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1  Economy / Service Discussion / Notable apps that can accept BTC for premium subscription packages. on: September 19, 2023, 06:33:51 PM
A lot of apps now exist with preference for users from beginner or pro features to rewards/bonuses. Like music apps, chat apps, gaming apps, gambling apps, graphics and photo design apps.
 The designs and services is different from creation or same for those offering similar service  with only slight adaptations, like the boom player and Spotify music apps which serve same purpose, but with different designs adapted to suit a users device and preference.

The thing now is this, upon using any one of these recent apps, a time always come when the most interesting features get restricted to only premium subscription users.  
Where no subscription is made, the user is limited in the use of the app and is bombarded with lots of advert pop ups.

Am curious to know, is there some notable app(s) created for whatever purposes which has a premium subscription payment plan for any of its package and accepts or allows crypto or BTC payments for the package?

2  Economy / Service Discussion / Is there another similar concept? on: September 18, 2023, 07:19:28 PM

I had to ask this, although I know someone here may have reasoned in line with this, having read something similar as a post thread or comments in any section here.

° Can an online business besides just a gambling platform, which accepts Bitcoin as payments or for payouts, run a signature campaign on this Bitcoin talk forum, or is the term 'signature campaign' strictly attributed to gambling platforms?

° Is there another kind of forum for online businesses that accepts Bitcoin as payment, which is similar in concept like this forum? If no, is there any other discovery you have had that's close in initiative to an active community as this, which aims to help advertise, market, educate, inform and encourage adopting payments in BTC and crypto currency in general?

Your thoughts and opinions are welcomed!
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / How does an online Foodbetting site sound? on: September 08, 2023, 04:22:30 PM

I know creativity has led to many breakthrough innovations we see today. Within the gambling world, we have seen many types; From bizarre kind of bet, to outrageous and well- horseracing bet, football/soccer bet, boxingbout/tournament bet, tennis match/tournament bet, basketball betting. Has anyone given a thought to foodbetting?
Customers joining the site to bet on their favorite foodie are expected to register as a member, just as is required in a normal bet site. They would place their bets on contestants who are expected to eat more or eat less quantity of various prepared food within a timed period/duration.

Trust me when I say I found this idea quite amusing at first, but I don't know of any initiative that has come up with a food betting website yet, except for this guy I found on Instagram who has made it NigeriaVsFood challenge.

Here's the link to the Instagram page.

What other funny and real betting exist like this you know of?

Would you try it out if you had the chance and resources to?

What are your thoughts on the concept and initiative behind this idea.? Is it worth investing time and resources in?

Can we classify this betting on food eaters on who eats more or less within a time frame, as a sport?
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Some twins in football history to have impacted the game. on: August 31, 2023, 07:12:38 PM

In a short video clip of Sadio Mane in his new club colours greeting other team members recently, surfaced on LinkedIn. I tried sourcing for the link but it was rather too late as the post had disappeared in the abyss of refreshed post.
 The player moved to Saudi Pro league club Al Nassr. He was rather kinda stunned when he immediately noticed a player bore same semblance to his teammate Ali Lajami.
Am guessing his first thought at the moment was that his teammate has changed teams and was playing against them. Funny isn't it?

In reality, it was Qassem Lajami, the twin brother of his Al Nassr teammate, Ali Lajami that he saw which startled him for a sec.

Still haven't gotten the point?

The beautiful game of football has over time seen players who share same bloodline or relatives play in same club, same league or in different clubs and leagues and even nationality.
My talking point happen to focus more on the inclusion or presence of twins in same team, same league, same country team or different teams entirely.
I can't say that one is better than the other, but in many cases, one twin gets fame and accolades much more than the other.
Here's a list I compiled on some twins to have played top pro football till date.

1. Florentin and Mathias Pogba
2. Rafael and Fabio Pereira da Silva
3. Halil Altintop and Hamit
4. Frank and Ronald De Boer
5. Sven and Lars Bender
6. Aleksei and Vasili Berezutsky
7. Ali Lajami and Qassem Lajami

Please feel free to include any you remember and their impact or contribution to the game of football.

5  Economy / Gambling discussion / How late is too late to place a bet for a gambler? on: August 29, 2023, 07:37:46 AM
So many leagues and tournaments across the world have resumed preliminary matches of the season, as well as bookies and online bet platforms have rolled up their sleeves in response, to provide the best odds and bet options for its customers.

For so many reasons a bettor or gambler might make a late last minute decision that can either make them win big or lose big or prevent them from losing much bet on games they have played.

