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1  Economy / Services / Logo competition - 0.25 BTC - - Altcoin Bitcoin Exchange on: May 20, 2015, 07:23:01 PM
Hi all, we are running a logo contest and would appreciate your submissions.

The site is not yet live, but will form part of the portfolio of products and services for our coin project MonetaryUnit, our ANN is here:

The new site - Altcoin Bitcoin Exchange
will go live in the next week or so.

We think the name lends itself well to some really great creative submissions.
Please keep in mind the name of the site, and also the coin MonetaryUnit, hopefully that will give you plenty of inspiration Smiley

This competition closes at 9pm UTC this Wednesday 27th May.

The best logo, as chosen by the MUE team will win the 0.25BTC

Many thanks and good luck
2  Economy / Services / Need logo for 100K MUE & 0.2 btc bounty on: March 24, 2015, 03:29:34 PM
Hi, we are looking for someone to create a logo for us for

This will be a savings account for our coin MonetaryUnit Ann here

If you're interested please post here any submission ideas etc

We are offering 100K MUE, but for a kick ass design we will likely consider an additional 0.2BTC.

By kick ass design I mean it is the design we choose to be our official logo for that site.

All design entries will receive a MUE reward

Thanks Smiley
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Join - the new MonetaryUnit [MUE] forum - get a welcome bonus :) on: February 16, 2015, 04:24:06 PM
Hi all, we have started a new forum just for MUE.

Please visit

We are currently offering a welcome bonus to new registered users, please visit this link for more details;

Please do not post wallet addresses in this thread as it is against the rules, only post in the link above.

Many thanks, hope to see you there and get involved with MonetaryUnit.

For more details, please see our official BitcoinTalk ANN thread here;
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / We're hiring! Come join the MonetaryUnit project and help shape it's future on: February 07, 2015, 09:32:03 AM
Hi all, 2015 is make or break for this project.

I will be announcing the launch of MonetaryUnit scratch cards in partnership with in the coming days, which is exciting, it's been in progress for quite a while. Smiley

The MonetaryUnit project has reached a metaphorical hard fork.
Where it goes is not really down to me any longer, it is down to those of you who would like to see where we can take this project, and what we can achieve with it.

I can't do this on my own any more.

So, do you want to help shape the future of MonetaryUnit?
Read on & please do feedback, comment, suggest, give your opinion etc Smiley

Volunteer vacancies available in the MonetaryUnit project.

Social media lead

Twitter account manager
Facebook account manager
Development of other opportunities

Social media is a very important part of the success of any internet based project.
Within the cryptocurrency market place, even more so.  The whole success of so many pump and dump crypto scams has relied entirely on the power of social media.  That highlights just how influential it is.  We are of course, looking to use it for the power of good, not evil Smiley
Ideally we are looking for someone to manage our social media assets as a whole.
You may have a lot of experience in this sector, and be a big fan of crypto, and you’re looking to combine those interests?  This would be ideal for you.
You may want to start your career as a social media expert, to build your resume and skill set for later employment.  You may just be a huge fan of MonetaryUnit, and want to help how you can.
We all know “real life” comes first, and the amount of time that you will be able to commit may change from day to day.
If you think you have what it takes, or you are willing to be self taught, and want to help develop our footprint on the social media landscape, then please speak up.
You may have zero experience, and a belly full of drive, or you may be experienced to the eyeballs.  We don’t mind, as long as you want to help this project and the community as a whole.
We will consider splitting the role to specialities, or if time commitments restrict what you can do.
So, if you would like to add something quite unique and very attractive to a potential employer on your resume, get in touch.

Proof of action campaign manager

We have secured the domain
We are looking for someone to manage this website, it’s promotion and exposure of MonetaryUnit through a new marketing channel.
Proof of action campaigns promote a specific interest by monitoring and tracking a users “actions” from within a pre-defined list of actions.  This may be re-tweeting, liking a page, posting a comment, downloading a file, watching a video, etc etc.
If the user does a set number of actions, they are then allowed to receive a “reward”.  In this case it would likely be a MonetaryUnit reward.  Or perhaps you have other plans?
If you have experience of using the platform, or if you would like to learn to add a very unique and attractive addition to your resume, please get in touch.
You may be experienced, or you may be a complete novice, either way, if you want to help the MonetaryUnit project we would be interested to hear from you. project

Currently managed by theboccet

The Miners Lottery project

Currently managed by Mue. is a promotional website to give exposure to mining MonetaryUnit on mining pools.
It promotes the philosophy of MUE that “size DOESN’T matter” when it comes to people mining MonetaryUnit.  Everybody, regardless of hashrate, has an equal opportunity to win a reward for helping to contribute to the MonetaryUnit project.
Would you like to manage this project?  Can you see what else we can do with it, or where else we can take it?
Would you like the opportunity to add something quite unique to your resume that shows you have a lot of transferable skills?
If this is something that interests you, that you can maintain or improve upon, or you just want to help the MonetaryUnit project, please get in touch.

