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1  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Introduction of Tax Clearance Certificate to Nigerians on: June 01, 2023, 02:35:35 PM
If you're still under the control of centralized institutions like banks then get used to this new development they are demanding from you, that everyone making any form of traditional transaction be it (FX, CBDC, fiat notes) or any exchanges a d transactions in foreign currencies now demands a tax clearance certificate before such could be allowed for proper processing.

You're also to take note that having this tax clearance certificate is not free, you're expected to make a payment for it which attract over hundred thousand naira, which means the government has developed anoth means to incentivise from the public through this requirements and people are left with no other option than to embrace the tax clearance payment except they are going to risk their request unattended to.

This is why bitcoin is more preferred in this kind economy situations among other challenges we encounter with governments and banks, you can't experience such with bitcoin a decentralized network, becau it's not under the control or authority of any country or institutions, you will know the right amount you will be charged for bitcoin transaction, you can adjust the fee, make your transaction without KYC, go private and remain decentralized all with bitcoin and no tax clearance needed because you're not centralized.

Reference link:
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / US Congress Meeting On Bitcoin Adoption on: April 27, 2023, 12:20:12 PM
It's happening in US as stakeholders, industries officials, senate members and US Congressmen with  other official delegates meet on a summit about bitcoin  policy in other to discuss on various matters on bitcoin adoption and how they could engage every involved parastatals, stakeholders and individuals to the understanding of what bitcoin offers to the economy and how they can deliberate on taking further actions and necessary steps for bitcoin adoption

On the same note, a Mexican Senator named Indira and Samson Mow are also taking a session to give more light on the beed for bitcoin adoption and thus time not only to every Mexican alone but to circulate allover the world in their own view. it is believed that we can rise more countries and nations to join El-Savador and Central African Republic from bitcoin adoption.


I've come across many threads and articles where people made mention of US as one of the countries where bitcoin ban is effective while some go against it and not being a fact, some also have argued that bitcoin ban is going to take effect in US because of the mining challenges related to environmental degradation, but on this current development, we can all see boldly the side which is about to take hold and how bitcoin had been approached from a focal perspective that gained other's interest for it adoption in US, i also believe that by now, bitcoin is becoming an irresistible preference by all for globalization and adoption which is one of the cause to holding such congress to enlighten others about bitcoin adoption.

3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Asset performance Q1 2023 on: March 20, 2023, 02:08:10 PM
There's no doubt to the genuine fact that bitcoin has been on a good performance since the beginning of this year over other assets, not only that but bitcoin risk adjustment on return as an investment has been found to be the most adjustable digital asset all over the world, this came after ut was found again more profitably secured, this was a publication made by the Goldman Sach, which make this perfect identification on bitcoin because it has been found on an outstanding performances since the beginning of the year 2023 despite the bullrun is yet to begin, there's every possibility that this current dip will soon end base on positive indications from bitcoin performance as an asset since the beginning of this year as the 2023 Q1 research.


4  Economy / Economics / Crusoe Energy to help Bitcoin Mining with Middle East Oil Producers on: June 04, 2022, 07:46:12 AM
Middle-East is one of the fast growing regions in bitcoin adoption simply because the government over there has made the operations to the suitability of the citizens and crypto companies in the whole UAE such as Abu-Dhabi, Dubai Qatar, Kuwait etc. One of the major success in the middle east is the provision of a bitcoin trade free zone and a lasting solution to the challenging aspect of alternate power supply to boost bitcoin mining in the region, just as we could remember how miners have been finding it difficult with the use of electric power supply for it mining operations due to government regulations.

Crusoe Energy, the privately held U.S. company that pioneered bitcoin (BTC) mining by using wasted natural gas as a power source, is expanding in the Middle Eastern region with investments from Mubadala – the sovereign wealth fund (SWF) of Abu Dhabi – and the Oman Investment Authority (OIA)

Crusoe Oil and Energy Gas Company, situated in the United States is set to partnered with the middle east oil producers in converting the waste of flare producing gas into a renewable energy that could be used for bitcoin mining in other to provide target solution to the natural flare gas waste energies from oil production and refining which is anither initiative in solving the environmental challenge that might have caused by natural resources, this call for the need for government to understand that bitcoin mining has no environmental degradation impact but rather a problem solver of the global energy inefficient energy waste from natural resources exploration and refining process.

