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1  Economy / Economics / Why should i invest in bitcoin or other cryptos ? on: February 28, 2021, 06:03:49 PM
Why should i invest in bitcoin or other cryptos ?

If you buy land, each year even if you don't work it you get weeds ... if you dry them you can use them to make a fire ...and in turn that generates energy ...

Meaning: that piece of land is giving you a dividend each year .

Where's my dividend if i invest in crypto ?  
2  Economy / Economics / You want to make money with Bitcoin ? Here is a Tip ...Psy... on: February 23, 2021, 09:31:06 PM
After years of working with crypto i kind of figure it out how it moves ....

Burn your math / investing / finance and  economics books if you want to invest in crypto

Crypto value and volatility  is based on human psychology ...

If you understand human psychology / sociology etc you will become very very rich...

Crypto is based on trust ... Sure there are pump and dumps / scams etc ... But at the end crypto is based on trust.

So when the price goes up people trust it more,when the price goes down they trust it less.

Crypto is irational /emotional like humans .It's a indicator of or mood.

That's all to it ...the rest is just Fugazzi,

3  Economy / Economics / What is the point of collateralized loans ? on: January 17, 2021, 12:32:41 AM
Let's say i have 1000 USDC

Step 1 i deposit it ( gas fee is taken + approve fee i think )
Step 2 i set it as collateral ( gas fee is taken )
Step 3 now i want to borrow 700 DAI ( APY 12.82% ),i click on it
Step 4 approve ( gas fee is taken )
Step 5 Around 650 DAI is sent to my address ... 50 usd lost in fees

What's the catch ? I just lost money... How can you make money from taking this type of loan ?

4  Economy / Economics / bitcoin over 30k on: January 05, 2021, 12:54:37 AM
I was a pessimist that bitcoin will go over 20k ,now it's over 30k

From my perspective btc is worthless same as cash has no value for me

I get it ,it's volatile a speculator and market manipulator dream come true ...for them it has value

Question is how will be responsible for the suicides & murders...when they start happening ?

Poor people gamble their savings now thinking they will get rich quick ...

If your not rich be careful and read a lot about crypto ,see the good side and bad side of it before you invest in it .

How is going to pay when pension funds will start investing and they will lose people's money ? As some fund managers are already playing Russian roulette...

Stupid and corrupt govs  ...that's how i blame.
5  Economy / Reputation / flag @suchmoon / proof that suchmoon is a Chinese communist that trolls users on: September 13, 2020, 01:46:02 AM
@suchmoon is a Chinese communist that attacks anyone that does not use his/their escrow service ...they think they are some sort of bitcointalk online Chinese triad mafia

Proof 1 Notice how he attacks anyone that does not use their escrow services

Proof 2 Notice that nickname suchmoon is a chinese/asian nickname used mostly by chinese / a simple search on google  or duck duck go

Proof 3

Notice that all that have this symbol


will attack/troll as they think they are some sort of bitcointalk mafia ,and if you don't use their escrow services they accuse you of scamming without proof .

Proof 4

Notice that his website was when he was a hero member

Registrar: Xiamen ChinaSource Internet Service Co., Ltd

Now we can simply deduct that i was right that he is chinese ...

Proof 5 notice that all users that attack my posts have negative trust.... read the negative trust they have

Let's show suchmoon  hidden trust also so the  world knows who he his behind his anonymous id:

Click "show ratings" in his profile;u=234771 to see the negative trust he has

They are part of  gang called Lauda


I don't have time for this stuff ...but if anyone likes to do this stuff you will find what i am saying about him is true ...if you do a little digging you will find the truth

6  Economy / Services / Advertising Service on: September 12, 2020, 11:18:07 AM
Pm me

Will respond to you when i am online.

Plan 1
I Will post your product/service ad in 100 forums
I Will post your product/service ad link on 100 blogs as comment
I Will post your product/service ad on as an article
I Will post a youtube video about your product/service on youtube (no sound,no voice)
I will post your product/service ad on 10 facebook groups,10 instagram comments,10 twitter tweets
I will post your product/service ad in 10 classified websites/apps

Price 150 euros ( 50 % upfront and 50% at the end of campaign )

Plan 2
I Will post your product/service ad in 300 forums
I Will post your product/service ad link on 300 blogs as comment
I Will post your product/service ad on as an article
I Will post a youtube video about your product/service on youtube (no sound,no voice)
I will post your product/service ad on 20 facebook groups,20 instagram comments,20 twitter tweets
I will post your product/service ad in 20 classified websites/apps

Price 280 euros ( 50 % upfront and 50% at the end of campaign )

It will be done manual no automatic software used also will try to target your clients as much as possible .