Bitcoin Prize draw

Currently managed by The_Prof and Mue

Technical lead


Business manager

Do you have what it takes to bring MonetaryUnit to merchants?
Can you plan how MUE can have increased exposure, more trade on the exchanges, a higher value?
We have a target price for MonetaryUnit of between $0.004 - $0.008.  This price range means we would be in around the top 20 of global cryptocurrencies in the next few years, and would continue to grow, organically, and stably year on year due to our modest inflation.
This price range means that MUE is still very accessible to all, makes it a usable value for retail, trade, tipping and micro-payments.
Have you done it before, and you’re looking for a new challenge?  We want to hear from you.
Are you a complete novice who has just never had the opportunity, but you have a head full of ideas and boundless energy?  We want to hear from you.
We will always accept quality over quantity, so if you can only spare a few but high quality valuable hours every week/month that can really make a difference, we would gladly accept that.

Our main ANN thread is;
5  Economy / Services / WTB Windows compile for MonetaryUnit wallet - 0.2BTC + 200k MUE Bounty on: February 03, 2015, 08:41:05 PM

We are looking for someone reliable to complete a Windows wallet compile for us.

Bounty is 0.2 BTC + 200,000 MUE.

If you are experienced & reliable and can get this done, please get in touch


6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Pools (Altcoins) / - 1% fee - Official MonetaryUnit pool - win prizes on: December 11, 2014, 04:33:43 PM is the official MonetaryUnit mining pool.
our coin website is HERE

The pool has a 1% fee and is well supported.

By mining MonetaryUnit you are automatically entered into our 100,000 per week MUE reward for miners called BlockOLottO
details are available on our thread HERE
or our website

Also, any miners using pools to mine MonetaryUnit are also entered into our miners reward called TheMinersLottery
details are available on our thread HERE
or our website

We welcome any newcomers to the coin Smiley
7  Economy / Games and rounds / - "whoever mines block x wins" lottery - LOTS of MUE to win on: November 24, 2014, 09:37:31 PM
Please visit and bookmark our website for results and info

Results will be posted in this thread and here

We are a simple give away site for miners of MonetaryUnit cryptocurrency.
Every week a single un-mined block number will be selected that will be mined in the next day or so.
Whoever is the lucky miner(s) who mines it, will be sent a 100,000 MUE reward as a thank you for helping support the MonetaryUnit [MUE] network.

Want to get involved?  Then start mining MonetaryUnit. - 1% fee MonetaryUnit on e-pool - - 1% fee MonetaryUnit on Suprnova -

This project is being managed by theboccet;u=246030
a trusted 3rd party and long time supporter of MonetaryUnit
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / - Casino site of Roulette & Dice -accepts & pays MonetaryUnit on: November 24, 2014, 09:20:04 PM

If you are looking for a fun to way to spend your MonetaryUnit then please take a look at our casino type games
House edge is minimal on all games.

We have;
Black Jack
Dice game

Adding more games as we find stable and reliable sources

Visit and have some fun.
Don't forget, the URL you arrive at is your personal URL, so bookmark it.

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / - 3 BTC in prizes - 50 ticket limit - 15 prizes!? on: November 14, 2014, 01:58:26 PM
Yes, that's right. We are GIVING AWAY 1.2 BTC !!

1st Prize is:  0.6 BTC
2nd Prize is: 0.3 BTC
3rd Prize is: 0.15 BTC
4th Prize is: 0.1 BTC
5th Prize is: 0.05 BTC

Each ticket costs just 4000 MUE (MonetaryUnit)
Maximum of 200 tickets per draw
Tickets limited to 10 per person
To enter
1) Send 4000 MUE PER ticket to MonetaryUnit address: 7Degx1QiNnxhqLhsFS1GG65yWHnoZMZxGb
2) Then please PM your wallet address/transaction ID to The_Prof so you can be added to the draw database.

