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1  Economy / Computer hardware / WTS 22 units Bitmain Antminer S9 on: August 14, 2017, 09:20:38 PM
I am looking to sell my mini BTC mining farm. I have 11 22 units that are working perfectly. I can make a deal on bigger command. Shipping will be from Canada, ON. Only serious buyers.

Included (1 unit):
1x: Antminer S9 ASIC Miner
1x: EVGA 1600 P2 Power Supply ($420 PSU) and cables that is perfectly compatible for this ASIC Miner
Shipping with tracking
2  Economy / Computer hardware / WTS 9 KNC Titan miners on: August 06, 2017, 11:27:17 PM
Looking to sell 9 KNC titan miners. 8 are Second batch ( 5 cubes) and the other one is first batch (4 cubes). There is only 4 dead die For all the cubes. Shipping from Canada. Dm your offers. Please only serious buyer. Can send pictures if needed.
3  Economy / Computer hardware / WTS 9 KNC titan miners on: July 13, 2017, 12:26:48 AM
Looking to sell 9 KNC titan miners. 8 are Second batch ( 5 cubes) and the other one is first batch (4 cubes). There is only 4 dead die For all the cubes. Shipping from Canada. Dm your offers. Please only serious buyer. Can send pictures if needed.
4  Economy / Computer hardware / For sale: 4 KNC Titan miners. Mint condition. on: May 22, 2017, 11:19:08 PM
Looking to sell 4 KNC titan miners. 3 are Second batch ( 5 cubes) and the other one is first batch (4 cubes). There is no dead die on all the cube. Shipping from Canada. Dm your offers. Please only serious buyer. Can send pictures if needed.
5  Economy / Securities / Inquiry: 100 TH/s bitcoin mine passthrough on: May 31, 2013, 05:08:52 AM
What: Is there any interest in a 100 TH/s bitcoin mine passthrough? Currently 100 TH/s bitcoin mine(referenced as 100TH moving forward) is only traded at picostocks. 100TH appears to have a solid business plan and has the opportunity to be a competitor to ASICMINER in the short-term. 100TH does not have plans for future expansion beyond their initial installment of 103 TH/s. This evaluates to 200 MH/s per share. 100TH recently received their wafers from fabrication so we should have some news on whether their first attempt was a success or failure soon.

Why: The potential for acceptable amounts of short-term profits. I don't have any delusions that 100TH will remain relevant a year from now but their goal is a 100% ROI by end of September. Past that for myself it would another source of passive worry-free income. Opening up this passthrough would expose 100TH to a wider audience and increase liquidity for both myself and other traders.

Where: BitFunder or BTCT. I'm leaning towards BTCT but I would appreciate feedback.

About me: I started mining just before the great pump and dump of 2011. Since then my BTC fortunes have rose to great heights only to crash to dark lows(pirateat40..). Right now I operate 15 GH/s of ASIC/FPGAs and have another ~10 GH/s of GPUs that are to be reinstalled next month. In the past I've run a GPU farm that grew from ~6 GH/s to 15 GH/s. Lastly, I have ASICMINER holdings and I would like to diversify my BTC denominated investments. 100TH appears to be a promising candidate but frankly picostocks is less than ideal for daytrading stocks.
6  Economy / Computer hardware / 4x HD 5870 with replaced fans on: May 17, 2013, 04:46:17 AM
Consolidating my rigs. I've run these cards for the last ~18 months and replaced the fans ~3 weeks ago due to a few squealers.  Currently scrypt mining w/ reaper @ 750/1225 @ 1.05vddc for a combined 1.4 MH/s due to my apartment hitting insane temperatures and my warehouse not being airconditioned.

Asking $135/card in BTC plus shipping($15 for CONUS). Buy more than one and get free shipping. Escrow is fine if you are willing to pay the fees and I trust the escrow. Will give this a few days before I toss the cards onto eBay.
7  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS]: 3x HD 5870, 1x HD 5830, 1x HD 6870x2 on: March 02, 2013, 09:20:54 PM
Tearing down another BTC miner. All cards tested by mining litecoin with reaper at 950MHz core, 1200MHz memory for ~72 hours.

HD 5870
$110 USD shipped to CONUS. One card has a fan that is beginning to wobble. It's been mining wobbly for ~3 months now. Replacement fans are in-bound, or I'll knock $20 off that card.

HD 5830
$60 USD shipped to CONUS. Missing the PCIe bracket.

