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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Las Vegas coin. Masternode cost only $250!! Only 400,000 coins total! on: June 02, 2017, 03:50:47 PM

  Team leader: Vegasguy       (Legendary member with 4800 posts);u=344765
Support: Woody20285        (Ledgendary with 2500+ posts);u=472426
Support: BTC-BTC-BTC       (Ledgendary with 1400+ posts);u=508600
 Graphics: Greg of Doom      (Legendary member)               ;u=246377
   Head of Security: Glen123  "Hes so good, he drives a Callaway Corvette";u=1112287
Model:LasVegasCoinGirl      (member) Find her on facebook

The goal of Las Vegas coin is to have it as a mobile wallet that stakes for Iphone and all IOS devices such as Ipad.
There will also be an Android staking wallet. I will be contacting merchants in Las Vegas that already accept bitcoin , and ask them to accept Las Vegas coin.
With features such as  Darksend, and stealth, and Tor, that makes your transactions hidden, in "sin city", it will be VERY popular!!
What happens in Vegas, stays hidden on your mobile phone Wink

POW and POS V3 Schedule as follows:

Year 1-2 :  2.5 VGS per block (2 VGS to masternode, .5 to staker)
Year 3+:    1.5 VGS per block (1 VGS to masternode .5 VGS to staker)

Casinode (AKA Masternodes)

Click below on instructions on how to setup a Casinode:

The wallets are all V2.5.0.1 (Released 4-06-2018)


A newbie user uploaded the mac wallet. Use at your own risk. Also run it through virus total for mac first :


That number would be kind of like your "stake weight" in POS V2. It strongly determines WHO will win the POS block.
Think of it this way. The higher your "available" the higher chance you have of scoring the pos block.
So the next statement might be: "Well thats unfair... someone with 50,000 coins will get all of the blocks". No, they dont , here is why:

When the wallet stakes, it takes the block you have and moves it into immature, and REDUCES the "available" amount,  
where that block will stay for 250 confirmations. This reduces the "available" amount, making it a less chance to score the next block.

The next major factor is "block size".

Block size can be found in the wallet by clicking on: "send", and then "inputs".

Someone using blocks of 200 will have a greater chance of scoring the next block over someone using block sizes of 50.

But again, Im estimating that 70% of the probability is the "available" balance.
What this does is encourage people to buy, and stake. So example , someone with an available balance of 4000 VGS
has a much higher chance of scoring a block than someone with an available balance of 500 VGS.
So it encourages people to have higher available balances, and to buy and hold.


Wallet originally from PIVX source. Originally developed by Presstab

Includes: Masternodes 1000 VGS per Masternode (Multiple masternodes per wallet, requires a VPS).
Wallet features also include: Darksend, InstantX, and stealth
The community wallet:

The community wallet (AKA Cashiers cage) will serve many many functions:
Here is the address:
The reason it will never change, is because when the swap ends, and I need to send money to an address,
It is my duty to post a full explanation about the tx, and I WANT you to QUESTION ANY/ALL txs from this wallet in public! *
The wallet belongs to YOU, NOT ME!! I am simply the "treasurer", and HOLD the wallet,
but I am forbidden to receive funds from it for any reason.
The next function it will serve is to coordinate the swap.
All funds sent to users will come from only this address.
The wallet is being staked, because if does not, it WILL run out!
The "Cashiers cage" will be used for many many purposes including, but not limited to:
Development, Graphic work, promotions, and giveaways and anything that will make
Las Vegas coin the best it can be.
The VGS is packed with so many features, most people dont even know what it does.
So as part of the give away, I will be asking questions about the wallet,
and the FIRST person that answers correctly on the VGS thread will get VGS coins!
Then the answers will be posted on the OP under wallet features!!
You must do a name claim on the presstab explorer and hold at least 100 VGS to participate, and be rewarded.
<HINT!>: If you dont want to show all of your coins,
then create another address and and send 1/2 of your coins to it and claim it.

LasVegas Coin has an official model now. Meet LasVegasCoin girl here:

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Wallet compiling service for ANY platform including Windows 32bit&64,Mac,Android on: May 24, 2016, 05:18:51 PM

Hello, for some of you that dont know me, I am the creator of Fly coin. Fly coins main function is to provide wallet compiling services to the crypto community for the many different platforms.

We are able to compile for the following platforms:

Windows 32 bit and 64 bit - .06 BTC for either or .12 BTC for both
Mac OS .1 BTC
Rasberry Pi .1 BTC
Linux 64bit .04 BTC
Android .3 BTC (Includes required backend server hosting, free forever. This electrum server is hosted at our datacenter with our lightning fast 1Gps upload and download speed on our own private fiber optic internet)
Please note if the core of your coin is 10 or higher , the android will cost an additional .2btc because its much much more difficult to create Androids from coins with a core of 10X or higher.

