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1  Other / Meta / Apology on: June 23, 2021, 05:46:13 AM
This is to appreciate the mod most especially theymos for lifting the restrictions on my account that was substantially ban before. I promised u wouldn't repeat the same error message that lead to the ban.
2  Other / Meta / RECOMMENDATION FOR GENERATING FUNDS on: June 12, 2021, 06:18:07 AM
Forum as an organized place where people are meet for serious business discussion regarding bitcoin and other altcoin need to have a fund generating platform for periodical maintenance of the forum for a conducive environment. Generally Forum are usually made of either a large or small number of people with different business coming together to achieve one aim. But for the bitcointalk forum our purpose as a member is to keep bitcoin dialogue threading and equally generating a useful idea that can solve already existing problem and future problem.
As a participating forum member I have I see reasons for the forum to have a medium through which funds can be raise for the maintenance of this forum. The depicted list are the mediums for funding raising.
1. Registration fee: the forum should be rearranged in the other at which every nee member can pay some dues as gate fee that can grant them registration access to the forum.
2. Finding fee: every member that is caught violating the forum rule should be made to pay find before they can be allowed to participate again in the forum
3. Market capitalisation and bounty pools should be deposited here till any company round up their bounty campaign. At the end their money will be sent to them and the forum shall be compensated.

I believe if the above recommendations is implemented, the forum will have enough fund in maintaining this forum.
3  Other / Meta / Proposal to Forum Academy Trainee on: June 11, 2021, 03:51:44 PM
I simply don't if this topic already existing but for the fact I have not come across it I have to create this here.
I came across a topic that doesn't allow newbies to post link here in the forum may for a reason that newbies are not good enough or fully familiar with all the content of the forum or either for an abuse, I really can't figure out the reason for such restrictions since it's not explain in the forum. I am then suggesting here if the mod can help crest an academic platform where newbies can be train or educated for few period of month or weeks and after such there should an examination section to test the skill ability of any newbies and the successful newbies should then be given an access to participate in the forum discussion without any restrictions. The truth is some newbies raise contribute awesomely than even some senior member in terms of their post. I will be glad if my proposals is been given a consideration to comprehensive provision.
I need your comply mod and I look forward to a better feedback
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