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21  Economy / Gambling discussion / When the fun stops on: September 18, 2023, 08:01:41 AM
Online gambling platforms exists not only to get you some lucky wins, it's also another form of entertainment,  but I will like to ask if truly you people are getting that entertainment from gambling?

We can see what the world is becoming now, things are getting harder and what's on peoples mind is how to make even more money, there is no time, there are too many responsibilities,  are you sure you getting entertained?

Some people already feel like they are not having fun, because what they have in mind is making money, to all people that feels this way, If you feel like you aren't having fun I believe for the greater good, it's better to take a break from gambling and do something else.

Do you agree or disagree?

I believe that most people end up messing themselves up with gambling because to them everything is money, money, money, and this can stop your brain from becoming a responsible gambler, the sense of protecting yourself from gambling addiction can get lost if you are already not having fun with gambling anymore.
22  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What's your actual dca strategy? on: September 09, 2023, 09:20:04 AM
Instead of just DCAing because you can afford that tinny amount every month well there is a risk you probably don't know about.

Assuming you plan to invest for 12 months by dollar cost averaging, and you keep buying 200$ worth of bitcoin every week or month, do you know that there will be times where the market will go up rather than down? DCAing at such times are increasing your risks.

There is a saying that, stay away from the green candles, do not chase them.

There is DCAing when the market is going Up and DCAing when the market is going down, well I have been investing since last year now and my DCA on Bitcoin only happens when there is a bigger dip and so far it's my best plan yet.

What is your own DCA strategy like? Investing based on value averaging? Dollar cost averaging? I think it's better to have some dollars awaiting your buying signal and buy the better dips.

Monthly investment is the best frequency to some people, they advice to never delay any investment, are you one of those people? Regarding of the price action of that month?
23  Other / Beginners & Help / Bitcoin, the only thing that stands on its lane. on: September 02, 2023, 08:49:12 AM
Unfortunately, the word DEFI is more like a complete joke in crypto space today, there are things I am seeing that I am not linking about crypto and the funny thing is these people think we are stupid.

The most important part of crypto and blockchain to me are

- P2P
- Privacy

Yes I don't really like anything CeFi and Centralized, but it seems these people are calling us stupid, why?

How can a centralized platform that have build up its name and reputation in crypto space claim they have a decentralized feature to offer people?

If they are already well known how can they successfully run decentralization? You want examples? Here we go

Coinbase for example now have a swap exchange that they claimed its true decentralized, running on base, a project layer 2 from the coinbase team.

Binance, another centralized exchange, offering a peer to peer service, something that should happened between two people only, even if because of successful transaction to be carried out, why centralized entity involvement?

I mean if Binance was decentralized right from day one, wouldn't this be cool? This is why I think decentralization is a complete joke in crypto today, any parties can just come out and they say they offer both.

It's annoying and this is why Bitcoin is different, I think nothing can really be decentralized as Bitcoin again.
24  Economy / Gambling discussion / Still not a safe practice even if it works on: August 28, 2023, 08:28:13 AM
I have seen a few pieces of content online that are saying Stake, Fortune Jack, Casino Gap and few others are VPN-friendly.

Are users on here agreeing on these few mentioned online casino? I am asking this because I believe those who still use VPN on these casinos are not safe.

Because using a VPN is not openly acceptable by these online casinos, there is no where it's written on their website, I know readers might feel like, why would they wrote such on their website when the law isn't permitting such?

Well, what will stop them from using this against you too as a gambler? Bypassing restrictions is not the problem, but it was never allowed officially, meaning you should accept whatever will be thrown in your face.

What do you think?
25  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / After all these years on: August 28, 2023, 07:47:01 AM
After all these years Bitcoin still remains an investment rather than a daily payment system, will there ever come a day where Bitcoin will be use generally as a paying system instead of what we are seeing right now?

XRP for example and few others are partnering with banks for international transactions, if seems that these projects are 100 times closer to been a daily payment system than Bitcoin and this saddens me.

I am feeling like the majority of people are still going to prefer to spend more money on transaction fee through payment solutions that involves banks, locally and internationally, I seems like Bitcoin transaction are going to keep happening around Bitcoin OGs and those who are into Bitcoin only.

