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1  Economy / Micro Earnings / [BTFG] Bitcoin Settlers Now LIVE on: September 15, 2016, 08:57:16 AM
From the dragon who brought you Bitcoin Traders (a mod of Blacknova Traders) comes a new Bitcoin Faucet Game!

Bitcoin Settlers is a mod of the TravianZ fork of TravianX, a clone of Travian.  In this webgame, you build your village and expand your empire.

Unlike TravianZ or Travian Classic, getting gold in this game is a simple matter of just playing the game, and gold will randomly appear!

Best of all, you can use the gold to buy bonus abilities in the Bitcoin Plus area, or exchange it for Satoshi!

How does the exchange rate work?  Well, simply put, we calculate the total gold in the game, and then divide that by the total satoshi in the faucetbox wallet to give you a gold to satoshi exchange rate.  This means that your gold is actually a portion share of the faucetbox wallet!

Doing this means that even if everyone cashes out their gold for satoshi all at once, everyone gets paid.

Check it out!

2  Economy / Micro Earnings / [ANN] Bitcoin Traders Faucet Game now entering BETA! on: February 13, 2016, 09:57:23 PM
Greetings to everyone!  I would like to present the Bitcoin Traders Faucet Game, a mod of Blacknova Traders! In this game you trade, build, hunt and explore to earn credits that can be used to upgrade your ship, build planets, or convert to Satoshi!

This game Faucet was introduced on BTCPOP as an Alpha version, and has had a positive reception!

This faucet differs from other faucets in that there is an exchange rate for credits/satoshi, which adjusts itself automatically based on credits in game vs satoshi in both the faucet and deposit wallets. This means that credits in game are always backed 100% by satoshi held in faucet!

We receive revenue in a few ways.  We have the traditional banner ads that appear on every page, an iframe ad that appears only in the bank, and a redirect ad that appears as part of a random lottery. We also rent the game itself out to other sites.  Currently is rentng, so you will be redirected to their website to enter the game.

50% of all revenue goes back into the wallet, while 25% goes to the Bitcoin Traders Faucet Game shareholders.

If you want to be a shareholder yourself, sign up at BTCPOP and purchase shares in the Bitcoin Traders IPO!  Shares sell for 0.005 btc per share.

Thank you and Enjoy the game!
3  Economy / Service Discussion / Dragon's Tale: Online Casino unlike any other! + A great faucet on: July 22, 2015, 11:56:35 AM
I have been playing an Online Gambling site called Dragon's Tale which accepts and pays out bitcoin.  Unlike standard casino games, this one is more than just slots or poker.  You can buy drinks for yourself or friends, and potentially profit from the drinks.  Smoke and enjoy ksat flowing into you, or form second hand smoke from your friends.  Tip Cows, shoot off fireworks, and kill pigs to earn more satoshi!

My favorite game is the Great Wall, where you bet satoshi to try to create a picture on the wall. If you win, you can collect 120% profit. Or attempt to make another painting and increase your winnings. My best win so far is a single 780 BTM win on that game! (100 BTM base bet)

The game gives its own names to coin levels.  Satoshi we all are aware of. A ksat is 1000 satoshi, while a bitmill is 100 ksat.  Bitmil is a millibitcoin, that is.. 1/1000 of a bitcoin.

My wife actually managed to win enough on the Waterwheel (a gem matching game) to withdraw 1.5 bitcoin (YES BTC) to her Hashnest account, which means she will continue to profit from that windfall!

I even had the benefit of watching someone win a whopping 125 bitcoin just a few days ago, the biggest single payout ever on Dragon's Tale History!

Winning large single amounts has its benefits as well. For every Jackpot you win, you get a ticket into the daily, weekly, and monthly draw, with prizes from 50 BTM to 1 BTC.  There is also something called Dragon Treasures, which represents a kickback for betting, win or lose. After you earn 1 dragon treasure, you can rade it in for 100 BTM or go double or nothing. I have one 1 Daily prize since I started playing a few weeks ago, and have received 4 Dragon treasures

Like any gambling site, you need to have bitcoin to make bitcoin, and many stay away from sites like this because they run out of money and do not want to invest any of their own hard earned cash.  The solution... use !  Epay is a bitcoin faucet rotator that has the benefit of allowing you to change your payout address whenever you want. Make your payout address the same as your Dragon's Tale deposit address, and you can fund your gambling using free money from the rotator. It pays once a week as long as you meet a certain threshold, which is extremely easy to meet.

Dragon's Tale and Epay.. the best combination ive ever had, and glad i found them both!  Please use the link for Epay in this thread, as it contains my referring number. Thank you Smiley
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