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1  Economy / Collectibles / 5x Original Casascius "Strength In Numbers" Aluminum Tokens on: July 31, 2021, 04:01:06 PM
Hi All,

Just looking to see if there is any interest in these tokens that were offered by Casascius quite a few years ago in bulk. They're quite a neat addition to any collection and probably the lowest price collectible you could get from this manufacturer, however they seem to rarely be up for sale. Could be a great start for a new collector.

They have a mirror finish on the front (can get better photos if needed) and the back has room for a private key paper + hologram (not included)

Willing to sell them individually or in bulk - open to offers
2  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Two Elton John Tickets for his Final Farewell Tour! on: June 28, 2021, 05:08:46 PM
Hi All,

Bit of a different one for you today and I wanted to see if this would appeal to any big music lovers out there - your chance to see a living legend on his tour that is already selling out.

I managed to pick up these two tickets early (through an American Express Invites offer) via TicketMaster.

They will be transferable to your TicketMaster account closer to the date, however I do not know if they will be available for resale beyond that - so please only buy if you intend to use them directly.

The price it cost me was $280, however I foresee very high demand considering it is the last tour he will ever perform so would ideally like to get $450 (negotiable) converted into the prevailing Bitcoin rate at the time of purchase.

The event date is June 22nd 2022 at Ashton Gate in Bristol in section S21.

These tickets are in extremely high demand and the event is a whole year away! Will probably stick them on eBay if nobody here would like them. If you're interested drop me a private message or post here.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Kentucky Derby Winner fails drug test on: May 09, 2021, 08:50:51 PM

I came across this interesting story added to the BBC today, where the winner of the most recent Kentucky Derby (held on the 1st of May this year) was found to have illegal quantities of a drug in it's system:

Medina Spirit had tested positive for 21 picograms of the anti-inflammatory drug betamethasone, above Kentucky racing's threshold of ten picograms per millilitre.

This is trainer Bob Baffert's 7th Kentucky Derby win and it certainly makes you question his previous wins. His defense also feels a bit too rehearsed, as if he knew that one day the odd damaging news story would get leaked here or there. There is a track record where another of his horses was caught and it was supposedly cross contamination from a patch that the jockey was wearing - it sounds like a terrible cover story. A highly suspicious chain of events and maybe an aging trainer was interested in a winning reputation at all costs.

Last month he was successful in overturning a 15-day ban and disqualification of two of his horses - Gamine and Charlatan - after they returned samples containing the illicit raceday medication lidocaine, which was attributed to cross-contamination from a pain-relief patch worn by the trainer's assistant.

Baffert received a $10,000 fine instead.

I wonder how this affects bookmakers and gamblers who have paid out winners, because these sort of annual competitions can drive many tens of millions of bets? Will people be expected to pay winnings back? Are people who bet on the real non-cheating winner going to be compensated? Are the event organizers going to try and hide this so these difficult questions will not have to be answered?

I hope the people who look after the Kentucky Derby deal with this fairly, openly and honestly - even if it will be an administrative nightmare to rescind the winner. Their reputation might suffer greatly if it is not handled well.
4  Bitcoin / Legal / HMRC (UK Tax Office) Updates Guidelines to include cryptocurrency declarations on: May 04, 2021, 03:49:42 PM
It's being reported by several large news organisations that HMRC has today updated their asset declaration forms. Interestingly they have created a whole section for "cryptoassets" while another section groups together "electronic money accounts, online payment platform accounts, electronic wallets, financial technology accounts, community and informal banking accounts, accounts connected to value transfer systems, money service business accounts, foreign exchange accounts and electronic accounts.". They've been quite slow about it, but looks like they have caught up and the second group will cover any new digital tokens in future.

