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1  Economy / Currency exchange / [SOLD] Selling 200BTC -> WF Transfer / Cash Deposit / Mail [SOLD] on: August 24, 2012, 04:40:22 PM
All coins have been sold. Thanks everyone!

I have 200BTC left to sell. Reason I'm selling is to get a new (well, used actually) piece of shit BMW and im short. Plus I owe our awesome government of ours several grand to get my license back. You don't have to buy them all. But there is a minimum of 10BTC please. I'm looking to get market price a +$10 flat fee.

Which is pretty good IMO because some ppl charging 5% fee would charge 2.5BTC on a 50btc trade (aka ~$25) I'm only asking $10.

I've done over 25+ transactions and traded hundreds of bitcoins but I'm still more than happy to do escrow if you don't feel safe sending first.

Aside from WF online transfer or cash deposit(DON'T NEED AN ACCOUNT!!), you can send money in the mail, meet up in person or, if you're trusted, Paypal (possibly Dwolla) .

If you do not have access to a WF bank but do to others such as Bank of America, US Bank, Chase, ETC I can quickly make an account same day.

I haven't used my ING account in a long time but I think they allow online transfers too.

2  Economy / Services / $5 + Online Backup Service - 100% FREE! on: August 14, 2012, 12:21:27 AM
Want $5 and a month of online backup service all for FREE? No problem!

How it works? Simply order the $7 backup service from the link I provide, FW me a copy of your confirmation email and I will then send you 1BTC!

Simple as that! Its a monthly subscription but you can cancel the day before it runs out and you'll be all good.

Depending on how well this goes I may even pay you again to keep it going a second month.

Let me know if you are interested I'll send you the link.
3  Economy / Digital goods / WTB Amazon Gift Cards on: August 13, 2012, 12:49:00 AM
Just sold the last of my gift cards and I need some more. My regular supplier is gone for a few days and I tried contacting someone on this board selling them for 20% off but no response, I guess ppl say he takes forever to respond.

So rather than take my chances waiting and hope he can sell me some..I figured I'd make a new thread.

I'm looking to buy $1,000 in Amazon Gift Cards. Can be 1 card, 2 cards, or 5. I don't care. Please only trusted members, last time I bought one from a new member and it was carded, so ultimately I was out $400.

I guess I could still trade with a newer member, I just want some proof its not bought with a stolen CC. Maybe take a screenshot of the order on your amazon account (with your name, or even just last name) then take a pic of your ID (just of the part with the name) to verify its you actually buying it. May seem like an odd request, but since I already lost $400 I'm not trying to lose out on more amazon cards, especially since this time its for $1k. Or if you can think of another way to prove its legit, I'll buy from you.

If you are legit/trusted, I won't ask for any type of proof, if you wouldn't mind sending me a pic of the receipt itd be awesome. But I won't require it. I sell cards myself and know first hand you don't always have access to that information. For example when I resell these I won't have proof I bought it. Thats why I say for trusted members I won't require anything.

Escrow is a must. Unless we've done business before. Then I'll just send it to you first.

PS Im not actually expecting to get 20% off. I was hoping for somewhere along the lines of 10 though. I doubt I will be able to find anyone since I need such a high amount but figured what the hell.
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Washing Legality? on: August 11, 2012, 06:44:14 AM
Is it illegal to "wash" bitcoins? I thought I read on the bitcoin official wiki or somewhere that it  was in fact LEGAL. Does anyone know for sure? And if it is legal, is offering it as a service against the rules of this forum?

5  Bitcoin / Project Development / 100% Anonymous VPS Service? Interested? Opinions? on: August 11, 2012, 01:43:38 AM
Considering offering truly anonymous VPS'. Wanted to get an idea of what people thought of the ideas and maybe voice some opinions?

I've seen quite a few offshore VPS services and some (rarely) that accept bitcoins. But still, even those ask you to register an account asking for information like name, address, phone number, etc...And thats the reason I pay with bitcoins is because I want it to be anonymous! Not because I'm doing anything wrong, just because I hate having random companies know all my info. I personally keep my bitcoin app/wallet on a VPS. Its sole purpose is for bitcoin management. That way its safe from spyware/hackers (well, as safe as you could be!) I don't even have firefox installed on it! And also this allows me to access my wallet anywhere I go, or even on my phone (RDP)

So I've considered making a premium, anonymous, offshore VPS service. A couple strong points would be:

1. 100% truly anonymous.
We don't even need your email! Create an account (user+pass only) and that will be your VPS log in information. If you have questions we have a contact form. I'm not aware of any other site that offers this.