We can also code an electrum server on your hardware at the cost of .5 BTC


There are 3 options for android wallets we can compile, and its important to know the differences. There are pros and cons to each.


We can create a typical android wallet that is lightweight and works well even on older android based phones. This is the "Lightweight,NON staking version". It does not stake (POS) and it does NOT store its blockchain on the phone. Making it lightweight and fast. Cost is .3 btc (Non negotiable). 50% to start. 50% upon completion.


We can also create the second kind of Android wallet that is better suited for much newer and more powerful phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5.
This version acts almost identical to the desktop version where it DOES have the blockchain stored on the phone, and it can stake blocks.
This kind of wallet does NOT require any kind of server and runs completely from the phone. The downside is it will drain the battery on the phone at a much more rapid rate, and it will produce more heat. 50% to start. 50% upon completion.
I cant tell you to what extent this version will drain the battery, or how much extra heat will be created, because each phone will react differently, so please dont ask. Cost is 1 btc, non negotiable. Paid upfront.


There is a third option which is the best option and that is to have us create BOTH. That way your user can download the staking version and see how it reacts with their phone.
If it drains the battery too fast, they can download the "Lite" version that does not stake. Cost for both is 1.2 BTC. Paid 100% upfront, non negotiable.

As we have 3 full time very talented devs, there are many other services that we offer. We also have 2 extremely talented graphics artists that can give your wallet a new look.

We can also code custom UI and custom graphics for your wallet. Custom graphics for your wallet will be accepted in the form of btc only and is at the cost of .5 btc - 1 btc depending on your needs. 1btc is the extreme UI change (SEE XDE2 wallet below):

Here is an example of the work we did on our xde2 coin project.

Our 3rd and best variation of XDE2 wallet:

We have a full staff of developers and graphic artists, so there is nothing we cannot do.

Does your OP/ANN look boring? (It does not have to be!!!). Many potential investors will make a decision to invest with you just on your OP and graphics on the OP alone!!!! Make it look the best!!

For more information on fly coin, please visit:

Please PM me or post in this thread if you have any questions  or if your interested in these services.

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Hero Member now compiling wallets for any platform: Window 32/64,Rasb Pi,Mac,And on: May 24, 2016, 05:12:12 PM
Topic moved.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / ** BE FLY !!** QUALITY BLOCK EXPLORERS AT A LOW PRICE FROM TEAM FLY!! on: April 07, 2016, 08:30:17 PM

Team Fly has launched a new service. Our "BE FLY" Block Explorer.

This service is unique in many ways. First it only accepts fly coin as payment. Also we have scouters out there looking for coins that have no block explorer that are alive. We actually pay to these users 1 fly for each link to an ann with a live active coin that has no explorer. 1 fly doesnt sound like much until you know that the average price of fly has been 160,000 sats.

This offer is open to anyone!!! Simply post a link of an active coin that is alive and working (defined below) and does not have a block explorer posted on their ann page.
POST THE LINK HERE, then PM me your fly address , as addresses are not allowed to be posted on this forum, and we will pay you once a week , 1 fly per "validated link" the total on Tuesday.
The week ends on Sunday at 5PM PST
"Alive and working coin" defined:
To be counted as valid, the coin must meet ALL of these  as a criteria or you will NOT be paid:

- Users or dev of the coin must have posted at least 1 post per day in the last few days and without saying they think the coin is dead.
- Dev account must have been online in the last 72 hours.
- The coin must be listed on one of the major exchanges (Yobit, Bittrex, C-CEX,Cryptopia,Bter ect) Or the coin is not older than 2 weeks
- The coin must have a valid link to the GitHub source on the OP (edited)
- OP of the coin must not contain a block explorer link that is active.

If we do not have these strict rules then we get loads of dead coins submitted.

Please check recent last few posts here, before posting here that it has not already been found and posted. If someone posts it before you, they get the credit!!

6 months of block explorer .06 BTC
12 months of block explorer .1 BTC FLY

6 months of seed nodes .06 FLY
12 months of seed nodes .1 BTC

Purchase of both seed nodes and block explorer for 6 months costs: .9 BTC

Purchase of both seed nodes and block explorer for 6 months costs: .15 BTC

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________

The cost current cost of fly can be found here and is ONLY available for purchase here:

To purchase our services, please PM our lead dev Keesdewit for payment instructions:;u=390370 [/center]

To learn more about fly see our main ann thread:

5  Economy / Services / Seeking talanted experienced dev for FLY coin. on: February 24, 2016, 08:39:34 PM
Found. Thanks

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Fly coin needs additional dev to code wallet changes. on: February 24, 2016, 08:22:28 PM
Some of you have heard of FLY coin. We launched August 2015. We have a very unique system that has the worlds first "anti-dump". Our lead developer Kees de wit has taken on more hours at his regular job and is unable to program the changes we need. This will be a very large project as it involves major changes to the code. We have also launched a website that we will need additional devs to help code.