HD 6870x2
$200 USD shipped to CONUS.

Payment: BTC(escrow if you provide it) or maybe LTC with a slight premium. Willing to ship outside of CONUS but you'll be paying the difference.

8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Hardware errors with cgminer and ltc mining? on: February 01, 2013, 06:27:33 AM
Is it normal to have so many reported hardware errors?

Here are my cgminer settings: cgminer --scrypt -o -u Gomeler.1 -p x -w 256 -I 18 -g 1 --lookup-gap 2 --thread-concurrency 1120

Drivers: 13.1 x64

OS: Ubuntu 12.04 x64

and it running a bit. This is a HD 6870x2 with 1120 shaders. Setting --thread-concurrency to higher than 1120 causes it to throw some bizarre openCL error about memory being greater than available. Top shows ~1.1GB free.

cgminer version 2.10.4 - Started: [2013-02-01 01:22:24]
 (5s):487.8K (avg):456.8Kh/s | Q:10  A:19  R:2  HW:0  E:190%  U:5.0/m
 ST: 0  SS: 0  DW: 1  NB: 4  LW: 24  GF: 0  RF: 0
 Connected to diff 15 with LP as user Gomeler.1
 Block: 33dae6ae1d602569...  Diff:1.33M  Started: [01:24:40]  Best share: 275
 [P]ool management [G]PU management [ S ]ettings [D]isplay options [Q]uit
 GPU 0: 243.1K/241.9Kh/s | A:10 R:2 HW:34 U:2.64/m I:14
 GPU 1: 243.1K/214.9Kh/s | A: 9 R:0 HW:41 U:2.37/m I:14

 [2013-02-01 01:21:56] Started cgminer 2.10.4
 [2013-02-01 01:21:57] Probing for an alive pool
 [2013-02-01 01:22:24] Long-polling activated for
 [2013-02-01 01:22:44] Rejected 0cb20944 Diff 20/15 GPU 0  (prevhash-stale)
 [2013-02-01 01:22:44] LONGPOLL from pool 0 detected new block
 [2013-02-01 01:22:48] Rejected 072b736f Diff 35/15 GPU 0  (prevhash-stale)
 [2013-02-01 01:22:56] Accepted 0e7e1c78 Diff 17/15 GPU 1
 [2013-02-01 01:22:56] LONGPOLL from pool 0 detected new block
 [2013-02-01 01:23:01] Accepted 095d0243 Diff 27/15 GPU 1
 [2013-02-01 01:23:16] Accepted 03b91ba9 Diff 68/15 GPU 1
 [2013-02-01 01:23:20] Accepted 0588028e Diff 46/15 GPU 1
 [2013-02-01 01:23:21] Accepted 06f464e0 Diff 36/15 GPU 0
 [2013-02-01 01:23:22] Accepted 0d398263 Diff 19/15 GPU 0
 [2013-02-01 01:23:38] Accepted 00ee0f22 Diff 275/15 GPU 0
 [2013-02-01 01:24:06] Accepted 085aae8c Diff 30/15 GPU 0
 [2013-02-01 01:24:27] Accepted 06abc42b Diff 38/15 GPU 1
 [2013-02-01 01:24:40] Accepted 0e21986c Diff 18/15 GPU 0
 [2013-02-01 01:24:40] LONGPOLL from pool 0 detected new block
 [2013-02-01 01:24:56] Accepted 0a849586 Diff 24/15 GPU 1
 [2013-02-01 01:24:56] Accepted 0488b40e Diff 56/15 GPU 0
 [2013-02-01 01:25:03] Accepted 03d595f3 Diff 66/15 GPU 0
 [2013-02-01 01:25:03] Accepted 097c66d4 Diff 26/15 GPU 1
 [2013-02-01 01:25:17] Accepted 0372c6fd Diff 74/15 GPU 1
 [2013-02-01 01:25:18] Accepted 0e1c6ccb Diff 18/15 GPU 0
 [2013-02-01 01:25:25] Accepted 0b376340 Diff 22/15 GPU 0
 [2013-02-01 01:25:38] Accepted 049bbd06 Diff 55/15 GPU 1
 [2013-02-01 01:25:43] Accepted 0f036fea Diff 17/15 GPU 0
9  Economy / Computer hardware / WTS: 3x Sapphire HD 5830 1x HD 6870x2 [USA] on: October 06, 2012, 10:05:28 PM
Tore down the rig these were in a few months ago as I replaced them with 5970s. They're a little dusty but fully functional.