I wonder whether this will have the slightest impact on the price of Bitcoin? Does the US government already do something similar? It seems like stripping anonymity away with financial statements like these could remove some of the benefit that lures in cryptocurrency users, but it would also come down to how well they were able to enforce it. Tying people to particular bitcoin wallets would seem much harder than following bank account trails.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Betting on an industrial scale, the biggest punter who always wins on: April 24, 2021, 02:11:03 PM
Here's a curious story, that I found posted over on Reddit the other day and it just goes to show how there are companies out there making big money by gambling. I've highlighted the most interesting points, but the whole story seems fascinating to me. I'd never thought it would be possible to make such large and reliable amounts, looks like they make most of their profits from their huge scale and cashback (rebates) they get from bookmakers:

Zeljko Ranogajec or 'Z' or 'Dr. Z' is the biggest punter that the world has ever seen and likely will ever see. Zeljko got his start working at the local casino while studying Commerce and Law at the University of Tasmania. He began to count cards at the local casino, while not working, with his best friend and soon to be business partner, David Walsh. After winning a substantial amount of money, they were both banned from the casino. Zeljko started counting cards at casinos across the nation, but he was inevitably banned from these casinos too. He was then forced to make forays to Korea to play blackjack to keep himself afloat during 'hard times'. Eventually, he moved overseas to card count in the United States. While there he made $5 million from the 'Chocolate Wheel' by clocking the rotations of the wheel with a stopwatch and betting to advantage. He also worked in a card counting team, which included David Walsh, before returning to Australia.

Zeljko turned his attention to the Keno upon arriving in Australia. In conjunction with David Walsh and Phillip Turner, he bet into the Keno from a room above a bar in Tasmania for a decade. The success of the syndicate was largely attributable to the deal they cut with the bar owner to share the commission received from the Keno. This deal effectively lowered the house's take from the Keno from 25% to 17%. Betting tickets left behind at the bar showed that the syndicate was betting $340,000 on Keno at one time. According to one source, the syndicate 'never lost a jackpot'.

Zeljko's domination over horse racing betting markets across the world began with Humbleton. Humbleton is rumoured to turnover $1-3 billion annually. It is a very secretive organisation based in Sydney that employs mathematicians, data analysts, computer scientists, and video analysts to bet on races in Japan, Hong Kong, England, Australia and the United States. Humbleton uses a perturbation model that starts with the assumption that the public is right and then works out what small errors they might make. The willingness to 'embrace the wisdom of crowds' is the key factor that gives the syndicate an edge according to David Walsh. At one point, Zeljko operated an exchange called 'WBX' that produced computer generated bets for the public to bet against. This was designed as a form of market intelligence to be input into the syndicate's models and algorithms. Most of the syndicates betting is executed very late using computer models driven by complex algorithms that place thousands of bets in the final minutes before a race jumps. The syndicate mostly bets on totes (using rebates) or exchanges. In Australia, the syndicate wins in its own right without the rebates. It contributes $10 billion annually to the totes, which accounts for 6-8% of TAB's turnover, but receives rebates of anywhere from 8-10%. Zeljko famously caused Tote Tasmania to become unprofitable, after negotiating a lopsided deal to secure an aggressive rebate of 10.5% in 2007. In the United States, the syndicate relied on rebates of 13% to earn $44 million over a three and a half year period from an outlay of just $200,000. Zeljko is rumoured to account for 25% of all Betfair liquidity.

Zeljko, along with Humbleton, has encountered a number of tax issues over the years. After reaching a settlement with the ATO in 2012 for around $700 million, he left Australia for London. In London, he founded Colossus Bets which specialise in tote pool betting. The settlement with the ATO prompted Zeljko to move the headquarters of all his operations to the Isle of Man. In 2018, he was appointed as a consultant to Newfield Limited, an international racing and sports event company. As of 2020, Zeljko is said to be worth $600 million.
6  Economy / Economics / First UK Bank Bans Businesses Accepting Bitcoin on: April 22, 2021, 04:42:57 PM
Came across this potentially damaging development for Bitcoin today:

NatWest, a relatively well known UK bank (out of roughly 20) has decided to ban any businesses from using its accounts for any Bitcoin related transactions. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come, if I remember correctly this bank has been caught up in a money laundering scandal in the recent past and maybe it is getting jittery - even if the general trend is towards opening up cryptocurrency related services. Banks can also be "on the hook" if companies using their facilities have not performed proper checks on their customers transactions and you could say there is a lot of hard to trace funds floating around. Do you think other banks will follow suit? If they do, will we see the Bitcoin price sink in future or can institutional money overcome these obstacles?
7  Economy / Economics / Charlie Munger: "Bitcoin is an artificial substitute for Gold" on: April 16, 2021, 05:29:57 PM
The clip over at Youtube:

