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41  Economy / Gambling / New Proposal - Looking for feedback on: June 07, 2012, 04:21:06 AM
I am looking for some feedback on the following Gambling proposal.

ODDS - 1 in 15 chance, single winner-take all (only 15 'spots' available per 'round')
PAYOUT - 10x Wager for single winner.
ROUND DURATION - 1 week or less. Blockchain to pick winner (although no time limit set - guaranteed winner)
TRANSPARENCY - 100% transparent with up to the minute view-able web stats.

Would something like this interest anyone ?

Please comment on the Payout Rate vs Odds.

thanks in advance,
42  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Please forgive my ignorance, but WTF ? on: June 03, 2012, 05:21:57 PM
So, in regards to the Bitcoinica ordeal....

The Facts:

Today, we have discovered a suspicious Bitcoin transaction that doesn't seem to be initiated by any one of the company owners. Some of them are not online at the moment so

this is not conclusive.

Suspicious transaction:

        "account" : "",
        "address" : "182tGyiczhXSSCTciVujNRkkMw1zQxUVhp",
        "category" : "send",
        "amount" : -18547.66867623,
        "fee" : 0.00000000,
        "blockhash" : "00000000000003f6bfd3e2fcbf76091853b28be234b5473a67f89b9d5bee019c",
        "blockindex" : 1,
        "txid" : "7a22917744aa9ed740faf3068a2f895424ed816ed1a04012b47df7a493f056e8",
        "time" : 1336738723

The IP address associated with the above address is (according to

So, just surfing around, I came across a few things that puzzle me:

So...The 'Receiver' of the 'SENT' bitcoins from Bitcoinica runs a pool on port80 ?

....and is generating blocks ? (as recently as June 1, 2012)

As I said, please forgive my ignorance, as I really do have no idea if any of this is even relevant, but I had to ask....

More links for your browsing pleasure maybe ?....

I have no idea, as I said, if this is relevant, makes any sense....or is old news already.
I just figured a post couldn't hurt.
43  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Radeon 7970 ASIC Quality / Quality-%-Matching Multi-Card Rigs on: June 02, 2012, 10:13:24 AM
Now that there are quite a few 7970 owners out there, have any of you taken the time to check the ASIC Quality percentages from each of your cards ?

I currently have 15x 7970s running 5-card per rig x 3.
Doing a few 'spot checks' I have noticed that there is a bit of a variance of ASIC Quality readings from some of my cards.

My lowest ASIC Quality % seems to be about 65+%, with the highest being just shy of 90%.....the rest in the high 70% / mid-to-low 80% range.

I am wondering if it would be worth my time testing and separating the 15 cards into my 3 rigs, based on ASIC Quality, to further 'fine-tune' under-voltaging and overclocking ?
For instance, make a 60+% rig, a 70+% rig and finally an 80+% rig all based on what GPU-Z tells me.

Has anyone gone this deep into their setups yet ? ...or taken advantage of the ASIC Quality Readings now available ?
44  Economy / Services / WANTED: Virtualized BTC Mining Pool for my ESXi Server on: June 02, 2012, 06:04:02 AM
Anyone interested in packaging a production-ready Mining Pool VHD ?

Full Front-End, Back-End....100% ready-to-mount/boot/web-administer...

Please quote price.

This is for personal use only (private mining team, no public account requests), but I would like it to be 'capable'.

I could probably do 'IT' myself using Windows, but I would rather not....and I am a Linux-Retard, therefore, need help and am willing to pay.

45  Economy / Lending / FUNDING RECEIVED..... 120 BTC Loan on: June 01, 2012, 11:01:51 PM
I am looking for a 120 BTC Loan for 1 month.

You can see my loan history here:

Please post or PM with offers.

I would like the option to make daily payments (or payments every couple days) to a clean payback address if possible.

As I am established and somewhat of a low risk, I would hope that the Interest Rate reflects that if possible.
I am currently working on growing my 11 GH Mining Farm.

thanks in advance,
46  Economy / Trading Discussion / As a matter of public record.. on: June 01, 2012, 07:12:59 PM
Some might have noticed my lack of wonderful posts as of late, as I was unfortunately called out of town to a family emergency that ended....well, 6ft under. You get the idea.

Regardless, I have a package that I was supposed to ship to David_Benz a week ago and I have not shipped it.

It was a 240 BTC deal for 11 video cards.

I am going to help compensate for time wasted in any way I can and will add the following to the package before it goes out:

- AM3 MSI Motherboard (770-G45) + Sempron 140 CPU
- Additional 1x PCIe Cables.