In order not to over stretch this topic, I just want us to dialogue candidly on your personal experience as to the one time you were so late in making a bet, but had to do it anyways.
 Did that last minute bet make you win or you lost more and regretted the decision?

How late is too late to place a bet or make a wager in both online and offline games and matches?

Are there also good online platforms or betting sites that have good last minute betting options for matches/games?
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / What's your all time favorite comeback for a team with a player or two sent off? on: August 27, 2023, 09:58:37 PM
I enjoyed the matches of today as well as yesterday, especially that of Liverpool versus Newcastle united earlier today.
Am not sure am one to always dwell on the subject of football/soccer, but having to watch a team that has been handed a red card, struggle from a goal down to win or draw a match is one huge turn on for me.
I just loved the spirit of the Liverpool team as the game heated up nearing the final minutes, the pressure, the focus, the discipline of each team mate at that moment was extra, because they all put in 120% more effort to cover the lapse of a man down.

One phenomenal manager of all time I can remember that was a master of always being in charge of a 10man or most times 9man team is, Jose Mourinho.
At the time he was at Chelsea FC, he was one who made me believe that even after placing a bet on a team and they befall such red card scenario, they could fight, equalize, and even win the match with a bigger than expected goal margin.

So am asking, what's your all time favorite comeback for a team with a player or two sent off?

Also, could you share some tips on how you managed to maintain composure or stay calm, when you placed a bet on a team with a sudden red card or a player or two sent off?

Let's discuss!
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Do star players affect the odds of a match bet? on: August 22, 2023, 08:44:46 PM
I would like to take into consideration four levels of contribution in a match by a star player, and hope to see from everyone's opinion how their contribution would go to affect the outcome, odds of a game and the bet after the game is concluded. These four levels include:
*playing part of a match,
*playing a full match,
*being substituted out and
*being substituted in.

No star player is agreeably just a placebo effect on any team, and unlike Ronaldo and Messi who have influenced their new teams to attain new feats, they are expected to perform excellent service in the positions they are signed for and nothing less of that.

My question is simple, do star players really affect the odds of a bet, or wager or stake on a match, putting into consideration the four levels of contribution in a match, as I mentioned earlier?
8  Economy / Economics / Would you rather start/grow a business from scratch or buy an existing business? on: August 05, 2023, 04:26:46 PM
I don't really have much to say as regards to this post. It is just an avenue to hear your thoughts on which is better to invest both time, energy and resources in, mostly for a season as this, where we are experiencing economic uncertainty and ill-timed government banking policies.

So, given that the resources are available or not and you are presented with the opportunity to start/grow or buy an existing business just like Elon Musk, which option is more preferential and benefitial to you?

9  Economy / Trading Discussion / What do you think about stopping crypto trading or stock trading on Twitter? on: August 04, 2023, 08:28:52 PM
I am one who has learned about some intricacies as concerns trading from reading whale alerts/signals on some social media sites, but mostly on Twitter.  I have grown to accept it as a great social site until its sale or do I call it change of ownership, and now, with a redesign of its logo to just, 'x' by its owner, Elon Musk.
He has also in addition to having the logo redesigned, opted for new policies that would see the social media site Twitter, stop crypto trading or stock trading on the social site. What do you think about the move ?

Also, I am asking this simple questions to know if any one has an idea about whale alerts/signals on the social media site stopping too?

What do you think about stopping crypto trading or stock trading on Twitter?
10  Economy / Trading Discussion / My Opinion on Binance termination of some spot trading pairs. on: August 03, 2023, 02:00:38 PM

Notice of Removal of Trading Pairs - 2023-08-04
2023-08-02 04:05
This is a general announcement. Products and services referred to here may not be available in your region.

Fellow Binancians,

Binance will remove and cease trading on the following spot trading pairs at 2023-08-04 03:00 (UTC):


Please note:

Users can still trade the above assets on other trading pairs that are available on Binance.

Binance will terminate Trading Bots services for the aforementioned spot trading pairs at 2023-08-04 03:00 (UTC), where applicable. Users are strongly advised to update and/or cancel their Trading Bots prior to the cessation of Trading Bots services to avoid any potential losses.

Where any discrepancy arises between the translated versions and the original English version, the English version shall prevail.

Thanks for your support!

Binance Team

So, I got a notification from Binance about the termination of their Trading Bots services for some spot trading pairs. I am curious by nature and it didn't take me few minutes to try and investigate why, seeing that the major token in the pairs to be terminated is BUSD. Here's my deduction on the reason why:

'Binance has been under a serious lawsuit from the U. S SEC for sometime now and it could be why Binance management has taken some steps to remove these trading pairs inorder to reduce the pressure of SEC’s attack on the surface. Perhaps, the U.S SEC will treat the case against the top exchange with more leniency.