Do you think that Bitcoin been decentralised will draw it back from becoming something like what XRP and Chain Link are achieving right now? Should we just for once shut up about Bitcoin becoming a well acknowledged payment solution and focus on it becoming only asset?
26  Economy / Gambling discussion / How to verify license Numbers? on: August 21, 2023, 10:03:52 AM
The best advice you can give anyone starting their gambling journey is to choose the best online casinos to avoid getting scammed or playing unfair games online, however, it's not that easy to figure out a valid licensed online casino.

Apart from regulatory authority checks, it's easier for any new casino to just name a number of big names as their authorizers e.g UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority but my challenge is License Numbers.

License Numbers should be easily viewed on casino websites but my question is how to really verify the License Number? Through a Database or a particular website?

Has anyone done this before? How? Do gamblers even care about checking License Numbers?
27  Economy / Gambling discussion / Casinos games are not made by the casino teams but... on: August 21, 2023, 07:57:11 AM
I always consider games from one casino to be easily manipulated if the casino is the one that builds the game, when it comes to reputable online casinos, they always offer favourite games from trusty developers, this mean they don't build those games themselves.

The question I have in mind is, aren't the developers the ones that should be responsible for any manipulation in the games or it's still possible for the casino team and members to manipulate the game engines?

Some people still think that games on online casinos are from the casino teams themselves but those games are from software providers, is this valid or not.
28  Economy / Gambling discussion / Are there real sports bet groups on: June 26, 2023, 07:11:39 AM
If someone claimed they have the right strategy for gambling and winning more times than losing, why can't they use the strategy for themselves and change their lives first?

Why did they go around looking for people to teach? This is why experience after following a friend to a gambling group on telegram, but I am not ready to take the step in any other their predictions..

My question for you my friends is are there sport betting groups that gives betting calls that are legit? Because I believe that if anyone knows a way to change their life around, they won't tell anyone, they will enjoy the moments and pray it last forever.
29  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Kids and Bitcoin on: June 13, 2023, 07:17:05 AM
My next Bitcoin awareness approach now are the children, there are many kids in my family and very soon our get-together tradition is approaching, I need your help in this forum if this is possible.

I remember when I was little, I love reading books that have good pictures on them, like comics and novels painted with amazing pictures, from Peter Pan to DareDevil and Supergirl, while growing up as an adult I ended giving out these comics to my cousins.

My question is where can I buy Bitcoin comic books that can catch the attention of children between the age of 7 to 11? I want something in comic or story book style and with full story about Bitcoin or related... I want to buy and wrap them up for the surprises.
30  Economy / Gambling discussion / Easy or hard to quit? on: June 12, 2023, 11:28:45 AM
Can you quit gambling if you make a life changing money and never go back to gambling?

I asked this because those who made some money through gambling near me always go back to gamble and they end up losing everything they once made through gambling.

Is it fine to say that people should not go back into gambling once they made high amount of money? Because the chance of losing that money again is very high, even if they don't use all the money to gamble at once, gambling can take it all back in time.

Have you ever won a high amount of money from gambling and managed to not lose them all back to gambling? And to date, you are still gambling?
31  Other / Beginners & Help / What is ahead is very dangerous on: June 11, 2023, 08:22:21 AM
There is a new scamming strategy on the horizon, newbies be on the watch out

Optimism airdrop is still active and that's why some scammers have come up with a NFT/Coupon Ticket style way to trap unknown victims, especially their ones that have interacted with the optimism chain before.

The image of the NFT has all the information available, I can swap this NFT for 1000 OP token, I believe this will be confusing for newbies who aren't familiar with scammers way of doing things. is the place or the right place to sell this NFT for 1000 OP tokens and I do visited the market place and I got a very bad warming from my browser to stay away, here is what the warning looks like.

I bet what's ahead is very dangerous, you will have to connect your wallet and that is where all your assets will be moved out automatically, Be cautious out here.
32  Other / Beginners & Help / Crypto influencers secrets that all newbies should be aware of on: May 29, 2023, 06:07:55 AM
A friend who is an upcoming crypto influencers have exposed the main goal of many crypto influencers.

I am not ready to disclose him real youtube identity, for safety purposes, and please don't ask, he is a very close friend.

