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1  Other / Beginners & Help / Ledger Firmware Update" is a SCAM on: February 22, 2024, 10:13:07 AM
"Ledger Firmware Update" is a SCAM



If your are into cryptocurrency, then try as much as possible to avoid the use of ledger hardware wallet, if you have been having one before now, then try to avoid being scammed and follow the recent information updates concerning the new threat on scam through the introduction of a Latest Firmware Update with the information below, once you confirmed for this update, It turns a crypto drainer attack on your asset,

After inspecting this "Ledger Firmware Update", we determined that it is a scam. It states that the user's Ledger wallet requires a firmware update. However, once a wallet is exposed to the scam – it begins operating as a cryptocurrency drainer.

You can make a choice from the list of recommendable hardware wallets that are open source while you can see that ledger which is a close source is not included because of their privacy bridge.

Open Source Hardware Wallets

2  Economy / Speculation / As Bitcoin Prepare for more Bull, What's your Decision on: February 20, 2024, 09:41:40 AM

Bitcoin is all I need and you can ask me why?

Because Bitcoin is on it irresistible move to $60,000 and more thereafter halving.

3  Other / Beginners & Help / Choose Your Best Hardware Wallet and Why on: February 20, 2024, 07:52:42 AM
Choose Your Best Hardware wallet

One of the safest mean to engage the use of cod storage is in use of hardware wallet, they are of different categories and types, but just as the title says, suggest your best hardware wallet and in addition to that, I will recommend that we also suggest the worst to use among the list with reasons for each selection we made.

My Selection.

1. Best Hardware Wallet Trezor, it helps in generating your private keys offline and build a resistance against any attempt against your privacy and other forms of attacks.

2. Worst Hardware Wallet Ledger, they have breached privacy and security for the use of their wallet.

Other helpful threads on Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets

Open Source Hardware Wallets
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Amidst Bitcoin EFT Approval, SEC Receive New Chairman on: December 22, 2023, 12:24:07 PM
There have been controversial contributions all over the internet towards the bitcoin spot ETF application by various organizations on wether they would be considered for approval come next month which is January 2024 or not, also it has been well anticipated as one of the major strategy to push the bitcoin market price higer than we have currently if approved by January, it's allover the US government as they are in it again with the latest development on new appointment.

Now the United States government has made a new appointment for the SEC chairman to oversee all the affairs of bitcoin spot EFT application and considers those qualified for an approval next year, information reaching states that the new chairman is moving towards the plan of approving all bitcoin spot ETF application pending approval as she said. I think some of us should already by now be sensing what next year is going to be, just continue to invest and hold your asset because two major events will pump the market high, spot bitcoin ETF approval and Bitcoin halving.

5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Encoding Private Keys through Colour Paintings on: July 11, 2023, 10:29:06 AM
Developers have gone far in research on how we can conviniently store our "Private Keys or Seed Phrase Encoded with Colours" in recent times, this new way can be introduced through colour paintings in our homes or anything that we often see or make use of around us, this was made in addition to several ways whereby our keys can be properly stored without missing them or loosing them to third parties who may use them to attack us and steal our bitcoin, colours are generated to represent each encode seed phrase using the techniques as explained by the image below.

I've heard about many means through which we can safekeep our our private keys/seed phrase such as using engraved washers, metallic sheath encryption, laminated paper and other personal means we can device for storing them privately,  I will like to hear our personal view on painting colours as described by "Lancoleman Mnemonic Tools" from the above diagram, if it can also serve as an additional efforts or means to have our keys secured with maximum security or there are likely vulnerabilities to the use of this newly introduced colour paintings for encoding private keys.

6  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Application of ChatGPT on Bitcoin Transactions and Lightning Network on: July 08, 2023, 11:17:18 AM
Am so curious about this aspect of development which concerns the use of ChatGPT in today's technology advancement whereby some developers are claiming the use of ChatGPT AI technology to perform a bitcoin transactions and also integrate with the use of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, how possible and what could be the challenges, risk and advantages.

