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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Connector Coin Just Launched on 25 February 2022 is the best Coin Ever on: August 04, 2022, 10:52:40 PM
Connector Coin was founded in February 2022 by The Super Connector & The Crypto Plug for the purpose of ensuring legitimate connections between celebrities; artists and their communities. To prove the benefits of web3 for security, provenance and real personal value. The overall purpose is to ensure that all NFTs and experiences are validated and the process of accessing these resources is as simple as any other online shopping experience. Our platform will allow creators to launch their own collections where the public can buy their NFTs as simply as purchasing for an online shopping service.

Telegram :

Chart Link :
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / 🐶 Floki Marvin $PALS 🐶 on: July 26, 2022, 08:57:30 PM
🐶 Floki Marvin $PALS 🐶

Santa Floki Team that went parabolic to 30M+ MC & got TWEETED directly by Elon Musk 😲

⏰ Launching Today at 17:00 pm UTC on Pancakeswap!

🔐 Private/Presale Wallets Vested (No Dumps) for 30 days!

📲 BTC & ETH Rewards: 4% of each Buys/Sells automatically distributed every 24h.

🏪 Staking DAPP: A One-Place DAPP for Staking that will offer High APR & APY %

🌐 PawPals Wallet: Hardware & Software Wallet (Store/Swap/Stake/Multi-Cross-Chain Bridges) currently in design by ex-product developer of SAMSUNG!

🌓 NFT's | Marketplace & Collections: Unique NFT's with a Utility & an Alpha-Beta Marketplace!

🔰KYC by InterFi Networks
🔰Audit by InterFi Network

Official Socials
Website -
TG Channel -
Twitter -
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Force of Nature on: May 25, 2022, 07:02:45 PM


Mint here:

Long awaited one of our main utilities in FON is available at your hands. 🍒

A limited NFT collection created from scratch, brain-to-paper, based on The Greatest P2E 3D Multiplayer game of 2022.

Collect, stake and trade FORCE OF NATURE loveable characters NFT, FRUIT BOWL! 💥

900 Limited Edition Hand-Drawn 3D NFTs ✏️

 ⁃ Mint NFTS
 ⁃ Stake / Earn Passive BNB (Available after 300 Minted)
 ⁃ Sell on our very own Marketplace




 ⁃ Stinkydur (Durian)
 ⁃ Superfruit (Dragonfruit)
 ⁃ Bapple (Apple)
 ⁃ Braveplant (Eggplant)
 ⁃ Ninjana (Banana)
 ⁃ Loconout (Coconut)

First to have all of this characters with NFTS will receive 3000 BUSD in Rewards!
Good luck & Happy Minting! 🍒

TG: @forceofnature

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / WELCOME TO AtEM on: May 24, 2022, 11:21:10 PM
A revolutionary project for the entertainment industry combining the powers of art and blockchain technology.

Art in its various expressions is how we see the world. We see it in paintings, in music, in dance, in poetry and in all forms. Most recently, we have seen art in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with art expressions able to exist on the blockchain admist a plethora of use-cases. One major form of art is music with a lot of budding artists lacking platforms to establish them on the path to a successful career. An industry report by Next Big Sound says that “90.7% of music artists will remain unknown with just 9.3% making it to the big leagues.” That is about to change!

AtEM is a revolutionary entertainment servicing platform built in an interactive Metaverse with the aim of integrating art, music and gaming into one big universe. Leveraging the best of legacy artist management and innovative blockchain technology in the Metaverse, AtEM is poised to give artists the ability to take control of their art/content in ways that haven’t been fully utilized yet.

A quick chat with the AtEM core team, Lucas Joyner, Quinn Anthony and Ian Hill reveals a lot of the amazing plans they have for the industry, artistes and Metaverse/NFTs space.

Metaverse and NFTs are the new buzzwords in the crypto space. What is AtEM all about?

AtEM is the first entertainment servicing platform in a fully interactive Metaverse style environment. “AtEM” stands for Arts + Entertainment Metaverse.  AtEM is not only about the metaverse, the graphics and development that go into it. It is a whole new way of merchandising the NFT and entertainment industry. We aim to change the ease with which an artist can maintain a career and be self-sufficient through blockchain technology as well as traditional routes.

