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1  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / Chinese/English translator needed - Part Time Job offer on: July 18, 2013, 04:57:00 PM

I am in need of a Chinese/English (or more) translator.

Looking to pay in BTC on a weekly basis.

Duties will include:

Helping to translate my sites into a Chinese friendly version ( BitFunder and WeExchange )
Support Tickets / E-Mails in Chinese

And any other related needs.
I am looking for a native speaker/writer fully fluent in Chinese and has excellent English.

Currently, once the site's are translated, I would expect very little work. (Depending on how popular we get with Chinese users.)

I would also ask that you have Skype.

If you are interested please PM me with a weekly BTC price. (Please include your skype name also)

Thank You,
2  Economy / Securities / [BitFunder] Ukyo.Loan - Paying 0.05% daily. on: July 18, 2013, 04:34:01 PM

Personal Loan to Ukyo


Operates BitFunder and WeExchange

Many people have asked to 'invest' into BitFunder or WeExchange and have been denied.
You can think of this as a sort of round-about investment for now.

- Shares shall pay an interest of 0.05% daily.

Shares value:
- Shares have a face value of 0.01 BTC
- Shares retain a minimum of $0.1 USD value each.

Should any event make Bitcoins become valued at less than $0.1 USD per Bitcoin or impossible to be transacted, you may request to redeem your shares for $0.1 USD instead.

Redeeming Shares:
- Shares can be redeemed at face value anytime upon request.
- Redeeming shares may take some time to liquidate positions or procure more BTC.

I have been presented with an interesting opportunity that I would prefer to not sell off other investments for.
This loan is for private investment purposes.
This loan is not tied to the success or failure of any business, investments, or opportunities.
This loan should not be defaulted on unless personal bankruptcy is officially declared.
Consider it a personal loan.

The issuer reserves the right to buy back shares at 110% of the last 30 days average market price.
(Why a buyback? Because sometime things just have to end. Smiley

You can request refund of the loan at face value anytime.
Redeeming bonds may take some time to liquidate positions or procure more BTC if no liquid BTC is available.
3  Economy / Securities / BitFunder - Lets grow together! A request to all users - on: May 31, 2013, 01:43:00 PM
Hello everyone,

I have a request for anyone who is willing to read this. (Even you Burnside! Wink ) And especially users who do not currently use BitFunder.
I have been spending the last few weeks tracking down and fixing small bugs here and there that have really been annoying people and have a few left to go.

What would it take to bring new people into BitFunder?

Also, what would current users love to see the most first?

While I do have some very exciting things in the background going for WeExchange that should become public in the next few weeks, I am still very committed to BitFunder.

Thing's in the works, some more ready than others.

* Authenticated Trading API
* Read-Only REST API (Yes Namworld, I know. Wink )
* Notifications Center ( Full options suite of E-Mail and global SMS notification options )
* Asset Analysts pages

What else would people like to see?

For the record, yes, I know some people are not happy with the WeExchange requirement, however I intend to give it at least another month or two to see how the big changes with WeExchange effect this. But by all means, if it's a major issue stopping you from using BitFunder, please say so. Smiley
Please keep in mind, having WeExchange handle BTC helps protect both it, and you. It also helps to make sure BitFunder remains speedy.

Trade fees: So far, no one has complained to me about our fee structure being the reason to not use BitFunder, but I am open to suggestions.
Would anyone be willing to say thats a primary reason for not using BitFunder?

Someone asked for a trollbox. Sure, why not if people really want it. Thoughts?

I am hoping to have the new trading API further along in the next week. It would be nice to get that going.

Along with that, the new websocket system will also update all page information live, including things like balances.
This means trades will no longer require actual page submissions once fully setup.
For those of you not aware, if you have websocket enabled under 'Settings', then the order books should be 100% live.

As I have said before, BitFunder is made for the community. If the community has demands, let's hear them!

Again, even if I have it listed here already, if it means something to you, either that it really annoys you, something you really want, or something stopping you from using BitFunder, say it here and make it clear. Smiley

Oh, and feel free to discuss it in #bitfunder on ( You can also use the easy IRC tab on the BitFunder Help page to come chat with us. )

Thank you for your time and support!
4  Economy / Securities / [ BitFunder ] CRYPTO.LTC - Buy/Sell LTC with BTC - Native LTC support on: March 12, 2013, 09:02:14 AM
You read it.

Buy and sell LTC on BitFunder.

From the transactions tab, you can get a litecoin address to credit your account.
While LTC are credited as shares of CRYPTO.LTC.

If you want to withdraw LTC, again, you withdraw shares of CRYPTO.LTC on a 1:1 ratio, and are sent to any litecoin address you provide.

Also, testing the new custom asset graphs feature, the system is showing BTCe BTC/LTC trading history. Graph data updated every minute.

1 share CRYPTO.LTC = 1 LTC

All shares are 100% backed by a managed litecoin wallet.

You may deposit LTC in WHOLE AMOUNTS via the transactions page. Click the 'LTC' tab on the right hand side.
Every 1 LTC will automatically be credited as 1 CRYPTO.LTC share.

