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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Android bitcoin wallet doesn't send correctly on: May 13, 2012, 07:55:53 PM
I'm using Android bitcoin wallet version 2.0 on a Kindle Fire. The app recives coins from the faucets perfectly fine, but when i send coins to my desktop wallet, they never arrive, and the transactions are shown as "unfinished" [in gray.]

The address i used to recive the coins from the faucet, and to send to my desktop, is 1K7MZNsaquwshDHYu5zP9FY2DSS4L34BSx
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Block chain downloading VERY slowly on: March 03, 2012, 11:07:55 PM
Ever since i've been using bitcoin, the block chain has been downloading at an excrucuatingly slow pace [about 1 block per 5 seconds]. I used to think that it was beacuase of my abbysal download speed [it used to go at about 100 kbps] but now that i have a 1mbps connection, the block download is still going rather slow [it doesn't help that i'm at block 149696.]

Any suggestions on how to speed it up, or why is this happening?

Using windows vista 86 bits
3  Local / Mercado y Economía / Compro billetes on: July 26, 2011, 07:29:10 PM

Compro billetes (mas gastos de envio) con bitcoins. Billetes reales o de broma/coleccion. Pesos mexicanos ya tengo, gracias (a menos de que sean billetes descontinuados, entonces si me interesa)

Tambien agradezco ideas y ayuda para el blog.
4  Economy / Goods / I'll buy your money on: July 26, 2011, 06:21:51 AM
You may be thinking: "why is this thread in goods and not in Currency exchange?"

If you were thinking that, i'd probably answer with: "You see, i don't want to trade your money with my bitcoins, i want to BUY your money with bitcoins. Especifically, your bills"

You see, my hobby is collecting bills from around the world, and i realized it would be easier for me if people sent me their bills instead of going to their countries and getting them... you know what, i already explained all this. Go to if you want to know the whole deal.

TL;DR I'll buy you low denomination bills or novelty bills (plus shipping) with bitcoins.

I'm in Mexico, by the way!
5  Local / Mercado y Economía / Que han comprado con sus bitcoins? on: July 25, 2011, 02:38:16 AM
No estoy seguro de que quiero comprar con mis bitcoins, que han comprado ustedes?
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