I also think that Binance could be taking this step because its origin isn't from the U.S, thus why the attack on the exchange is bearing down hard. It is also that the U.S SEC could be rallying around a new comer exchange project which will be launched in the U.S and would allow regulation of its decentralized system for customers/users by the SEC.

Could it also be that since the BUSD tokens are backed by US banks, they poise as fully secure because the FDIC-insured these US banks that BUSD uses.
BUSD also has the features of a normal bank because it is fully collateralized, meaning that it is backed/supported by an equivalent amount of US dollars which is currently held in its reserve.
With these aforementioned points, one that stands out is the fact that maybe Binance simply want to be decentralized. The exchange may want to delve fully into cryptocurrencies by concentration of focus on working model and not be bothered about the government and their dollar rates, fees and regulations.

What's your take on this?
Any thoughts?
11  Economy / Trading Discussion / Names of Price Patterns and steps to use them for when trading. on: July 30, 2023, 08:04:04 PM

BTC graphs/ price patterns in particular always looks like an artist painting, with each having a name for the slope or curve or depth or whatever symmetrical graphic display to express its market position at the moment.
These price patterns help traders know when best to buy or sell, that's if they can properly identify and interpret what the patterns infer.

Price patterns appear when traders are buying and selling at certain levels, and therefore, price oscillates between these levels, creating patterns.
There are 26 trading patterns across multiple time intervals (15 min, 1h, 4h, 1d), saving traders a ton of time, some include:

*Ascending / Descending Triangle
*Head and Shoulders, Inverse Head and Shoulders
*Channel Up / Down
*Falling / Rising Wedge
*Double Bottom / Top
*Triple Bottom / Top
*Bullish / Bearish Flag
*Bullish / Bearish Pennant
*Support / Resistance
*Big Movement
*Consecutive Candles
*3 point Extension/ 3 point Retracement

What other names do you know not mentioned above show  these trading patterns or graphic display?

For newbies also getting into trading, I took the liberty of compiling some steps that can help you use these trading/chart patterns or what I call graphic display to your best advantage while trading.

10 steps for how to trade crypto using Chart Patterns
Important tips on how to best use Chart Patterns for trading, including:
*Which crypto assets are used for pattern recognition?
*Time interval selection.
*Best patterns for beginners.
*Breakouts vs. Emerging patterns.
*Success rates of various patterns.
*Profit potential.
*Best time to enter a pattern trade.
*When to exit a trade.
*Aligning with trend.
*Risk management

Your thoughts are welcomed!
12  Economy / Trading Discussion / 10 tips to manage one's emotions while trading crypto. on: July 16, 2023, 08:27:17 PM
I very much have the interest to be a professional crypto trader at some point in my life, but it should be after I have understood it the way I want. Am well aware of the emotions which hunt gamblers, because I had tried it a few times. Same emotions also hunt traders and it is in the form of Fear, greed, hope, regret.
Although I beg to differ, I have learnt how it is in trying to be wary of such emotions that we become victims of such emotions in critical times.

It helps to give a constant reminder to oneself on how to control such emotions when money/crypto is involved because a loss could be a recurring outcome and not being able to manage ones emotional state could be very detrimental.

Here are 10 tips from the pros on how to manage your emotions while trading:

1. Don’t act on anger. When you’re angry, hold out, wait until reason takes hold. There is no worse trade than a “revenge” trade, in which a trader follows up a loss by jumping right back in to recoup. Consult your trading journal to get back on track.

2. Don’t marry your positions. It’s easy for a trader to get stubborn, and to hold on to a trade just because he ‘hopes’ it will turn around. Close down a bad trade as soon as possible, take your loss and move on. Your trading journal will suggest the next move.
Follow each trade with a break. Trading goes on at a rapid pace, so don’t get caught up in the action. Take a moment to think about something else, and then come back and deliberate. Now look at your trading journal to get the next idea.

3. Set a fixed point at which you stop. After three, four, five or whatever number you choose, stop for a good long break. It’s when one trade follows another that most mistakes happen. Consult your trading journal and review your strategy.

4. Don’t keep track of profit and loss. Doing the math on your earnings will only get your emotions working. Concentrate on your trading strategy, and review your trading journal to develop it. Then, at the end of the trading day, you can check out how well or poorly you did.

5. Keep your mind on the plan. Don’t let the results of a few trades change your overall strategy and approach. Stick to what you have learned and what you have planned – use your trading journal to develop your next moves.