AtEM is playing in a space that is getting a lot of attention in recent times, even from technology giants. How does AtEM stand out?

A key distinction for AtEM is that we bring the infrastructure to artists that need to navigate a post-pandemic market. Let’s be honest, there aren’t a ton of options for budding stars in the local rural areas. With mass venue shut-downs, social distancing, and safety concerns in the wake of things like Travis Scott’s festival and multiple years of protests, AtEM brings everything a performing artist needs into an easily accessible package in the Metaverse. From recording and producing content, booking and tour planning, marketing and PR, to distributing content on Digital Service Providers (DSPs) and the blockchain, AtEM provides a highly interactive one-stop shop for every serious or aspiring artist.

AtEM stands out from the multitude of emerging Metaverse projects due to a clear direction for the project, an attainable roadmap and the utilities being provided. The AtEM Metaverse is second to none in how it holds the potential to change the performing arts space for the better, while bringing liberation to the mundane aspects of being an artist in today’s industry. Labels will have to do a lot of catching up once we are unleashed. (Hearty laughter)

The world is just about to get better for performing artists. With AtEM Metaverse being an open virtual space for your community, how can users maximize and ultimately benefit from it?

The scope of what we aim to implement in the AtEM Metaverse under the AtEM coin is vast. We will be one of the only providers in the Metaverse space that gives artists the ability to take control of their art/content in ways that haven’t been fully utilized yet. We will have dynamic NFTs linked to lots of game features. These features aren’t only minigames and collectibles (which we will have tons of). But, they will hold actual utility aside from being cool digital items. Perhaps, one of the most unique, of the many we hope to implement, is the booking agency service. Artists will have access to a live database of venues in different states that have openings, with the venue contact info/pricing/restrictions/etc. This will allow users to bypass the monotony of contacting individual venue owners and promoters to find a show that aligns with their brand. It also allows venue owners and promoters a buffer of vetting, as this is typically something only serious artists will utilize effectively.

The Metaverse Platform is a very unique feature. How does it work and how are users rewarded?

We have a play-to-earn system in place for many of the minigames and activities, as well as the content interaction through AtEM music distribution services. The benefits of a play-to-earn system is that we provide value not just to artists, but to gamers as well who wish to make a living playing games, and crypto investors who want to see a great project flourish.

To benefit the most, users are encouraged to participate in all events and promotions that earn them AtEM coin as well as purchase special land plot NFTs and digital assets to sell. AtEM Metaverse users also have an opportunity to buy one of the customizable NFTs we’re currently developing. The AtEM Metaverse will soon have its own NFT marketplace for customizing NFTs, which will also bring investors’ investment up for that particular NFT. Along with the AtEM NFT platform, we are bringing our own staking platform for both ATEM coin and AtEM NFTs.

Wow! These are huge and exciting plans for the AtEM Metaverse. I know that AtEM is quite big on partnerships and how it ties into your ecosystem. Can you give us a peek into some of the existing partnerships and any new partnerships coming soon?

Without giving away too much, we aim to bring some of the most well known artists and performers into the Metaverse space utilizing the AtEM pipeline we’re developing. From Hollywood actor interactions, branded games and exclusive content, to virtual meet and greets with the entertainment industry’s most prolific figures, there won’t be any shortage of unique experiences in the AtEM Metaverse.

This is literally mindblowing and I am sure everyone can’t wait to get their hands on the AtEM Metaverse. What other exciting features are in development by the AtEM team?

One of the more unique aspects of our dynamic NFTs is that the AtEM NFT Marketplace will allow you to buy upgrades for your character giving you access to certain parts and certain activities/roles inside the AtEM Metaverse. The fact that you can earn and make gains on your AtEM crypto just by playing the game and having fun with world renown artists and friends alike, while utilizing the plethora of  utility benefits AtEM has to offer, will be a game changer (pun intended).

This is such an interesting and innovative project in the Metaverse space. How can everyone be part of ATEM?