He swore that many new projects have tried to pay him to talk about some shit coins on his YouTube, which he always turned down, he also said he plan to quit this influencers thing for twitch streaming instead( gaming online ) because crypto influencer is all about feeding people lies upon lies, and he doesn't feel good about it.

He Said...

Crypto influencers are always the first to get involved in shit projects and they talk about the project to their followers so that the followers can pump their bags, and they take profits without telling you a thing, poor people, they keep holding to the project for the long term.

They are paid over 600$ per tweet on their Twitter accounts by those developers that have shit coins built up in seconds, the criteria of the influencer is loads of followers like 50k to 100k and more.

The fastest way they make money is talking about shitcoins, things that many followers want to hear from the YouTubers, so that everybody is happy and their followers will keep increasing.

Crypto Influencers end goals

1. They make fast money in short term and still invest the money back into Bitcoin and Ethereum, do not be surprised, they used you using shitcoins to get the bests, (BTC and ETH), my friend said he PMed a popular crypto influencer and he claimed that BTC and ETH are still his best, and he his shilling shitcoins on his Youtube channel to all his followers.

2. The numbers of their follows and viewers makes them even more money and the fastest way to grow is telling people want they want to hear, like Shiba will do 30x in 2025, this increases the number of their followers faster.

3. Promoting shit projects also brings in loads of followers on their Twitter accounts, making them looking for attractive for new projects and they are been approached by the new projects to shill their shit projects for them, paying them in return.

Honestly, crypto influences makes more money than anyone in a bear market, and that set them up for life even without a bull market, people are been used and they don't even have a clue about what these people are doing.

Know what you are doing, gain knowledge yourself and make your own decisions, if you fail it's even better, you will be able to adjust yourself than following someone blindly.
33  Economy / Gambling discussion / Gamblers understood the game on: May 22, 2023, 10:46:16 AM
How many times have you successfully invited some gamblers to online casino? What is your experience doing so? I know many will find this hard to believe but I kinda prefer bringing in gamblers than investors into crypto, why? They understood the risk already, there is no talk and talk over again, there is no dealing with someone fear and confidence..

I have successfully brought in four people into crypto gambling, and it was the easiest thing ever, they came asking if it's possible to use crypto for gambling and I said yes, but I told them that I am not ready to introduce any platform for anyone, but these guys then showed me there past gambles on a local website that only accept Fiat, that's when I got soft with them and I showed them the websites I use for gambling.

The thing is, they are small time winners and big time losers, I mean they lose more than winning, it's been two weeks and two of them tell me about their loss and gains, but they make it feel normal, to them it really is, not like the crypto investors today, always in hurry to double their money, some are even scared of investing in Bitcoin, which is the safest of them all.
34  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The last side of Bitcoin I've failed to look into on: May 22, 2023, 06:24:19 AM
As a fan of Ethereum, I've been able to make some ETH through putting my coins to work, but I've not come across putting your Bitcoin to work before.

Is all we can do as a Bitcoin investor is to HODL?

Is there any way to HODL and make more BTC?

I know that Bitcoin is a proof of work coin, but I am only curious if there is something you can do, while planning to hold your Bitcoin for 2 years or more, is there any benefit of holding and making more Bitcoin?

Also, What are those RSK Bitcoin for? Any benefit at all?
35  Economy / Gambling discussion / Confusion about sweepstakes and gambling on: May 17, 2023, 10:29:55 AM
What do you know about sweepstakes? I heard that some online casinos are using sweepstakes law to sidestep gambling regulations, they said users aren't really betting with their money but instead they are betting seepstakes ticket, this person also said that someone need to buy social coin and get those sweepstake tickets for free.

He also said that sweepstakes is not gambling and I am confused, he made mention of Stake.US as one of those online casinos using sweepstakes, I did my own research and it's said that sweepstakes are illegal, this is why I am confused.

Maybe those in the US on this forum can answer this question diligently?

1. Is Sweepstakes illegal in the US?

2. Is Sweepstakes gambling or not?
36  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Some people started their BTC journey when things were more hopeless on: May 17, 2023, 09:32:38 AM
It's 2023, a good time to be alive in good shape and health, hope you guys are doing so well, I have been into Bitcoin investment since December of 2016 and I feel good about myself to have make it this far, I want you new beginners to know that nothing is impossible, follow your dream and do not let any nonbelievers sway you away from your dreams.