Here is the fly ann:

I will warn you, that our code is extremely advanced and most devs wont go near it. So know what your doing. FLY is stable at 100,000 Sats, and will rise after all of these changes.

Our website that supports fly is in its basic form and needs much more development. Here are the details of that:

Here is what we have been working on.

We have been developing a website that will be an all around site for crypto. It has many features, but its main source of income will be to sell CURRENT, and up to the minute wallet bootstraps, AND subscriptions to email users when a wallet of their choice gets updated. Pricing will be attractive and the site will only accept FLY. Now, here is the good part. The public will be able to get involved where they will be paid in fly to submit new or updated wallets. There will also be a competition to earn bonuses for the person that can submit the most wallets in 1 week with stats. I have spent a few thousand dollars of my own money and purchased the best and fastest server money can buy. I also have a 1gps connection getting piped in. The social media rewards will be scrapped. Youll now be able to earn fly by finding new wallets first and submitting them. You will need to hold a minimum to participate in submitting new wallet findings to the website. We are thinking 400-500 FLY to keep it limited to only a few people.  Right now there are 140 wallets online, and the public will be adding and updating to that daily. Eventually it will be one location to download any bootstrap or will complete with addnodes in 1 place. Within the near future it WILL be the largest database of wallets in one place in crypto. The bootstrap on this site will always be current (to the last block), downloads will be insanely fast (1,000Mps/1Gps), and wallets will ALL be current and updated, as the public finds them and submits them the second they are released. Then an email will go to the subscriber with a link to download their latest wallet and blazing speeds.

So first we will need the wallet coded that is critical. PM me if interested.

7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / FLY COIN ANN.Swapping to "Las Vegas"coin,+Masternodes,Darksend,Stealth, instantX on: January 06, 2016, 04:25:41 AM

There is a new option in crypto that has unmatched quality. It's trust and integrity is like no
other coin in Crypto, and it's called FLY! This provides an opportunity with sensible, stable
growth with a connected and trusted community that supports each other. There is an extreme
distrust in crypto. Scammers won't even think twice about stealing your hard earned money. Our
goal is to set the highest ethical standard in crypto never seen before!

Our Team want to prove that crypto CAN be done in an honest and ethical way that can
benefit everyone when we join as one. When users face a choice of a copy-paste
coin made by an untrusted developer or FLY, their choice will be very easy.

Fly is the OPPOSITE of every crypto coin out there in the way that it functions. It has built in anti-inflation mechanisms.  Its nothing youll see , unless you click the link below. For 2015 we were at 50% staking rewards, and only increased the coin supply by a mere 70,000 coins!!

The chart below was taking on October 22nd 2016, and illustrates , and proves our anti-inflation technology is very powerful, while still paying handsome rewards.

The new superblock probability will be DRASTICALLY raised at block 90k!!!

Multiplier of 2x = 40% Chance.
Multiplier of 3x = 20% Chance.
Multiplier of 5x = 12% Chance.
Multiplier of 10x = 4% Chance.
Multiplier of 20x = 2% Chance.
Multiplier of 50x = 1%Chance.

Multiplier of 100x = 0.04% Chance.





Our unique node system called Flynode. Read the banner below, called flynode for more details

Also our unique price and inflation control, that steers people to buy for higher rewards, and lowers the rewards when the dumping starts.

So after FlyNode is working, we can start on our next big project for fly, and its this:

I dont know if this is possible, but ill get out my idea:

Fly staking system would be controlled by either the price or the amount of buys at Yobit, using an API call to Yobit.

Lets say fly gets dumped really hard, then it would affect the staking system, and cause it to tighten up, until the dumping stops.

It could be achieved by raising the difficulty of POS very high to slow the amount of stakes being produced.

If this is possible dynamically reduce the POS % based on what happens at Yobit. The POS rate will lower until people being to buy from the buy side, then the POS rewards would raise again.

Or Dynamically raise the number of confirms to stake to slow the amount of coins being produced, to keep the supply VERY low.

Or trigger burn fees, that would vary in percent based on the dumping on Yobit.


It also would work the other way..

When people buy on Yobit, the rewards goes UP

So its a way of moving people in the right direction , and causing the price to rise, and raising buy pressure.

Here are the members of our team
Founder and Team leader : Vegasguy
Lead Developer: LimxDev

No promises have been made with regard to performance. You assume all risk, and release all
liability from user Vegasguy and all members of team FLY from any losses. But Ill gladly accept your gains Smiley
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN]XDE II coin.NOW 300% POS for a few months. 4hr min stake, only 100k coins. on: December 31, 2015, 11:42:27 PM

NAME: XDE II [AKA DoubleEagle]
Full POS rare coin
POS Interest: 300% (Average)
Min Stake Age: 4hrs
Max Stake Age: 28 days
Cost of 1 Masternode: 500 XDE2. Wallet allows for unlimited Masternodes.