6. Don’t confuse prudence with fear. You want to trade prudently, using logic and reason. This may make you hold off on a trade. But make sure that prudence, and not fear, is behind your decision. Fear can wreck your trading by keeping you from making a trade. Use your trading journal to see if the trade makes sense, follows previous wins, or if the trade just doesn’t make sense.

7. Watch out for greed. Greed can make you stay in a trade when you had planned to exit, hoping to milk it for a little more profit. Such trades risk turning out badly, just when you thought you were winning. Use your trading journal to judge the best exit points based on past behavior.

8. Manage your stops carefully. A cautious approach to stops and limits will keep you from making rash decisions. It hurts to get a trade stopped out, but over time you will save money on losses. Your trading journal can give you useful comparisons on levels for stops.

9. Don’t give up. There comes a point in every trader’s life when it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

 10. Don’t let yourself be intimidated. Trading is tough, but you can win.

Was this helpful? Share your perspective!

Source link:
13  Economy / Economics / Pool strategy of investment for wealth multiplication. on: July 16, 2023, 06:34:06 PM
Yes, the pool strategy of investment doesn't refer to the game of pool, but a method in which a group of persons can come together to agree on combining their funds to invest in a business or acquire asset that is evenly shared or divided among themselves.

I was surfing through my Instagram and saw a clip of an interview, on how an Arab family of 4 brothers, married their wives, live a big house, pool their funds together, invest in an asset and share the profit evenly among themselves. This way, they all had exotic cars and property and the wives and their mom only had to take care of the home while the brothers go do their work.
 This is one way wealth has been replicated for generations according to the  Arab man who granted the interview and I found this revelation quite intelligent and very helpful.

We live currently off the idea of a P2P system, in which  among many other reasons is the fact that it has created a kind of trust between people who on a normal day don't know each other or would want to have anything to do with them on the grounds of race, ethnicity, tribal sentiments, religious beliefs or wealth class.

If a group of people or organizations pool their money, knowledge, or equipment, they share it or put it together so that it can be used for a particular purpose.

The first step is to earn enough money to cover your basic needs, with some left over for saving. The second step is to manage your spending so that you can maximize your savings. The third step is to invest your money in a variety of different assets so that it's properly diversified for the long haul.

Steps to pool money:

*Decide what you want to invest in.
*Gather your group of investors.
*Determine how much money each person will contribute.
*Sign an operating agreement that outlines everyone's responsibilities.
*Follow through with the investment plan and reap the rewards!

A group of friends or brothers or relatives or colleagues can come together, buy some crypto asset, possibly BTC because of its credibility and then share the profit after the time agreed upon is due. They could also invest in Altcoins for quick profits on short duration.

What do you think? Let's discuss!

 Link source:
14  Other / Beginners & Help / How to know an account has been blacklisted or put on ignored. on: July 11, 2023, 06:36:41 AM
Hi everyone, I have been on the forum for quite some time now, despite the fact that I have shown growth, because I believe I have grown in knowledge of BTC/cryptocurrencies, trading strategies, saving strategy, gambling strategy and the likes, it still beats my imagination that my post or comments fail to attract merit rewards.

I would like to believe I have made a consistent and persistent contribution to have gotten to the full member position, but I want to know why it is difficult to gain merits as it is looks like am stuck or on ignored or blacklisted.

Can someone please help me know how I determine if my account is on ignored list, or blacklist?

How do I proceed with such a delimma?
15  Economy / Trading Discussion / Can gambling and crypto trading be considered as skills with $10k gain a month? on: July 09, 2023, 04:28:26 PM
These skills listed, come with a guarantee to yield at least $10k/month profit in 2023 right now:
•Tik Tok ads
• Email Marketing
• Social Media Management

As a cryptocurrency enthusiaste, irrespective of the coin you trade with, irrespective of the kind of game you bet on and with the way the future is looking for adopted online users and P2P,  coupled with the thrill of being anonymous in a decentralized system,

• Can  gambling or crypto trading/crypto investment be considered as a skill?
• Can a gambler or crypto trader/crypto investor earn as much as $10k in a month besides any of the aforementioned skills?
• What other skills not listed here, can make one up to $10k a month?
• is it even okay to classify being a bitcoiner/signature/campaign member as a skill? If yes, under what skill bracket can it be included?
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / U.k Approves Cryptocurrency As A Regulated financial Activity. on: June 30, 2023, 04:17:15 PM
It no longer news that the U.K has received an assent from King Charles, which approves #Crypto as a regulated financial activity in the country.
It a very great step in the right direction of economic growth and it is far from what the U.S is doing by making crypto seem like an unholy venture despite its user base being larger than that of the U.K.