To me I want to believe that ChatGPT were as a result of centralized inventions from developers and institutions across the world and i don't know how the incorporation of this same technology be effectively fits in the bitcoin network and alligned with the protocol in making transactions as it has always been expected without any form of glitches.

7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / BlackRock Bitcoin ETF to Partners with Coinbase on: June 15, 2023, 10:20:31 PM
BlackRock is set to have a signed collaborative agreement with the exchange Coinbase on Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) to allows the use of thier  Spot trading market values for proceedings of their services with their investors, but it's to recall that the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) in US have always oppose any attempt for the use of this same bitcoin ETF grant over time and on the same time granted many applications in time passed for Bitcoin Traded Fund over many institutions.

If approved, the Bitcoin ETF would open doors to a new wave of adoption and provide investors with an unprecedented opportunity to participate in the Bitcoin market through a regulated and accessible investment vehicle.

We could notice that the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) have been the one saddled with the responsibility to monitor the affairs of Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) and we hope to see their grant and approval on BlackRock and not a turned offer decision, BlackRock believes this will lead to a rapid business development it has created and served an avenue for them to deliver best with it's clients and investors over Spot Bitcoin ETF it's going for.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / A Decentralized P2P Bitcoin Network Cannot be Banned on: May 20, 2023, 09:36:44 AM
A Decentralized P2P Bitcoin Network Cannot be Banned

Atimes i look around and burst into laughs seing some regulations and restrictions made on the use of bitcoin as some countries are making more moves to ban bitcoin despite the widespread of bitcoin adoption across the world, what i don't understand is if they really understand the scope behind a p2p network, or maybe do they even understand the meaning of a decentralized network, sitting China, Pakistan and Argentina as examples where bitcoin or any cryptocurrency is banned, but yet the citizens are making use of this same digital currency via p2p without any centralized institution knowing about them, which means the government may not legalize bitcoin to be used for an exchange or payment of goods and services but the people are using it privately through p2p network which no government or central authorities can know or stop them doing.

Pakistan makes moves to ban bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency in the country, says they will not be open to accept any form of a legalized use of crypto in their country this is one of the ways people have a total misconception on bitcoin as they believe it's an avenue to perpetrate illicit activities that could facilitate crime and money laundering, but they have forgotten that this financial vices had long been in existence right before bitcoin was introduced.

Ban on bitcoin in Argentina through payment Apps has also cause many to think about how they survive through this but he only way is with the p2p network being fully decentralized.

That means bitcoin cannot be completely banned even in areas where they never legalizes bitcoin or crypto for use, as long as you can not use a custodial exchange or any form of online wallet to hodl your asset you're safe, this is one of the best achievement we can get through bitcoin adoption which completely makes us being decentralized from any form of a central authorities or government institutions.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Adoption for Bitcoin Advances amidst High Network Fee on: May 11, 2023, 09:48:24 AM
This is what we mean when it's been said that the more the attack the stronger the network becomes with bitcoin, we don't need to create fear in discontinuity for bitcoin adoption amidst the trending occurrence with bitcoin ordinals, but we must be positive in holding unto what we have believed bitcoin to be because transaction fee  issues won't last long but bitcoin will, this are recent edges achieved while since the onset of ordinals in March, bitcoin continue to remain unstoppable, irresistible and irrevocable best financial option.

Here are few achievement that could be attributed to bitcoin advancement for more adoption as it remains unstoppable.

1. A&M University in Texas has begin the introduction of teaching bitcoin in their classes as part of it curriculum scheme, it has included to enhanced bitcoin education just as in the case of El-Savador where bitcoin was firstly adopted and teaching bitcoin was made effective in schools.

2. University of Science and Technology in Ghana is also set to begin the introduction of teaching bitcoin in the school course curriculum as part of it efforts to encourage massive adoption through bitcoin education in the country

3. Kids in Brazil making bitcoin payment through the use of bitcoin lightning network, high fee is never a concern or barrier when there's an alternative.

