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1  Economy / Invites & Accounts / buying two crypto related twitter accounts on: March 31, 2021, 09:39:56 PM
Am looking to buy 2 crypto related twitter accounts with non bot followers.

Please pm me your account name and price
2  Other / Meta / Theymos SHAME ON YOU on: March 03, 2020, 07:50:34 PM
I left the forum for quite some time and seeing what you have done during that time is just a joke.

SHAME on you.

I will stop supporting that forum and will tell everyone from my friends to stop supporting that forum.

Let these scammers take full control of that forum.

At least that forum will be known as what it really is.

A place for criminals and scammers supported by the owner

You earned my disrespect as human being.

You are clearly not a symbol of decentralisation and freedom when supporting scammers.
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / goldma scam on: July 03, 2019, 06:50:46 PM

Please read the last posts.
They scammed all their main ICO investors by providing false info,false offer and trying to pay no royalty to the main ico investors.
4  Other / Meta / @THEYMOS SERIOUSLY ??!!?? on: May 23, 2019, 06:43:01 PM

Quote from: LFC_Bitcoin on May 22, 2019, 07:41:19 AM

bill, I feel like a right ass hole but Lauda messaged me ... about you. She told me I should remove you from my trust list. I really didnít want to do it because I do like you (a lot).

For my own comfort & to make my life easier I did it. I donít want to get on the wrong side of them.

I am really sorry & I feel a dick for doing it. I had to tell you myself though before you see it yourself.

I hope you can forgive me.


What more evidence do you need to see that manipulation ?

LFC openly admitted that he removed Bill from his trst list NOT because it was his own decission but because Lauda told him so and he doesn't want trouble.

You punished merit sources for supporting people but you are not going to do anything against Lauda who is clearly abusing his power to force people to vote in his favour ?

Btw who is them ?The known group of abusive DT members who are destroying accounts which are not in their favour ?
5  Other / Meta / @THEYMOS Abusive group punished DT1 for speaking up against them on: May 22, 2019, 07:51:05 AM
So since Bill Gator spoke against the abusive gang he got removed from the DT1 list by getting exluded of the abusiv group which has been proofed on another thread by showing who was adding him instantly into distrust after VOD's drama.
Now that same group (i guess suchmoon) digged into his history and found a plagiarism from before 2015 for which he got banned.Of course they are now justifying with it the red tags they are giving and destroying that account.

@THEYMOS is that something you really allow ?Anyone getting his account destroyed now even DT1 for speaking up against them ?

I mean you must be really blind if you don't see that targeted abuse to silence ,discredit anyone who allow themself to speak up against their abuse.

Hey at least since Bill Gator is now discredited and kicked out of DT1 Vod's vest is getting more clean again.

Soon he will be one of the cleanest members on this board again since all members who dare to speak up against his drama will have their accounts have destroyed.

Like i posted it before soon there will be no more old accounts because they will be all discredited by that group for nonsense.
6  Economy / Reputation / TMAN playing concerned forum member when in the same time giving a fuck on: May 15, 2019, 08:19:19 AM
Since i'm not allowed to post in TMAN's thread because of local rules and he acts there as being concerned to not following theymos recommendation here is an example of him how much he cares himself about theymos recommendation

Says the abuser who gives a fuck about Theymos opinion and clear statement that giving negative trust for trying to put your own favorite DT member into place is a clear trust feedback abuse

No local rules
7  Economy / Reputation / Demanding DT members to remove false negative feedbacks within 2 weeks on: May 06, 2019, 08:15:28 AM
Am demanding DT members to remove false negative feedbacks within 2 weeks from today or to provide proof of your claims that i scammed someone or there is strong evidence i tried to scam someone.

Since i'm now marked on every thread as scammer DT members are aware of their special power to discredit and defame people by misusing it.

Since i never scammed or tried to scam anyone and also received negative tags which according to theymos are a clear abuse i demand from these DT members to proof that i scammed or strong evidence i tried to scam someone.

Should you not be able to proof these claims and keep tagging me as scammer and being fully aware of it i will hold you liable for it.

Since i got the full adresses of 2 DT members you can imagine where i will start to show proof to DT members that i won't accept false negative feedbacks anymore which are discrediting me as scammer in a public place on every of my threads.

8  Other / Meta / @theymos is it true that you forced OG to remove Laudas tagg ? on: May 06, 2019, 08:03:21 AM
Some DT members claim you forced OG to remove Laudas negative tag or he would get blacklisted.