The global Oil and Gas Companies are now taking a drastic steps to providing a long term lasting solution to the energy challenges in Bitcoin Mining by the conversion of waste natural energies from oil and gas exploration into a renewable energy that could serve in bitcoin mining, Exxon Mobil has conducted the moves as well and we also have the recent one whereby the bitcoin miners in Kenya enjoy the additional service from KenGen an energy company using thermal energy to mine bitcoin and we could see that the closer we are to mining 210000 blocks the more its difficulty and the more we get solution to the mining challenges.

In the flaring process, excess natural gas is burned off into the atmosphere as part of oil drilling operations. It has become standard industry practice because of the lack of transportation infrastructure. The process is under environmental scrutiny, however, with the U.S. President Joe Biden pledging to cut methane emissions from oil and gas operations.

5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Half way to next Halving reached on: May 05, 2022, 12:47:24 PM
The data revealed that today 5th day of May, 2022 marks another ˝ phase to Halving as it just reach the half way of the complete 210,000 blocks to be mined at every four years intervals, we have recorded 105,000 blocks mined already and this has launch us into the second stage for the other half remaining. it could be recalled that bitcoin Halving occurs every four years were by miners get half a reward of every mined blocks in bitcoin.


The data above make an illustration of how the Halving occur and how the data respectively is  applicable to each year occurrence, next Halving should be 2024 and by then the whole 210k block would have been completely mined.

It could be noted from bitcoiners across the world that taking good advantage of this present time to make an investment in bitcoin will be of great benefit.
6  Other / Beginners & Help / Metamask New Phishing Scam on: April 19, 2022, 02:51:04 PM
Metamask New Phishing Scam

As the rate of scam is becoming alarming nowadays, we have to be very careful on how we take the security of our assets against an attack, recently i came across a post on the beginners and help section about trust wallet fake verification by @Lucius alerting users to be careful of this their new means they device through fake verification. The scammers have also developed another means on users on Metamask as a report came in that about $650,000 worth assets were stolen from a user through another advance Phishing scam whereby a user will receive a call from Metamask (with the identity of Metamask) showing their name and they will make a claim that a transaction is suspected to be fraudulent and about to take place from your account and in other for them to stop that, they will send you a code to use in other to increase the security of your wallet against such attack, beloved once you send them the code that's all, you're scammed! and this attack is mainly on Apple users that have their seed phrase, keys or passwords backup on the cloud system.

7  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Chain Reorganization on Distributed Ledger on: April 13, 2022, 07:23:20 AM
Chain Reorganization on Distributed Ledger (Chain Reorg)

An injective chain or mainnet run on a specific protocol and follows the rules that every block on the chain strictly gives adherence to the consensus, when a miner create a block and another create the same block on the existing canonical chain, the protocols ensures that the node tend to consider first the block on the longer chain and reject the smaller chain whose block does not follows the consensus for a Reorganization.

This is done in other to ensure all transaction records are validated by following the consensus of the distributed ledger as every transactions were confirmed to be unaltered across all the nodes.

Can Chain Reorganization (Chain Reorg) occur in a multiple of time? how and why?

Does chain Reorg has any negative impact on the fate of the miner's reward and the entire blockchain?
8  Other / Beginners & Help / How to Create a Quality Post (Topics). on: April 11, 2022, 07:04:42 PM
How to Create a Quality Post (Topics).

I have come across many topics whereby newbies ask for the reason why the community found some of their post/created topics not suitable enough upto their personal taste or forum standard not to talk of giving it a deserving merit, I understand the need that we all demand for the best and will always appreciate seeing a nice presentation of a post looking admiring to read, understand and believe but only few people are ready to pay the demanding sacrifice to get such outstanding result, why is because we sometimes surround ourselves with "inferiority complexity thoughts" which means working on the assumption that one is already a failure without even starting yet while some don't even know it all how to create a quality post or topic, i will discuss with us some few points that could help beginners quest for creating a quality post that everyone could give a welcome idea to.