2. Offshore / No logs.
Servers will be hosted offshore. Possible you will have choices of Singapore/Indonesia/Netherlands - Logs will be deleted on a daily basis.

3. NO Overselling.
1GB RAM! These VPS' will actually be powerful. They won't be those weak servers other companies try and pawn off on you. We would also never over-sell. We would set it up as if we were going to use it ourselves!

Obviously payment will be in bitcoins.  

Is this a service you would be interested in ? If so what would you pay for it?

Would you pay 3BTC a month? Or how about 25BTC per year?

All advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated!
6  Economy / Trading Discussion / Moneypaks - How Anonymous? on: August 09, 2012, 07:30:46 PM
I've received quite a few moneypaks (especially before I started trading bitcoins) I was wondering..Just how safe/anonymous are they?

For example..Can the person look up the number online and will it say something like "deposited: paypal 384483834" or "deposited visa ending in 4322"

Or can they not see anything at all?

7  Economy / Computer hardware / Samsung 20-Inch Class LED Monitor (S20A300B) on: August 05, 2012, 10:17:17 AM
I just recently sold my desktop and I originally had two of these but the customer only wanted one.

So now I'm selling the straggler! It goes for $200 on amazon (link below) - Mine is about 6 months old so still under manufacture warranty.

Asking Price: 15BTC - Shipping Included (Within the US)

Photo and proof of price in link below.

Product Features

    Ultra-Slim Design
    Breakthrough Picture Quality with LED Technology
    Save up to 40% Energy
    Perfect from Every Angle with Samsung MagicAngle
    Fast Response Time

Cases and Expandability

    Size (LWH): 18.8 inches, 2.1 inches, 11.5 inches
    Weight: 4.6 pounds
8  Economy / Currency exchange / Looking for 10BTC - $110 via PP (or cash) on: August 05, 2012, 08:16:37 AM
I need 10 bitcoins to pay off a loan I have that was so generously given to me by my good friend piit79. I wanted to pay a day or two early to show him my appreciation and I'm 10 coins short.

I've made around 15 transactions all positive, never a complaint. You can look through my posts or I can link you to some if you want. I've exchanged well over 300 coins, almost 400 now. I've also done about 5 transactions via paypal and never a single issue (ask BCB!)   

Payment: I'd HIGHLY prefer paypal, however I'm willing to do a cash deposit into your bank, cash in the mail, or cash in person if you are in the greater Seattle area.

Terms: If you are a new member or don't have very many trades under your belt I'd ask that you either go first or we do an escrow. If you are well known and/or have a solid trading history I have no problem whatsoever going first. Except for cash in the mail, I can't wait for that. I'd need the coins at the same time I provide a tracking number so I can pay off my loan.

I'm willing to pay $110 thats $11/btc. Right this minute they are worth low 10s. If it fluxuates higher than 11 at time of trade I can raise my bid a little higher. But even if it goes down to $9 I'm still willing to pay $11/btc.

Feel free to message me or even shoot me a text - 425 (three eight seven) 6622. I will be available for about another hour tonight and will be available most all day tomorrow. However its sunday and as you know banks are closed so I can't do a bank deposit. Right now I only have about $50 in my btc trading account at wells fargo, so if you were iffy about doing paypal I could do $50-55 WF instant online transfer (takes 1 business day to show up but I can show you a screenshot of payment verification on my end) then the other half thru PP. I'd just deposit money into my bank account so we wouldn't have to do PP but as I said, banks are closed.

9  Economy / Invites & Accounts / Diablo 3 Account - 2 Level 60s! Geared! on: August 03, 2012, 09:09:38 AM
I just started a new D3 buy/sell accounts service. Here is one account I have for sale.

I also have a couple other accounts with a single lvl 60 on each for 10btc each.

If you need gold or PL please msg me as well.

Account Price: 15btc OBO

2 million gold on account right now
(pictures were taken couple days ago; shows 1.6mil in pictures)


Character #1
Level 60 Male Wizard
Moderate Gear. lvl61-63 armor pieces; lvl57 jewelry
Able to survive in Inferno Act 2 will good kiting skills.
AR is about 400; with MF gear AR is about 700-800.

Character #2
Level 60 Male Demon Hunter
Moderate gear. Glass Cannon Build. Very brittle in inferno.

Also has 3 mules filled with level 60+ rares.
Those are showed with the 3 pictures with the level 1 character inventories are full of items.
Also have a couple legendary items.
Since most legendary items aren't really great right now (supposed buff coming up) I will include these with purchase of account.