I thought you are not interacting with members feedback ?

If its true how does it come you force people to remove negative tags on serious accusations and at the same time allow abuse for nothing ?

9  Economy / Reputation / DT members can now to be hold liable for their negative feedback on: May 03, 2019, 08:37:52 AM
Thanks to theymos who created the red warning box all DT members can now be hold liable for their negative feedback.
The red box clearly states that you claim the user is a scammer or you stronlgy belive so.

Being a DT member knowing that such a box will appear based on your judgement you need to be aware that you have now special responsibility and are made liable for your negative feedbacks.
Theymos on the other hand instantly stated on the red warning box that the feedback is unmoderated and made himself not liable for your feedbacks.

Defamation calling someone a scammer with no full proof can soon break some DT members their neck even they gave the negative feedback based on their opinion for some other bs.DT members won't be treated as regular members by law.

Be aware of your responsibilty now.

Since i'm now called officaly on every thread a scammer i'm asking all DT members who tagged me to show proof that i scammed someone or was going to scam someone.If you are not able to provide that proof i request to remove that red tagg.

To be continued......

10  Economy / Reputation / @hilarous on: May 02, 2019, 10:58:50 AM
Since you deleted your thread where you wanted to state your point of view without answering my question i decided to open that thread to get your point of view on my questions since you are an accuser.

@hilarous since you opened that thread explaining your view i will also join asking about your curious view on my topic

I wonder how much drama would actually stop if the feedback system was removed (or negative feedback doesn't paint you 'red'). No more hilariousandco vs mdayonliner? No more Lauda vs Quickseller? No more Cryptohunter vs Everybody? Sometimes I honestly think we should just do away with it because of all the drama it causes but it would only lead to more scams against the newer members. I wonder if we did remove it would we get threads every other day asking WHY ISNT THERE A FEEDBACK SYSTEM HERE in some variation or another.

Like i already said on my own thread nobody is against tagging scammers or people who really tried to scam.

You call it Drama.Ok i can accept it because abuse of DT power is a Drama.

But since you claim indirectly that i deserve the negative ratings please show me the person who i scammed or who i was about to scam or which forum rule did i broke to be tagged as the worst scammer on that forum.

Please provide hard facts showing that i'm a scammer deserving these negative taggs and i will leave that forum instantly.

You got your fair chance to finish that Drama with me and that forum forever .

Just show me a single proof.

But shouldn't you be able to show a single person i scammed or tried to scam maybe you can explain to me why is it in accordance to you to get tagged as big scammer for following the forum rules and even asking back in 2017 a mod for permission to buy an account ?Maybe you can explain that to me.I always thought members need to obey forum rules.How does it come i got punished for following forum rules and mods approvement ?
11  Other / Meta / What does signature campaigns mean for DT abusers ? on: April 22, 2019, 02:25:52 PM
What does signature campaigns mean for DT abusers ?

The question can be easily answered.
It means these abusers lose their power.
If nobody gives shit anymore because of their abusive negative feedbacks and still get accepted into profitable signature campaigns it means majority of people will stop taking trust feedback serious anymore as it will have no massiv effect anymore.
Its a good direction since the forum is now searching their own solution without the DT members and their Default Trust as because of the massiv abuse it can't be trusted anymore and gets automaticly useless.

Of course at the same time these abusive DT members try everything to keep their status quo and the significance of the Default Trust system by trying to force Yobit to only accept users they allow to use on their signature campaign.
Yahoo even not asked by Yobit instantly tried to get himself into the campaign manager position to get that campaign instantly under their control.

I hope more signature campaigns will follow this route as it would make the Default Trust which has been massivly abused meaningless.
12  Other / Meta / @theymos your board sinking in chaos on: April 22, 2019, 11:11:40 AM
Thanks to your shitty trust feedback and known abuse of a small group your board is sinking in total choas.
Rules which have no value.DT members red tagging for any shit they belive is legit EVEN the rules clearly allow it.

Soon there will be no more much members left which won't be tagged as scammers.

Its nice to see how massivly the amount of destroyed accounts increase.

Signature campaigns accepting negative trust because there are no more many left without negative trust.

Another campaign creating choas that people get tagged as scammers for promoting something where the other group says its a legit offer.

Your board is clearly sinking in total chaos and i guess in 6 months you will be able to count high ranked member accounts without negative ratings with your own fingers.