Create a Good Topic:

This is the starting point for anyone to reach out to people either to give or receive information, there must be a particular problem, idea, solution, observation or information whereby you would want to bring to public for people to learn from or guide you through, once you have such aspect noticed, then you sit down to think about how to project such area for public views, permit me to say that most spammers are the ones whose topic or title will not correspond to the main content of their topic with the aim to attract viewers which is wrong.

Research on the Topic:

Most of us who had the experience in writing a project proposal knows better how important the effect of taking research is in this regard, you have to create time in making research and consultations, make findings in that particular subject you proposed to talked about and know if it has been an already mentioned topic discussed by someone in which solution has been made already, try to find out wether if it was an inconclusive one neglected and needed to be re-emphasized, this will give you direction to know how to proceed or not before starting, just to avoid repetition.

Make a Good Presentation:

This is the branding and packaging aspect for that lucrative idea or topic you want to bring up, it can also be referred to giving your topic a sweet savor or fragrance, nice presentation is what attract attention or viewers interest to your topic, a simple illustration here i will like to give is the example of a viewing center with a black and white Tv and another with HD coloured Plasma Tv, it is obvious that the coloured Tv viewing center will attract more viewers attention than the black and white TV center all because of it presentation, same is applicable to our topics, a topic must be presentable, understandable and straight forward in other to gain public interest.

Contents of the Topic:
A solid content must have introduction, body and conclusion, this is what will give a full representation of your message and enlightenment to your topic, viewers must see the need to continue with reading what you posted to the end else they tend to regret giving a click or view on it, no body gives room for time waster, your content is the main body of your topic and must therefore be thoughtful and precise.

Examples of Good and Poor Quality Post/Topics:

1. How to eat (Poor)
Eating Etiquettes and Nutritional Requirement (Good)

2. Bitcoin law (Poor)
Bitcoin Tax and Government Regulation Overview (Good)

3. Cryptocurrency today (Poor)
Role of Cryptocurrency in Modern Economy (Good)

4. Am new here (Poor)
Am a Beginner and Need information about the Forum (Good)

5. Help me on trade (Poor)
I Need Directions on How to Trade, Am a Newbie (Good)

Successful Hints to Quality Post/Topic:

* Don't rush to post a topic
* Create time to research on your topic
* Quote appropriately with link if needs be
* Check for misspelled words using dictionary
* Engage viewers along in discussion if needed
* Avoid typographical error by using good punctuations
* Make use of good dictions and word vocabularies
* Provide necessary links and reference when needed
* Give recommendations and suggestions adequately if needed
* Be real and plain in your presentation or topic created
* Let your topic contents be brief, understandable and straight forward
* Make a follow up to your post or topic and review on feedbacks


We have three continuous process: "life, growth and learning". If doing it right is really worth desiring for with a good result then doing it wrong is a must to do away with. No any low value or substandard post is worth giving attention to, quality is what everyone bids for.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Implementation of a Hardened Derivative on: April 05, 2022, 07:31:47 AM
I've come to think of it, the more we remain careful about securing our wallets from attack same are the hackers developing new strategies to steal our coins.
I have been able to come across several threads and articles talking about how to improve wallet security in other to avoid loosing our coins to the hands of hackers and one of the recommended ways is to safeguard our keys from another person gaining access to it. Though i dont know much about Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP), but i think one of the reasons this was implemented is to increase the users experience with a better service.

My Question:

How can i implement a "hardened derivative" to my wallet address as a control measure in other to maximize safety of my coins?.
10  Economy / Economics / Citizens School in Dubai Accept Crypto for Tuition Payment on: March 29, 2022, 09:20:26 AM
Citizens School in Dubai Accept Crypto for Tuition Payment.

The Good news is coming from Dubai stating that "Citizens School" now accept the payment for tuition fee in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin & Ethereum), this comes as the first of it kind all over the United Arab Emirates and the entire middle east region as to accepting crypto payment in schools with the official statement quoted below

The school promises to offer flexible payment options in addition to traditional forms of payments and interest-free monthly payment options that Citizens Schoolwill offer. As explained, payments in crypto will be accepted in a tie-up with a digital currency platform that processes cryptocurrency payments and automatically converts them to Emirati dirhams (AED).

