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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / MtGox holding my money hostage for 2 months, charging insane fees on: January 08, 2013, 08:47:11 PM
I have been trying to get my money out of MtGox since OCTOBER NINETEENTH (Oct 19)!!!  TWO AND A HALF MONTHS!

First, I had to do it in two wire transfers because the amount was $1600 which is over their arbitrary daily withdrawal limit. So thats 2 wire transfer fees.
Apparently my first bank didnt accept wire transfers, though I didnt know that, so "amending" the transfer to go to another bank required an "amendment fee".
Then on the second part of the transfer, I screwed up (my mistake, I totally admit it) and used the wrong bank info again.
This time, however, the wire transfer couldnt be amended (or rather, you wouldnt ALLOW it to be amended) because I was withdrawing the entire amount of my balance, so thered be nothing left to pay the amendment fee. So the wire transfer had to be cancelled.  So I said Fine, cancel it.


Now it is over one month later, they are finally back from vacation as of yesterday, and I'm still waiting for an explanation, and/or hope that theyl admit what is painfully obvious, that there is plenty of blame to go around on all sides but a large part of it is yours and hoping they will pay some of the fees themselves.

But I doubt it.

Yeah, bitcoin may let you pay people internationally in seconds and with minimal fees,
but if the only way to get to/from bitcoins and US dollars is a place like MtGox,
where it can take over two months and hundreds of dollars in fees, with your money frighteningly disappearing in the meantime,
then bitcoin just isnt worth it!

I'm a web developer, I know my way around computers like the back of my hand, but the way MtGox operates their business is holding back bitcoin like it was still the stone age.  I'd rather deal with a megacorp US bank any day of the week than to ever deal with MtGox again (once my business is finally concluded that is)

TLDR version:
I submitted a wire transfer withdraw for the remaining balance of my account, about $640, on October 19, 2012. I made a mistake by using a bank that couldnt accept wire transfers, but as a a result, MtGox:
- held my money in limbo for over a month with no explanation
- charged me hundreds of dollars of fees, amounting to over 20% of the balance

October 19, 2012 - submitted wire transfer request to withdraw money in the amount of $640.09
January 9, 2012 - cancelled transfer request shows back in my account finally, in the $500.48

I am now kinda back where I started, in that to get the $500 out that is left, I gotta submit ANOTHER wire transfer request (making DAMN sure I dont use the wrong bank that wont accept transfers yet is still linked to my mtgox account), and I assume pay ANOTHER wire transfer fee.
Which I'm gonna do, because I have no other choice, but Im waiting a day or 2 for MtGox to try and explain this and/or help me.
Might post the email communication we've been having because its insane, either no one there has English as a first language, or their left hand just doesnt know what their right hand is doing. Something is majorly fubar, and I'm PISSED

WTLDR version:
Bitcoin is awesome but MtGox sucks so bad it makes bitcoin worse than any normal fiat currency!
2  Economy / Marketplace / Fully upgraded with referrals DropBox Account on: September 28, 2011, 02:49:31 PM
I have an extra dropbox account I'm willing to sell that has received the maximum number of upgrades from referrals.

The free Dropbox account starts with 2 GB of space. You get 250 MB for each person you refer to dropbox via an affiliate code. This dropbox account has received the maximum number of possible referrals, 8 GB worth of bonus space. It also has an extra 250 MB of space from completing a dropbox survey.

A total of 10.25 GB of space on this dropbox account. It is linked to a gmail mailbox that I also don't use. So you'd get the username/password of both the Dropbox account itself, and the gmail mailbox account its linked to as well. You can change the dropbox account to use a different email or keep it on the gmail one, up to you.

Of course there is nothing *in* the dropbox account (or the gmail), it is the account itself I'm selling (my primary dropbox account also has the maximum space from referrals and I've decided I don't need two). The dropbox account isn't linked to anything else and there are no shared folders or anything, it is a totally clean dropbox account ready to go (with the maximum bonus space as if you had gotten 32 people to sign up to dropbox via an affiliate link)

Post here in this thread to bid, or if you want to bid anonymously send me a PM with your bid and I'll mention the bid in this thread but not give your name. I'm only going to entertain bids for the next twelve hours -- it's 10:49 AM where I am (eastern time) so at 10:49 PM tonight the winner will be determined and the account info will be sent over.

Feel free to post bids in this thread or questions if you have any.  Starting bid is 0.1 BTC, although with bitcoins around five bucks this account should be worth quite a few BTC if you ask me. But I'll give it to whoever has the highest bid after the 12 hours, no matter the amount of BTC even if its only 0.1.  I think around 50 bucks would be fair for this (10 btc) but I just want to get rid of it as I don't need two dropbox accounts any more so whatever it sells for it sells for.
3  Economy / Goods / $100 Adwords Coupon on: August 31, 2011, 07:40:21 PM
Selling a coupon for $100 of free advertising with Google AdWords.  Asking 2.5 BTC, but its negotiable, PM me if you want to make a lesser offer.

As long as its redeemed before Sept 15, it's worth $100 of advertising. Redeemed between Sept 15 and Sept 30 its worth $75. Expires completely on Sept 30th. You have to sign up for a new adwords account to use the coupon, but you can make a new adwords account even for websites that have previously been advertised on other adwords accounts.  I've used these adwords coupons in the past for my own sites, but I'm wanting to get more BTC so thats why I'm selling it.

Once payment is received the coupon code will be PM'd or emailed to you the same day.

4  Bitcoin / Mining / Catalyst 11.7 update, opencl miner no longer respecting framerate setting on: July 29, 2011, 06:47:51 PM
I have an OpenCL miner set up on guiminer with the flags -v -w128 -f90

Until today, it was great:  My hashrate was near the max I could get out of on any miner with any settings, and when I started gaming it would reduce the hashrate by about 30-40% to ensure my game ran smoothly.  It was awesome and worked perfectly, I could keep the miner going and it would seemlessly hash at the max rate or lower if I was gaming, I could either be gaming or not gaming and it would adjust itself fine. And my game ran as smoothly as if I wasn't mining at all.

My drivers notified me today (Windows 7) that there was an update to the catalyst package, so I updated (from 11.6 to 11.7).

Mining performance hasn't changed perceptibly while not gaming, but now the "-f" flag seems to do nothing.  Whether it's set at -f90 or even -f240, I run my game and it does NOT drop the hashrate, it still hashes at the maximum rate, and my game lags so horribly as to be essentially unplayable.

Any ideas???
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