1. The real use of XDE2: "The massive marketing machine" is to primarily to give the opportunity to those to earn coin that has strong value ($2.21) a coin to anyone willing to participate (Member or higher).

2. Those that see the enormous potential of XDE2 will buy in raising the price.

3. Customers that will purchase XDE2 to get the "Massive Marketing machine" packages for their coin or to promote their projects. It could be they want to to promote their blockchain service, or their coin or their new exchange or anything Crypto related thats ethical. No shitcoins will be accepted at any price. You, or your project must be very established.  

The way it will work is I will set flat rate prices for marketing packages, the funds will be sent to the community wallet in the form of XDE2 , so everyone can clearly and easily track it.

When the project is complete, rewards will be paid out of the community to the workers, for the work on that project in the form of XDE2. We will only focus on 1 project at a time until its term is finished.

So as you can see, this is a win win win project, it gives the opportunity to those that would like to earn some good money in Crypto if they are willing to participate.  I will NEVER accept a project from a newbie dev that is unknown. Only established, respected devs will be allowed to buy marketing packages from me. I will be the final decision maker on who I accept, and I will be stringent. The short is, you must have a clean name in the community, and well respected. Christian, dev for Bitsend is a perfect example, I will market anything and everything for him, as what I choose to market says a lot about me, and the XDE2 community and he is a great example of our target customer.

Do a Name Claim on either of the Block Explorers listed in this thread and PM your Address to Woody20285
Do at least 3 promotional posts (tweets, chatbox, facebook) each week.
1 time per week (no later than Sunday 5 pm Pacific Time, USA), PM your summary with the links to Woody20285.
Do NOT Post your links in the thread. If you do, they will be deleted.
Payments for the previous week will be made the following Tuesday.
Earn XDE2 each week in the Marketing Campaign (Below)
See all the ways to earn - including 2 XDE2 each week for not selling your stash!
Note: To earn a signature reward, or ANYTHING called a "BONUS" you MUST do a name claim, and PM Woody20285 at least 3 promotional links.  
You DONT have to participate every week to get the signature reward, but the weeks you do, you will be paid.

Here are BitCoinTalk's permission rules for signatures:[/center

- Newbie: No styling (including links) allowed. Max 50 characters.
- Jr. Member: Links allowed. Max 150 characters.
- Member: Unlimited length.
- Full: Color allowed.
- Sr. Member: Size allowed
- Hero: Background color allowed
- Legendary: Color and Text.

So rewards will be as followed for having the code in your signature:
(If you are just adding the signature, You must have it at least 1/2 of the 1st week)
- Jr. Member:   1 XDE2 COIN PER WEEK
- Member:       1 XDE2 COIN PER WEEK
- Full Member: 1 XDE2 COIN PER WEEK
- Sr. Member:  2 XDE2 COIN PER WEEK
- Hero:           3 XDE2 COIN PER WEEK
- Legendary:   5 XDE2 COIN PER WEEK

Here is the code to post in your signature:

Here is the Signature Code for Jr Members:

[center][b][url=] ↑↓  XDE II - Only 30 K Coins. Unique. | Get paid to promote! ○ | $2.50 a coin! | 20% POS. 24 hr min stake| ○ Gorgeous wallet! [/url] [url=][Visit US!][/url][/b][/center]
Members + can use this Signature Code:

.                ███████████████████████████   ─────  XDE II. Gorgeous wallet! 20% POS. 24 hr min stake. ────
.                 XDE II   Only 26 K Coins. Unique.
.                ███████████████████████████     |  Massive rewards given weekly for promotion @$2.50 a coin!! |  ● RARE

[color=#F1F2F4].[/color]                [url=][color=#c5b358]███████████████████████████[/color] [color=#ae9b3c][b][i] [/i][/b][/color][b][color=black][color=#CECFD1]   ─[/color][color=#ACACAE]─[/color][color=#898A8B]──[/color][color=#676768]──[/color][color=#444545]─[/color][color=#222222]─[/color][b]  XDE II. Gorgeous wallet! 20% POS. 24 hr min stake. [/b] [color=#222222]─[/color][color=#444545]─[/color][color=#676768]──[/color][color=#898A8B]──[/color][color=#ACACAE]─[/color][color=#CECFD1]─[/color][/color][/b][/url]
[color=#F1F2F4].[/color]                 [url=][b][color=#88792f]XDE II  [/color] [color=black]Only 26 K Coins. Unique.[/color][/b][/url]
[color=#F1F2F4].[/color]                [url=][color=#c5b358]███████████████████████████[/color]    [b][color=black]● [color=#757575][/color] | Massive rewards given weekly for promotion @ $2.50 a coin|  ● [color=#AFAFAF][color=#bfaa45]RARE[/color][/color][/color][/b][/url]

First and MOST important is your Name Claim on our Explorer. If you do not claim your name , you will NOT be paid!!