The picture of the magic gear is "Gold Find" gear.
With all of them equipped your GF goes up to about 250%
Great for farming the Act 1 "Dank Cellar"


Lvl60 Wiz

Lvl60 DH

Items 1

Items 2

Mule 1

Mule 2

Mule 3

10  Economy / Currency exchange / WTB $300 of BTC via WF Transfer on: August 01, 2012, 07:13:36 PM
Title says it all, I'm looking for $300 worth of bitcoins to via Wells Fargo 1 day transfer. I've done many successful trades well over 300+ bitcoins. I can provide references upon request. Please PM me with your offer of how many BTC!
11  Economy / Goods / $505 in Amazon Goods for $450 on: July 30, 2012, 02:42:12 PM
I originally had a $500 moneypak but decided to get a cheap laptop for $430 and switched it into an amazon gift card, but by the time I actually got around to buying the laptop they were sold out. They only had 2 at the time that I switched the MP into amazon (I then waited a week to actually buy it, I was indecisive)

Now I have nothing else I want on Amazon so I'm offering it up here.

Here is a screenshot of my current account balance:

After you send the coins I will order whatever items you want and have them shipped to your address. I have amazon prime so I can get free 2 day shipping on a lot of items and overnight shipping for like $2 or something ridiculously cheap.

I'd be more than happy to use an escrow service if you want, otherwise you can send first.

I've done quite a few transactions on this forum and have bought/sold a total of around 400BTC.

Here are a few people I've done business with (most multiple times): Tarrant_01, BCB, TangibleCryptography, davecoin
12  Economy / Currency exchange / $70 Amazon GC for 7BTC on: July 28, 2012, 08:22:35 AM
I have an amazon gift card code for btc. If you are trusted I will go first.

I also have $500 on my account balance so if you want me to buy anything I can  at a discount and have it shipped to you. I guarantee its all legit, I can show you my amazon account details and my drivers license that matches it. And I can show you my email receipt for the deposit.
13  Economy / Currency exchange / Amazon Gift Cards - 10% OFF on: July 27, 2012, 09:58:50 AM
I have quite a bit on moneypak and im going to buy amazon gift cards and exchange them for your BTC.

I'm giving a 10% discount so prices would as follows:

$100 GC - $90
$200 GC - $180
$300 GC - $270
$500 GC - $450

You can go first or we can do an escrow service.

Past trades (Most trades were done multiple times with the same sellers)

150BTC -> Cash - 100+BTC -> WF Deposit  -- Done over 250BTC trades in total.

14  Economy / Currency exchange / $500 MoneyPak -> Bitcoins on: July 26, 2012, 12:38:21 AM
I have a $500 MoneyPak and am looking to exchange it for bitcoins.

I checked out a few threads in this section and everyone seems to be not buying right now or out of bitcoin stock.

Please either post or PM how many BTC you would be willing to trade.

15  Economy / Lending / Need 30BTC - 14 days - 25% Interest on: July 23, 2012, 06:54:38 AM
Hey guys, I've made a few successful trades here on Bitcoin Talk and have been a member for about a year. Back when I first got interested into bitcoins. Well, I just actually started trading them about a month or so ago. I've read not many people like giving out smaller loans but the only reason I'm asking for a small one is because I figured asking for a  150btc loan would be asking too much. This 30BTC loan may be asking too much as it is and I don't expect tons of offers, I figured I'd lay my cards out on the table and see if it goes anywhere. If not, no hard feelings btc-talk!

Loan Acquired - 37.5BTC to be repaid to piit79 on or before 08/07 to address: 1HSf3rgXzes3ufULuUHWwfBMHx6AnFtgaY

Amount Needed: 30BTC
Amount Paid Back: 37.5BTC
Paid Back By: 14 Days (Latest)

Loan For:

(Short) - I'm buying a dedicated server. Its $1300 and I already have $1k to spend. I'd love to get the full $1300 in a loan but I figured thats asking too much.

(Long) - I used to run a network of game servers 2 years ago and used to spend $750-$1000 a month in server fees. I finally decided to pick it back up again and decided the most cost effective method would be to start purchasing servers rather than renting.

How I plan to pay it back:

Within days of having the server up I will start to see sales and by the end of the first week I should have it back. I'm not starting from scratch, I have all my old clients info and constantly receive emails asking if I'm still in business. I also earn money doing some SEO work its just that I already put all my "extra cash" back into the SEO biz. So if for whatever reason if something went wrong I have money coming in that I can pay you back with.