Looking for $80 USD shipped per card within the continental USA. There'll be an additional $5 charge if you want the box. If you want the cards shipped elsewhere besides CONUS then PM me and we can work something out.

Note: I have the bracket for the left card. I removed it in an experiment to see if it would help decrease core temps at lower fan speeds. Turns out it doesn't really matter with regards to temperatures.

Turns out the 6870x2 is a long ass card and doesn't fit in my new case(Antec 300). Swapped in a GTX 580 instead and now this card has to go. I believe I still have the retail box. Didn't mine of this card as it was located in my living room gaming PC.

Looking for $240 USD shipped within the CONUS. If you want the retail box(and if I have it) there'll be an additional $5 charge. If you want the cards shipped elsewhere besides CONUS then PM me and we can work something out.

I'll have more 5830s and 5970s available soon. If you buy multiple cards I'm open to providing 'bulk' discounts. That doesn't mean lowball though. I have zero qualms stuffing these on eBay just to spite lowballers  Cheesy
10  Economy / Securities / [GLBSE] Bitdust - Make your bitdust work for you on: June 13, 2012, 06:22:11 PM
Bitdust is a growing problem on the GLBSE.* Those fractions of a Bitcoin that are paid up as dividends from mining stocks/bonds and other investments just sit, gathering dust, instead of earning you more bitdust.

I propose to create a sub-1MH/s mining bond with the purpose of permitting owners of normal sized investment stocks/bonds to generate a small profit on their dividend bit dust. Below is a sample concept that I may move forward with if there is interest.

Normal mining bond.
1 share = 1.0 MH/s
1 MH/s/day generates 0.000012706447166.  BTC/day @ difficult = 1,583,178, blockreward=50 BTC
price/share = ~0.3 BTC.

1 share = 0.01 MH/s = 10 KH/s.
10 KH/s/day generates 0.000000127064472 BTC/day @ difficult = 1,583,178, blockreward=50 BTC
price/share = ~0.003 BTC

I am willing to put this together for fun. These bonds would not pay out at 100% PPS in an attempt to discourage individuals from holding these bonds for extended durations. I think something in the 80-90% PPS range will encourage people to pick up bigger bonds when they acquire enough bitdust to buy 1 MH/s or whatever is the entry-level bond value at the time.

I'll go about automating payments so that I can pay out on a daily basis. I have yet to decide on the amount of hashing power I would throw at this but my farm is currently averaging around 13-14 GH/s. I would doubt more than a few hundred MH/s of these 10 KH/s shares could be absorbed by the GLBSE but that's just me pulling numbers out of my.. hat. The point is though that this is essentially a mining bond and I've got plenty of hardware to scale if desired.


*- may or may not be true. Who cares?

edit1: Changed 1 MH/s/day generated from 0.00063532235831 to 0.000012706447166.
11  Economy / Trading Discussion / Need to buy BTC w/ USD on: June 05, 2012, 07:05:55 PM
What's the fastest way to go about doing this? Skimming this sub-forum makes it sound like Mt. Gox is broken/slow and Tradehill is gone. I'd prefer an automated exchange versus having to make half a dozen trades to fill out my order. I'm looking to buy roughly 200 -250BTC in one order. Anyone have an exchange/process they've had good success with?
12  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Anyone have a 5970 with one REALLY hot VRM phase? on: April 18, 2012, 04:20:03 AM
Has anyone had a 5970 where one of the vddc phases for a core hits thermal shutdown at less than stock clocks? I'm talking, one phase at 115-120C and all the other phases on the card in the 50s. I remounted the stock HSF twice with new pads each time and I then mounted one of my spare EK waterblocks to the card.

Bottom GPU-Z, VDDC #2 is sitting at 72 Celsius with the core clocked down to 300MHz @ 0.95v just to keep it cool. At 375MHz and 0.95v it hovers around 95 Celsius. This card is at the end of a 6 card serially linked GPU waterblock chain so the incoming water is a bit warm at ~33-34C but compare the top GPU-Z. All my other 5970s look like that, cores in the 40s, VRMs in the low to mid 50s depending on where in the waterloop it sits.