The FSMB will also lay the groundwork for the advancement of the blockchain sector in addition to establishing the following:

Enhances the scrutiny of the financial services regulators to ensure clear accountability, appropriate democratic input, and transparent oversight.
Removes unnecessary restrictions on wholesale markets – implementing the key outcomes of the Wholesale Markets Review.
Protects free access to cash in law and introduces crucial protections for victims of Authorised Push Payment scams.
Enables the regulation of crypto assets to support their safe adoption in the UK.
Establishes ‘sandboxes’ that can facilitate the use of new technologies, such as blockchain, in financial markets.

This is one assurance that crypto currency will soon become legal tender in more countries that look up to, or has been influenced by the U.k.
They will follow suit thus encouraging the adoption and use of cryptocurrency and its services.

What do you think? Smiley
17  Economy / Economics / What could Elon Musk be buying next? on: June 28, 2023, 09:35:13 AM
Elon who was on the internet for having agreed to a fight with Mark Zuckerberg is one of the worlds billionaires with a networth that's more than Mark's Metaverse.

He has followed a trend of acquiring some of the world's top assets in form of largest shares and ownership of the companies.

In 2021 he purchased huge BTC, in 2022 he acquired Twitter. This is 2023 and he is yet working on huge space exploration project to Mars among others like Neuralink, the boring company, Tesla.

My question is, what big purchase could we see Elon Musk likely make this year?
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / The fight between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Who you betting on? on: June 22, 2023, 08:37:23 PM
I followed a rather hilarious development between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Both billionaires want to have a fist show down on who is top boss or for other reason.
In a clash for the ages between two of the world's richest tech titans, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have vowed to throw it down in a cage fight in Las Vegas.

My question is if this is just one of many marketing gimmick to make money or create awareness for a project they might be working on.

Who would win of course?

Can such a fight influence the crypto and stock market world majorly?

I also know bettings would be made for this, incase it goes down as reported. Who are you betting on?

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Could the launch of EDX exchange, result in this FUD? on: June 20, 2023, 09:07:21 PM
There is so much ongoings in the crypto scene with one of the major exchanges, Binance, for reasons that might see it relinquish some of the power and jurisdiction it has.
Binance U.S, under investigation by the SEC came at a time when the bearish season is speculated.
Rumours and gist on social media has it that same U.S is launching its own cryptocurrency exchange called EDX.

This project might well be one reason why the news on cryptocurrency is hot topic now, mostly as this new launch saw huge amounts poured in by big time investors, Citadel securities,
Charles Schwab and Fidelity Digital Assets.
The EDX exchange set to launch in a few days, is said to allow trading of bitcoin, ether, litecoin and bitcoin cash.

So, this is the heck of the issue which is a cause of the ongoing FUD and truth revealing moments with Binance, Kraken and other exchanges and decentralized platforms that has been under fire lately.

Any thoughts?

Source link:
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / A Resounding Assurance of Bitcoin's Dominance. on: June 15, 2023, 01:46:31 PM
In an interview with Bloomberg on June 13, Michael Saylor, the founder and chairman of Microstrategy, delved into the recent crackdown on exchanges. Saylor emphasized that Microstrategy has held the belief since 2020 that bitcoin (BTC) stands alone as the “only institutional grade investable asset in the crypto space.” He underlined the fact that BTC is widely recognized as a digital commodity on a global scale, and he speculated that regulators do not envision a promising future for other cryptocurrencies

...the entire industry is kind of destined to be rationalized down to a bitcoin-focused industry with maybe a half a dozen to a dozen other proof-of-work tokens.”

This resounding assurance comes at a time when the SEC regulators has found Binance and some other exchanges including most stablecoins, crypto securities and tokens, liable to have contravened some laws or have not met up to a certain specific standard, which BTC holds.
The talk of how crypto currencies would perform following the case against Binance, has been in talks and the fear we all had at the back of our mind is, could this be the beginning of the end of cryptocurrencies?

I mean, a majority of the worlds population knew Bitcoin first before other coins started coming up, if such event like the regulators are imposing, takes a toll on Binance;
*What happens to the coins of those who invested in BTC and other coins in the exchange?
*What becomes of the crypto market?
*How would other sectors like forex or stocks be impacted?

This vote of confidence by  Michael Saylor, the founder and chairman of Microstrategy, more than soothes the frayed nerves of investors and traders who have and HoDL  BTC as their asset or security as it is being tagged.
There is no fear of anyone losing their BTC or entertaining the idea that Bitcoin is dying/crashing anytime soon, as it authentic and committed to its vision of the future.

Let's Discuss!
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