The first step to becoming an AtEM Metaverse citizen (so you can utilize all of the features at launch) is to buy an AtEM Land Plot NFT. Holding AtEM Land Plot NFT will cement your claim to access one of the largest artist hubs in the Metaverse space, or any space for that matter. With the amount of care and thought we’ve put into this project, there is definitely something unique and appealing for everyone. Holding and trading AtEM coins would be the second way to become involved in the AtEM Metaverse. Our presale is in a few days time and it is a big opportunity to grab some AtEM coins way ahead of everyone else.

Coin holders and stakers will receive special drops and giveaways during AMAs, exclusive in-game events and more. We want to make this a special project for all the investors, the gamers, and the artists that wish to get into crypto and the Metaverse space. And, that means we know it’s a large undertaking (being artists ourselves). But, with the support of the artist, crypto and gaming communities, we are positive we can make The AtEM Metaverse something that will change the entertainment industry forever.

About AtEM

“AtEM” stands for Arts + Entertainment Metaverse. AtEM is the first entertainment servicing platform in a fully interactive Metaverse style environment. We are introducing a whole new way of merchandising the entertainment and NFT industry. The AtEM Metaverse is an open virtual space where users can engage in content production, curation, asset exchange, community building, virtual concerts, and gameplay.

Follow AtEM on:





If you want to buy AtEM here is the contract and poocoin link :

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / CROCBOY 🐊 🐊 🐊 on: April 16, 2022, 01:32:08 PM
CROC BOY is a Community Focused, Decentralized Cryptocurrency.

Who is Croc Boy?
Welcome to Croc Boy, a project on the BSC Network. He was created by a group of experienced individuals who have years of experience in the crypto world.

The team’s aim is to turn Croc Boy into the biggest Meme project of 2022. Past experience has shown us just how powerful Dog meme projects such as Shib and Floki have become.

Croc Boy will be launching on the 8th April 2022 with the mission to turn 2022 into the year of the Croc Meme.

We have been supported by big name  real celebrities like Akon, Charlie Sheen and many more.
Also we are already audited by Interfi which you can find here :
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / FETTYCOIN !!!! $FETTY on: March 14, 2022, 08:28:02 AM


$Fetty and FETTYCOINS.COM’s journey to becoming a reality has been nearly a decade in the making following the founding of FETFAN.COM in late 2012 by award winning streamer, Active Duty Army Veteran, Chief Information Officer/Chief Information Security Officer @theDabbingDaddy. FETFAN pioneered social media integrations, to include connect and publishing apps within its invite only community for nearly a decade. Fast forward to 2020-2021, as an avid altcoin hunter, founder @thedabbingdaddy noticed a hole in the crypto world ecosystem. The increased popularity of altcoins around the world and their increased acceptance by society as a functional currency created an increased market for scammers and phishing sites to take advantage of new and old crypto fans alike. Lack of verification, user group settings and security settings created the perfect environment for scammers to scam. With more than a decade of experience dealing with stolen content, cloned sites, fake profiles, security concerns and app development on FETFAN.COM, @thedabbingdaddy began developing to help make the cryptocurrency world safer for users of all levels.’s custom “Blue Check” systems paired with social media integrations will reduce fraud and scams within the Crypto Community! The sites custom user group settings ONLY allows verified profiles to make groups, pages, and other public creation functions. This will reduce the ability for scammers to make fake groups and spam invites to unsuspecting crypto fans. Features such as Full Video and voice calls, group calls, lives, stories, articles, live charts, Smart Contract Audits, KYC, Centralized Exchange integration for more secure trading are all available on In addition to the above settings, Verified Projects will show the verified admins associated with the project which will reduce the ability for scammers to say they are associated with a project they are not and also allow potential users to view what projects the admins may be associated with to assist in their vetting process. Verified Pages have several integrated apps, including an integrated marketplace that allows for direct selling to users for services, merch, memberships, donations and much more. This function will reduce loss for page admins and reduce the risk of loss for the customers.’s mascot, Fetty White, nicknamed “The Scammer Slammer” is inspired by a young Betty White. Growing up surrounded by his grandparents, creator @thedabbingdaddy spent countless hours watching “The Golden Girls” with his late grandmother and has always been inspired by Betty White and her life. Fetty is intended to be smart, feisty, fun, cute and of course the main character of’s NFT Collection, marketing, and merchandising collections. Fetty is designed with the popularity of meme coins and merchandising on a global scale in mind. Fetty White’s cute and inviting design makes her the perfect mascot for the “FettyVerse.”