While I have great respect for Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett, it feels like they have missed the boat on Bitcoin - leaving a lot of money on the table as it were. They have famously avoided tech stocks until investing in Apple relatively late and it seems they have gotten increasingly risk adverse in their old age. Personally I think that Bitcoin is an artificial substitute for gold and that is actually a good thing. Having some gold coins myself during Covid, I have sold them face-to-face in the past but most businesses were closed during this time and it simply doesn't feel safe sending such high value items through the post - Bitcoin does not face such a problem. Of course Gold has practical physical world uses as well, but the majority is kept in the form of jewelry or investment grade forms. I find it funny that Charlie seems to have mellowed a bit on it, I'm sure he has labelled it evil in the past..
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / What are the biggest competitive eSports? Do you ever place eSport bets? on: April 15, 2021, 04:38:05 PM
It seems that eSports are getting more popular all the time, especially with Covid and social distancing, so I thought of putting together a little snapshot of which games have the biggest competition winnings. It's a bit of a leap from competition winnings to biggest betting markets, but it gives an idea of where the most money is involved. Does anyone here follow these games closely, or has anyone made a decent amount from eSports betting? It seems like the market will keep growing and if you're able to identify consistent players/teams then there is quite a fortune ready to win.

1. DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) leads the way by a large margin. It currently holds the top 5 spots for largest competition prizes ever. If you look at the top 100 largest prizes for this game alone it totals a massive $171,313,243.05

2. Fortnite has a huge player base around the world and this has helped it to generate some impressive prize pools. The Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 Solo & Duo prizes came to $15,287,500 and $15,100,000 respectively.

3. League of Legends is another game that has been around for a long time and gathered a big following. The LoL World Championship winnings pot averaged $5,488,989 in the three years between 2016 and 2018.

At this point the variety of games gets a little more diluted.

4. Arena of Valor came up with $4,606,400 for participants, with 12 teams competing and 60 players total.

5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare offered $4,600,000 in prizes during the 2020 Championship

6. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds managed an epic $4,080,000 up for grabs during the Global Championship 2019 competition.

7. Overwatch has a large group of players, with 77 entrants in 8 teams competing for a $3,050,000 potential payout during the 2020 Playoff Grand Finals.

8. Rainbow Six Siege offered up $3,000,000 during the "Six Invitational 2020" and had 80 players battling it out.

9. SMITE was able to put together $2,612,994.19 in prizes for their league all the way back in 2015.

10. Halo 5: Guardians rounds out the top ten with $2,500,000 that was up for grabs during their 2016 Halo World Championship battle.

For reference, this list was compiled with the help of the ranking table at
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Tips on how to place sports bets on: April 11, 2021, 06:45:37 AM
To help the community I thought of putting together a few tips learned through sports betting and see if anyone else has ideas that might contribute to success. I only gamble for fun and tend to stick with the small free bets that casinos give out. This list was mainly put together while taking welcome offers and doing a bit of "matched betting". However, it was quite a learning experience and hopefully help you to avoid some silly mistakes.

Know what you're betting on. It sounds super simple, and it is, but if you are new to a certain game, don't get carried away by thinking you have a certain way to win. If you are usually placing soccer bets and suddenly jump into horse racing, it is very easy to think that the top rated horses will always win but many times they do not.

Start with small bets. This ties into the last point slightly, because if you are new then you definitely want to start with small bets (unless you need to place a certain amount to unlock a welcome offer) until you are confident that you understand all the risks - you might needlessly lose a lot of money otherwise.

Make sure you understand the odds. I personally always go into the settings section of any gaming site and switch to the "Decimals" option to display the odds. This could come down to personal preference, but I've found it far too easy to make mathematical mistakes when trying to read odds in fractional format. Some examples: 1/1 = 2.0, 1/2 = 1.5, 2/1 = 3

Read all the terms relevant to your bet. Be sure not to place a bet on the outright winner of a competition, when you only intended to place a bet on a single specific game. If you have to place a minimum amount to unlock a free bet or welcome bet, along with minimum odds, be sure to understand what you are doing - only the first bet you place will count in many circumstances.

Don't be afraid to contact support. There was a couple times when I knew that I placed a proper qualifying welcome bet, but simply did not get it credited to my account. Another time there was a glitch that was preventing me from depositing. After a short chat with the someone on the helpdesk, they confirmed that I was eligible for a reward and it got added to my account. You might have to dig around and go through help sections in order to find the live chat.