Here are the instructions on how to do a name claim:

Go to here : to do the Name Claim and it looks like this :

Type your "Address" and "Name to Display (Preferable your Bitcointalk Username)" in the box below and leave "Proof of Ownership" for now.

Open your XDE2 Wallet and Open Sign Message box . Type your Address and make sure the message is same like your "Name to Display" in Name Claim Form . E.g If you typed in the Form "sulendra12" , in Sign Message also "sulendra12" too (It's case sensitive , maybe?)

If done . Click Sign Message and copy the signature below .

Back to the Name Claim site . Paste your signature into "Proof of Ownership" and Click Submit

And done "Successfully Registered Richlist Address" to check your address go to Richlist Menu :
Press Ctrl+F or search and type your name .

My biggest fear is because of our high priced coin people will dump it. So before I reward I will check that no large
amounts of xde2 have been moved. If you wish to sell it , then sell MAX 2 coins a week on the SELL SIDE ONLY!
If I find someone dumping the rewards, you will be banned from the promotion.

I have made exceptions to this rule , as low as rank Jr. member. So this rule is flexible. [/color][/b] If you are REALLY
new to Crypto, then PM me to look at your account. NO NEWBIE accounts, don't waste your time asking.


2 DAYS AFTER THE WEEK ENDS WHICH IS TUESDAY (although, due to work loads, occasionally later in the week),

Marketing Payments: 10 max for each category![/u]                  
(10) Full Articles and Ann./OP Earn 3 XDE2 each  
(10) Chat in troll box Earn 2 XDE2 each
(10) FB/Twitter Posts Earn 1 XDE2 each

Additional bonuses can be earned by changing your avatar to the XDE2 avatar. It has the same pay rate as the signature bonus.

Right click and save, then change your avatar:

Additional Bonus: If your wallet shows that you have not moved any coins, you'll get a bonus of 2 XDEII for that week.

Another way to earn XDE2: (NO LIMIT on payout):  Shocked   Bring someone into XDE2 and if they participate (doing name claim, promoting),
we will pay you 5 XDE2 for each person that particulates with xde2. They must participate by doing a name claim and promote AND
PM Woody20285 that you brought them here. PM all of your friends here and tell them about XDE2.

Before I send rewards , I will check your wallet (that is the reason for the name claim). If you have moved no more than 2 coins maximum
 that week, then, no penalty.
If you move over 2 coins, you will lose your privilege to participate, and will be paid NOTHING for the previous week,

Most active marketer each week receives an additional bonus of 3 XDE2.

You MUST PM Woody20285 your promotional links.
Please remember, Do NOT post any links in the thread

Payouts will be every Tuesday.  

IDEAS: Another way to get rewards is to post really good ideas for XDEII. Be creative and I can be very generous.

There is a community wallet that is called "Golden Eagles"
It is a platinum wallet that stakes at 600% per year.
It will be used to reward those that support XDE2
The high POS rate keeps it "Self Sustaining".


Masternode activation:

1. Create a new address -> Receive -> New Address
2. Send exactly 500 XDE2 to your new address and copy and paste the TX hash in notepad app.
3. Wait for 30 confirmations
4. Open Help -> Debug window -> Tab console
5. Type "masternode outputs" and copy and paste down the output in notepad
6. Type "masternode genkey"  and copy and paste down the output
7. Menu Masternodes -> Button Create
8. Alias: Name of the masternode (can be anything)
9. Address: Public ip address and port, use for example "123.456.789.123:62884" (You can find your IP address here:
10. PrivKey: The output of the "masternode genkey" command (step 6)
11. TxHash: The left hand side of the output of "masternode outputs" (step 5)
12. Output Index: The right hand side of the output of "masternode outputs" (step 5). Its usually just 0. Just type 0 if you dont know.

masternode outputs example: { "159eea4303125de0a60fbce8d362778cfe915166d42de1339d9bc79523d9e9a8" : "0" } The left hand side is the TxHash "159eea4303125de0a60fbce8d362778cfe915166d42de1339d9bc79523d9e9a8" and the right hand side is 0 (zero)

Make sure port 62884 is forwarded in your router to your computer. Example 192.168.1.XX  and that you firewall (like Windows Firewall) accepts connection on this port.


Many have said, its THE most beautiful wallet, ever in Crypto, do you agree?

This will be the team that will run XDE II with intensity and dedication like you've never seen.

Vegasguy (Team leader,OP,financial analyst)
Woody (Highly skilled financial Analyst, and bookkeeper, XDE2 weekly distributor)
KeesDewit (Lead dev)
Cryptco (Lead promoter, the best promoter there is in Crypto)


If you've been in crypto long enough, then you know by now continued
 inflation without control causes the coin to crash and burn every time.
Inflation will be monitored daily as well as volume. At any moment, with limited  
or no notice, we may cut the POS % rate at any time.