 $Fetty’s initial ecosystem consists of the sites FETTYCOINS.COM and FETFAN.COM as well as POS integrations with a Retail Cannabis retailer, a Cannabis Cultivation facility, a Bar/Restaurant and a Lodging facility.’s ecosystem consists of SFW NFT, Marketplace, Content Subscription Platform, staking pools, centralized exchange integration, decentralized exchange, Play-to-Earn Games.  FETFAN.COM’s ecosystem consists of 18+ NSFW NFT, Marketplace, Content Subscription Platform. $Fetty was purpose built with an immediate established use as the primary transactional currency within the Fetty Verse and the ability to expand and be adopted into any size vendor space via Point of Sale integrations. Fair Launched Jan 2022 on the BSC Blockchain. $Fetty’s 1,000,000,000,000,000 Total Supply, 25% Locked for listing, Tokenomics: 12% Total Taxes, 3% Liquidity (Pancakeswap), 3% Rewards BUSD, 3% Marketing/BB (Manual), 3% Community Dev/Team and utility will make it the preferred transactional crypto currency of the future!


Total Supply

1,000,000,000,000,000 (1Q)

Max Taxes








Team/ Dev


Contract Dev




$FETTY combats whaling, the situation that can arise with cryptocurrencies where a small number of users hold a large amount of the currency. $FETTY combats  this by limiting sale amounts to a maximum of 0.125% of the circulating supply and max wallet size of 2% of total supply.

The reward system provides holders of $FETTY rewards. With every transaction, a  small percentage of tokens are automatically transferred to the  PancakeSwap liquidity Pool.

The buy-back reserve system that $FETTY maintains converts tokens into BNB  and securely locks and stores them in $FETTY contracts.



SpyWolf.Network Audit & KYC


Audit Direct Link

KYC Direct Link

Telegram : (English only)


7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / 🐋$ELOC (Official currency of Elon Musk)🐋 on: March 10, 2022, 05:45:51 AM
✅Pay your attention to $ELOC as it is going to be the biggest token in the BSC network.
✅Public Launch on pancakeswap.
Network: BSC.
LAUNCH DATE: Tuesday 8th (TODAY). 19:00 UTC.

The $ELOC team is cleaning the space with a top class utility ELOF.
ELOF(ELOC finance) is the PayPal of cryptocurrency. With ELOF, you can send cryptocurrencies to anyone via their usernames or email addresses; view profiles of the receiver, make timed transactions, cancel at anytime. This is an amazing utility and something the world needs at this time. Read through their website and Whitepaper to know more about this Crypto PayPal or read through their telegram pinned messages.
✅Other utilities are ELOG(ELOC game already submitted to google PlayStore and awaiting approval; the Android apk version is live).
NFT STAKING, and other amazing utilities.
Did I forget to mention the quarterly Tesla giveaway? Tesla will be given to a top 30 holder via a raffle draw live on VC and the Tesla will be purchased via an escrow company with payment made in $ELOC. Payment system will be ELOF.
The $ELOC team promises to make this a top 100 coin EOY.
They actually got their website and Whitepaper heavily boxed up and could actually be a token with a difference.
✅Contract Dev: Monkey Shanti
✅$ELOC Dev: Dave

8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Bully Inu is everything that is missing in BSC on: February 27, 2022, 06:32:22 PM
Bully Inu is everything that is missing in BSC. It will bring back the golden age of BSC and reignite the altcoin run. Missed Doge, Shiba or Floki? Jump on the Bully bandwagon now.

Run by an exceptional team that have a deep-network of contacts within BSC and IRL and the project is in solid hands. There is so much hype on this one, we know its been all about cat this week but even during all seasonal and different trends it always reverted back to hype around dog tokens.