Double check you have entered the right details. It can be easy to get carried away if you think you've found a great bet to place, but make sure do not rush it! Take a breather and read through the bet before submitting it, before you get a rush of regret by overlooking a silly detail (e.g. shots on target vs shots taken) or putting too much money on it.

Stay away from games like Dice unless you are doing it purely for fun. These games are designed to favor the house over the long run and you will not win. The highly repetitive nature of the game may also build a habit or leave you thinking that there is some sort of pattern going on, both are dangerous thoughts. If you know what you are doing and just want to take a chance then go for it, but you will not make any consistent money from these zero skill games.

Does anyone else have ideas on how to gamble successfully?
10  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] 2016 Bitcoin Penny SN with Doodle on: February 14, 2021, 02:47:37 PM
Hi All,

I'm looking to gauge if there is any interest in purchasing the following Bitcoin Penny 2016 SN with accompanying doodle and see if anyone is interested in making an offer. You can PM or leave a message here.

Front and back of coin
11  Economy / Collectibles / Help with two "damaged" CryptoImperator dogecoins on: January 29, 2021, 08:58:42 PM
Hi All,

I picked these two coins up many years ago, had a look back through my post history trying to find which thread they were sold in but am having no luck finding it. I remember them being labelled "damaged hologram" and there is some melt marks on them and one has what looks like the center depressed causing some other slight damage. From what I recall they must have been in some sort of auction or raffle, maybe they were sourced via the manufacturer themselves in a PM deal - can't quite remember. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out if they were actually funded or just left empty because of the state they are in? Does anyone know how to figure that out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Ok so I found the PM where the sale for one of these went down:

Ah, I thought they were just unfunded and not necessarily damaged. Are there any unfunded ones that have a usable address attached? Some photos will be great.[/img]]

unfunded damaged hologram. but usable fully secure

The two coins involved are:
DLqpioqPsF5ikHkKgziexkdWESLBuA5Xpy   Damaged in transit

Which means one is funded and the other is not funded. If anyone is interested in purchasing and/or would like more detailed photos, let me know.
12  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] "Imagine a Game" silkscreen poster from 2014 on: August 25, 2020, 05:47:16 PM
Hi All,

I'm back again for a limited time only Cheesy

So after buying this poster quite a few years, it has been proudly adorning the wall of my office ever since. However it is one of the last remaining bitcoin pieces I have and it's time to replace it with another work of art. It was originally delivered in a tube and was sent for framing very shortly after receipt. I cannot remember the exact specifications behind the framing, but pretty sure I went for some sort of UV resistant glass at the time in an effort to preserve it - choose to ignore this if you like, as I cannot be totally sure. It has never been exposed to direct sunlight.

It is copy number 69 out of 100 produced (only 50 were sold, 50 went to one client).

Unsure what to ask for this, hoping a keen bitcoin enthusiast with lots of wall space would like to add a great work of art. Please make fair and sensible offers. Postage will be from the UK.

See the poster:
13  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] on: July 02, 2020, 01:35:42 PM
Domain only.

Quality keywords, easy for visitors to remember and you can build a strong brand around it.

Send through your offers Smiley

Currently registered at Godaddy, will come with 1 year of registration remaining.
14  Economy / Collectibles / - Up for sale on: October 07, 2019, 04:54:51 PM
Hi All,

I'm back to see if there is any interest in this website - I would normally post this in the digital goods section but this is directly relevant to the collectibles forum and has the right audience here. I am not looking to make much from this website, but feel that it would do much better in someone elses hands as there are many routes for expansion. To be honest I've drifted away from the crypto scene and am not sure I'll ever get back into it.

Basically it was programmed from scratch by myself and uses PHP+PDO connections to a MySQL database. It has the early stages of an administration panel that allows you to add items and a few other parts. It is well structured for expansion and could be developed further by someone with just a little interest in learning to program.

Lots of images were donated by members of this community and original image ownership belongs to them - they were generous enough to share these item photos with the world, so do not abuse this privilege.

I would rather accept a little less and have it go to a long term user than accept it from someone with questionable motivations. The alternative is it just disappears when it comes to the next hosting renewal.

Offers are welcome - please consider that many hours were put into editing the photos, writing the unique content and programming the interface.

As for visitor numbers - the site got neglected for a few months and was throwing up errors, however it was fixed about a couple months ago. Checked analytics and it had 115 visitors in last 90 days, so visitors are low with no promotion.