You are in my eyes clearly part of the abuse as its you who allow a small group to destroy massiv amount of legit accounts for something which is a joke expecially having forum rules for which people get their accounts destroyed when following them.

Your trustfeedback goes to an end and hopefully also the massiv abuse you let the community feel from a small group which are destroying accounts based on their mood and business interrest.

How many new campaign managers have camplained to have their accounts destroyed by some DT members who are themself campaign managers ?

Traffic of that forum is already massivly sinking when comparing with other crypto boards......

A clear decline of your shitty trust feedback which is the biggest shit you could ever implement when having such manipulative DT members on board.
13  Economy / Reputation / Bye Bye abusive trustfeedback on: April 22, 2019, 11:00:05 AM
Seeing the progress of the abusive trustfeedback and increase of conflict i can relax and just watch how the trustfeedback will be soon removed as everyone on this forum (execpt our known gang) will have a negative trust feedback.

90% of all bitcointalk members will be marked as scammers.

We see already the first effects negative trust members being accepted in signature campaigns (not just yobit)
Campaign managers complaining of abuse of other DT campaign managers and so on.

The list is growing quickly and its always the same people who cause the trouble.
Keep going i bet the trustfeedback is going soon to be removed.

And at the same time your abusive power.
14  Economy / Reputation / Why does suchmoon often add false claims on negative feedback ? on: March 19, 2019, 08:41:23 PM
Since suchmoon deletes all my posts asking her why she puts so often false claims in peoples negative feedback i'm going to create that thread asking the community why she is adding so often false claims into her negative feedback ?

Just two quick fresh example

First one Marco where she holds the negative feedback "Failing to repay a loan, again."
If somebody reads that negative comment which is being used according to the info against scammers people will instantly belive Marco scammed more than once on a loan and didn't repaid them at all.

Second one just my example

"Avoid any deals with this clown."
Suggesting i'm going to scam anyone who is going to make any deal with me even she was unable over a year to represent even a single person who claims i cheated on him.

I watched suchmoons feedbacks very carefully and she very often tends to destroy accounts with making false claims on their feedback suggesting that the member is a scammer or scammed someone where in reality its just her private opinion without any proof.

Suchmoon spread a lot of these false feedbacks which creates a lot of hate and drama on this forum (myself included) and since i see a positiv change on that forum i would like to bring that point to peoples attention in hope she will be forced to stop giving these kind of false feedbacks which are destroying accounts where nobody knows if there are legit or not.

In my opinion she writes these kind of comments on purpose to make sure noone is going to make any deals with these accounts anymore when reading her comments with the false presented fact.
15  Economy / Reputation / Hhampuz being campaign manager of casinos with no adress or license on: March 14, 2019, 06:45:37 PM
Hhampuz is being a campaign manager of 2 online casinos and one lottery campaign which websites have no company info at all or any legal license.
There is no physical adress at all where bitcointalk member could held someone repsonsible if they get cheated.

Hhampuz should not be allowed to promote such shit websites which even hide their physical adress at all cost.One website doesn't even have a terms and condition  .

Thats the worst gambling websites someone could promote.
16  Other / Meta / Theymos OUT OF CONTROL !!! on: March 07, 2019, 09:13:04 AM
I'm tired of your endless unrational actions.
I mean its clearly to all members that you protect the abusers of that forum and give a shit if a legit account gets destroyed or not.
You claim its in the name of decentralisation but at the same time you gave the forum under a centralised power of a small group which i don't even wanna talk about anymore.
But the fact that these people use you for their manipulation so easily is just out of control.
You are punishing now high ranked members for plagiarism back from 2014.At that time noone cared about plagiarism.I mean copy paste of some important news from media to the community did everybody somewhere in the past.You would need to ban at least 3/4 of the forum if all these members would be reported since nearly everyone did something like that in the past if he participated on that forum for a longer time.

But what is most disgusting now is that you turned to get a weapon of suchmoon.Suchmoon clearly searched hard to find anything to attack that member who has over 10k posts and the only thing she could find were posts back from 2014 with some lines of plagiarism.She clearly searched for something which she could use to attack that member since which normal user would digg so deep in an account with so many posts and check posts made back in 2014 ?
Its a clear attack of suchmoon or the guy who reported that account.

Even DT members already posted that you turned to be the most strict forum on the internet.