Bully Inu, make sure to DYOR and join us before the million mcap SAFU! STRONG COMMUNITY/ Experienced DEV TEAM = 🚀

Bilboard live in Hong Kong, more marketing lined up! BIG NAMES ARE IN! TravLadd called already and Venom/Caesar called for Presales. Soon you can expect them posting some update calls when the big marketing kicks in 🚀🌙

Launch mcap ~230k
ATH 600k
Sitting at currently close to 250k

Contract Address: 0x99459fE946B072E5211A6b01EA26BafABbf77aaa
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Connector Coin Just Launched on 25 February 2022 is the best Coin Ever on: February 26, 2022, 04:32:53 PM
Connector Coin Just Launched on 25 February 2022 is the best Coin Ever and this is your chance to ape into the next King of Crypto.

Chart Link :

Great Marketing team and Most Safu Dev MonkeyShanti who have already worked on multimillion projects.

About Connectorcoin:
Connector Coin was founded in February 2022 by The Super Connector for the purpose of ensuring legitimate connections between celebrities; artists and their communities. To prove the benefits of web3 for security, provenance and real personal value. The overall purpose is to ensure that all NFTs and experiences are validated and the process of accessing these resources is as simple as any other online shopping experience. Our platform will allow creators to launch their own collections where the public can buy their NFTs as simply as purchasing for an online shopping service.

Telegram :
Website :
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / KITTENCOIN Just Launched yesterday | Based Safu Experience Team with Great mark on: February 25, 2022, 09:43:00 AM
KITTENCOIN is a decentralized Binance Smart Chain Token and They have a mission to be great as Catcoin but faster by having great team safu onboard who are great at marketing and management.
It's a 100% community token, every holder should promote it, if you want to pump your investment, you need to do some effort.
Still how smart and dedicated the team is most community people are already so positive and doing everything to help the project.

Telegram :

KITTENCOIN Mission is Bringing people together through the ease of our Bsc transfers, strong community, and push for sustainability. We may be strong apart. But we’re better when we’re grow together.

This is safe. Liquidity is locked and team is known and based. No way of a rug pull! Dev seems transparent and trustworthy.

Don’t you miss the goood old days of bsc? When projects could actually survive without a rewards contract selling and buying pressure not being able to keep up? When people actually HELD and had the patience to not dump for little profit.

Come join us now! Because we are the team who will be the next Catcoin which will surely gonna be sitting at 100millions market cap in upcoming days.
So don't miss out your chance to be rich this time and join KITTENCOIN !

✅ Buy & Sell : 2%

✅ Locked Liquidity

✅ Verified Smart Contract

✅ All Influencer Promos happening to make community engage

✅ Based Team

✅ Stealth Launch

✅ Liquidity locked

✅ Total supply 1,000,000,000,000,000

✅ Slippage : 3%

Telegram :

✅Contract: 0x0812C7045D69cd3A881BecAB80E23C222cfbE032

✅Pancakeswapv2 :

✅ Website :
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Santa Floki ($HoHoHo) v2.0 on: February 21, 2022, 06:07:28 AM
Santa Floki ($HoHoHo) v2.0 is a relaunch in order to better serve our future utility ecosystem (gaming, staking, and metaverse).
Santa Floki is much more than a holiday token, it is a charitable, multi-faceted project, aiming to be the first Santa-based project with its own ecosystem on the blockchain and the metaverse (in production).
The play-to-earn (P2E) game and 3D metaverse integration are expected to be released in Q1 and Q3/4 respectively.
The first-generation collection of 1000 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been created and rapidly sold out. Second-generation NFTs are in production.
Santa Floki aims to provide both an avenue for investors to find enjoyment and serve as a platform that generates real income for its investors.
To achieve this goal, the Santa Floki project combines the elements of gaming, crypto, NFTs, and staking to make the entire project fun and rewarding experience.
Santa Floki ensures that the smart contract automatically delivers a percentage of all transactions to charity.
As of Christmas, 2021, Santa Floki has raised and donated more than $180,000 to save the children.
Santa Floki was developed by Parabolic-8, a group of 8 entrepreneurial-based investors with many years of blockchain experience under their belts.
Parabolic-8 is made up of developers from all parts of the world:
USA, U.K., Australia, and Ireland.
Santa-Floki's role in the Metaverse.
The Oasis:
An upcoming vital feature of Santa Floki's platform is to be incorporated into Parabolic-8'sdeveloping metaverse, The Oasis.
Parabolic-8's Oasis project, expected to be out late Q3/Q4 is expected to be the first metaverse that includes the full library of current and upcoming Parabolic-8 projects, allowing a full cross-project interactive experience.
NFTs will play an important role in ourP2E gaming and The Oasis therefore NFTs will continue to be produced with variable rarities and attributes to support the ecosystem's creation and sustainability.