9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / 500 FLY coin bounty ($1000) to any dev that can implement our antidump system. on: December 07, 2015, 11:07:39 PM
Fly coin is developing an antidump system that is mostly finished. We are running into challenges. The structure of our "antidump" system works this way:

High tx fees for sending coins to wallet that get routed to our community "superfly wallet"
NO withdrawal fees to withdraw from exchange.

We will only ever be on one exchange and that is Crytopia, so they have agreed to work with us and accept an "exchange only" wallet with special settings, if this helps.

Our ann is:

You can clearly see how this can be a challenge. We have 2 talented devs already, so you wont work alone. FLY is priced at 500,000 sats each ($2 a coin) , and if you can complete this and prove its working as I just stated, then I will send you 500 FLY!

Contact our lead dev Keesdewit with any questions:;sa=send;u=390370

10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Looking for VERY experienced dev for the incredibly popular Fly coin on: November 26, 2015, 11:49:56 PM
Guys Fly coin is so popular that in its first 2 months hit $2.49. We want to add more features than time allows. We badly need to add another very experienced dev that can code advanced features.

If interested please PM our lead dev Keesdewit:;u=390370

Also please look at our Ann and familiarize yourself with our coin:

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Seeking very experienced 2nd dev for FLY coin. on: November 24, 2015, 08:14:48 PM
Hello, Fly coin is one of the most complex coins every made. We are looking to add a secondary dev. You must be a highly experienced coder and a senior or hero member.

Our FLY coin ann is here:

When you read this you will fully understand the complexities of this coin and why we badly need a very experienced and repspected dev.

Pm our lead dev Keesdewit. His profile is here:;u=390370

Thank you.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / OLD FLY THREAD on: August 17, 2015, 02:11:49 AM

"Team FLY , in the hands of a trusted few"

If you are just coming here for the first time, youve probably heard all kinds of rumors about FLY.
This page will give you actual facts on what it is, and what it is not.
Its the world's first "hybrid cryptocoin". What that means specifically is that is it not 100% decentralized.
Ive watched HUNDREDS of cryptocoins be created and destroyed. Without any control, they are "out of control".
So , FLY is a mix. It is not completely controlled, but then its not without any control.
If you are looking for a coin with complete freedom to do whatever you want, FLY is NOT for you.
If you enjoy the safety of knowing you can earn 50% a year and never have to worry about the price being dumped, welcome!
FLY is the first of its kind. It is like nothing else youve ever seen. When you read further, youll quickly notice , the enormous development and time that gone into creating FLY
Its been called "Hardcore", "radical", "ridiculous","outrageous","ludicrous" and more.
Yes, its all of that, and more. If your sick of waking up finding out that special coin you really thought was "the one" dumped to nothing, then take a hard look at FLY.
FLY IS the first cryptocoin that CANNOT be dumped! Now doesnt that sound great? Its 100% true.
There is a LOT to know and learn. So get comfortable. FLY is VERY complex, but if you have questions, we are friendly and helpful here. Just ask.

Ticker: FLY
Algo: X13
Min Stake age: 7 days, Max stake age 28 days
POS % Annually: 50%
Includes Superblocks up to 20x
Coin supply:180,139 (on 1/10/2016)

1% chance of 2x multiplier
0.8% chance of 3x multiplier
0.18% chance of 5x multiplier
0.018% chance of 10x multiplier
0.0002% chance of 20x multiplier

Click logo above for explorer

Now why did I create FLY?

There is an extreme distrust in Crypto. This has been caused by all of the thieves , scammers, liars and con artists who would sell their own mother for a dollar.
They will not even think twice about stealing your hard earned money.

My goal is to set the standard in crypto extremely high - The highest ethical standards never seen in crypto before!

I want to prove that crypto CAN be done in an honest and ethical way that can benefit everyone when they join as one.
When people look at the crap that newbie developers are pumping out on a daily basis and then, they look at Team FLY , the choice will be very easy where to put their hard earned money

My success in 20 years of business  is based upon the honesty, trust and integrity I have worked hard to build.
I keep my word and my word is my bond. I am fortunate to be successful in business by working extremely hard for 20 years, so I can do what I enjoy today, and that's crypto.
I enjoy Crypto and want to set a new standard of quality and will work every day to earn your trust. My integrity, and reputation is very everything to me.

There is a new option in crypto that has unmatched quality. Its trust and integrity is like no other coin in Crypto, and it's called FLY!
Fly provides an opportunity with sensible, stable growth with a connected and trusted community that supports each other.