You may withdraw any number of CRYPTO.LTC shares to any Litecoin address.
Every 1 share of CRYPTO.LTC will send out 1 LTC before fees.

The only fee other than normal trading, is a 0.001 LTC minimum withdraw fee.
This helps us insure we have LTC to cover when the litecoin network requires a transaction fee.
5  Economy / Securities / [BitFunder] FIAT.AUD FIAT.CAD FIAT.USD Assets on: February 22, 2013, 04:07:16 PM
Hello Everyone,

Thanks to BitFunder's tie-in with WeExchange, I am pleased to announce (Esp. to those who requested) three special assets.

These assets are backed by real dollars on WeExchange.

1 Share = 1$ of the corresponding currency.

For example:
You may deposit USD in whole amounts via BitFunder deposit page on WeExchange.
Every $1 USD will automatically be credited as 1 FIAT.USD share.

You may withdraw any number of FIAT.USD shares to WeExchange.
Every 1 share of FIAT.USD will credit your WeExchange account $1 USD.
6  Economy / Securities / [BitFunder] Limited Launch Offer to Orphaned GLBSE Assets & Shareholders on: December 14, 2012, 05:20:03 AM
To thank BitFunder users for their continued support and efforts, I would like to make the following offer to current orphaned GLBSE asset's and shareholders seeking a new home:

Any orphaned GLBSE asset that applies on this thread (and BitFunder approves of the asset) to join BitFunder (free of charge, and as a permanent solution unless otherwise agreed upon), will get an initial dividend payment at time of listing (before any shares can be traded) distributed equally by share count to all shareholders paid out of pocket by myself.

Any asset with up to 25 shareholders will receive 5BTC.
Assets with more than 25 shareholders will receive 10BTC.

There are only 1 slot remaining.  Grin

Slot 1: DMC (10 BTC) - Now trading (10BTC deposited to asset account for div payout)
Slot 2: GSDPT (10 BTC) - Now Trading (10BTC pending payout for final shareholder claims)
Slot 3: JAH (10 BTC) - Now Trading
Slot 4: BDK.BND (10 BTC)
Slot 5:

A key feature on BitFunder is public shareholder listing. Upon signup, a user provides a bitcoin address that will be listed on the public asset page showing how many shares of each asset they hold. The user may choose to use an 'in-use' address, or may generate an new one that if researched would have no history.
If a user needs to show ownership of the address, they can either make a micro-transaction of a requested amount, or they can 'sign' some message.

Being that the list is public, it also opens features to issuers to be able to check the list, and give out free or discounted services, "security access", or other things to live verifiable current shareholders.
(A VPS company might give shareholders with more than 500 shares credits or a free mini-VPS so long as they hold the shares.)

Even though we only have 2 assets, and now 2 more joining, we have already had more than 150 signups in the last week alone.

If you are interested in grabbing a slot, please post in the thread with your asset, a quick summary of what it is and about, and plans for the future of the asset.
(I probably already know who you are, it just makes things nice.) If the issuer has been MIA, or the asset looks to be poorly managed, it may be denied.

7  Economy / Securities / [BitFunder] Asset Exchange Marketplace + Rewritable Options Trading on: December 10, 2012, 08:34:56 PM
Just launched was BitFunder, a new exchange site for trading asset shares.
Shares of assets listed on BitFunder can be bought and sold using bitcoins, an online digital currency.
BitFunder is the first asset share exchange that both protects shareholder privacy while at the same
time provides a method for the shareholder to assert ownership.  This is accomplished by publishing a
live, public list of all shares and leverages the message-signing capability available through bitcoin.
BitFunder is easy-to-navigate and provides information in a clear manner.  BitFunder's highly responsive
support is available to answer any questions to resolve any problems that might occur.
Accounts can be protected from unauthorized access by enabling Google 2-Factor authentication.
The BitFunder sandbox at lets issuers and shareholders learn
how the site is used without putting any funds at risk.
Following the closure of the GLBSE asset exhange, BitFunder built a bridge to allow issuers to easily migrate.
GLBSE issuers can simply upload a claims YAML fle, and manage the claims provided.
When dividends are paid out, they are also distributed and stored on the claims so they are ready for users,
and accounting becomes easier on the issuer. Not to mention that all GLBSE assets that move to BitFunder
require no setup cost.

You can join us on IRC on #bitfunder
When you signup with BitFunder, we have IRC WebChat built into the help page.

Public shareholder data without giving away private information
Google 2-Factor
Bid List - "My Bid" notation to know where your bid stands.
Bid List - Cancel button for quick and easy cancel to re-post at a different price.
News system
Asset images
DDoS Proection
Interactive Graphs
Easy GLBSE Import/Claim system
Dividend management for GLBSE claims
Fully searchable trade history. (Search by date, asset, price, etc)
Dividend Reinvestment Program
Share Transfers

Coming Soon:
Trade API + Proper documentation ( Now in private beta testing phase. )
Direct Trades
User Messaging
Voting System
Additional Graphs *: Depth Graph is up. Crossing this out until someone has a new graph request.
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