I will also mine for David to the account that I have been for the last couple days while I was away as well as offer other compensation that I can in order to make this right, as he borrowed to purchase this and I want to see everyone get what they deserve in the end.

Again, I apologize...but people
47  Bitcoin / Mining / Are 'Mining Contracts' even worthwhile offering anymore ? on: May 24, 2012, 01:29:34 PM
In my spare time, I have been working on modifying a wonderful app by jjiimm_64 for monitoring and controlling hosts/devices using CGMiner and the API.

In regards to a Mining Contract capable setup, here's what I have pretty much ready to go:

- Buyer Web Monitor/Interface (all miners that are/were paid for, setup by seller in advance - all or some of 'mining farm').
- Buyer Controlled Pools (the ability to ADD, REMOVE, SWITCH and DISABLE Pools - point the power where ever you want IN REAL TIME, whenever. ie. HOP).
- Full stats per host/rig, device/card  etc (90sec updates to avoid excessive API calls to CGMiner that negatively affect performance).
- Simple Anti-Flood protection to keep 'excited miners' from abusing the stats update interval.
- Seller Master Control Panel that includes above (no anti-flood needed though), plus full device controls (as per CGMiner API) such as device clock, fan, voltage controls etc.

For my own setup, I currently have approx 11 GH ready to go (and increasing slowly) and was wondering if it's even worth pursuing this any longer, due to other services such as GPUMAX that already pay me PPS+ for my miners.

Does anyone even bother buying Mining Contracts any longer ?

The Buyer's page looks like this, with the ability to controls pools in real time (add pool, delete pool, enable/disable pool). Nothing special.
Buyer can also see the real-time countdown till the next stats update, as it counts down from 90 seconds.
(pay no attention to the Host names. I was too lazy to change them all after my last

48  Economy / Computer hardware / FS: 11 Mining Cards @ 3700 MH/s - 5830/5850/6870/6950 on: May 18, 2012, 08:11:39 PM
FS: 11 Mining Cards = 3700 MH/s - 5830/5850/6870/6950

As I just finally completed getting the last of my recent batch of 7970's online, these 11 cards are now spares.
I am looking to get rid of them as a package deal.

5x Sapphire Radeon HD5830 Extreme 1GB (320+MH/s each)
2x AMD/ATI Reference Radeon HD5850 1GB (375 MH/s each)
2x AMD/ATI Reference Radeon HD6870 1GB (310+MH/s each)
2x Asus Radeon HD6950 DCUII Dual Fan 1GB (375 MH/s each)
3700 MH/s worth of cards without pushing too hard, all on stock voltage or less.

11 Video Cards + 11 Molex/6pin Power Cables Only. No Original Packaging.
(however I can throw in a bunch of Xfire bridges upon request at no charge, as I have a shit-ton of
240 BTC Shipped USA/Canada

Shipping from Calgary, AB, Canada.
Local Pickup is welcome ($50 off, but must pay cash - CAD is fine)
I will however accept BTC for all orders to be shipped.

A little bit of dust here and there, as they were miners. Everything works 100%. All flawless.
I will get pics for serious buyers. Tire kickers need not apply.
I just want to make this as painless as possible, as I don't really have the time to part everything out and deal with multiple people.
This is simply my first batch of cards that are ready to go, with more to follow after a few more upgrades...and after these sell.

Thanks for reading,
49  Economy / Trading Discussion / Bitcoinica 'hack' & GLBSE 'professionalism' blamed for IPO cancellation on: May 17, 2012, 09:42:41 AM
Deathbylollipop CEO Announces Split and Cancels GLBSE IPO

This guy just never gives up....and I am afraid that he simply will not.

Moving right seems that our friendly neighborhood Deathbylollipop CEO has now resorted to questioning the business practices and professionalism of the GLBSE and it's owner as well as blaming the recent Bitcoinica compromise for his latest excuse to avoid publically listing his company scam as an IPO.

I am thankful that it takes 8 BTC and full verification by GLBSE in order to be listed as a company on it's exchange.

You are welcome to watch his latest exercise in bullshit here:

His full 'Library' (lol) can be found here:

I will paraphrase his best quotes below....
You can find my favorite parts in BOLD text.