No refund for upfront payment !
7  Other / Off-topic / Well this is my last topic guys on bitcointalk on: September 01, 2020, 08:45:17 PM
Well this is my last topic guys on bitcointalk

We had fun , it was nice ,bitcointalk is like the old internet i used to remember when i was a kid ,when we used  mIRC ,fun years.

Now i got to deal with real life problems ... grown up stuff ...quantum computing ,quantum energy etc... hope i will not end up in a mental hospital  Grin

Watch out and be careful with crypto as it's not a currency anymore ...most people use it as a "investment" / speculation and make sure your not the idiots holding crypto when it crashes ...

And ask yourself's this fundamental question is 1 btc really worth 60 ounces of gold ?

Cryptocurrency has died ...
8  Economy / Reputation / Flag suchmoon ,he is a communist supporting communist ideology on: September 01, 2020, 08:02:28 PM
Flag suchmoon ,he is a communist supporting communist ideology ,also he and his Chinese communists gang is  trolling anyone how believes in democracy and freedom of speech .

check his posts ...
9  Other / Off-topic / Western MMA vs Chinese Kung Fu Panda ,how will win ? on: September 01, 2020, 07:18:44 PM
Western MMA vs Chinese Kung Fu Panda ,how will win ?

Western MMA

Kung fu Panda Dancing

I say the Chinese guy will get Knocked the F..k Out ...

10  Other / Off-topic / Portland killing, Russians and Chinese ? on: August 31, 2020, 07:43:11 PM

It's Russia and China guys ...don't fall for it ,they want to start a civil war in your country ...

I am from Romania ... Russians are experts in this type of warfare ,don't fall for it as they did the same in '89 in my country.

Commie f...ks...
11  Economy / Service Discussion / How to protect your self as designer/developer from scammers? on: August 31, 2020, 07:20:54 PM
This is how i do it for my services:

You must agree with this terms before you make a order

1.For coding and template design services payment is done half upfront and half at the end when i will send you demo video.If  last payment is done you will get the files ,if second payment is not sent for files you will not get the files.
2.For graphic design services payment is done upfront . You are paying for work not for success.
3.For programming services payment is done via milestone ,once a milestone is complete you get video of work and i send you files of completed work ,or you can hire by the hour.
4.For design services there are no guarantees that you will like the work ,the payment you do is for work , not for "success". You may like the work or not .
5.If you send a script so i work on it do not say that i will "run away" with your script or something like that,i have zero use for your script as i can build any script you see online.I am a programmer.

If you agree with the terms above glad to help you if not you will have to find someone else.Don't ask for escrow on design or programming services ... You are paying for work same as you pay someone to work in your house(painter,electrician etc. Must be mutual trust.


How do you guys do it for your services ?
12  Economy / Economics / Famine is coming next ... on: August 30, 2020, 03:30:28 AM

The third horseman is coming ....the Final Battle Near !
13  Economy / Reputation / Any moderator online? on: August 28, 2020, 01:23:32 AM
If Any Moderator online please check my topic here

And here

Constant attacked by trolls

Also they left negative feedback on my profile without making a trade with me

Sry for posting here
14  Economy / Reputation / suchmoon is trolling people topics and leaving negative feedbacks for no reason on: August 27, 2020, 09:26:44 PM
suchmoon is trolling people topics and leaving negative feedbacks without even making a trade . i reported him to moderator also
15  Economy / Lending / I started a eth betting service ,if you offer eth loans to gamblers let me know on: August 27, 2020, 04:31:36 PM
I started a eth betting service
You can check it out here:

if you offer eth loans to gamblers let me know,so i add you to lenders list in my topic :

Post your bitcointalk username here and bitcointalk topic so i add it to lenders list .
16  Economy / Gambling / Alin's 0.01 ETH P2P Bets on: August 26, 2020, 07:25:32 PM
Alin's 0.01 ETH P2P Bets

Visit this topic to see what it is about:

Good Luck and Enjoy !
17  Economy / Economics / We need to create a independent mobile device on: August 25, 2020, 02:00:51 PM
We need to create a independent mobile device

Here is one of the reasons why we need a mobile device that is not depending on app store or google play

18  Other / Off-topic / Is it possible that the 1% group want to kill us intentionally with covid ? on: August 24, 2020, 11:41:05 PM
I have a theory why covid plague started :

Now the world population is around 8 billion people ...