BitcoinTalk PM
CryptocoinTalk PM

Terms & conditions/help/support

Each ticket offers you at least a 1 in 40 chance to win a prize!
Buy the max. limit per person of 10 tickets, and you have a 25% chance of winning a prize!  These are awesome odds Smiley
For complete transparency the results will be available publicly at
We have completed a test draw, details here: Test draw

Please see our ANN here for details of faucets, give-aways, promotions, mining and exchanges & wallets so you can obtain your MUE for entry
To obtain MUE;

The draw will take place within 24 hours once all tickets have been sold or after 2 weeks from the announcement.
If after 2 weeks we have not sold all tickets the prizes will be reduced pro-rata as follows:

50 - 99 Tickets sold - Prizes reduced by 50%
100 - 150 sold - Prizes reduced by 25%
150 + sold - Full prizes

If after 2 weeks we have not sold over 50 tickets, all funds will be refunded and the draw postponed.


Usernames of the winners will be published on and be publicly visible.
Also, an ongoing list of entrants & their ticket numbers will be provided.
If you DO NOT want your username listed, please say when you send your details to The_Prof.
This draw is owned and operated by MonetaryUnit and will be managed by The_Prof, a trusted 3rd party, and long time supporter of MonetaryUnit from day 1.

Get your tickets now!
There is a limited supply of just 200 tickets.

This draw opened 29th November 2014
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / - The "Size DOESN'T matter" miners lottery, BTC prizes! on: October 25, 2014, 10:09:55 PM
As miners, we all know of the diminishing rewards and ever extending ROI periods.

Big corporate mining centralisation is occurring around us.
Difficulties are sky rocketing.
Power prices are on the rise.
We’re being squeezed from all angles.
Mining is just becoming less fun.

Well, it’s time to turn that frown upside down and start putting the fun back into mining. will choose three lucky MonetaryUnit miners every week.
These will be selected at random, from the list of current miners on the $MUE mining pools, without warning, at a non-specific time, on an un-advertised day. (Sneaky!)

Each lucky miner will receive a BTC AND MUE reward as a thank you for being involved.
It doesn’t matter what your hash rate.
This isn’t about the hash rate arms race, this is about being involved.

So whether you’re rocking a 7 card GPU monster, or you’re single threading, in this game, EVERYONE is equal.
Me, U, Everybody!!

1st place – 0.04BTC AND 30,000MUE
2nd place – 0.02BTC AND 15,000MUE
3rd place – 0.01BTC AND 5,000MUE

You could help MUE and use half your winnings to buy MUE from any of these exchanges:

To get involved
1) Download MonetaryUnit wallet -
2) Install mining software -
3) Mine to a MonetaryUnit mining pool. 1% fee or 2% fee
4) Wait and see when the lottery draw results are announced on &

No minimum hash rate required.
This makes ALL miners equal in the eyes of the Lottery.
No requirement to mine permanently, though your chances are reduced if you don't.
Please note if you do not claim your winnings, they do not roll over, so please contact us for your winnings BEFORE the next draw.

We just want to make mining more fun again Smiley
Draw 1
We're pleased to announce the first draw of the

And we have just had the results in.

1st place MUE 25,000 – 7Ev7xrrbSiY3sigBwaSiwNXha6PJLdvfhs
2nd place MUE 10,000 – 75Vvt3Zcz4sKCJSiPypasYAdiskxGQpHFR
3rd place MUE 5,000 – 79dLiAwwHkvgs7fHuysg5psoumQPfDF5i6

Congratulations to all for the first of many draws on The Miners Lottery.

Where size DOESN'T matter.  Just being in counts!
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [MUE] MonetaryUnit Android wallet app now available for download on: October 04, 2014, 10:02:40 AM
We have just launched our Android wallet app which is now available for download from the Google play store.

Just search for MonetaryUnit
or use this link

We are also offering a 1000 MUE reward for an honest review of the app, details available here:

So, please go ahead and download now.  We are hoping to release an iOS version in the next week or two (It is currently in late stage development).

Many thanks

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] MonetaryUnit [MUE] - X11. MasterNodes. Funding. Governance. Services. Devs on: September 11, 2014, 09:24:11 AM
Leading blockchain group MonetaryUnit to acquire to launch world's largest cryptocurrency integrated shopping marketplace.

1) Old MUE to new MUE swap is finalised & completed.
More info here:
2) $MUE public service announcement.
DO NOT buy $MUE from
@CryptoCurrEncyX -
@YobitExchange  -
They're on old fork & refused to update, you WILL lose coins!!