4. Mayor of Miami got his salary continued paid in bitcoin amidst controversies on high transaction fee.

5. About 13,584,367 bitcoin addresses last month were all added to the blockchain network

6. About one million addresses now hold at least one bitcoin in them

7. Lastly hear this that was said of Michael Saylor about bitcoin, that when the fiat economy is no where to be trusted, the financial confidence comes in through bitcoin

We must not forgot why we have shown interest in bitcoin the first place when the change in financial economy was needed before bitcoin arrives, yet nothing is changing about bitcoin than for good at the end, invest in bitcoin, hodl and avoid FUD, bitcoin has come to stay.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / More Calls for Bitcoin Adoption Amidst Transaction Challenges on: May 09, 2023, 09:13:06 AM
This amaze me seing that despite the current ongoing crisis with the bitcoin transaction high fee demands, individuals, institutions and governments are not giving up on bitcoin because they want a total free abd fare decentralized financial network which can only be soughted with bitcoin and it's adoption irrespective of the situation now, there's still more confidence and hope in bitcoin than the traditional currency we have been using.

Also in Florida, the governor made the announcement that they are not interested in the government controlled and centralized financial institutions in running the economy assets, they are giving in support for bitcoin adoption in other for everyone to have this same financial freedom others are benefiting


There's no more expression of fear in demanding for what the people want, we are in the era of an opened expression of interest and freedom of speech, this led to the demanding for bitcoin adoption right in front of First Republic Bank, a centralized financial institutions that no more deals with CBDC and calls for bitcoin adoption in their poster right in front of the bank.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin vs Sats, what's your take on: May 06, 2023, 07:17:48 AM

It's a little bit more interesting on weekends like this to create time in having fun while still discussing about bitcoin, some don't know how to quantify the quantity with rate between 1btc and 100sats and so on, this is all about understanding the conversion rate of bitcoin to sats.

Bitcoin IQ

If you're left with the two options, what will you decide on and why from the image above, 1btc or 100sats doubled each day for a month.
12  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / A NEW QR LED COLDCARD Q1, BITCOIN WALLET on: February 10, 2023, 05:44:50 AM

About the Newly Improved Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Concerning bitcoin, there have been always an interesting good ideas coming up to better suit the satisfaction of users without having a breach from the expected result on security and privacy which has brought in about latest development, while this time around it's all about the Coinkite bitcoin hardware company introducing to us a new Bitcoin QR COLDCARD Q1, which serves an improvement over mk4 with major features like QR code scanner, enlarged LCD screen and lastly the qwerty keyboard all together in this unique hardware wallet.

Let's dive proper into what they've got to offer:

Your bitcoin deposit address or other data is decoded by this dedicated module that is very good at reading QR codes in every lightning condition, and also includes super bright LED to light-up your mountain-top cave! 

The Q1’s QR scanner sits at the top of the unit and is connected to the COLDCARD internally using a 2-wire serial port. According to Coinkite, this ensures "there is less danger of scanned data doing more than it seems."

This have also been set up as one with the security consciousness without having any shortfalls when it comes to its functions in scanning without any trauncated experience in using the new device, the transaction goes as expected in a more convenient and secured means, lovers of hardware wallets could get something new from the offer from Coinkite once more.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Surpasses Meta and Mastercard on: January 14, 2023, 10:13:16 AM
Bitcoin moves ahead Mastercard and Meta

Bitcoin vs Meta

Bitcoin vs Mastercard

Due to the recent events going through the bitcoin network as the price has turn a speedy bullish this weekend after it has been maintaining a steady and  average moves since the beginning of this year, but now breaking the bond of 21,000 limitation is a good step for bitcoin gaining world international recognition as a profitable asset not only that but it has over shadow Facebook Meta and Mastercard in worth within it's recent achievements, there's no doubt that bitcoin is presently the talk of the town currently.
14  Other / Off-topic / Securing Social Media Vulnerabilities on: January 06, 2023, 11:15:44 AM
Securing Social Media Vulnerabilities

