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1  Other / Meta / Account hacked: CryptoCanary. Please help! on: April 09, 2016, 06:06:10 AM
Hello BCT users, moderators, and more specifically, admins.

My name is Steven Saxton and I am composing this post as instructed by hilariousandco, a global moderator. I do have an account, my personal BCT account CryptoCanary, that has been hacked. While losing access to my account, for which I maintained with dignity for a long time, is bad enough in itself. I use this account to represent my own self in all of my projects. Projects being: Donationcoin, Sterlingcoin, EverGreenCoin, and BERNcash. Of course, I also use this account to assist community members of other projects. I also use this account to represent the USA franchise of NewsBTC for which I own and operate. I state this because the account is not only linked to my good name but, also my personal and professional ambitions in this newly formed industry. I do hope BCT staff can address this situation swiftly because I take very much pride in my achievements and my identity. That identity is now being compromised by the malicious person now by not only changing the signature on the account but sending Private Messages to people using the account and making posts.

On March 16th, 2016, I did send a message to theymos using a user, BernieCoin, from one of my other projects, BERNcash. As instructed by a post made by theymos, I included a signed message and followed his given template for the signature and cited the unedited post I had previously made staking a Bitcoin address for the CryptoCanary user.  Here is an excerpt of that post with some unimportant personal details removed but including the important signature:

Quote from: My 1st message to theymos using user BernieCoin
My account CryptoCanary has been hacked/lost. Please reset the email to The current date is March 16, 2016.

Here is the unedited post where I posted that address:

Thank you for your time Theymos and your service to crypto by maintaining this forum. Smiley

Steven Saxton

Understanding that maintaining this forum is surly a time consuming job and hoping that theymos did kindly reset the email as I polity asked, I periodically requested a password reset email and scoured my spam folder in hopes of the email that would grant me access to to my personal identity before any substantial damage was done to my name here on BCT. Unfortunately, this has yet to happen and receiving any response from theymos has also yet to happen. Fearing the malicious person might contact people related to my project and scam them or tell other lies of my projects and causing damage to my projects or investors in my projects, I decided to conduct a test. I sent the user that had stolen my identity a message, again, using the BernieCoin account. To my surprise I did not receive a ransom request but rather only "lol". Outraged I sent theymos another message quoting my first attempt. Here is that message dated April 1st with the first message quote and some personal information removed:

Quote from: My 2nd message to theymos using user BernieCoin
Theymos, please help me recover this account. I use this account to represent myself on all my projects (Donationcoin, Sterlingcoin, EverGreenCoin, and BERNcash) as well as the NewsBTC USA franchise. I now KNOW the account is hacked and that the person is using it to at least send messages to other users. I sent a message to the account (CryptoCanary) yesterday and someone, not me, responded "lol" as you can see in this screenshot. Please sir, I beg of you to help me. This person is misrepresenting me, all of my projects, and my professional career. [personal data removed]

Thank you in advance for your attention of this matter,
Steven Saxton

Again, to this message I did not receive a response. No help seemed to be coming. I also noticed when I received this response message from my identity hijacker the account was now being used for a signature campaign something I never did. My signature always was used as a signature and contained my name.

So now my identity crisis continues. I report one of my previous posts that now contain the forged signature to a moderator, mprep, using the Sterlingcoin account I am using for this post. My thought was, maybe it was unwise of me to report this abuse of BCT and my identy within with an account that was only months old. I explained the situation briefly and asked for help. I was very happy to see the glimmer of hope when hilariousandco responded to the Sterlingcoin user with the brief instruction to make a post in meta and wait for an admin to sort it out.

To the moderators and admins, I do understand you must get requests like this in the loads daily. Some of which I am sure are fictitious and malicious in nature, slowing down the process for legitimate users in need of assistants. I do sincerely beg of BCT staff to expedite the handling of this matter. The user is now making posts using the account and my identity. None of the posts look to damning yet but, what do I do? Should I quote these posts and inform the involved communities that the account is hacked and to not trust the account as a hero member? None-the-less as myself for my name is still present in the account information.

I cannot stress enough how important this account is to me. I know some of you will be thinking, "Well you should have protected it better." I did have a 15 character password containing both capital and lower case letters and many numbers. Admittedly I did not have a security question defined but do not know if that would have helped any because I imagine that would have been changed as well. BCT staff, again, I beg of you for your prompt attention to this matter before more damage is done. Please help me.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me in gaining access to my personal identity.

Very Sincerely,
Steven Saxton
(The real CryptoCanary)

p.s. I can also prove my identity using signed messages of Donationcoin, Sterlingcoin, and EverGreenCoin or any other method that might help reassure BCT staff that the account has been and is compromised in an effort to retain my personal identity.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Need a Windows build in QT5 with QWebkit and bundled OpenSSL on: October 14, 2014, 09:42:34 PM
Our source needs to be built using QT5 and uses QWebView part of the webkitwidgets of QT5.