3) MonetaryUnit launched 27th July 2014 as a 100% POW Quark Clone.
On June 25th 2017, we re-launched as a X11 Dash hybrid with MasterNodes


sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ss


MonetaryUnit [MUE] Details:

Technical Specifications

    • Coin supply 4,000,000,000 over 120 years.
    • Block reward 40 MUE per block
    • Block reward split 45% to POW, 45% to MNs, 10% for budget allocation.
    • Block time 40 seconds.
    • MasterNodes require 500,000 MUE collateral
    • MasterNode shares available. 1 share minimum is 10k MUE, instant earnings and 10% maintenance fee -





    Website links






    Social media
    Discord: - Join here






    Please use one of these multiple exchanges to obtain MUE to use it for its intended purpose - As a virtual currency as a "MonetaryUnit" Smiley







    Places to spend your hard earned MUE:

    Online stores:

    Merchant API and Gateway:



      Follow us on Twitter & Slack for latest news updates






    Promo BBCode Signatures






    Positions in the MonetaryUnit project
    • Project manager - bizzyb
    • Lead Developers - pjcltd, swtrse, bbobb, sotblad
    • Project support - The_Prof, TheBoccet, c4, Johans
    • Board of directors -
    • Any support for the project welcome - contact us if you have a particular project you would like to work on Smiley



    Low inflation rate nature of MonetaryUnit [MUE]
    FROM                           TO                    Total in circulation       INFLATION %
                                 30/01/2015                47,105,759  
    31/01/2015              30/01/2016                78,728,159                    60%
    31/01/2016              30/01/2017              110,350,559                    29%
    31/01/2017              30/01/2018              141,972,959                    22%
    31/01/2018              30/01/2019              173,595,359                    18%
    31/01/2019              30/01/2020              205,217,759                    15%
    31/01/2020              30/01/2021              236,840,159                    13%
    31/01/2021              30/01/2022              268,462,559                    12%
    31/01/2022              30/01/2023              300,084,959                    11%
    31/01/2023              30/01/2024              331,707,359                    10%
    31/01/2024              30/01/2025              363,329,759                    9%
    31/01/2025              30/01/2026              394,952,159                    8%
    31/01/2026              30/01/2027              426,574,559                    7%
    31/01/2027              30/01/2028              458,196,959                    7%
    31/01/2028              30/01/2029              489,819,359                    6%
    31/01/2029              30/01/2030              521,441,759                    6%
    31/01/2030              30/01/2031              553,064,159                    6%
    31/01/2031              30/01/2032              584,686,559                    5%
    31/01/2032              30/01/2033              616,308,959                    5%
    31/01/2033              30/01/2034              647,931,359                    5%
    31/01/2034              30/01/2035              679,553,759                    5%
    31/01/2035              30/01/2036              711,176,159                    4%
    31/01/2036              30/01/2037              742,798,559                    4%
    31/01/2037              30/01/2038              774,420,959                    4%
    31/01/2038              30/01/2039              806,043,359                    4%
    31/01/2039              30/01/2040              837,665,759                    4%
    31/01/2040              30/01/2041              869,288,159                    4%
    31/01/2041              30/01/2042              900,910,559                    4%
    31/01/2042              30/01/2043              932,532,959                    3%
    31/01/2043              30/01/2044              964,155,359                    3%
    31/01/2044              30/01/2045              995,777,759                    3%
    31/01/2045              30/01/2046              1,027,400,159                  3%
    31/01/2046              30/01/2047              1,059,022,559                  3%
    31/01/2047              30/01/2048              1,090,644,959                  3%
    31/01/2048              30/01/2049              1,122,267,359                  3%
    31/01/2049              30/01/2050              1,153,889,759                  3%



    MonetaryUnit launched July 27th 2014.

    Secure fast transactions are near instant.
    Low per unit value targets usability such as retail, tipping, trading, and everyday use.

    Designed to be an inclusive cryptocurrency, with initially low rewards gradually increasing over 5 months and then a fixed block reward of 40 MUE per block (40 seconds) ongoing.
    There is no block halving which is common to so many other cryptocurrencies, instead, MonetaryUnit(MUE) is designed to allow newcomers to become involved at any stage.

    X11 POW with MasterNodes.

    The team are looking at many innovative & attractive projects designed to attract even more users and miners such as gaming portals, trading bots and white label projects.

    MonetaryUnit (MUE)
    Not aimed solely at miners, investors, or traders, it is aimed to be palatable to the general public.
    For Cryptocurrency to break out of it's techno-niche, it has to break it's techno-mould.

    Read More

    In the press


    To view our road map, project progression and product/service pipeline please visit our Taiga Kanban at

    The image below shows you how easy it is to view the bigger picture of the MonetaryUnit project


    Really look forward to you getting on-board to help promote and get involved with MUE.
    Please note, DO NOT post your wallet address or insubstantial posts in this thread.  We will report such posts, and it may get you banned.
    Please follow the ANN guidelines and only visit the give away link on the external sites.  Thanks & enjoy !
        MonetaryUnit Intro! By Peter Visser

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