What if that fails?

It wont. However, for reassurance purposes. I have no problem whatsoever supplying a phone number, address, photo ID, etc. As collateral I also have this:  --  Or rather than a loan if you'd rather get an awesome gaming computer (just for considering my loan) I will knock off 10BTC from my already ridiculously cheap setup!

I've done a couple trades with Tarrant_01 and one with BCB - They should be more than happy to vouch for me that I'm at least an honest trader.
16  Economy / Goods / $200 Personal iTunes Gift Card - Only 20BTC on: July 19, 2012, 09:16:12 AM
My parents bought my little sister $200 in itunes for a mission trip she is going on. They got them online and ended up not working so I went ahead and ordered it from a legit online vendor. Before I could give her the new codes they got emailed a replacement (big surprise, figured they got scammed)

So in short, I have a $200 itunes card. I have no use for it whatsoever. First of all I don't even have an iPod, secondly I don't buy my music lol. And due to the nature of the item returns are out of the question. Oh, and I say "personal" because I'm not an online reseller / wholesaler aka sketchy vendor who's codes only work 20% of the time. I have only this ONE sale and then I'm out.

Asking 20BTC which right now is ~$180. That might not sound like a huge discount but if you go ahead and check out all the online vendors and even ebay most people charge cost on card +$5-$15 e.g. a $200 card is around $215

I am open to all offers but will not be low-balled. I have 3 successful trades so far but I'm still willing to go first as long as you are very well trusted. Otherwise you must go first.
17  Economy / Invites & Accounts / Lineage 2 Accounts - Super Cheap! Need Gone! on: July 19, 2012, 07:44:11 AM
Doubt many L2 players on here so its probably a long shot. But I figured I'd let my friends over here at BitTalk have first dibs just in case!

Server: Magmeld
Race: Orc Male
Class: Iss Enchanter
Level: 85.5

Highlights: +1 Sonatas & +1 Dual R Grade Blunts (+Element. Early I believe)

Server: Magmeld
Race: Human Male
Class: Feoh Wizard
Level: 85

Highlights: Full R Grade Gear Including Wep. All normal items, will not disappear.

These two are worth quite a bit of money. They are two of, if not THE most sought after classes in the game. They are arguably the best in the game for not ONLY: PVE / Power Leveling / Farming - But ALSO for PVP!

Even though these are worth a lot more, I am willing to let each account go for 11BTC each! 20 for both together! On 3zoom (mmorpg site) I used the 'sell to' form and they offered me $280 for both. Which is about 30 coins. However, they make you wait 5-7 days and they do not pay with bicoins which is what I need!

Closing: 11btc each or 20btc for both!
18  Economy / Currency exchange / Trading BTC -> Cash Deposit / WF Transfer on: July 13, 2012, 12:03:47 PM
I'm selling bitcoins and looking to for someone to deposit cash into my Wells Fargo account.

If you already have a Wells Fargo account and are a trusted member or have done business with me in the past, you can do an online Wells Fargo to Wells Fargo account transfer. I can show you how to sign up for online transfers if you have an account. Please be aware if you are not trusted or have not done business with me in the past, you must wait 1 business day for the transfer to show up in my account.

Current Stock: 0BTC
Current Status: Restocking - est 7/22

Successful Trades:

2 Trade(s) - tarrant_01
1 Trade(s) - BCB
19  Economy / Currency exchange / Selling 90BTC - Cash Deposit, In Person, Etc. - $6.50 on: July 09, 2012, 06:55:40 AM
Hey all,

I'm selling 90BTC and need the cash. I would much rather meet in person but not sure if anyone on this board is local. Right now I'm visiting family in Eastern WA (moses lake specifically) and will be back near Seattle, WA on Tuesday. I'd much prefer we meet up but I could also accept a cash deposit (wells fargo) - If you have an offer with another method you can offer it, hopefully we can work something out.

Current BTC Price: $6.80
My BTC Price: $6.50

If you can't meet in person, I am more than willing to do some sort of escrow if you want.

If you are super trusted I can go first.

P.S. Not that this proves much, here is at least proof that I have the BTC. --
20  Economy / Services / WTS Demonoid Accounts - 23BTC for 23 Accounts! - 60% OFF! on: July 06, 2012, 04:28:01 AM
I used to sell these on an SEO forum for $15 a piece. Not sure if anyone here has a use for them but I really need 23BTC so I will trade 23 accounts for 23BTC.
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