Security alert in this new year, the more hackers are developing new tactics to attack us also is expected of us to be at alert and guarded upon every of the means they are trying to use, we need to be more security conscious with all our social media accounts, there's a need to be very mindful of our emails used and the phone number used as well in the registration process for those handles because hacker are now on the go for using the user's privacy information from their social media accounts to spy, monitor, track and phish on them, this call for the attention on the recent attack believed to be coming from twitter users targeted on over two millions users data leak and were related on a hacking platform after the security bridge for vulnerability attacks.

Hackers stole the email addresses of more than 200 million Twitter users and posted them on an online hacking forum, a security researcher has said.

The breach “will unfortunately lead to a lot of hacking, targeted phishing and doxxing,”

I have experienced different encounters whereby people got series of social media attacks through imposters, the take hostility of the victim's account to perpetrate their own crevices and begin to behave weirdly on the platform to devalue the victim's reputation and makes demands from their contacts, they also go through the extent of posting irrelevant things on their behalf, and the ugliest is once they have this full access to their emails and mobile number, they reset all their accounts and gain access to their wallets through the process of password reset.

Additional Tips to be Security Conscious

1. Don't leave your email and phone number open to public access

2. Don't visit any unsolicited link, downloads or websites.

3. Verify every web address to be accurately typed before launch and observe the security signs

4. Don't backup your password or private keys on google drive, icloud or any online storage

5. don't sell any of your old devices used in handling your wallets to any body and dont repair them if damaged but instead destroy them and get another one if possible, they may spy your details during maintenance and attack.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Experience with Bitcoin this Year, 5 days and beyond on: January 05, 2023, 04:06:11 PM
The first five days in this month of January has been a ride on what can be termed as best 2023 experience as with bitcoin whch can got the attention of every potential bitcoin investors to have confidence and be determined for choosing bitcoin over other cryptocurrencies within this few days to why bitcoin is the most preferred decentralized digital currency this new year together with its best of breaking news within the first five days in this year 2023, I got the inspiration for creating this thread from this post tilted bitcointalk rewind 2022 when the list of 2022 bitcointalk major events were publish and i take it a challenge to as well bring up some ideas and achievements about the first five days of this year's experience with bitcoin.

These are trending news and reports about bitcoin this new year and some major events or happenings around the world with bitcoin, you're free as well to add any additional information or best observed moment with bitcoin in this new year 2023 on this thread as well.

1. One thousands Ukraine pharmacies have implemented the acceptance of bitcoin in making payments

2. More than forty five thousands companies and industries have invested in bitcoin in Brazil

3. Presidential aspirant in Argentina Javier Gerardo Milei is in support for bitcoin adoption because je believes it's one of the ways to avoid effect of inflation through a political influence

4. Lugano, Switzerland listed places and businesses that accepts bitcoin for payment.

5. In Texas, over 1.5 millions houses got heated through the activities of bitcoin mining amidst the set of winter this season

6. On third of January 2023 makes it fourteen years of banking the unbanked which Satoshi Nakamoto has implemented as the first digital decentralized currency bitcoin to the world and bitcoin never loose value or go down

7. Bitcoin has been ever green up within the first four days in 2023 as it has not experience downtrend in its price, it's a good indication for a better days ahead this year 2023.

8. Bitcoin remains unstoppable
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Islamic Coin, a Fact or a Delusion for Hype. on: January 04, 2023, 11:01:09 AM
Coming across this new introduction of a religious coin toss developed to a category set of people under tye same religious practice in Islam, is was gathered that they there have been moves to launch an Islamic currency that could be used by the religious body believers to serve as a cryptocurrency with much of ease to invest and trust upon as a reliable crypto, please find the link attached below for more information.

But my perception that cause this FOMO is under these few questions I'd like to ask.

