.

The issue is that the world is not yet developing an understanding for this important nuance. On the contrary, mainstream media would often associate, too rapidly, the rise of these hacks with the rise in adoption of bitcoin and other blockchain tokens.

We expect this debate to further accelerate in the months to come, forcing some governments to take some measures which may look good politically but which will only delay the rapid adoption and innovation of more blockchain and decentralized technologies which could help in reality solve the issue at hand.
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