Also we are using HTTPS addresses for JSON so we need OpenSSL bundled with the wallet as SSL is not handled system wide by Windows, unlike Linux and OSX.

LIBS += -L"C:/OpenSSL-Win32/lib" -llibeay32

A clean build is preferable with as little lose DLL files as possible.

Please PM us if you think you can build this wallet and we'll provide the link to source and info on the bounty.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Need a Windows build in QT5 with QWebkit and bundled OpenSSL on: October 14, 2014, 09:19:17 PM
Our source needs to be built using QT5 and uses QWebView part of the webkitwidgets of QT5.

Also we are using HTTPS addresses for JSON so we need OpenSSL bundled with the wallet as SSL is not handled system wide by Windows unlike Linux and OSX.

LIBS += -L"C:/OpenSSL-Win32/lib" -llibeay32

A clean build is preferable with as little lose DLL files as possible.

Please PM us if you think you can build this wallet and we'll provide the link to source and info on the bounty.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][SLG] Sterlingcoin v1.7 | United Kingdom | on: August 02, 2014, 07:49:10 PM

Sterlingcoin (SLG)

Low Fees
5.5% PoS Interest
Decentralised System
Transfer Instantly Worldwide
Full Encryption and Identity Safety

The cryptocurrency of and from the UK & British Isles
For the world

No bank. No VAT. No hassle.

Sterlingcoin is the first X13 coin to launch with services such as merchants, exchanges, mining pools, paper wallets, block explorers,
API and even an online wallet system from launch.

Sterlingcoin was launched on the 21st of September 2014 at 6PM GMT (Daylight Saving Hours)
This 7 week pre-launch ensured everyone had the information and time needed to get started and that is was a fair start for all involved.

The mining period lasted from the 21st of September 2014 until the 3rd of January 2015 and produced ~3.8 Million Sterlingcoin.
We are now 100% PoS.

The Spacedrop which distributed 575,000 coins to 11,499 addresses closed after a week of opening.
This employed Tor exit node blocking, blocking of proxy lists and various other automated methods of preventing false entries.
We also manually reviewed the entries for suspicious activity and consequently cleaned thousands of potentially fraudulent entries.

Sterlingcoin brings about the change needed internationally.

Sterlingcoin is a digital currency used to pay for goods or services in daily life both offline and online.
It is a decentralised system controlled by an open market and not by a corporation, bank or government.
Because of its decentralisation everyone who runs the Sterlingcoin wallets shares the public ledger*.
Sterlingcoin is a completely fair**, transparent and a highly secure form of currency for all needs.
The price of Sterlingcoin is determined by supply & demand, use, trading and mining***.

*Transaction history of every Sterlingcoin wallet
**A limited supply of money would allow for a better economy; where ‘better’ means ‘fairer’, more stable and devoid of government intervention.
***Maintaining the block chain is called mining, and those who do so are rewarded with newly created Sterlingcoin and transaction fees.

1% Instamine of 639,000 Sterlingcoin
575,000 Sterlingcoin (90% of Instamine) for the Spacedrop.
39,000 Sterlingcoin (6% of Instamine) will be used for giveaways and bounties.
25,000 Sterlingcoin (4% of Instamine) will be used for development, support and server costs.

The Sterlingcoin Spacedrop is a crossover of an Airdrop and Faucet
50 Sterlingcoin per person

Implementation of Sterlingcoin is a community effort, we offer several rewards for your help.


Coin type: X13 (PoW/PoS)
Coin Suffix: SLG
Halving: None
PoW Period: 6 Months
PoW Ends: Block 131,400
PoS Min: After Maturity
PoS Max: Unlimited
PoS Interest: 5.5% Annually
Initial coins per block: 50 Sterlingcoin
Target spacing: 2 minutes
Difficulty Retarget: Adjusts each block
Transaction Confirmations: 15
Coinbase maturity: 15 blocks
Instamine: 1 %
Circulation after PoW/PoS: ~4,000,000
Total Coinbase: 63,900,000
P2P port: 1141
RPC port: 8311

Current Version 1.7.1
(v1.7.1.3 source available)

x86 x64

Official Sterlingcoin Transaction Explorer -

Crypto ID Sterlingcoin Explorer -

#rpcallowip=* //Uncomment to Solo Mine
#rpcconnect= //Uncomment to Solo Mine

French Translation - - Credit to TotalPanda[/center
Italian Translation - - Credit to Yza_azY
Portuguese Translation - - Credit to Googlulinks
Chinese Translation - - Credit to baby222
Russian Translation - - Credit to koba24
Indonesian Translation - - Credit to fvckbitcoin
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