What if a group a people started this plague intentionally do to fact technology/ai etc will replace human labor  so they do not have to deal with humans going on strike ,pensions ,health,riots,food,water,salaries etc..

It's also easy to do land grabbing if the owner is dead.(" The death of many Aztecs at the hands of the plague led to a void in land ownership, with Spanish colonists of all backgrounds looking to exploit these now vacant lands" --

Is it possible that the 1% group want to kill us intentionally (get rid of the people they don't need)?


Interesting facts about plagues/epidemics

...the catastrophe was so overwhelming that men, not knowing what would happen next to them, became indifferent to every rule of religion or law.”
— Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War

Thucydides states that people ceased fearing the law since they felt they were already living under a death sentence. Likewise, people started spending money indiscriminately. Many felt they would not live long enough to enjoy the fruits of wise investment.

 The plague is thought to have caused widespread manpower shortages for food production

Even then, he did not refrain from demanding the annual tax, not only the amount at which he assessed each individual, but also the amount for which his deceased neighbors were liable

As a result of the plague in the countryside, farmers could not take care of crops and the price of grain rose in Constantinople.

By 736, many land tenants in Kyushu were either dying or forsaking their crops, leading to poor agricultural yields and ultimately famine.

 The epidemic not only killed a large segment of the population, it triggered significant dislocation, migration, and imbalance of the labor throughout Japan. Highly affected were construction and farming, especially rice cultivation.

With such a large population decline from the pandemic, wages soared in response to a labour shortage.[104] On the other hand, in the quarter century after the Black Death in England, it is clear many labourers, artisans, and craftsmen, those living from money-wages alone, did suffer a reduction in real incomes owing to rampant inflation.[105] Landowners were also pushed to substitute monetary rents for labour services in an effort to keep tenants.

The effects of the outbreak extended beyond just a loss in terms of population. The lack of indigenous labor led to a sizeable food shortage, which affected both the natives and Spanish

A 2019 study found that the plague of 1629–1631 led to lower growth in several cities affected by the plague and "caused long‐lasting damage to the size of Italian urban populations and to urbanization rates. These findings support the hypothesis that seventeenth‐century plagues played a fundamental role in triggering the process of relative decline of the Italian economies."

. It struck the areas of Andalucía and Valencia particularly hard. In conjunction with the poor harvest of 1682-83 which created famine conditions, the effects killed tens of thousands of the weakened and exhausted population. When it ended in 1685, it is estimated to have taken over 250,000 lives.

Trade and business had dried up, and the streets were empty of people except for the dead-carts and the dying victims, as witnessed and recorded by Samuel Pepys in his diary: "Lord! How empty the streets are and how melancholy, so many poor sick people in the streets full of sores… in Westminster, there is never a physician and but one apothecary left, all being dead."[44] That people did not starve was down to the foresight of Sir John Lawrence and the Corporation of London who arranged for a commission of one farthing to be paid above the normal price for every quarter of corn landed in the Port of London.[45] Another food source was the villages around London which, denied of their usual sales in the capital, left vegetables in specified market areas, negotiated their sale by shouting, and collected their payment after the money had been left submerged in a bucket of vinegar to "disinfect" the coins

The plague in London largely affected the poor, as the rich were able to leave the city by either retiring to their country estates or residing with kin in other parts of the country.

On 26 February, Grand Master Nicolás Cotoner and the committee met and decided to increase the measures being taken. Movement of people was restricted from 24 March, and all suspected cases were isolated. Residents of areas of Valletta with high infection rates, including the Manderaggio, Arċipierku and French Street, were forbidden to leave their homes and they were provided with food. Barbers were told not to cut the hair of infected people or their relatives. When the disease spread to the countryside, the entire island was declared as infected, and international quarantine measures were adopted.[3]

While the plague faded out during the hard winter, food became scarce due to war contributions and conscription, and the cordon sanitaire and the respective restrictions were lifted by edict on 12 July 1709.
While it had so far avoided participation in the war, the conflict had affected it indirectly by a reduction of its trade volume, rising taxes[28] and food shortages.