“Chemical-X will be a website which focuses on Bitcoin Advertisements”

There has already been a pledge of support on IRC…DiabloD3 has said that if this website takes off that they will definitely be interested in doing advertisements through it”

“In light of recent events (referring to Bitcoinica compromise) …now because of this split (DBL & Chemical-X) recently after Bitcoinica was hacked, I did some research…and was looking to go to the GLBSE trading platform and noticed that their website was down…the posting on the website in regards to this said that the reason the GLBSE trading platform was taken down was that they feared that they also going to be attacked in light of recent events (related Bitcoinica).”

‘Here’s the scoop, because of the way Deathbylollipop has exploded, between the pledge of support, between DiabloD3 and the release of Diablo Mining Company, the successful launch of Diablo Mining Company, the conceptualization of Chemical-X that I am currently still working on and also the split – we are not planning on, we are officially cancelling the concept of or, the plan to list ourselves as an IPO on the GLBSE trading system.”

We will not be a member of GLBSE. I am not all that interested in actively trading as a member of that site. I just felt it was a little unprofessional, for out of fear, for the website to be taken down.. for you to take the website down and then no longer allow other users to actively participate or withdraw funds etc etc, especially after the Bitcoinica website was hacked.”

“I understand if some of our fans and some of our supporters were a little disappointed by this fact, but I just want to say, Deathbylollipop, and specifically myself being the CEO, feels that it would just be a better idea to separate ourselves from that concept.”

I was talking to Nefario when I was a member of….an almost unspoken agreement that I would list as a GLBSE, but I am deciding that I think it would better to kind of split our ways, or kinda take different paths. Deathbylollipop is going into it’s own sector, it’s own direction in regards the future of itself as an organization”

He seems to truly believe that he has found a Bitcoin 'friend' in DiabloD3 and drops his name as well as the Diablo Mining Company name every chance he gets.

This should be a big concern for everyone seeing this.
In another of his videos, be goes on to say that he will accept Bond and PRIVATE IPO/Share purchases still by email etc, even though he has decided against listing on the GLBSE.

Do your part to protect the Bitcoin Community and put this scammer in his place any chance you get.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.
50  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / HD7970 Reference Card Unlocked BIOS on: May 14, 2012, 09:54:29 AM
Does anyone here have an UNLOCKED BIOS for a 7970 Reference Card ?

How do I know if I have an unlocked BIOS ?
If you are a Windows Miner and can make Voltage Changes to your 7970 using have an unlocked BIOS.

Some Asus Reference cards are bound to have them, as that is where I got my 5870 Unlocked BIOS (flashed my 5850 Reference Cards with) which allowed me to make on-the-fly Voltage changes to my 5850's using CGMiner.

I would just like to add on-the-fly Voltage control to all of my 7970's....without needing anything other than CGMiner.

Thanks in advance,
51  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / 7970, CGMiner 2.4.0, Win7x64 - 100% CPU, Dummy Plugs, MemDiff on: May 11, 2012, 09:43:57 PM
I think I just wet myself.....

7970's are the 'Tits'.

I just realized that my test rig running 2 cards is also running a simple little Corsair 600W 80+ Power Supply and running 1.3GH/s, not skipping a beat.
(for how long, I can only guess, but I will get proper power to the permanent rigs.....LOL)

I am pleased....

I just got my first batch of 7970's and I am struggling a bit.....
I have been a miner for a year now and have a complete handle on it, but this jump to 7xxx cards has turned me back into a newb.

Test Setup:
- MSI 770-G45 Motherboard, Sempron 145 CPU
- 2x 7970 Reference Models
- CAT 12.3 (using included SDK) *NO CCC Installed*
- Win7 x64
- CGMiner 2.4.0 (-I 11 --gpu-powertune 5 --gpu-engine 1100 --gpu-memdiff -150)

- Insane Performance.
- Good Card Temps.

- CPU Usage @ 100% Using -I 9 without any problems now.
- No Secondary Card MEM control unless I use a DUMMY PLUG (tried with CCC installed, then removed, same result) I'll just use dummy plugs for now.

Could anyone who is currently running Windows, using multiple cards, please share your experiences ?
Going back to 100% CPU usage and dummy plugs SUCKS...
Please help.[/size]

52  Other / Meta / Forum Slamming & I just got Famous on: May 10, 2012, 03:19:59 AM
Here's the latest from our friend @ Deathbylollipop slamming

Here's Part2

Here's an 'anonymous' contribution

53  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB: Pair of LGA1366 Xeon 5600 Series CPUs on: May 10, 2012, 12:00:07 AM
My current HiDef Ripper/Encoder/Workstation/Porn-Surfer needs an upgrade.