FLY is so unique that is has the claim to have created many "Crypto firsts"

First EVER fully functional "Anti-Dump system" in crypto history!! Ever wake up to find your favorite coin dumped to NOTHING!??! That wont happen to FLY, it CANNOT happen with FLY!
First crypto with constantly updated bootstrap!! Always to the latest block!!
First crypto coin where the dev claims his name on the richlist and shows his true balance.
First crypocoin dedicated to cleaning up the crypto community and making it a better place.
First Crypto coin to give to those with less!
First crypto coin to go on "rescue missions" and help those devastated by loss (possibly from scammers or hacked wallets)
First crypto where top holders are REQUIRED to claim their address so everyone knows who they are.

By downloading our autoupdate software once, all youll ever need to do is close Fly wallet and reopen it to update it.
When you close your wallet and reopen it, if there is an update, a window will appear like this..
You can download the autoupdate software here:

What is so special about FLY, isnt it just like all the other cryptocoins out there?

NO! FLY operates completely different that all other coins!

We are the first : "Anti-dump coin". High fees for sending, prevent massive dumping. Profits through staking directly to exchange
Most coins are held by the most trusted Senior and Hero members in Crypto.

This makes it VERY hard for the dumpers to dump on us, as they dont hold enough coins "in the wild" to do real damage.
Also our tx fees are VERY high to dump large amounts on the exchange at once. So there are many layers of protection.

First here is a link to the SuperFLY wallet address:

The idea is aimed at helping "the little guy" that supports fly, and helping those that have had a major financial loss.
The fees for FLY transactions are VERY high. FLY coin is meant to be held and not traded or dumped.
The higher TX fees will make the SuperFLY wallet massive in a short time.
Anyone with a balance that is BELOW 5000 FLY and posts once a week about FLY to ANY social media, and has a done a name claim, and has validated their identity as an active member on or active in slack is eligible to get staking rewards from the SuperFLY wallet.
To remain eligible , you must NOT create any outbound transactions, and you must make a post once a week to any social media that is crypto related about fly and link back to FLY thread as proof
The staking rewards will be evenly sent to the different wallets automatically.
The rewards are NOT based on your balance. Its based on how many people qualify.

So if there are 5 users getting rewards, you will get 20% regardless of balance. If there are 4 members, then you will get 25%.
Your min balance of FLY must be 100 FLY. That is not much to show you are serious about FLY. Thats about $100 USD .
Again FLY is the OPPOSITE of all other coins. This special program excludes all the "rich" at the top, and includes real people at the bottom trying to make some money.

Anyone with a balance OVER 5000 FLY coins is exempt. No exceptions! (That automatically exempts me).

Also the cost to "the little guy" to get this help: Buy 100 FLY, claim your name on the richlist and post about fly once a week on any social media related to crypto

This is the current list of week ending 1/10/2016 of those that are getting Superfly benefits

To be posted soon...

So when do we get on Bittrex, or your other big favorite exchange? We wont! I dont want massive exposure. I want the LEAST exposure.
This coin will be the opposite of every coin out there. Forget everything you know about crypto as it does NOT apply to FLY. This coin will be extremely rare and near impossible to buy at low prices.

Next update that we must address is exempt all users from withdrawal fees from Crytopia. We are currently working on this now.
Autoburn feature to be implemented. A portion of our high tx fees will be burned and reflected in the money supply. Our goal is to burn faster than POS can produce.
In the near future FLY wallet will have Google Authenticator or 2FA. We will be one of 2 wallets in Cryto to have this security feature!
Also as we have so many updates in the near future, FLY wallet will have "Auto update". This feature will check your version on a regular basis, then when there is an update, a box will pop-up prompting you to update
Our main feature is our Antidump system , that will prevent hard dumps to crash the price. Your funds will be automatically be locked in your wallet when you withdraw them from the exchange. This feature is in Alpha stage, and is still under continued development.

Proud members of Team Fly are:

Keesdewit (Lead dev)
Griffith (dev)

In order to give away weekly FLY , the superfly wallet MUST be funded somehow. It is done by charging 10% of all stakes go directly to superfly wallet.
This is the most fair system possible because the largest holders stake by far the most, and will pay the most in "stake fees" and get nothing in return as they are exempt from rewards.

*This is NOT a complete list of fees as the aim of FLY is long term holding. Be VERY cautious and LOOK AT THE FEE BEFORE YOU SEND ANY FUNDS!!

New sending fee structure as of 12/28/15

Sending between .05 and 0.1 FLY costs 12%
Sending between 0.1 and 0.15 FLY costs 14%
Sending between .15 and 0.2 FLY costs 16%
Sending between 0.2 and 0.25 FLY costs 18%
Sending between 0.25 and 0.3 FLY costs 20%
Sending between 0.3  and  1 FLY costs   25%
Sending between 1    and  1.5  FLY costs 30%
Sending between 1.5 and    2  FLY costs  32%
Sending between    2 and   45 FLY costs  40%
Sending between   45 and  200 FLY costs 46%

We want everyone to buy FLY and withdraw from the exchange for free. We quickly found out, this was near impossible.
In fact I was told by the top coin developers in the world over and over again, that its impossible to have high sending fees and free withdrawal fees.
Well, we managed to do it anyway. It works very well, but its not our final system. We are working on our final system to make everyone exempt from withdrawal fees, now.
Until then anyone can contact lead dev Keesdewit at;u=390370 and give him your fly address and ask for a withdrawal exemption.