It could be recalled on the recent booming of crypto activities in UAE and how the government provide a suitable regulation for the exhibition of "Crypto Free Zone" in the region and the massive relocation of crypto investstor from Russia to UAE because the atmosphere there promote cryptocurrency activities as well as being fully supported by the government, also Dubai is well known as the "Centre for Business and Commerce" as it hold annual "Biz Expo Summit" whereby different countries all over the globe mark the attendance.

The rate of digital technology development is fast increasing in the region while the founder of the "Citizens School" in Dubai made a statement with a commitment and interest to help the upcoming generations equiped in the era of digital economy in UAE at large.
11  Economy / Economics / Israeli bank Leumi to launch cryptocurrency trading on: March 28, 2022, 08:57:25 AM
Another edge is made in Israeli by giving cryptocurrency transactions a better opportunity service for individuals convenience as it second largest bank "Leumi Bank" is set to launch a platform that allows cryptocurrency transactions process through the bank to sell, hold and make use of in crypto trading with the tag "Pepper Invest" which is said to be the first of it kind to be used in performing trading services by the Israeli banks.

Also, more importantly the bank is determined to ensure and effective tax payment from the platform to ensure strict adherence to protocol of using the service for individual transactions. Two things comes to my mind about this development on Israeli, first is that i never thought personally that this could come so easily to achieve in a country like Israeli knowing well that alot of developing countries places  ban on their bank for operation of such services in other for them to launch their CBDC, and other reasons resulted as a result of regulation challenges.

Secondly, seeing a country like Israeli having the understanding of creating a platform through it commercial counterparts for the better experience of citizens (users) in giving cryptocurrency a better opportunity to advance in the region and the world at large. Also, i think the government is worth recommendable in giving cryptocurrency chances to advance in their region.

We are proud to be the first in the Israeli banking system and one of the few worldwide to offer our customers to trade in cryptocurrencies simply, safely and reliably, without the need to download a crypto wallet and with all tax complexities being resolved by the bank.
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Halving and Corresponding Prize Economy on: March 28, 2022, 05:15:08 AM
Bitcoin Halving and Corresponding Prize Economy

Bitcoin Halving simply means getting half (50%) of bitcoin as a reward given to every miner when a new block is achieved at the space interval of every four years untill when the maximum amount of 21 million btc is completely mined.


From the Graph Explained:

The three major Halving that have ever occured were in  2012, 2016 and 2020 respectively and were identified with the flow for the prize speculation and trends from the pip above, it could be observed that some major event occur before and after Halving which plays a significant role to determining the fate of economic investment on bitcoin through prize speculation, base on the 3 major Halving of the past, the prize goes down before the Halving occur and tend to pick up immediately after on a gradual movement that may end in making another ATH record after Halving.

Reasons for Bitcoin Halving.

1. Halving is done in other to increase the demand for bitcoin at all economic levels.

2. To set the target limit to the total amount of bitcoin to be mined within a specific period of time.

3. Though bitcoin is volatile but Halving brings the opportunity to a rise in bitcoin value as it demand increases.

4. During bitcoin Halving, the prize speculation goes dip to rise in other to achieve a possible ATH price level.

5. Halving is mostly targeted by bitcoin investors following prize speculation to know when to sell or buy in other to maximize chance of making profit.

Miners Challenges with Halving

It is believed that miners tend to loose profitability during Halving due to the event of bitcoin running dip/ low as the decreasing value may not make the affordability of the demanding power supply and  maintenance cost but this changes in the opposite way favours them if the price movement is going up.


Having put in consideration on the current surge on bitcoin price and going by the past records on bitcoin Halving, it can be concluded that there's more possibility that bitcoin may not exceed the ATH of $68k till the next Halving of 2024. Investors are thereby encourage to adhere strictly on prize speculation within ranges below $68k before the next Halving.


Informations provided here were base on personal views and past event records, viewers discretion is welcome.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Statistical Analysis on Bitcoin Acceptability on: March 24, 2022, 05:21:03 AM
Statistical Analysis on Bitcoin Acceptability

Taking statistical record of Bitcoin activities is very paramount in other to measure the progression thereby creating a feasibility study on it acceptability and future approach that could offer a general solution either on a long or short run, also this help in creating feedback on bitcoin development all over the world.