Also do not let your dreams stayed a dream, you need to bring them alive, so far I can confidently say that mine have come alive, it has been a tough fight all along..

Imagine believing in something that very limited numbers of people believed in for years, it always look like it will fail, I had the fear of giving up but my father, he was just there all along, he gave me the guts over my fear and I lived through it, until 2021 when my dreams become a reality, sadly he is no more around to witness it all, I have been fighting this war since 2016, and today I am thankful.

To all Bitcoin beginners on here, do not give up on Bitcoin.

When there is fear in the market, be bold enough to take a step, use the fear to your own advantage.

In 2013, Micheal Saylor trashed Bitcoin, saying it's days are outnumbered that it will suffer the same fate as online gambling, and today, his company Microstrategy now owns 140 thousand Bitcoins. This is 10 years later.

The funny part is, online gambling became even more successful in 2020 pandemic period. Cheesy

I don't see something like this when I was struggling to make things work through Bitcoin, you beginners now have real reasons to summon your courage and believe, it was cold and silent in 2016, the FUD on Bitcoin was so much that you can easily give up and believe Bitcoin won't work, today it's different.

Yet some beginners still doubts, when I see beginners acting weak on Bitcoin, doubting its survival, I always ask them, what about those who invested in Bitcoin years ago when everything was so cold and hopeless? What gave people like that some courage at the time? Now big companies or well-known people are now adopting Bitcoin, that's your Courage there.

You beginners have no excuses, it is safer to be in Bitcoin now than to be out of Bitcoin, just, Believe, you will lament to have 0.1BTC very soon, now is the time to believe in Bitcoin and HoDL.
37  Economy / Gambling discussion / Things that still make feel awkward with some online casinos on: May 16, 2023, 09:13:15 AM
Why are some online gambling platforms having high withdrawal fee? I know Bitcoin recently has a high transaction fee but that's no more right now, some online casinos are still asking for 5$ per transaction when it should be 1$ or less.

Not just only Bitcoin withdrawal, even coins with very low transaction fee, isn't this robbery? If you just signed up on a centralized exchange, you can pretend as if you want to withdraw, to know how much the gas fee costs, but on online casino, you will see this only after you have enough wins or funds for withdrawal.
38  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / A long term investor here, thinking about adding RoLLBit Token on: May 16, 2023, 08:02:05 AM
Any long term gambling projects investor here? I have been monitoring Rollbit gambling platform token for a while now and to my surprise this token makes it to a new high recently, from 0.001$ in 2022 of October to 0.02$ today, that's impressive gains and the all time high was even 0.05$ in February of 2023, anyone buying such coins for a long term hold?

I have not gambled on Rollbit before and I want to ask if there is anything adding extra value to Rollbit token, anyone using this platform should please drop a feedback, is the token been used on the platform itself for gambling? Or it has benefits if gamblers use the token to gble instead of using Bitcoin?

39  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What's the fate of BTC payment now on: May 12, 2023, 12:35:08 PM
For the first time since 2022 I have officially put an end to Bitcoin payments on my business until further notice, I have gave few people some discount advantages to spread news about Bitcoin and now I am not so sure anymore, I can't even afford $5 per Bitcoin transaction, and also my customers that are surety when it comes to Bitcoin payment have all halt.

Ordinals looks like it's here to stay, I don't believe that Ordinals is like ICO because they are different. And Ordinals came in a bear market, imagine what this will do to Bitcoin in a bull market.

Is there any business owners accepting Bitcoin still? How are you doing it? Is there any way to go around this? I will appreciate, because I don't want to stop accepting Bitcoin, I have my long term plan and accepting Bitcoin as payment have helped so far.

40  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Ordinals on the edge of getting canceled on: May 10, 2023, 06:40:38 AM
If we are asked by the Bitcoin devs to vote and choose between allowing ordinals to keep doing their thing on Bitcoin or they should cancel ordinals what will you be voting for?  Grin Grin

Today I read a news on Twitter and it looks like the Bitcoin devs want to cancel ordinals

I am not sure if this have been confirmed yet or they are still trying to make a choice but I will like to hear your thoughts, a good move or a bad one?

Also is it advisable to start receiving Bitcoin payment straight to your exchange? What disadvantages comes with doing so?
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