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1  Other / Meta / Could there be a "like button"? on: May 13, 2024, 09:51:52 PM
During my time spent in the forum, i've received some replies to my post and i've read many informative post which help guide my navigation through the forum, giving out merit might be a little bit difficult as there are limitations to that, so many times wish i could hit the like button in every educating post i come across, to show gratitude towards the op, and also shows how relevant a particular post/reply is, (i.e from a wide range of reply, a reader and easily skim and scan a post and get informed in no time through the engagements a particular reply have).
2  Economy / Speculation / Volatility and its effect on: August 08, 2023, 11:57:07 AM
In the foreign currency market, I recently experienced the BTC/USD volatility effect, which prompted me to investigate what makes the pair (bitcoin) so volatile.
Volatility is the evaluation of how much value of a financial asset fluctuate on a particular time.
Averagely, Bitcoin volatility ranges between 1.68%_4.54%, where Wednesday is the most volatile day compare to other days and Saturday which is the least volatile days.
The significance of volatility is that an asset is risky to own on any particular day, Its value could significantly increase or decrease.
There are a number of causes for bitcoin's historically erratic price behaviour. By knowing the elements that affect its market value one can choose if to invest in it, trade it, or keep following its advancements.
Bitcoin's price; just as other commodities, stocks, other products and assets rely upon supply and demand.
As it is an asset which traders and investors have swiftly adopted, its value is heavily influenced by opinion about price changes.
Investors concern are also influenced by media sources, influencers, industry titans with strong opinions, and popular cryptocurrency supporters, which causes price volatility.
Factors that create bitcoin volatility.
1. Demand and Supply
2. Investors' and user sentiment
3. Government regulation
4. Media blitz

• Bitcoin demand and supply
As much as any other aspect, demand and supply determine the pricing of the majority of asset. The quantity of coins in spread and the price at which individuals are prepared to pay have a significant impact on the value of bitcoin. The total quota of coins in the cryptocurrency is set at 21 million by design; when the circulating supply approaches this number, values are projected to increase. Source: www.c[Suspicious link removed]m
• Bitcoin investors reaction
Since the quantity of bitcoin; the most popular cryptocurrency is getting more scarce, demand for it is rising.
• Government policy also influenced bitcoin volatility
• News/Media outlets
In the news, or media, we see different analysis from different “experts” predicting the future movement of Bitcoin, with that action, holders tend to hold more or even increase their shares.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / journey to financial freedom on: May 26, 2023, 03:55:39 PM
In January 2009 after the release of Bitcoin, the journey to financial freedom begun, i believe this is the right platform for me to learn more about bitcoin, though Bitcoin is 14 years old now, hope i'm not too late to join the bus?
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