Part of the funds may be used at anytime for special programs and rescue missions, this includes funding the development of FLY.
A good example is Im looking to add 2FA (Google authenticator) to the wallet. This will be VERY expensive and the superfly will be used to fund this.
Any manual outbound transactions from SuperFLY MUST be voted on by the top 10 members of the slack team, and majority rules.

I can assure you details will be VERY public and transparent. Perhaps a member was a victim of a wallet stealing virus, and they can prove they actually lost funds.

The SuperFLY wallet is there to help people. For special causes, the beneficiary will be required to come up with overwhelming evidence to prove they need help.

The wallet could also be used for victims of horrible scam coins like paycoin (NOT Paycon, Paycon is one of the best coins ever) and Crave ect.

There will be those trying to "game the system", and attempt to hack the wallet and bypass the fee system. I can assure you there is a lot you dont know, so dont try it.
I can guarantee you, you WILL get caught. I will then post your name on the thread letting everyone know, how you stole from "The little guy".
This is a "crypto first" , helping the "little guy", and victims that have had a catastrophe.

If it becomes abused I reserve the right to cancel the program at any time, so dont be greedy , if you need it , its there to help, if you dont , opt out and help out the guy at the bottom.
This is a great program to help people struggling, please respect it.
We are all in different time zones, we work 24/7 in a private chat room, working on ways to make FLY even better. It already is the most powerful cryptocoin EVER, but thats not good enough. This is an extreme coin, and we are going to shock the cryptoworld, if we haven't already Wink

"Team FLY, there is NOTHING else like it! Not now, not ever!

Legal disclaimer:  No promises have been made with regard to performance. It is not secured by anything. You assume all risk, and release all liability from user "Vegasguy" and all members of team fly from any losses.

13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Dracula Coin is a wallet stealing virus!!! WATCH OUT!! on: June 02, 2015, 08:10:50 PM
Guys the latest wallet stealing viruses are testing clean on Virus total, malware bytes, and superantispyware. I actually had a keylogger in my system for weeks that was specifically geared to capture my passwords. The ONLY thing that saved me was my antikeylogger. I could have lost THOUSANDS of dollars. I was So thankful I wrote the company a letter. Guys its $45 , GET THIS SOFTWARE!!! I am not affiliated with QFX in anyway, nor do I profit if you buy it, it just saved my ass big time, and I wanted to help QFX and the crypto community.

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Any devs out with free time looking to make extra money fixing abanonded coins? on: March 28, 2015, 05:49:07 AM
Ill keep this OP updated with a list. I need you guys to post in the thread what coins you want fixed with a link to the ann.

I want to use this thread for users to list a broken coins that is abandoned that needs a dev to fix. The details would have to be an aggreement between dev and walletholders. How many times has a dev created a coins, and then disappears a couple of weeks later. Coins either become worthless or stop working alltogether. To walletholders, if you have 50,000 coins stuck in a broken wallet, it might be a good idea to pitch in 5,000 to get it fixed and working. If everyone works together, there could be LOADS of btc made by devs and wallet holders. Investors, just post the name of the coin, and the fact you feel its abandonded and what needs to be fixed. Devs youll have to look at the project and call a price on how much of that coin you would want to get it working again, AND maintain it in the future.

GOLDEN RULE: *NO NEWBIE ACCOUTS*, devs you have an established account here, please use it, and identify yourself.


Ill start : (These are the ones I know about). You have to read the ann of each coin to get current status.

As all these coins are open source, they are fair game, and anyone with developer skills can takeover them.


E-cash: (Dev "Igotspots" has said over and over , he is done with this coin!): 10,000%-20,000% interest. Currently all working:
Intellect :
Black Doge:
Etherium Dark:
Risk: (Dev has not logged on in 2 weeks)
Zirk (New coin, has troubles, but dev has not logged on in a few days):
Seed: (A dev came into the thread and said he would work on the coin, as original dev last login Jan 2015, but nothing yet):
Vegascoin Sad
2015 coin:
Coffeecoin 2.0 (Dev last login Sept 2014):
Britcoin (Official britishcoin):
X15 coin (I actually have 200k of these, but wallet wont sync):
Wasp Coin:
Texas Coin:
California Coin:

This is a lot more (probably over 100 more I can list) . Let me see how you guys do with these.

I thought this was a good idea. I hope it links devs that could use extra money, to walletholders that have "stuck" coins.

15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][XAD] ADCoin - The Game Changer | PoW & PoA (Proof of Advertising) on: August 28, 2014, 02:19:26 PM

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