According to research and findings, USA is said to be the most largest country with the highest number of bitcoin users in the world, we have about 21 millions overall of bitcoin to be in circulation while about 18.9 already in circulation and over 81 millions user across the globe ever since the launch in 2009, while about $3 millions blockchain worth of market value of bitcoin, knowing also that bitcoin has ever been the first decentralized peer 2 peer digital currency before other cryptocurrencies emerged.

This are statistics about individuals opinion on bitcoin acceptability from the statistical illustration below

I also have some graphical illustration on bitcoin statistical record ever since 2009 till date

Key Points:

✓Bitcoin have about 270 transactions on daily basis.
✓Blockchain has over 81 millions users wallet addresses.
✓Crypto users across the world is about 106 millions in which bitcoin occupied about 81 millions from it
✓Bitcoin has recorded a all time high (ATH) in 2021 reaching $68,000
✓First country to accept bitcoin as a legal tender is El-Savador on 7th September, 2021

Reference link:
14  Economy / Economics / Thailand ban using crypto for payments on: March 23, 2022, 11:09:05 AM
As the cryptocurrency adoption rate increases every day across the globe and many countries are using bitcoin in their daily business transactions and this has in so many ways help in boosting the economy, of recent many countries have being accepting tax payment in crypto as in Florida among others but to the other side of it is coming about Thailand Puting a ban on making cryptocurrency transaction by it commercial counterparts, this statement was made by the Thailand SEC.

It could be recalled on how Thailand has recorded a massive growth in the crypto space with over 600% increase in transaction volume as at last year while over $3 billion worth of cryptocurrency user asset was recorded since the beginning of 2022.

This "ban" is effective starting from 1st of April, 2022, all their financial institutions will be unavailable to carryout transaction in bitcoin or any other crypto asset and in making payments for goods and services. It is also good to note that this crypto ban only affect their banks and any use of crypto as a payment media for goods and services but individuals trading and investment in cryptocurrency is not banned and a good alternative to this is using P2P for transactions in other to have a continuous crypto runnings and operations from been pause in the region.
15  Other / Politics & Society / Signing a petition against Putin on: March 22, 2022, 12:06:07 PM
Place a tribunal trial on Putin, he deserves to be probe, this was unanimously heard from leaders and people across the continent as over 800,000 petitions was already signed against the Russian president over his unlawful invasion of Ukraine causing lost of lives and properties as the world raises alarm over such a berbaric display of war causing several attacks as Putin engage his soldiers waging war over Ukraine.

It is said that Putin will be hold responsible for engaging on war which has claim many loss of lives and properties as  petition signed against him has reached over 1.3 million votes and still counting as at the time of writing this report.

Another update is coming from the Ukrainians president starting willingness to engage on a peace talk with the Putin administration on possible terms and fulfilling agreements over the attack
Zelensky also warned that any peace agreement involving “historic” changes would be put to a national referendum.

looking at Putin's physical appearance, i have never seen a scenario of his engagement on a laughter before, same is relating the war invasion with his physical look and prompted me to ask "should a book be judge according to the appearance of it cover?

Is the Petition signed against Putin worth making him end the war?
16  Other / Beginners & Help / Understanding Bitcoin Trading and Investment (beginners guide) on: March 21, 2022, 09:58:26 AM
Understanding Bitcoin Trading and Investment

The main aim of writing this topic is to help begginers have the fundamental required knowledge on trading and investment, i noticed recently the rate on how begginers raises an alarming call on how to start bitcoin trading/investment as i often come across such in the beginners and help section, this prompted me to create these topic on how a begginer can understand trading and investment properly before getting misinformed into a victim of scam.

Bitcoin Trading and Investment generally involves speculating on the price movement on a short or long term respectively and also has one thing differentiating the two which is the style and strategy used in the process as either a short term strategy (Trading) or a long term strategy (Investment) and the major aim in choosing either trading or investment is to maximize the opportunity profitability.