Feel free to ask any questions
15  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] 10 + 20 + 50 + 100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Complete Set on: July 18, 2019, 06:27:21 AM
Hi Everyone,

Ever wanted to be a trillionaire? Now you can be! You can pick up a special set of premium trillion dollar notes that were produced in Zimbabwe for a limited period of hyper inflation back in 2008. These are the highest denomination notes ever created by a central bank and the perfect collectible for people interested in all forms of currency or could even be given away as a rather special gift. You will receive four separate notes that you can see in the photos below - ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred trillion dollars. They are very competitively priced and offers are welcome.

Buy it now: 0.0135 BTC

Payment address will be sent via PM (make sure you are paying the correct person). Sent via signature required and tracked postage.
16  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] 10 + 20 + 50 + 100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Notes Set - [BONUS GIFT] on: June 29, 2019, 07:45:04 PM
Hello All,

Now is your chance to pick up a special set of trillion dollar notes produced in Zimbabwe for a limited time back in 2008. These are the highest denomination notes ever created by a central bank and the perfect collection for people interested in all forms of currency. You will receive four different notes which you can see in the photos below - ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred trillion dollars. They are very competitively priced, please try to find them elsewhere for lower - you are welcome to make offers.

Buy it now: 0.0125 BTC

Bonus Gift:
A while back I received a couple of CryptoImperator 10,000 Dogecoin coins with damage to the hologram. I don't know if they are loaded, so assume they are not. It's hard to describe the damage - one has melt marks, both have damage that looks like the hologram was pushed into the void area. You can see the state of the coins in the photos other than that - remember this is just a freebie.

Sent via tracked and signature required post

Bitcoin address will be provided via PM, please be sure you are paying the right person.
17  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] 10 + 20 + 50 + 100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Note Set - Great Condition on: June 23, 2019, 08:50:58 AM
Hello All,

After selling a couple of these highly sought after sets here in the last week and seeing how popular they are - I have one more full set of official trillion dollar Zimbabwe notes for sale. These are the highest denomination notes ever created by a central bank and the perfect accompaniment for any bitcoin collection. You will receive four different notes which you can see in the photos below - ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred trillion dollars. These are very competitively priced, but you are welcome to make offers.

Buy it now: 0.015 BTC

Sent via tracked and signature required post

Bitcoin address will be provided via PM, please be sure you are paying the right person.
18  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] 10 + 20 + 50 + 100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Note Set - Excellent Condition on: June 18, 2019, 05:04:16 PM
Hello All,

I am here to sell a complete set of Zimbabwe trillion dollar notes, that were created back in 2008 during a period of hyperinflation within the country. It is your chance to own the four highest denomination notes ever issued by a central bank anywhere in the world. These notes are highly desired, very popular and have grown in value in the intervening years - with this set in great condition and very competitively priced.

Images of the set front and back:

[ SOLD ]
19  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] Monero Brass Coin on: June 15, 2019, 07:34:12 AM
I am selling a Monero Brass Coin received from Smoothie's giveaway.

It is a DIY XMR brass coin with TWO holograms.

Images of the coin:


Images of the hologram:

I am selling this coin for $150 (calculated in BTC). Post here or pm me if interested. BTC address will be shared via pm - Make sure you are paying the right person. Buyer needs to make the payment first.

*Shipping: Signature required tracked delivery only is included.

Price is based on this thread, offers are welcome:
20  Economy / Collectibles / 1g Set of Four Mini Round Silver Coins [BitcoinNerd* + Nastyfans ] on: June 13, 2019, 03:01:54 PM
Hello All,

So I am just popping up to see what sort of offers are out there for the following set of four 1g silver coins:

1 x Genesis Block 1g Silver Round (BitcoinNerd)
1 x The 10k Bitcoin Pizza 1g Silver Round (BitcoinNerd)
1 x Nastyfans 1g Silver Round
1 x NastyPool 1g Silver Round

It should be noted that I am not in any particular rush to sell these and will only be selling them as a complete set of four. I would like to see what kind of offers are out there and will consider putting a fixed price on them in a few days. The BitcoinNerd ones are particularly rare and that should be factored in to any particular offer - they make a perfect mini-set to fulfill any serious bitcoin collection.

You can view the set of four silver rounds here
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