1. Will this be acceptable by non Islamic users to also participate in using it as as a currency?

2. Do you think this crypto falling under a religious covering will get all it takes to have the people's interest both Muslim and non Muslim?

3. How reliable could this be from other shitcoins that are found to cease from existence after a fake project launch, isn't this just a title used to ensure people got persuaded under a religion?

4. Is cryptocurrency allowed under the Islamic law?
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Fidelity is signing a world classic cryptocurrency trademark with bitcoin. on: December 28, 2022, 09:10:53 AM
Fidelity is signing a world classic cryptocurrency trademark with bitcoin.

Amidst alot of speculations on the ground stand fidelity has with bitcoin adoption and use as an asset in it entire industry has become a pop up event that sparks alot of reactions from it decision to official accept and adopt engaging bitcoin for an asset as the most preferred digital currency than other cryptocurrencies, the link provided below also state their earlier stance and presentations with their first publication earlier this year about bitcoin being used for this purpose, now Fidelity is fully back at it to set the goal with bitcoin as it most preferred assets in cryptocurrency.
18  Economy / Economics / NIN Tokenization on: December 28, 2022, 07:48:07 AM
NIN Tokenization

The Federal Government  of Nigeria is set for the  introduction of a digital multifaceted National Identification Number (NIN) "Tokenization" which is aimed at fighting against all kinds of attack and financial scam users may encounter through the exposure of their NIN with a third party, this will also serve as an authorized means to authenticate every transactions that could be made using the user NIN as a token for any confirmation in making payments, this has brought in place by the government as a means to tackle the effect of scam through personal assault or theft and curb all fraudulent activities whereby a token will be needed to make a transaction confirmed and the Nigerian financial economy will be more secured and safer for citizens through tokenization.

In addition, the tokenization introduced is to serve as a covering for the NIN whereby a set of numbers could be sourced representing the NIN digits whenever there's a need for an official or public identification, this tokenization serves as an encoding that can only be decoded by the right bearer thereby preserving the public appearance or exposure of the NIN when required, tokenization also permit privacy and security against any usage of the NIN by the service providers or any third party without the consent of the NIN bearer.

19  Economy / Economics / UAE further collaboration with India for Local Currency Trade on: November 28, 2022, 08:40:53 AM


Certainly there's going to be a great economic impact as the Bank of India (BOI) partner deals to collaborate with United Arab Emirates (UAE) in creating an friendly synergy that could bring them both on achieving a common economical trade between the regions using their local currencies altogether in achieving a common goal, just as it could be recalled that recently, the two parties have been engaging on a mutual trade base on the MoU signed together sometimes earlier n the beginning of this year this free economic trade has ever been the cause to thier cordial relationship that further births to what we are seing today as they both have also agreed in trading together using their own local currencies, it is also notably that India and UAE are part of the fastest growing economics in the world including their involvements in the digital era of cryptocurrency and bitcoin, which will further create an expansion opportunity for the growth of their economy both, could other countries learn something from this, and is the collaboration a lifetime advantage to both countries.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The Choice is Bitcoin Over and Over Again. on: November 11, 2022, 09:47:26 AM
According to history it occurred that today marks it a year that bitcoin gains ATH to it's market price of about $69,000 and despite all these bear and bull moves from the price volatility bitcoin still remains the most reliable digital currency to invest upon. and also,  this day mark it exactly two years when bitcoin was at $16,000 low with the chart indicating bitcoin graph same low as in 2020 when it was at $16k.

Why shouldn't  investment with bitcoin be your ultimate interest on digital network after there have been 13 years of rigorous success and increase in bitcoin market value, volume and capitalization and the it never for once present anyone with fetchy scam before but rather have changed lives for good in presenting the whole financial economy a new turnaround by providing a solution to the lingering challenges with fiat over the years, invest and hodl your coins for the future is bright without FUD or FOMO with your investments in bitcoin than any other digital form, bullrun will certainly reoccur sooner.

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