This is an act of buying bitcoin using a short term strategy by carefully speculating the volatility of price change before buying or selling in other to make profit within that shortest period of time and this can be done using different strategies as listed below:
Day Trading
Range Trading
Swing Trading
Position Trading


Investment: This is the process of buying bitcoin (mostly in a larger volume) and hodl for a long term in other to maginalize the selling price from the buying price thereby making profit, this is mostly practice by bitcoin whales, institutions, bitcoin firms and some reputable individuals, it is preferred as a means for the store of value (asset) which is most likely to yield a return after a long duration of time as the price rises.

Trading Strategies in details:

Scalping: This is the fastest of all kinds of trading strategies, it is done frequently in a day by taking position to trade and realize profit or cut loss within the interval of minutes at several occasions within a day otherwise called spot trading.

Day Trading: This simply means holding a position for trade within the duration of a day, it may involve scalping and range trading only to last within a day.

Range Trading: This is mostly practice with the use of a trading bot, as a particular trade is set to start and stop at a specific range limit, they tend to buy when the flow is at the bottom and set to sell whenever it rises thereby realizing their profit within the interval of the low to high.

Swing Trading: This type of trading requires patience and can be run overnight, within some days or a week, its an advanced day trading technique which run for two or more days and requires total concentration in studying the trend as it moves in other to make trade.

Position Trading: This is sometimes mistaken for an investment, it is a trading strategy that run on a long duration of time with the target to mark an outstanding rise in trading differential volume and price thereby making profit

Meaning of Some Trading Terms

Pip: This is the graphical representation of the move in price at a specific unit.

Leverage: This is the showcase of interest in taking part in a particular trade having just a little amount with the aim to join and contribute in making the trade.

The above image is an illustration example of taking a leverage position

Margin: This is the particular amount of value invested in Securing a leverage position

What Moves the Market
Supply: the total number of coins and the rate at which they are released, destroyed or lost

Market capitalisation: the value of all the coins in existence and how users perceive this to be developing

Press: the way the cryptocurrency is portrayed in the media and how much coverage it is getting

Integration: the extent to which the cryptocurrency easily integrates into existing infrastructure such as e-commerce payment systems

Key events: major events such as regulatory updates, security breaches and economic setbacks

Additional Summary
Learn what moves bitcoin price
Pick a bitcoin trading style and strategy
Choose how you want to get exposure to bitcoin
Decide whether to go short or long
Set you stops and limits
Open and monitor your trade
Close your position to take a profit or cut a loss

Reference links:
17  Other / Politics & Society / Use of Coporal Punishment over a Child on: March 20, 2022, 10:14:52 AM
Corporal Punishment is said to be an act of inflicting pain to a person (mostly children) in other to correct them for wrong misconducts at home, in school or in  the society either by flogging, squatting, beating, slapping, spanking or padding all with the aim to punish a child in other to realize the mistakes.

As individuals and parents, we really understand how far children can go extra miles in developing a wrong attitude or character in the society, they tend to learn those wrong misconducts majorly from the situation of the kind of environment they grew up from, which means our environment really have great impact on a child moral upbringings.

I understand that in Europe, America (north and south), and Australia, coporal punishment is totally avoided and assumed to be denial of child fundamental human rights and it is against the law to impose a corporal punishment on a child indescriminately while in Africa and some part of Asian continent, coporal punishment is very effective.

There's a saying and i quote "Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child". As parents and upcoming parents what is our respective views in the use of corporal punishment over a child.
18  Other / Beginners & Help / Tips needed in Identifying a fake web Address on: March 17, 2022, 10:43:58 AM

The rate of increasing online social media scam is alarming this days by using fake or imposting a particular web address in other to deceive users into their trap thereby creating a  similarly identical web address to the original one claiming ownership in other to lure users into their fraudulent acts, i will be talking specifically about steps and procedures needed in Identifying a fake web address from the discussions below.

Verification of web address:
It is very important to know the correct url to the intended website to visit, check if this is misspelled or altered, e.g can be changed to while another means is by altering into the web domain extension such as to be altered with

Verification of the site seal:
This is done to be rest assured that the site to be visited is authentic and not fake as it tends to reveal information about the site and any seal that does not display informational content tend to be a fake seal and can be a suspicious sign to a fake web address


You should look beyond the lock by clicking on it once to reveal more information. For the highest level of authentication, if you click on the lock it will display “Issued to: [Company Name]” underneath “Certificate (Valid).” Unfortunately, this functionality only currently works on desktop browsers. But whether you’re on a mobile browser or desktop, the principles of looking beyond the lock to verify if a website is secure remain the same.