The plague outbreak caused severe economic disruption as trade links and communication were cut off, both internally and with neighbouring countries.[1] Ties between Malta and Gozo were cut off for a long period of time,[45] although there were instances where limited trade between the islands were allowed.[7] Fearing the disease, a number of foreign business people had left the island by August 1813.[7] Government expenditure also increased during the outbreak.[1]
The plague contributed to an economic depression which lasted until well after the disease was eradicated from the islands. Some ports imposed quarantines on Maltese ships until 1826, negatively impacting trade in the process.

Many lawsuits began, related to wills suspected of being forged by criminals looking to make their fortune at the expense of the true heirs. Other cases involved the abandoned houses that thieves had broken into.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 15% of its value in the second half of 1957.[17] In the United Kingdom, the government paid out £10,000,000 in sickness benefit, and some factories and mines had to close.[3] Many schools had to close in Ireland, including seventeen in Dublin.[19]

Tourism was negatively affected, flights to India were cancelled, and some planes from India were fumigated at airports.[11][15] Many flights from India to the nearby Gulf region were suspended. Some countries also put a hold on the imports from India. Paramilitary forces set up checkpoints to deal with people fleeing Surat. Panic buying and government-ordered closures spread to Mumbai and Delhi.[14]
Economic damage in Surat was estimated at ₹816 crore (₹8.160 billion).

Approximately 20% of the protein consumed in developing countries come from poultry.[14] In the wake of the H5N1 pandemic, millions of poultry were killed. In Vietnam alone, over 50 million domestic birds were killed due to HPAI infection and control attempts.[50] A 2005 report by the FAO totaled economic losses in South East Asia around US$10 billion.[50] This had the greatest impact on small scale commercial and backyard producers relative to total assets compared to industrial chains which primarily experience temporary decreases in exports and loss of consumer confidence. Some governments did provide compensation for culled poultry, it was often far below market value (close to 30% of market value in Vietnam), while others such as Cambodia provide no compensation to farmers at all.
As poultry serves as a source of food security and liquid assets, the most vulnerable populations were poor small scale farmers.[47] The loss of birds due to HPAI and culling in Vietnam led to an average loss of 2.3 months of production and US$69–108 for households where many have an income of $2 a day or less.[50] The loss of food security for vulnerable households can be seen in the stunting of children under 5 in Egypt.[14] Women are another population at risk as in most regions of the world, small flocks are tended to by women.[51] Widespread culling also resulted in the decreased enrollment of girls in school in Turkey.[14]

During the first week of November reports told of a worsening situation due to intense transmission in Freetown. According to the Disaster Emergency Committee, food shortages resulting from aggressive quarantines were making the situation worse,[123] and on 4 November media reported that thousands had violated quarantine in search of food in the town of Kenema.[124
Movement of people away from affected areas disturbed agricultural activities.[456][457] The FAO warned that the outbreak could endanger harvests and food security in Western Africa,[458] and that with all the quarantines and movement limitations placed on them, more than 1 million people could be food insecure by March 2015.[459] By 29 July, the World Bank had given 10,500 tons of maize and rice seed to the 3 hardest-hit countries to help them to rebuild their agricultural systems.


History is the best teacher: what it tells us from does facts is that land and labor will be very important, and famine will come with this plague ...

19  Economy / Economics / how in the world is btc at $12.303,28? on: August 18, 2020, 03:40:56 AM
how in the world is btc at $12.303,28?

there is nothing ,absolutely nothing to make btc from technical point worth so much ...

Nobody is using their btc to buy goods/services ,i know do to fact i am accepting btc and no clients via btc this month orders via btc. No real liquidity ..people are just hording.

I really hope i am not right about what i think it is as we will see btc worth 1-2 usd

And ethereum at $429,87 ....

Are people that stupid to forget that in March btc was at  8000 usd and eth  was at 130 usd .... ?


Well if you guys say  bitcoin is a "investment" good luck with it...i am out of btc world bitcoin is no longer a currency .
20  Other / Politics & Society / social distancing ? covid on: August 17, 2020, 10:17:54 AM
It's the same all over ... no social distancing ,no mask

Second wave going to be worse then first one ...
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