I am currently running:
SuperMicro X8DTi-F Motherboard (Dual 1366 i7 Xeon) .............
2x Xeon X5550 Quads (Dual Quads + HT @ 2.67Ghz) ..........

I am wondering if anyone here has a line on a decently priced pair of 5600's (6-core each + Hyperthreading), or has a pair for sale.
Engineering Samples are OK.
2.26Ghz and faster is acceptable. 'L' or 'E' Series preferable (X's take more juice to run)

...if you thought that 16 CPU threads made me a douchebag, WAIT till I get 24 up and running Wink

Shipping to Calgary, Canada required.

54  Other / Off-topic / I am nearly poor once again on: May 09, 2012, 09:25:29 PM
.....that is all.
55  Economy / Lending / Dear Trusted Lenders - I am looking for a BTC/USD Intermediary on: May 09, 2012, 02:49:36 AM
As much as I hate to cross-post, would the heavyweights mind having a look over here please ?

Thanks for all of your time,
56  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB: 15x HD7970's in BTC on: May 09, 2012, 01:42:45 AM
I am looking for 15 (fifteen) Radeon HD7970 Cards.

I am willing to pay ~1500+ BTC for the lot, including shipping to Calgary, Canada.

Please PM me or post here with offers.

I would prefer Brand New Items and do not care about Brand.


I should have been a bit more specific in my request, as I would prefer REFERENCE Design, or a Non-PowerColor Dual fan.
(complaints about the Powercolor VRM Cooling on their $460 CAD Dual Fan Design on NewEgg Canada)

**EDIT 2**
Unfortunately there are too many complaints about the Sapphire Dual Fan Cards suffering from Coil noise, so those are OUT as well....

Currently the Visiontek Reference Cards at both NewEgg USA & NewEgg Canada seem to be the most plausible, as there is no limit for purchase.
57  Other / Off-topic / A new Bitcoin-Funded Initiative - Purchase a Russian Nuclear Icebreaker on: May 06, 2012, 05:30:18 AM
I couldn't think of a better way to get Bitcoin some real exposure.

In the light of the latest campaign by Paul Watson and the Sea Sheppard Organization, on the 'Steve Irwin' in the Faro Islands, I feel it's time to strike back.

My Proposal:
Fund an Anti-Paul Watson Campaign and purchase a Russian Nuclear Powered Icebreaker.

Irony aside (but definitely taken into account), the Icebreaker should be named STINGRAY.

To chase Paul Watson and the Sea Sheppard Organization to their next destination and RAM (hence sinking/killing) the 'Steve Irwin' once and for all.

Please share you opinions.
58  Economy / Lending / Can I put your BTC in my Pirate account ? I'll pay you 20% on: May 04, 2012, 04:27:04 AM
Can I have some of your BTC to put into my Pirate account ?

I will revisit this in the near future. See here:

My 'Trust' History....
59  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / BitcoinD Feature Request - Common IN/OUT 'listtransactions' Label in API on: May 03, 2012, 06:44:25 PM
First off..... I have NO IDEA what I am talking about.
I am not a coder. I am a copy/paste hack at best.

Now, in saying that, if I am the only one to come across this limitation.....then WTF ?

When attempting to display a transaction array (say, for a Web GUI ?) and including using "listtransactions()" & "account", a User's custom ID/Name/Label for that transaction address can be acquired, but ONLY for incoming transactions and not outgoing.

Why can't there be a common 'tag' for "listtransactions()" other than 'account' that would apply to BOTH incoming and outgoing transactions that could display a Wallet's custom ID 'tag' (or LABEL) for a specific address ?

Did that make sense ? or did I simply make myself look stupid ?

For example:

When displaying this array and using "listtransactions/account', I am able to get the Labels for Incoming transactions, but there is no call for outgoing Labels.

Why can't there be a common 'LABEL' tag for incoming and outgoing as well as 'account' using 'listtransactions()' ?
60  Other / Off-topic / Could Al-Qaeda use Bitcoin ? on: April 28, 2012, 01:01:12 AM
Could Al-Qaeda use Bitcoin ?
Is it possible that they are already using it ?

Has anyone thought about the possibility of them using the coinbase to send messages to, or to activate Sleeper Cells in the US and abroad ?
It's quite possible that there just might be someone in a cave somewhere in the Middle East, currently able to stay in contact with operatives thanks to Bitcoin.

Should there be an Anti-Terrorist Bitcoin Organization who monitors blocks and transactions for this very reason ?
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