The previous owner sent me a screenshot of the card running 800MHz on the core with an uptime of around 20 days right before he shipped this and another card to me. I trust that the owner didn't do a bait and switch. Just curious if anyone has seen this and if it is a sign that the phase is about to pop or if they've recovered it with something like a bake in the oven.
13  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Monitor power consumption @ Breaker on: April 12, 2012, 11:46:14 PM
Anyone doing this? I'm currently leasing a workshop and the landlord and I are trying to find a way to sub-meter my power. Considering how we're talking ~4 kW sustained with the goal of maxing out breaker(~6.5 kW), I'd like to accurately know my consumption so I'm not over/under paying.

I've run across the Acuvim CL which can monitor up to 3 lines ->

I've also run across a DIY approach that only monitors current. Thought about making a vac voltage monitoring circuit for it but I could end up overpaying if my PF is lower than 1 ->

There are lots of power meter options out there but lots of them only measure current via transducers and don't measure voltage or calculate power factor. Anyone out there have another solution?

Also, the ioBridge io-204 may be very interesting to some of you. I'm thinking about using one to remotely power cycle boxes via relays.
14  Bitcoin / Hardware / Why did the Spartan LX150 "win"? on: April 06, 2012, 12:00:18 AM
The discussion on the Cyclone V launch got me thinking. Besides the fact that the Spartan LX150 is cheap on a per unit basis, is it the best option on a MH/$ basis? For example, could we be better served by a gigantic $1500-$2500 FPGA? I understand the first FPGAs to be used had to be cheap on a per unit basis as there was no established market. However, the BFL Single thread in the marketplace describing the number of orders just shows how much of a market we have now. This all stems from my interest in seeing something in the 1-5 GH/s range that bridges the gap between Icarus/X6500/Single and the BFL mini rig.

If it is a case that there are no economies of scale in purchasing bigger chips then that's a pretty quick and easy answer.
15  Economy / Lending / Monthly loans for farm expansion on: March 20, 2012, 04:40:31 AM
Please see the second post of this thread for the full story. The first post now contains records of current and past loans and current and inbound hardware.

I currently have the following hardware running:
14x HD 5830 generating 4300 MH/s
5x HD 5870 generating 1800 MH/s
4x HD 5850 generating 1300 MH/s
4x HD 5970 generating 2800 MH/s
1x HD 6870x2 generating 600 MH/s
Total: ~10800 MH/s.

I have the following inbound as of April 28th:
Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5
AMD reference socket AM3 CPU heatsink

Parts in stock:
4x HD 5970
2x HD 5850
Maximus IV Gene-Z + 2600K
~3500 MH/s.

Loans requested:
  • 50 BTC to fund two HD 5830s from a lot I am purchasing.
  • Receive 50 BTC on 20th of March.
  • Pay 55 BTC on the 19th of April or earlier. Repaid as one lump sum.
  • Fulfilled.
  • Paid.

  • 162 BTC to fund a 2x HD 5970 rig.
  • Received 162 BTC on 9th of April.
  • Pay 183 BTC on the 23rd of May or earlier. Repaid over two payments.
  • Fulfilled.

  • ~200 BTC to fund 2x BFL Singles.
  • Will line up funding early May. Plan to order the singles by mid May if BFL delivers their rev 3 Singles by then.
  • If BFL fails to deliver rev 3 Singles I will invest in another 1.5 GH/s of GPUs.
  • Funding from outside the BTC community was sourced. Future BTC loans are currently not needed.

Loans acquired:
162 BTC from anonymous. Acquired April 9th. 183 BTC to be paid by May 23rd.

Loans repaid:
50 BTC from IBM. Acquired March 19th. 55 BTC to be paid by April 20th.
16  Bitcoin / Hardware / Why no asics through smaller fabless manufacturers? on: March 13, 2012, 11:59:33 PM
Curious why, with a number of FPGA builders cropping up, there has been no mention of someone crowd sourcing funds for a run of ASICs on some of the cheaper processes.

A quick search pulled these guys up ->

90nm is old tech which should translate to cheap and I would imagine we'd still see decent efficiency out of a chip.

There are a number of fabless manufacturers that sell portions of wafers that would let us avoid the immense outlay for an entire wafer and more importantly the masks.

This post of course has zero research behind it but with what I've seen on the FPGA threads there would be demand for a cheaper product that sat somewhere in the fpga range for power consumption and the GPU range for performance.

Thoughts? Anyone research this and find it unviable?

edit: I've seen a few threads with the same topic and everyone says "it costs a few million dollars for a run." easic's selling point is low costs per run. An article on their 45nm process quoted 20-100k for a run. Of course this is practically worthless without any information on the chip manufactured but keep in mind easic is making a business out of undercutting the bigger fabs.
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