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / BleuFi presents to you the biggest launch of 2022 on: January 12, 2022, 10:20:42 PM
BleuFi presents to you the biggest launch of 2022

You ask us what is so special about BleuFi?

- BleuFi marketplace live before launch
- Vision to become the Opensea of BSC
- Complete ecosystem with ground breaking utility
- Strongest community on BSC
- Best developer and networking team
- Insane marketing budget & plans

To celebrate the new, The Solitaire Calls channel & the launch of BleuFi today @ 6pm UTC

Im going to be giving away 0.2bnb each to 5 lucky people who join the BleuFi telegram and then comment "Done" here

I have the 5 numbers written down and chosen already and whoever writes "Done" in that order will recieve the reward

For e.g if one of the 5 numbers is 10 then whoever is the 10th person to comment "Done" will recieve 0.2bnb (each account only has 3 chances to comment "Done" if you comment more than 3 times you will be disqualified
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / ZillaMatrix - A decentralized rebase token has awakened on: November 13, 2021, 05:40:20 PM

We are excited to announce the Launch of ZillaMatrix. it is a Hyper Deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain, Its here to Ride the Biggest Zilla On BSC

Total Tax: 10%

Rewards    : 3%
Dev          : 2%
Liquidity   : 1%
Marketing : 4%

Telegram :

From its qualities to its distribution and much more about
ZillaMatrix... Reflection rewards are in flokinomics (FLOKIN)


ZillaMatrix (ZMAX) can be purchased through PancakeSwap. For details on how to trade on PancakeSwap, please visit the official PancakeSwap website.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / FegZilla Is Ready to Arrive on PCS on: November 09, 2021, 05:00:48 PM
We are excited to annouce the Launch of FegZilla. it is a Hyper Deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain, Its here to Ride the Biggest Meta On BSC

Instant staking through reflection (Reflections In $FegZiIIa) , Anti-whale mechanism, and Experienced team,Together let’s make $FegZiIIa the ultimate Zilla Token


🦍 Anti-bot Measures in Contract
🦍 Manual Buyback
🦍 Experienced Team

📌 Tokenomics:

🛡2/3%  Reflections
🛡2/3% Liquidity
🛡3/4% Marketing
🛡1/2℅ Buyback

Phase 2 Private Sale is Ongoing, then Launch


15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Welcome to Polynomics on: October 19, 2021, 03:48:06 PM
Polynomics is a token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the intention of becoming the biggest and best rebase and reward token 🚀

How we will do this: Unique tokenomics featuring a rebase function. For those who don’t know this is how a rebase functions works. ⬇️

Let’s say you bought 100 tokens, each for 1$. You paid 100$ and got 100$s worth. After the rebase, the supply is cut in half but everything else remains the same.

So now you have 50 tokens but each is worth 2$. So you still have 100$, but split among 50 tokens instead of 100$. However as more people buy and the price goes up the value of your coins go up and the chart always looks beautiful.

How do we differ from other rebase tokens?

As well as a rebase function we will have a buyback whale which we will only use on downtrend in order to correct our journey to space and create another uptrend whilst simultaneously using rebase to further accelerate our growth. Our plan is to be on CMC top gainers #1 every single day and CMC trending to attract new investors.