Confirm the Lock sign
This is a sign that guaranteed data encryption on the website using TLS and lock are of three types namely:
Extended validation lock: this is used for higher security level by advance businesses and organizations
Domain validation lock: this verify the domain ownership
Organization validation lock: this Authenticate business registration with a regulatory body.

A browser is design to give a warning sign that the site about visited is not secured if the lock sign is found missing but it is also good to note that having the lock sign doesn't guarantee the site is not fraudulent or cannot be termed as fake site.

Run a check on the web Address
Verify through a proxy validator otherwise known as website checker is used in verifying site validaty and vulnerabilities it may have. Other means is by running through their privacy and policy check and their online reviews while importantly, whenever you come across such a fake web address "give it a total negligence" by avoiding it.

Punycode Phishing Attack

Punycode is said to be the translation of characters that are symbols, non alphabetic or letters from any non English origin to appear to be in English letters in other to stage a malicious domain for an attack, they make use of a Cyrillic or Homograph character to appears like the exact alphabetic in your address in other to blend it along and launch users into their trap for an attack, they mostly targeted at stealing user's password and data after getting access through.

An example of a secured web address will indicate this:


Example of Punycode attack: a good and updated browser will detect the presence of Homograph


Protection Against Punycode Attack

This Punycode Attack can be minimize and this lies on individuals responsibility by not:

1. Avoid clicking on phishing mails, links, ads and apps that look suspiciously enough for a malicious Attack.

2. Ensure to make use of standard and updated browsers like safari google chrome and internet explorer while firefox along other browsers are not recommendable for use at all as they tend to develop a weaker ability to detect Homograph character on browsers effectively except its been activated from the browser's settings to function by the user.

An unsecured browser will display this option:


At the site of this, its a warning signal that a malicious  Punycode attack has been detected and such user is expected to back off and "never continue".

Redirect Detective

This is used to verify address that redirect users into another thing entirely, users will wanted to test or get a proof to authenticate the address and most are found with short and suspicious address, they can be verify here: by adding the (+) plus sign at the end of the address.

19  Other / Politics & Society / UKVI launches a family scheme for Ukrainian families on: March 15, 2022, 05:26:58 PM
The United Kingdom Visa Application Centre (VAC) in Nigeria have temporarily suspended the processing of UK Visa under the category of family, work and study Visa Application for Nigerian citizens, this is as a result of giving more priority to Ukraine family scheme Visa Application which was recently launched as a result of the ongoing invasion of Russia to Ukraine.

UK Visas and Immigration is currently prioritising applications made under the Ukraine Family Scheme, following its launch and in response to the humanitarian crisis arising from the invasion of Ukraine

All Priority Visa Application has been suspended except for health and emergency situation which must  be  indicated as under companionate application and  extra service charge can precede such application. This is truly one of the ways we express concern through a supportive move in helping Ukraine out of it current situation as UK and Nigeria not minding it cost synergies in helping Ukraine families relocation scheme for safety in UK.
20  Economy / Economics / Ukraine to launch NFT in remembrance of Russian invassion on: March 14, 2022, 03:00:47 PM

Ukraine is set to create a monument of remembrance as it is committed to launch a Non Fungible Token (NFT) "Museum" in other to make history on how Russia launch an invading attack on their beloved country "Ukraine" using the NFT as a symbol of remembrance, This was a statement made by Deputy Minister of Digital transformation in Ukraine.

According to Alex, each NFT will be gotten from reports made by trusted news outlets concerning the war. These NFTs will contain unique pieces of art from those selected stories, obtained from “trusted sources”.

This come as a result of various opinions obtained during a congress meeting in appreciation to numerous donations worth about $100 million received from across the world on the official crypto wallet address of Ukraine. personally it also excites me seeing this and how they come about arriving on creating NFT from the start of airdrops.
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