Its really disgusting that you accept to get used as weapon against high ranked members as it should be also clear to you that noone healthy is checking 10k posts of somebody to find some plagiarism back from 2014 without having an agenda.
You are helping that agenda like you did in the past.
The abusers destroyed one more account in the name of the forum.Maybe you can explain to me how your temp ban and signature ban on that account for something from 2014 will improve the current forum?
The abusers just succeeded again to destroy one more legit account.

Myself i will back off since its a waste of time to fight for a forum where the admin itself is banning high ranked members for horseshit and at the same time asks how to increase the amount of quality posts.

Thats called being hypocritical .

My true opinion about you.
You as admin who allowed to destroy hundreds if not thousands of legit accounts on this forum and did nothing to protect these legit members on your forum from the abusers you put in charge with your shit DT trust system which is being massiv manipulated.

You don't deserve a good community.

But you can answer yourself one question why should high ranked members support that forum (other than gaining money) if their account can get banned or destroyed in seconds because of horseshit when posting ?
You demand the community to participate in the trust system but at the same time you allow to abuse people who try to change something.Who the fuck is going to try make changes when risking his account ?
You proofed already so many times that the abusers with false feedbacks have nothing to fear and that members who got abused are left alone with a destroyed account.
Also your hypocritical rules.You got rules on the forum for which people get tagged as trading scammers and you are fully aware of it.
YOU ARE THE GUY CREATING THESE KIND OF CONFLICTS telling as example in your rules buying an account is allowed and allow at the same time red tagging as scammer when buying an account.
Do you demand every member to read your DT consensus which is changing so many times?If yes why is there no rules posted about it ?
You clearly give horseshit about the individual and that was the main idea behind crypto that each individual will be treated the same.


Local Rules : Only serious replies with value are allowed to post here

17  Economy / Reputation / @bones261 abuse on: March 05, 2019, 08:49:21 PM

How does it come you gave me red trust for posting a screenshot of a PM i received with the argument
"Brought forward" dubious screenshot of alleged pm from fellow member, implying fraud. Will remove tag if this pm to the anonymous "source" can be substantiated.

But at the same time participate on threads where these kind of screenshots are being used as proof and you didn't question them or tagg the OP for posting them without proofing these screenshots are even legit?
I offered theymos and mrep to check if these screenshots are real and you tagged me.The thread where you participated doesn't even have such an offer.

You demand double standards?
18  Other / Meta / Asking to ban of gambling advertisement on this forum on: February 18, 2019, 12:04:03 PM
Am asking to ban hazard/gambling advertisement on this forum.

First the promoted websites have no license for major jurisdictions.
Second harzard are here also promoted to minors.
Third its a known fact that hazard destroys a lot of peoples life.
DT members claim to protect people from scams.
How does it come they don't protect people from addicts like hazard on this forum ?

Harzard is being massivly advertised on this forum via high ranked member but also from the forum itself.
You don't allow to promote anything which needs buying coins but at the same time you allow hazard.

You have also a forum rule stating that no product is being allowed to be offered or sold which is buyers or seller jurisdiction is being ilegal.
Promoting unlicenses gambling is in nearly every jurisdiction forbidden.
19  Economy / Reputation / Lauda breaking forum rules ? on: February 17, 2019, 08:25:24 PM
It come to my attention that a lot of the high ranked members Lauda included are promoting heavily hazard.Online casinos which are in their local country ilegal.The promotion of these websites are also ilegal for them.
So how does it come that these people promote gambling websites which are by their local laws ilegal.

Wouldn't it fit to that forum rule

Trading of goods that are illegal in the seller's or buyer's country is forbidden

I wanted also to ask to our beloved high ranked members who are fighting for the good of that community how promoting hazard is going to improve our community ?
20  Economy / Reputation / Somebody explain to me why no DT member is investigating Eric Gu's scams ? on: February 10, 2019, 10:41:20 AM
Somebody explain to me why no DT member is investigating Eric Gu's scams for million of dollars ?

I mean he started so many projects where he collected million of USD and left the projects behind claiming he has no obligation to the projects anymore even he didn't refunded money to the majority of people
who are now spitting blood on him.In China its extremly hot arround him and still his other projects like Metaverse are being promoted on this forum and it seems like noone cares that he scammed million of USD.

You are actually more interrested about peanuts shit alts abusing bounty instead of real scams where they took millions of USD and didn't delivered anything or refunded the money.
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