Rewards: For buying and holding Polynomics we’ll be rewarding all our holders with BSC pegged $matic. Rewards will be automatically distributed every hour. If you don’t see your rewards you can manually trigger them by buying or selling 1 Polynomic token at any point.

Buybacks: We will be utilizing manual buybacks from our dedicated buy back wallet integrated as part of the lp tax with complete transparency. We will use buy backs any time we feel we are entering a downtrend to help build a steadily increasing floor and also push us through key resistance areas.

Marketing: We will do a huge marketing push before and after launch including but not limited to multiple influencer shoutouts across the biggest TG and twitter pages. The biggest tool we plan to utilise will be CG and CMC top gainers putting even more eyes on us and more people see the chart and fomo in. We also want to be trending on dextools on launch and throughout and encourage trading volume.

Presale: We will have a small presale with around 225BNB hard cap and 1.5BNB max contribution. The presale will be whitelist for our early members and supporters including influencers who will be supporting us throughout our journey along with a small public round if the white listers don’t buy on time. This ensures we look after our early supporters as well as give a fair chance to all other members who find us later.

Launch: We plan to launch 24 hours after the presale and are currently running tests on our contract with multiple platforms to make sure everything goes smoothly during launch. Thank you for your patience.

Presale - 10/21 18:00 UTC (2pm est)
Launch - 10/22 18:00 UTC (2pm est)

Softcap - 150 BNB
Hardcap - 225 BNB

Min Contribution - 0.01 BNB
Max Contribution - 1.5 BNB

16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / FEGNOMICS - The FIRST and ONLY rebase token giving loyal holders FEG rewards! on: October 14, 2021, 02:12:37 PM
You want to earn FEG rewards and earn them in a way which doesn't kill the chart?

Welcome to FEGnomics. Come join our telegram and stay posted with ALL the latest announcements and news, just click below!

We love reward tokens but how comes the chart always get REKT from distributing rewards?

Welcome to the first REBASE token, rewarding loyal HODL'ers with FEG.

Rebase tokens adjust total circulating supply to allow less shock to the chart when there are sells of the token. This creates less volatility and in turn a sexy looking chart for investors.


Twitter 🐦 -

Shill Army 🗣-

Channel 📢 -

How to buy

1. Download MetaMask
MetaMask allows you to set up a Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Wallet, you can download MetaMask as either a Web browser extension or Mobile App for free!

2. Setup your MetaMask Wallet
Setup your account & add the Binance Smart Chain to your network list.

3. Buy $BNB
Use Binance or another exchange to buy $BNB and send it to your MetaMask Wallet Address.

4. Buy $FEGN
Head over to PancakeSwap Exchange, connect your MetaMask wallet. Head to the exchange page & input the $FEGN contract address, set slippage to 20% and swap your $BNB for $FEGN
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / BabyEuro is an auto rewards defi token on the BSC network that rewards its holde on: August 13, 2021, 01:17:09 PM
Hold BabyEuro and gain ETH deposited straight in your wallet every 60 minutes!🚀🚀🚀

💎 What is BabyEuro?

BabyEuro is a fair launch on PancakeSwap and is the next big launch this week! The team behind the token is well known in space and has a long history of trust as well as the best contacts Join us on this epic journey as we fly to the moon on a starry European flag, dropping ETH to all our holders on the way!

🍧 What makes it secure?

A full TECHRATE audit will be supplied at 1M market cap, our contract has been coded by a very well known solidity developer in the space and we will pass the audit with flying colours, all you need to do is join the VC in Telegram and listen to the multitude of fellow investors who know this team well!

🚨 Contract address:


🚨 Ethereum rewards contract address:



👉Total Supply


👉Max transaction: 20,000,000 (1%)

👉Max wallet: 40,000,000 (2%)

Total tax: 18%

👉Lp: 2%

👉Rewards: 10%

👉Marketing: 6%

60 Second cooldown between buys 0 Bots allowed!

🔐 Initial liquidity supplied was 9 BNB for a fair launch and 100% is locked for 83 days

There is only one BabyEuro! Join us in the hype and get your rewards! Let's go to the moooon!



🌎 Official Social channels:

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