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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / ForthBox on: January 13, 2022, 10:23:33 AM
ForthBox’s Guide for Beginners

Here's a guide for all ForthBox's users. Hope you have a memorable and fantastic trip at ForthBox.

ForthBox's Ecology

What's ForthBox

ForthBox is a Web3.0 GameFi aggregator and integrated service provider supporting all types of blockchain games. We enable users to issue game NFTs with one click and make it easy to transform traditional games into blockchain games.

Based on the game ecology of GameFi and NFT, ForthBox uses Web 3.0 SocialFi as a game drainage method to transform traditional game players into chain game players;

In response to the early launch of the GameFi platform, the team combined its own game genes to launch the self-developed Avatar series of 15 metaverse games in phases, creating star products on the platform application layer, and building continuous and stable users for the platform.


What’s FBX

FBX token is a governance token issued by the ForthBox platform based on BEP20. Any participant in the ForthBox ecosystem is eligible to receive FBX tokens, with a total issuance of 1 billion and no additional issuance.

As the most universal payment method in the ForthBox ecosystem, FBX token can be used for game props, NFT purchases, Ham feeding and staking&mining, etc.

All FBX tokens that were used in Ham feeding will be 100% repurchased and burned.

>>>Contract Address(Based on BSC):

Who's Ham and What's Ham NFT

We named ForthBox's NFT ''ApeGod'' Ham, to commemorate the chimpanzee Ham became the first primate in history to successfully land in space and return safely.

Ham NFT is the ''ticket'' for users to enter the ForthBox Metaverse, as well as the user’s identity certificate. Currently, there are application scenarios for minting, feeding, upgrading, mining, trading, etc. on the ForthBox platform. Staking Ham NFT’s hashrate will automatically bring mining revenue to users. In the future development, it will play a more important role.

>>>To mint your own ‘’ApeGod’’ Ham(

>>>Ham Minting & Feeding Instruction(

What's Greek Mythology Character NFT(GMCN)

Greek Mythology Character NFT(abbreviated as GMCN) is issued based on the Binance Smart Chain and could be traded on the ForthBox NFT market. GMCN corresponds to 6 levels, namely ordinary, strange, rare, epic, legend and myth.

All GMCNs are generated by airdrops after feeding and upgrading. The numbers correspond to: 5000 ordinary, 2500 unusual, 1250 rare, 625 epic, 312 legend and 156 myth, all of these are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

All GMCNs get a share of 10% dividends of Ham feeding game.The dividend ratio is determined by the level of GMCNs.

>>>Feed Ham to LV.3 or above to get GMCNs(

>>>Ham Minting & Feeding Instruction(

>>>Contract Address

What's Avatar Series Games NFT
Fighter NFT is the NFT of the first game of Avatar series games. In the future, there will be more NFTs online with the game.

Both Ham NFT and Fighter NFT are the admission tickets of Avatar series of games. The total number of Fighter NFT issued is 10,000, of which 5,000 are N-level, 3,000 are R-level, 1,500 are SR-level, and 500 are SSR-level.

Fighter NFT levels correspond to different game points coefficients, and game points correspond to hashrate that will be relative with dividend ratio in the bonus pool of the game.

Holders of Ham NFT and Fighter NFT can get a share of big rewards in the Space War game. Users with high hashrate could enjoy more rewards. Fighter NFTs are available in ForthBox DeFi Staking and Market.

>>>Stake FBX to get Fighter NFT rewards(

>>>Contract Address for Fighter NFT

What's ForthBox Meta Box
The total number of ForthBox Meta Boxes is 1024, all of which are randomly distributed for free to Ham NFT breeders who reached LV.8 and above.

Hold Meta Boxes to enjoy:
1. ForthBox NFT airdrops of 15 Avatar series games.
2. 1% dividend for each of the 15 Avatar series games of ForthBox.
3. Land auctid land tax rights in ForthBox 2.0.
4. More rights and interests will continue to be updated with the development of the ForthBox ecosystem. Please pay attention to our official announcement for specific content.

>>>Feed Ham to LV.8 or above to get Meta Boxes(

>>>Ham Minting & Feeding Instruction(

What's ForthBox DeFi
ForthBox DeFi module include 3 parts, namely Staking, LP Farm and NFT. At staking module, users can stake different amount of FBX or FORTH to get different level of Fighter NFTs as rewards. At LP Farm module, users are allowed to stake FBX/USDT LPs or FORTH/USDT LPs to farm FBX with high annual percentage yields(APY). And at NFT module, specific NFTs from Avatar series games could be staken to earn FBX as rewards.

>>>Join ForthBox DeFi(

What’s ForthBox Community Ambassador Program

Forthbox’s Community Ambassador program is part of the Forthbox DAO, which aims to build the Forthbox global community together.

As Forthbox’s community ambassador, who are the earliest participants and witnesses of forthbox, they will become the core members of the future DAO organization, participate in governing the platform and share the benefits of the platform.

What’s ForthBox NFT Market

ForthBox NFT Market is a marketplace that permits the participants to purchase, sell, trade and hold NFTs securely. It is built with three modules, namely Carnivals, Marketplace and My NFTs. Participants could trade their adorable NFTs effortlessly in Marketplace, and they're able to view or sell their collections in My NFTs. Functions of Carnivals will be exposured in the near future.

>>>Trade your NFTs(

What’s ForthBox Game Center
To be continued.

What’s ForthBox SocialFi
To be continued.

How to Make Profits in ForthBox Ecology

Tips for Ham Feeding Game

Apart from platform airdrops and dividends, the user’s return period is about 30 days. Forth and FBX can be used for feeding every 12 hours. The specific feeding token ratio is generated by the system algorithm.

The formula is: m%Forth+n%FBX, and the single feeding amount is infinitely close to 20USDT.

>>>Mining model formula of Ham Feeding Game(

>>>Ham Minting & Feeding Instruction(

>>>To mint your own ‘’ApeGod’’ Ham(

Tips for Referral Rebate

Users can share the invitation link to friends. After the invitee successfully mints the NFT through this link, every time he feeds it, the inviter will get a 10% commission of the feeding, and his or her referrer will get 5% commission of the feeding.

>>>The Invitation Guide(

Tips for ForthBox DeFi

>>>ForthBox DeFi Instructions(

Tips for ForthBox Community Ambassador Program

>>>Be ForthBox Community Ambassador to Get A Share of Millions of Dollars(

Tips for Space War Campaign

To be continued.

About ForthBox
ForthBox is a Web3.0 GameFi aggregator and integrated service provider supporting all types of blockchain games. We enable users to issue game NFTs with one click and make it easy to transform traditional games into blockchain games.
2  Local / 离题万里 / 谁是元宇宙的“头号玩家”?—— GameFi2.0领航者 ForthBox on: January 13, 2022, 07:41:09 AM

2021年末,GameFi以其独特的P2E(Play to Earn)机制,一举成为了时下DeFi赛道的当红明星。根据DappRadar,到今年10月,与游戏相关的活跃钱包数量占行业总数的55%,单日最大用户量达133 万人,最大交易金额则高达4.84亿美元。

GameFi——本意是指通过游戏模式来简化DeFi,借此吸引到更多用户。开基立业的“Play to Earn”虽指引着链游市场走向风口,却也带领链游市场走向了衰落。
如今Axie Infinity玩家的日收入已跌至菲律宾最低工资线以下。链游市场同样无法避免盛极而衰,而拐点又在何方?


总体来说,ForthBox自我定位为“全球首创Metaverse+NFT+DeFi 三位一体的GameFi聚合服务平台”,并结合free to play、play to earn以及social to earn打造创新型链游生态。







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